Last Shelter Survival Doomsday Tips : Occupy/Immunity/Battle Tips!

alright alright alright this is acer of spades team TSB state 268 we are number one again that never gets old for me and
I was sitting here I started consistently taking level 10 plots and
obviously level nines are very frequent as you can see them highlighted on the
little squares in front of me and I realized that I haven’t stopped in to
talk to my viewers into the wonderful community that supports me every day at
Serpa holics gaming about doomsday occupation and of course the immunity
and battle tips guys I want to make sure that you guys are maximizing I want to
tell you what consistently works for me day in and day out so what I’ve done is
I’ve decided to give you guys the best tips that have helped me grow the
fastest give you guys a few ins and outs on what to do and what not to do and I’m
gonna break this down into parts so that you guys are not sitting around
wondering why is this video 30 minutes long guys the original doomsday video
which I highly recommend and if you have not seen it yet please please PLEASE not
only like and subscribe you can take some time to do that right now if you’d
like but check out the doomsday basics video as I touch on many things on that
and it’s also in itself many tips involved and it’s going to give you a
breakdown of exactly what to do with doomsday if you’re just starting out so
let’s go ahead and hop right on into it on this video I’m going to give you just
we’re going to focus on a PCS we’re gonna focus on the heroes we’re gonna
focus on exactly what you should be using what you shouldn’t and this is
going to be the first three tips to maximizing your occupancy your influence
in the game and if you’ve done dues day you know influences immunity and battle
the first and most simple tip guys is to use your low-level units if you have t89
or t7 what you’re gonna want to do guys to be consistent go ahead and use your
t7 so you’re gonna find out very easily that the units that you use are almost
insignificant the amount of Units you use are almost insignificant the only
thing I don’t recommend is using fighters at all as they don’t have high
enough attack and the best unit which is to focus on the first tip is use
vehicles shooters are slightly more powerful
and they can be very very well but they’re way too slow just like using
fighters in a PC also vehicles because you get the increase in marching speed
is going to save you a lot more time their attack is excellent and well
really they’re the highlight of the game and they’re useful all the time they’re
the most well-rounded unit that you could possibly use and the most
consistent I highly suggest using t7 vehicles but side note do yourself a
huge favor do not under any circumstances use your enhanced um
you’re going to lose lots of units and doomsday even using my tips which are
going to lower the amount of units that you lose you’re still going to lose a
lot so don’t lose a lot of money in the process you lose a little bit of oil or
RSS that is easily replaceable by just doing a training day or any type of
training daily tasks tip number two you’re going to notice real quickly in
this same menu I have 4a pcs all of which have very low attack power on the
left side here and the reason for that is because you’re not going to need to
use a lot of units and doomsday it’s not about the units and we’ll get into that
but I only use one APC at a time I do have a second APC down at the bottom
here my fourth APC for a side note because once you have high enough
immunity it’s best to use your weakest APC with your secondary heroes to just
go along and attack the empty plots but when you’re taking your territories
you’re going to want to use your best heroes in one singular APC and simply
move those heroes down in between your top three APCs
or in some cases depending on your level your top two APCs and utilize your
durability evenly that way this way when you have to take a break or you have to
take several hours off for any reason you’re durability never maxes out and
you’re always using and optimizing your durability to its finest if you have
durability at a hundred percent you’re probably not doing as much as you can in
doomsday and consistency is way more important than anything else
so to increase your influence just use one APC and move those heroes up and
down the line as the durability is used and my final tip for this particular
video and guys please do watch to follow up because I promise
you they only get better I’m going to get incredibly specific in immunity and
the exact poison percentage everything you could ever need to want to know
especially for the analytical individuals out there that want raw
numbers and not just opinions that will be in the follow-up video but for our
final tip on this one you’re going to want to use your best heroes and your
best heroes or what I like to call doomsday heroes
so for these doomsday heroes that I just mentioned what you’re gonna find is I
have other free orange heroes okay I have the Florence heroes that I have at
the top along with Ignace phattest – and we’re gonna describe why am I not using
my Forsaken one or my darn garden or even war boss right now and why am I
using Reaper razor and shoot a man as my starting lineup so here’s what makes a
