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Last Shelter Survival Review – NAP and Safe Zones (RIP LUCY)

Last Shelter Survival Review – NAP and Safe Zones (RIP LUCY)

hey guys before we get started today I
just want to take a very brief moment of silence for one of our lost family
members named Lucy Smith aka Maddox rain from state 5-1-1
guys it’s a sad sad day I’ve seen several losses from the members that
play lash out to survival and I want my platform to be much more than just
information I want it to be a platform of togetherness and it is my pleasure
and my sadness to say that we’ve lost yet another family member
rest in peace Lucy I want you and your family I don’t even know how to say this
guys I just my heart sad and she passed away from cardiac arrest it actually
hits me really hard man and and I’ve going through my own losses if you know
Ace of Spades then the fact is your last shelter survival family loves you
triple hogs gaming loves you and believe me your state would not have reached out
to me if you were not all important I hope your family sees this one way or
the other and I hope they understand just how important you were not only to
the world but to the game so thank you for everything we’ll take a few seconds
out alright guys let’s try to get
interesting information and with a heavy heart I say again rest in peace Maddox
reign state 5:11 alright alright guys this is acer of spades team BLA state 268
we are number one title of the video in AP safe zones and the unspoken rules so
it has been requested that I do a video on in AP many many times in the past
today’s that day so this should be a very good video for everyone but even
especially for the newer states as usual I invite my viewers to comment in the
comment section below critique me correct me and add any input that you
find relevant to help everyone else let’s go ahead and get started why these
things even exist right so an N ap is an acronym that stands for non-aggression
pact states establish n AP or safe zones to prevent one of the worst face that
any state could possibly face and that is called a dead state so a dead state
simply recommend using represents a state that has a lower player population
due to a multitude of factors but the most common include but are not limited
to bullying dictatorship lack of knowledge / training and of course loss
of desire to play so to prevent it that state status states establish a
ceasefire either from the entire state part of the state or an area of the
state so let’s go over the most common and popular ways and how they work so
the first one is n AP 15 at the start of your journey playing last shelter you
will build your base basically start talking a state chat and join an
alliance and you’re pretty much not sure how everything is going to go but I
estimate and I’m not really sure about this guy’s estimate that states hold
about 50 alliances of a hundred players or about 5000 players to start in AP 15
means players in the top 15 alliances do not engage in combat against one another
establish alliances with great leadership they
form chat rooms and leadership roles to manage these players and the player made
rules so to help the state grow after numerous months and attacks the idea is
to grow 15 strong alliances that crush coz and doomsday together this rarely
happens exactly this way but it is a very important idea to keep in mind
side note guys if you’re not sure exactly how to pick solid leadership or
you just do not understand the different leadership roles or what they should be
doing I have an Alliance leadership role video I’ll put that in description below
and this way you guys can understand all the are categories and the four major
are four roles so next is in AP 10 um guys it’s just like 15 is supposed to
top 10 nothing to add and then finally full in-state in AP which my state up to
68 is meaning the entire state are those following the rules which is just about
everybody 99 percent of us we don’t attack each other at all
now the last one that we need to discuss in this regard is some states
established what we call safe zones safe zones are areas on the map which you can
just quickly zoom out and look at it you got different colors you got light green
dark green the mud over there in the middle and the dead desert or the sand
area okay some people actually establish a safe zone on one of these areas are
multiple where you don’t get does the only battles that happen in the desert
for instance or only the dark green area surrounding Law Center is safe for
anyone to go to all four types mentioned are designed to prevent a dead state and
bring plays together so what should you choose what is the best and most
effective way so here’s what I recommend I would never suggest that any state set
up safe zones this is a game very much like real-life guys in an order for a
state to do well you cannot Harper people not trying to grow see a safe
zone means that people can log on once per week if they want never donate
never contribute watch the state lose day in and day out and make it worse for
players trying to grow and literally sit there and do absolutely nothing see the
game in fact is actually a big competition and participation is a
mandatory key for success safe zones do not require effort and in my opinion
they reduce the potential of high-level gameplay so personally I would suggest
never do it what I do personally believe in and suggest is a reduction in AP
meaning in AP 15 to in AP 10 to 8 AP whole state approach some people will
quit the game regardless guys because well they just want to focus on real
life or any of the four major reasons mention before people who want to grow
should not be hindered from the access to those dormant bases in AP allows
access for farming the most successful states I know
go down the top five or ten and then build from there when their migration
opens up at that point and multiple e way before doomsday even starts I
recommend a whole state in AP so that the entire state can work together and
kick all the challenging states butts and coz doomsday and get rid of them
entirely so this freedom and then unity can bring
the worst situations full circle and turn them into the best situations by
working together the final truth is I cannot in nor can you stop anyone from
bullying or being a dictator the only chance for a real change is knowledge
helping these people understand the truth and that truth is simply that the
more populated state with excellent players wins the state with only a
hundred great members and a dictator that leads that alliance they lose in a
long run it’s simple now the last thing I want to bring up that I always thought
was really cool were the unspoken the unforgettable things these are the
things that we establish outside such as while you’re gathering on
gathering day you don’t attack enemy plots even if you’re visiting that state
it’s unsportsmanlike conduct it’s something that we simply don’t do I’ve
talked about this in a very very old a ke video I’ve actually done that in the
past and I’ve learned way better since then everybody deserves a chance to do
their ke and I’m not saying that it’s not part of the game to go ahead hit
them guys but truthfully the fact is I’m not gonna come to your state and hit you
while you’re gathering now I’ll hit your main base if you didn’t shield but I’m
not gonna hit your gathering units I personally just as a quick example I
spread my units out and sometimes they’re completely in the wrong order
like I’ll have well actually they’re almost decent right now but in general
I’ll have third slot heroes in the first slot it won’t even matter and they’ll
all be gathering in any whatever way so that I can max out my gathering day and
have more or less even keel units they’re not designed to even protect
themselves so to hit me while I’m not designed or hit anyone else for that
matter while they’re not even trying that’s just stupid and you yeah well I’m
not gonna call you names on YouTube but y’all get it anyway hopefully this
information was remotely helpful guys like and subscribe if you can and check
out that comment section below guys if I miss something if there’s something else
that you and your state particularly do talk about it in the comment section
below if there’s something else about n AP or an alternative to a safe zone
anyone discuss you already know what to do I don’t need to keep harping on that
guys get in the comments section let me know what your thoughts are meanwhile a
sir spades team PLA I’m signing up

