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Last shelter survival – Hero & Fighting guide tips and tricks

Last shelter survival – Hero & Fighting guide tips and tricks

hi brothers and sister guess who’s back
it’s me O p to the o from state 122 welcome
to another last shelter survival video I’ve been playing this game for a bit
over a year I’m so damn close to 300 million kills and this week I am the
president baby if you like the video or the video would just simply help you a
little bit please help me back by liking subbing and sharing I would love to be
able to just say Hey bro just pick those three heroes! and then you can forget
about it well you know what it doesn’t work like that it’s just not how the
game works they are way more things to take into consideration so instead I’ll
explain you how to select your Heroes depending on multiple factors if you
listen and pay attention by the end of this video you’ll be able to tell
exactly which Heroes you should use I’m gonna try to be as clear and precise as
possible there’s a lot of information in there hopefully you get it all but if
there’s something unclear do not hesitate to ask any question in the comment
section making the right Heroes choice and investing in the right one is super
important especially now that you’re done playing farmville since you were
smart enough to watch my previous videos anything that’s not Orange
as a combat Heroes is totally useless split them now if you’re watching this
on a Thursday if not wait for a Thursday to come I personally divided the Heroes
into four categories first you have the disabler the one that casts silence that
casts suppress those precious skills then the second are the buffers there the one
that buff Heroes with more attack or taking less damage then you have those
crazy hard to get son of a B seasoned heroes so s1 s2 s3 and then finally you
have the AoE Heroes the one that hit multiple lanes we’re gonna start
talking about the passive skills if you like starting with the dictator skills
the dictator skills will increase the amount of troop your Heroes can old this
is the first skills you want to max out then we have the range this concept can
be a bit hard to understand but it’s actually pretty freaking simple the range
work as you need to count your Heroes Lane as well so it’s not only the range of
the enemy lanes here’s an example to try to clarify it if your arrow has a range
of two and you put it in the second row it will only hit the first row of the
enemy as you need to count your own row so a Heroes with three range in second
position we’ll be able to hit row 1 and 2 of the enemy that’s basically it
range normally is the first thing you look at before making an APC because you
want to make sure that all those nice skills have the right range because if
not well they’re not just being used and it’s total waste sometimes your
Heroes combination would be awesome but sadly the range just doesn’t work together
finally arranged our two tactics either you try to get your Heroes to hit always
the same Lane so you try to demotivate the other troops or you try to make them
attack in the back because if the enemy’s having like soldiers sniper
snipers you want to hit those weak as hell sniper so that four range now the
target this is the actual place where you’re gonna see if the skills is an
area of effect skills or just hitting a single lane this affect how many lanes
you it but also how many lanes you’re gonna buff if you’re using a buffing
Heroes when the target says Heroes squad that means it only affects your current
Heroes but what you really want in an Ideal world is to have the
target all squads in Heroes formation that basically effect the three Heroes in the
APC and this is freakin good here bonus tip for free because I’m that type of
guy when you click on the exclamation mark of a skill you can see if the
skills is affected by the Heroes level or if it’s not usually but not always the
skills that are affected by the Heroes levels are stronger this is something to
check out for and the only way to do it is by clicking that exclamation mark we
have resistance ice it as like an armor it makes your troop takes less damage
from normal troop attacks following is might this one is very important as it
increases your damage output more might more damage you will make and if I have
to choose between resistance and might go might all the way baby following we
have tactical resistance it’s like the resistance but an impact damage to
troops will see from special Heroes attacks so again I think personally
technical resistance is better than resistance and then the last one we have
is HP this one is way way better than resistance and technical resistance the
game is really bad explaining how it works but basically your troops are
harder to kill and it seems to be way more effective than resistance so if you
have a hero that makes you have more HP is definitely a really good hero to use
now the combat disable skills there’s a lot of them and I won’t cover them all
but I’ll cover like three big ones so starting with silence silence makes the
enemy heroes unable to cast skills but still can attack you with normal Heroes
attacks suppress by far the best disable skill basically make the enemy heroes
unable to use skills but also doesn’t attack you the enemy not attacking you
makes it the best skill and the hands down and then we have mostly I
believe it’s all s1 s2 and s3 Heroes that got those skills but we have specific
Heroes skills such as curse flammable and counter-attack those are skill that
honestly I won’t cover as I said I’m gonna try to remain basic but just go
read this is the best way to learn now the moment you’ve been waiting for
which Heroes should I use well to be honest it depends on so many thing but the
first thing it depend on is your luck when you recruits Heroes maybe you’ve
been extremely lucky or by lucky but it depends really on which you Heroes got so
I cannot tell you like use that combination it’s unbeatable there’s just
too many of them it also depends on which APC you want to make do you want
to make a offensive APC do you want to make a defensive APC do you want to do a
mix of both do you want to do a disable APCso that’s the question you should be
asking yourself when making an APC now I can tell you about my easy to get
favorite line up which consists of 4 second destroyers and Dawn they have
good DPS the both destroyer and force they can give HP boost which I mentioned
earlier is really freaking good they’re also like regular orange Heroes so you
don’t need those crazy impossible to get orange duplicate actually any orange
hero with all skill unlocked are good but some are better than others won’t
lie s1 s2 and s3 eros I by far the best around the games but extremely hard to
get those freakin dupes actually unless you’re a credit card warrior good luck
getting those duplicate the only way is by having tons of luck or with DD
rewards for any Heroes you should always focus on unlocking the dictator skills
and awaken skills to maximize the amount of troops your Heroes and hold oh and last
thing be sure when you select your hero to
also take a look at the percentage of which this skill can be triggered that
can be definitely a game-changer when your Heroes only have ten percent chance
of your skill to be triggered or a skill that may be a bit less effective or
powerful but trigger eighty percent of the time well if you’re still here thank
you very much if you feel the sleep well wake that out but kidding aside I know
it’s a lot of information but the key to understanding the fight is to read the
small information the game has to offer click on those Heroes click on those
skills look them up and then to really understand what’s going on the only ways
to look at the actual fight so if that video helped you help me back by liking
subbing and sharing on that note I see you guys next time hopefully

11 thoughts on “Last shelter survival – Hero & Fighting guide tips and tricks”

  1. Salut, peux-tu refaire ce post sur les héros en français ?
    J'ai eu ta version en français de création de compte IM30 et c’était super !!!
    Merci 🙂

  2. I think you are wrong on the range topic… There are no range 6 heroes, but there are heroes with range 5 and hit all 3 enemy lines, meaning the hero's line is actually NOT counted, and range one is actually the line in front of the hero. (Dawn Guardian in 3rd slot, can hit all enemy slots. He has 5 range on skill 2)

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