doomsday hero a doomsday hero you’re going to want heroes that have at least
two attacks unlocked meaning you can have other orange heroes and they could
be great they could even be awakened but for some reason you didn’t open up their
second or third combat skill they are no longer very useful when you’re talking
about doomsday as their skills are not going to perform as often because
there’s only one to do it so you’re going to want to have at least two
attacks unlocked you’re going to preferably have ones that work with
vehicles such as razor he’s a vehicle specialist in one of the
base heroes if you have an s1 like Falcon or war boss and his or her
attacks are opened up then you might want to use them as well but two attacks
is awesome and if they work with vehicles even better and then finally
you’re going to want somebody that has each and every one of their skills have
high percentage of skill performing meaning if you click into something as
simple as Reaper Reaper has two skills unlocked their poke on a pretty decently
decent level eight out of ten but you’ll notice the first descent happens 55% of
the time the second one although only 40% also attacks units that makes Reaper
incredible especially with the seventh skill unlocked for this doomsday next
you’re going to see with Razer even though only
one of the attacks actually attacks because intimidate only stops them from
attacking the first skill it’s only 30% but works very well with vehicles and
gives me 35% mic for my vehicles right now on all roads that’s incredibly
important for when I’m trying to do however if you were not using razor or a
razor wasn’t even an option for you then arsenal arson was really awesome because
his attack has a 50% on it I just don’t have his second or third skill unlock so
I’m not using Arsenal and more importantly Ignace if were orange would
be the perfect hero just as an example not only will he do 45% at 223 damage
our percentage on sudden strike which is pretty frequent from what hero skills do
the second skill does 65% at almost 200% right now and this is at a low level at
only six on the first turn you want to go for first turn kills as I talked
about in the Domesday basics video so this is incredibly important that Ignis
be a part of your team the issue that I have with ignorance right now is I don’t
currently have them awakened and even if I did the 5% might is insignificant
therefore I’m using the best of what I have but if you have a fully unlocked
Ignace ready to go or you have arsenal completely woken up that’s great and
then finally a my personal starting line up the star to show right now really is
shoot a minute he’s only doing 40% but he has a very very long range and you
need somebody to go in that third slot right so way better Nidal Guardian at
this current time and on top of that the second skill does an 80% proc now even
though it only hits for a small amount when you combine him with things like
Reaper who’s 7th skill gives might as well as Razer who’s 7th skill gives my
so remember I’m getting 28% from Reaper as well as another 35% as long as shoot
a man is using vehicles and that combination seems to be doing an
incredible job guys so because Shilla man is hitting twice on almost every
battle Reapers doing his job and boosting everybody and razors just
making all the vehicles absolutely monstrous
and every once in a while hitting them with a crippling blow it is very
consistently taking my 9 and 10 plots so those are the types of Heroes you can
use your own types of combinations guys if you have a fully opened up forsaken
understand that forsaken all those does not hit multiple rows forsaken is
attacking everybody constantly and although they don’t have the largest
chance to hit every single one of them is available and they will be able to
crush everybody so if you have a fully open forsaken or s1 heroes guys change
it up but you still want to use doomsday heroes you’re not gonna want to use
things like war hound you’re really not gonna be interested in darn Guardian at
this time and you know unfortunately destroyer is just not the best character
at this time for this either so I’ve actually split my war hound and
destroyer currently to do what I want to do in doomsday as this is almost a 2
month program so I need to make sure I’m ready for that of course I’ll get them
again on different hero days so I’m not really concerned I always max out on all
my other stuff so anyway to just stay focused the only thing you want to stay
away from what makes things not a doomsday hero is you want to stay away
from anybody that has a prep time so when you go over here to let’s say dawn
Guardian as an example and this is the last thing we’ll say on the video he has
a 45 percent chance and that’s fantastic for pulse cannon but the second skill
has one turn prep that means unfortunately darn Guardian is it’s just
not going to hit consistently where shooters gonna have two different skills
that will take off and that’s why he will be taking the place of dawn
Guardian in my APC alright guys as usual please watch the follow up but more
importantly like and subscribe support the channel I want to put out more
content for you guys and give you guys all the best information and stay tuned
for part two Acer Speights signing up

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