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Last Shelter Survival – Grow Fast with Daily Tasks

Last Shelter Survival – Grow Fast with Daily Tasks

alright alright guys this is Acer of spades
team BLA state 268 we are number one title of this video last shelter
survival daily task chest guide guys this is one of the most important and
most overlooked things in last shelter survival the daily tasks chess so by
default at the bottom left of your screen on every screen as long as you
don’t change it you’re going to see a quick link bar that highlights
achievements that you make and gives rewards for them what many don’t know is
that you get an exponentially large reward for your daily tasks chests and I
estimate that a player that consistently gets this done daily will grow 40
percent faster than players who don’t I have all the numbers coming up so we’re
gonna get started understand in this video you’re going to
see exactly what the differences are between the tabs you’re going to see
exactly what to do and how to do it and you’re going to learn everything you
need to know so what exactly are the daily tasks if you go ahead and click
that exclaim bar at the bottom left like I just talked about you’re going to see
all the different goals that you can achieve some will only have two tabs but
until doomsday opens up but there are a total of three so you have your main
tasks daily tasks and doomsday conquest tab at the top of this screen the most
important is actually the Doomsday conquest but that’s obviously an
entirely different video now to start the main tasks should be done early on
in abundance but some of them are definitely not the main goal some of
these tasks will slow your growth really really quickly so just to give you a
quick example upgrade the commercial hub to level 24 currently mine is obviously
18 hence 18 out of 24 what you would get if you did this 300,000 iron 400,000
wood 3.3 million dollars not a bad haul except if you go to my commercial hub
right here and I hit upgrade you’re going to notice I’m gonna
16 million iron to do that and eleven point seven million dollars that’s just
to get to level 19 and I’m not going to gain any immediate benefit almost
whatsoever other than an additional five hundred thousand every time I trade or
whatever the case is so not worth it I would highly suggest you completely
leave that alone really you can actually get away with a
level sixteen commercial port so I suggest keeping it literally right there
don’t worry about that and don’t waste all that RSS when you can use that on
technology and other things so with that being said daily tests only benefit you
and never ever stop benefiting your base so what I’ve done is I’ve taken a time
out we’re on my level 21 farm base that I use and I’ve taken a time out to do
all the numbers on pretty much all the base levels 15 and up to find all the
correlations and all the numbers as promised so you won’t have to do any of
that research but here they absolutely are so that you have an understanding if
you are at level 15 you’re going to get out of all eight chests that are
available I’m just going to put this on screen so you can see it there eight
chests available at the top here chests eight seven six four you’ll see them
right out of all eight chests you’re going to get somewhere around 700,000
iron food and wood plus about five hundred and eighty thousand dollars per
day now oil is typically about half that amount and some of it changes slightly
every day so you’ll have to take a look at those chests but just as these
particular examples go you also get three normal tickets and an
advanced recruitment ticket each day and that stays consistent all the way to
base level 25 understand that this is on level 15 because that is where I
recommend my perfect passive farms go I personally don’t do my daily tasks on
them but for you lower level bases that’s huge so let’s go ahead and talk
about just how significant that is there are two significant things happening
with that number one you will start to land purple heroes in
abundance by getting those advanced recruitment tickets for free so watch
the best purple hero video in the description below and the second is that
the RSS gained is nearly half of the base 16 requirement let me show you what
I mean so here’s one of my level 15 accounts and if I were to go to upgrade
this to level 16 yeah I have my embassy in ration truck or whatnot but if you
scroll down here it’s literally 1.5 million iron and only a million food oil
in conjunction at the numbers that just gave you of 700,000 each it would
literally take two days to accumulate these particular items it would be a
piece of cake also if you’re getting your chest your purple chest like I
always try to teach and you can see those in my tip videos you’re literally
going to grow base levels every other day if not daily
I’ve personally gone to level 11 and I think based off of 12 one time on my
farms in one day simply by doing all the purple chests but it would give yourself
a week and you can boost any farm in a proper alliance really really quickly it
is really the iron alone along with the wood that makes a new base grow
exponentially fast so just doing these tasks each day will give you all you
need in combination with the purple chests like I said so something even
more special happens around base level 18 so let me show you that unlike your
typical level 15 base at level 18 you’ll start noticing these VIP points begin to
get accumulated in your first chest in your third chest and in your fifth chest
now the cool part about this guys is you’re also going to get some more it
looks like on the odd chest alone at the end on your seventh chest you’re going
to collect a total of 7500 VIP points and like the other goods such as those
normal recruitment tickets and purple advance tickets that will stay
consistent all the way through base level 25 now if you’re not going to ever
purchase the VIP Hey I understand but it is one of the best purchases in the game
so if you ever come around some money and you really care about
last shelter and you want to do very very well I suggest getting that VIP
shop and more importantly if you have it like I do then understand that these
