Last Shelter Survival – How to build the perfect passive farm Part 3

Welcome brothers and sister My name is op to the O from state 122 bringing you another last shelter video All right guys Welcome to another last shelter video. I think I said that already I’m so pissed right now. I just recorded 10 minutes of me talking and you know what I my mic was muted. Ah That’s a classic fuck my life All right. So for today’s video, I just want to say I’m gonna try a new format. I’ve been I’m sure maybe you care or maybe you don’t but I’ll explain it to you. Anyways, I’ve been writing a script and then recording my voice and then recording the footage and trying to make it fit and then we record my voice and You know to try to it hit it the best video possible and I’m a new about editing as I mentioned already But I think I’ve learned a lot in last week or so But basically this is another attempt of I felt like my video. We’re not How can I say didn’t felt natural So I decided to proceed a bit differently this time, maybe the energy won’t be as high But I guess it depends the subject and let’s see. It’s like my trials and errors that you learn in life or How you improve just like in games? So I’ll do the same for the video and let’s see how it works I’m spoke about subbing so sub sub sub. That’s enough. Oh Yeah, I got 100 subs today. Fuck. Yeah, baby. Thank you guys so much This is beyond my expectation. When I started this I was I was a totally like I knew what YouTube was obviously But I was not Like aware of how it works how you make revenues how you make videos like And I never really thought about it. There were just that right you look for something, but now that I’m creating creating content I definitely appreciate YouTube in a different way and it’s been this amazing ride. So, thank you so much Now for why you’re here Probably not for hearing me rumbling but maybe you are I don’t know. That’s why actually I’m doing the task right now. So but if we talk about the actual farm self Like the levels are pretty straightforward starting from eight to ten with the tricks. I gave you about the Buildings that you need to prepare yourself for And all the little other tips that were in my previous video if you haven’t check it out go check it out now so for today I’ll talk a bit about my experience creating farm and what I’ve seen that’s been working and what’s Been working a bit less or that didn’t find efficient. And since I’m all about efficiency I think it’s good that I share with you guys some experience I had so one thing is I try to build fifteen farm in parallel all the same time and The issue I had with that. It’s I Thought it was a good idea that could just go one farm build it like one true like start the rebuilding go the next one Starts to the building and then rotate through fifteen of them and started the first one because obviously it would be done by then But what I’ve noticed is like it they it took me about thirty minutes go through like fifteen often I didn’t had fifteen minutes ahead of me So I ended up leveling all the same base But I didn’t gave love to the other one and then it just end up me with like so many different base That’s so many different level. It was hard keep up and it was kind of discouraging in some way So I would highly suggest that I think like between three Five to the max I would save in three sounds like a more reasonable number I haven’t tried myself, but if I had to do it again, I would definitely just do three and focus like quality over quantity in that case, so That’s when the trick I want to discuss and like something I’ve learned Another thing too is like the survivor celebration so early game you have some of those special event like the survivor celebration and the zombie quest so personally I haven’t level up any troops and all that cuz I was spread tin on so many farm, but I think if you have less you should definitely focus on that there’s of speed up and Wow speed up is what you want cuz we get the level 15s fastest possible but there’s the speed up and resources that are pretty sweet as well and they’re um They’re pretty easy to get if you give it a bit of love the first five days that you create your base That’s also something I think starting your base on a Saturday Sunday or Monday, it’s the best coz by Thursday You should have enough eros and metals to have at least two good chess give you a nice boost in diamonds That’s not a trick. Like don’t be cheap son diamond Like small buildings. It’s like from level 1 to 5 cus like almost no diamonds. So push it in five When you can when like you need them, there’s no reason to leave them at level one So, yeah just focus on those two event and kill f-troop later Go attack zombie go gather When your win on buildings try to find yourself to be efficient as possible That’s something I didn’t do and I think if I did it it would have been more efficient. So guys, this is it This is a really basic one. I don’t know if it’s gonna make the cut or not because this is a test I wanted to try it out. There’s I hope you like this format. Maybe maybe it’s bad. Maybe it’s good. Please let me know in the comment below and if you’re asleep, well wake the fuck up and Well, that’s it. So I don’t I see guys next time hopefully

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