16 thoughts on “Last Shelter Survival – Best class series Intro – NO FARMING!!!”

  1. Very nice. So sad my base is a farmer but ill changed it to trader just for now before i change it again to raider when im stronger. Im in new state 627

  2. I'll be following this series very closely.. maybe this way I'll finally get the courage to change my main occupation. πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Great video series choice Acer! Atleast for me and people like me who don't change their main occupation from farmer even though I know it's not the best class after b19 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but havent made the change because I've been playing this class since the beginning 😌😌

  3. HI Acer! it's me again. Just wanna ask you if you have a video of changing classes? I was a bit worried about what you said that in higher levels Raiders is a must. I am a B16 farmer. Should I start changing to raider. I really need your advice. Thanks in advance!!!

  4. I awoke in a state with a nap 9 agreement where everyone else is farmed to the point of quitting the game. If it wasn't for the resource protection the farmer class offered me I don't think I could have grown my base to the point I could join the stronger alliances. I'm still farming and waiting for level nineteen. The 2 million resource shield allowed me grow even when my base was under constant attack and being zeroed on a daily basis.

  5. Yes, you are right…but not totally right……….upto base level 15. There's no better class then farmer…..coz upto base 15….we don't have stronger units and not too advanced at research…..so upto base 15…….farmer class is best

  6. Make video according to base level class…….for which base level which class is better……..you should add this topic to your video……..

  7. Hello sir thank you for your great tips really helped me a lot, I just want to have some favor if possible can you visit state 551 because the leader is ok and really does help SOME but his underlings are just real bully, there's a guy that made a mistake just scouted some of their members and kept bullying him. Again thank you sir for your great advices and tips I'm already base 17 in just almost a month i played πŸ’•

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