free 7500 on top of the VIP raffle every day is giving you a significant amount
of points so that’s another great reason make sure you’re getting your daily task
done now in case you guys didn’t know the RSS amounts change unlike the
advance tickets and VIP points from 12% to 10% to a growth of 8% in higher base
levels what I mean by that is if at level 15 I’m receiving somewhere around
$700,000 or excuse me 700 thousand in iron five hundred eighty thousand
dollars then what I’m going to receive at around level eighteen is a million I
earn a million food a million wood right and at level 25 1.7 million and if you
do the math in each base level you’ll notice that in beginning it goes up at
about twelve percent then it’ll start doing a growth from eighteen plus at ten
percent increase then around level twenty two to twenty five and eight
percent increase on those higher levels either way it’s exceptionally
significant on the lower levels and that’s why this video is so important so
now that we understand the importance of why these chests need to get done and
how these daily tasks can greatly affect your gameplay I’m going to actually show
you guys exactly how to get these and achieve these chess exceptionally easily
so the fastest way to understand is to click each individual task to get its
requirements these do change each day and you don’t always have to do all of
them to get all 500 points that you need so I’m gonna click back in my menu go to
my daily tasks and you’re going to see today all the different things that you
can possibly do and the very few that I have done that say completed here at the
bottom so I’m gonna break them all down in categories start in with Windle so
Windell is an ET easy easy easy 80 points guys fun fact by the way it is evarin requirement to do the highest
level of anything to do these tasks and the game does not increase the
difficulty as you increase space level so that means whether you do a level 1
window or a level 15 you’re gonna get the same 80 points
remember this moving forward so that when I’ve explained the other tasks you
have no issues number two you’ll see is upgrade building and sometimes it’ll say
upgrade tech or both there are easy 40 points basically you get two basic tax
or two basic buildings done and easy 40 points number three trained fighters
shooters vehicles or all three or sometimes just to whatever easy 40
points apiece on average guys these first three alone will get you halfway
through most of your days but let’s go ahead and continue next will be promote
and/or strengthen soldiers it’ll easily tell you just four hundred alone
enhancing them you get points after you get 2,000 in total you’re all set
same thing with the promotion of them easy peasy
exchange wisdom very simple get a couple three exchanged and you’re all set
kill five zombies my favorite same thing with upgrade heroes skill too simple too
easy sometimes they either do unlock hero skill also just as simple produce
part material heal soldiers is self-explanatory and the best part is on
video I’m gonna actually show you exactly how to do this to start let’s go
with what I’ve already done it says I did I trade a few vehicles it is
training day today I use a few speed up items which by the way very very simple
just says use 15 speed of items it could have been 15 one-minute speed ups Elias
help I hit my little help button it’s just one push and use resource items
meaning while I was training my vehicles i undid some of the boxes to get
additional oil and voila I used resource items so that wasn’t
easy as you can see 72 points gaining me the little VIP I was telling you about
some food and some oil right now let’s go ahead and start bagging some more
points the easiest ones that I always like to start with are my miscellaneous
ones so I exchanged wisdom I’ll upgrade my hero skills and I’ll kill zombies etc
so first things first let me just go over to my wisdom wherever I’m hiding it
there you go and while you’re exchanging guys I
always go to the bottom of my regular days because I like to save blue medals
and up for hero day I’ll take something that has three like this nice little
young lady green thumb exchange of $0.50 up there it goes there’s the three and
if I go back you will easily see that that task has now been completed next
I’ll start doing things out of Rapids so if I’m not mistaken it said that I can
do oil inside my electricity little power plants here and then I can do the
rapids so it’s very simple what I do is I’ll send my little guys out
transporting a very small amount of oil right and it only takes them a few
seconds to get there because in order to do wrap it on electricity you do have to
send oil there then once there’s a little bit of oil in there no matter how
low I can go ahead and wrap it and since mine is out 100% which you should
hopefully have that tech on your main base you just hit the wrap it you got to
do it at least six times to max out the points so I’m gonna do that again
hopefully one of these 60% works and if it doesn’t that’s okay let’s move on to
the next one man sixty percent is horrible in it good enough so you’ll notice go down
here and it should now be a hundred percent done as well next I get to wrap
it some iron that is just as easy go to my iron places hit that up now let’s get
some more big points today only allows me to upgrade buildings and like I told
you before it doesn’t matter the level so I can go ahead and build one of these
water plants so I haven’t even built yet like this it says I have to upgrade it
twice so first things first go ahead and bring it to the road open it for free
and then if I hit this upgrade button I can upgrade once for free and twice for
free because I am a builder class and guess what daily tasks has been achieved
I opened up another chest we’re gonna keep moving promote and enhance my
favorites so I need a total of 2,000 easiest way guys if you don’t have low
level soldiers or if you’re not tier 6 yet you got to get there but the point
is I can always go to my items here I can go to a level 1 recruitment I said
items I met Alliance store and once you’re in the Alliance store you simply
