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Last shelter survival Farm, how to make infinite farm 1 email

Last shelter survival Farm, how to make infinite farm 1 email

hi brothers and sister welcome to my
first youtube video this is Op to the T – O from state 122
I’ve been playing this awesome pay to win game for almost a year I’m a level 25
with close to 300 million kills if you’re here you probably love this game
it and it is pretty fun but you know it’s also dumb as you can see on the
screen right now I have tons of account and they’re all using the same email
address now I heard comes the important part of the video how to actually do it
well you know sometime the best tricks are simple you just have to put a dot in
the email address and the game thinks it’s a different emails but send it to
your inbox I mean the same inbox so basically with one email address you can
make so many account almost infinite depending on the length of your name
what is also wonderful with that trick is you can put multiple dot in there I
haven’t heard that you can put a plus sign but I haven’t tried myself so I’m
if you try it and it works please leave it and comment below that simple trick
will change your life if not well I don’t I don’t think you understood life
so that’s basically it guys I don’t want to talk forever anyways my
french-canadian accent probably really annoying so I hope you enjoy this
little video quick short simple I’ll try to keep it that way
if you have any topics you want me to cover please the only stay put of
comments if you liked the video while thumbs up if you don’t like it I hate
you just don’t do anything and I hope you liked it and I see you all next time

12 thoughts on “Last shelter survival Farm, how to make infinite farm 1 email”

  1. I tottaly miseed this video before, thanks for letting me know about it in state 409:) I'm Boog farm10, lol

  2. + didnt work for me (i was aware of that to make aliases) will try with dots. So far i used 10 minute email but would be happy to have the accounts on my google account

  3. @Opto Hey man!!! i also tried it did not work……. i tried to put dot everywhere in my mail id….it keeps on saying this account already exists…..ANY SOLUTION!!!

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