go to it hit that I can exchange for a 2000 random types if I want boom so now
I have two of those all you have to do is donate to get those guys the two are
right here I’ll go ahead and use them from here I go to my fancy command
center that’s where the troops are I can now just go ahead and upgrade these
instantaneously if I want I’ll actually bring it down to about a thousand I’ll
use my diamonds make it quick and easy same thing with this I’ll promote these
thousand then I can go up here to my vehicles and I can enhance them I only
need to do 2,000 of them so I bring it down to around 2000 hit the button and
guess what all done with that more daily tasks achieve another set of points
another chest gain fighter upgrade hero skill piece of cake let’s do it anytime
you’re doing anything with troops is typically revolving around 2000 I can
actually train 3000 some change doesn’t matter the level of fighter so if you
really want to save a whole lot you can actually go down to level 1 which I
don’t really care you can actually type in the two thousand to be exact it’ll
calculate how much that is I’ll just go ahead and hit train this time and just
use the many speed ups I got and oh my god that’s all set another chest done
now we can focus on the heroes real quick this is going to be simple I hit
my hero button I can upgrade any hero skill I want so my favorite is to go
down to something that has low low levels like my green heroes because they
cost the least amount of wisdom and you want to save as much as possible so it’s
only gonna cost me five for this one upgrade I’ll actually go ahead and use
one of these hero exp s to get the hero to another level and then I will go
ahead and unlock and upgrade that one and then finally because I have others
that are already done I’ll upgrade this guy for another five and guess what
another task is down killing zombies anywhere on the field it doesn’t matter
the level piece of cake I’m just gonna send out oh man after I auto deploy just to go ahead and
hit stuff and they should take care of these zombies for me and while the
zombies are being killed should be a piece of cake so I’ve killed the five
zombies let me go ahead and refresh it around my base got that done and here we
go stacking up more points I’m sure the zombies killed a couple of my soldiers
so guess what I’ll do I’ll go over to one of my hospitals and heal some
soldiers real quick get another ten points the ten point tasks as I
literally need to only heal 1400 so I’ll just scroll down to a small amount over
that which is 1.6 or 1,600 educators I’ll hit the heal Now button for 33
diamonds oh my god and I healed and a daily task is complete oh I also get six
points for gathering apparently food and oil today I’ll hit return and once that
gets back that daily task will complete so yeah gather on a couple of year so
gather on a couple of your farms and easily get those easy points of fuel and
food let me back up let that refresh and then of course finally we got some
produce part material that’s piece of cake go to my parts building real quick
you should always be produce material but it’s the case you’re not
it’s garrison actually assuming you went ahead and been producing the entire time
I produce six that task is complete but if you were trying to do two tasks and
you hadn’t done it you could easily just go ahead and pop in two really cheap
materials you can go down here and you can technically just speed them up with
speed up so if you didn’t know that and there you go that would have been two
parts to and of course since you need a total ten to finish that you just do
that a couple more times and voila the produced parts is done gained green
quality heroes should be a piece of cake and you also get points for advanced
recruitment tickets now you’re not always gonna have advanced recruitment
tickets but you do get one for free and you get all your free tickets since you
get paid for super tickets today and advance and of course plenty of normal
tickets if you’re doing this everyday you go ahead and pop them I got a blue
here on that no big deal I got another blue hero so I’m not doing well with
getting green heroes but that’s why we have the normal tickets so what I’ll do
is gain three green heroes that’s one that’s two that’s Wow
let’s do it that’s three so now we got all that all set that task is also
complete so obviously guys you only need five hundred points and as you can see
I’m at 412 I have several ways of getting that if I want to use one more
super recruitment ticket I could and that’ll take me to four hundred and
thirty-two then I kill the window there’s my five hundred or I could just
open up one more advanced recruitment ticket that’ll do it I mean guys it’s
that simple I even have the last combination of if I
use another recruitment ticket here and I perform that four times then I go
ahead and do the kill zombie and just get the six points that’ll get me 420 as
well eighty four window and it’s done so I’m not gonna waste any more time on
this video I’m glad that you guys can easily see how that’s done any questions
or comments go ahead and put that in the comment section below on the lower
levels this should not be a day where you’re not doing this so in conclusion
growing fast especially at lower levels guys it’s made exceptionally easy as
long as you do exactly what the game tells you to do and I’m glad I could
show you how to do that so remember to like and subscribe guys and again this
is a sir space team be LA and I’m signing up

2 thoughts on “Last Shelter Survival – Grow Fast with Daily Tasks”

  1. Don't you think that the daily tasks intervere with the Hero or Building days in a way? For example unlocking hero skills, upgrade building or training troops. I rather do that all on a day where it also gives me huge amounts of diamonds and courage medals.

  2. Can you please do like a walkthrough series on the higher base levels?
    For e.g., I'm a new base 19. So what buildings should I start upgrading first and what should be excluded. what should be my minimum upgrade of my technology before I go to B20 and also my heroes ? Love your videos.. thank you so much..

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