47 thoughts on “Last Shelter Survival Review – NAP and Safe Zones (RIP LUCY)”

  1. I am sorry for the loss of another amazing person, Please accept my heartfelt sympathies on the loss of your loved one

  2. However my state NAP is like a dictatorship because the Rank 1 alliance always bullies the entire state and who doesn't agree with them just gets attacked by level 25 bases on steroids.

  3. 410 is currently in a state of civil war due to one alliance planning to migrate and trying to force the state into gold league before they leave. Warning 404. They'll be your problem soon, don't trust them

  4. The problem is getting everyone to agree on state NAP. My state just doesn't understand the benefits of it. Players are more concerned about hitting bases outside of NAP25 rather than just making farms. 🤦‍♂️

  5. Rest well, Lucy.

    I don't know how familiar you are with the other states, but I would appreciate a top 10 video or something similar. The states I've visited either have a bully/dictator alliance or have a few top alliances who flat out tell you they don't care about svs, nap, or anything, they just want to fight. State 557 started out like that. They've come together now, but they made way too many people quit. We haven't won a single event since coz started. Not one. Too little too late. Me and some friends I made there are just biding our time until migration happens.

  6. Bigger NAPs are good and should eventually shrink as the game progresses.

    Doomsday is about to start for my state group and there are too many inactive players hiding under NAP alliances. Their leaders are too stubborn to kick them for reasons such as ego or dropping alliance rank.


  8. Condolences . Our state has been doing a lot more trade points this season with ke 😃. Which is nice because I really don't like hitting someone that's not ready killing all there troops robbing res potentially causing them to quite. It saves diamonds you get points without giving enemy state points. it's fun I have made friends instead of enemies. Glad you made this video I hope people will listen

  9. For me personally, I think state wide nap would be the best choice only if everyone would create their own personal farms.

  10. Attacking AC outside of battle should be talked about… We are NHS of 306 and are virus buildings are constantly attacked by other states

  11. Whoever didn’t like this video … all I have to say is “why?????” You didn’t learn something or you just drank the haterade 😂😂😂

  12. Hey acer, can you please do a video about green speciality? I see lack of speciality videos tho its important for dd

  13. making farms is the only way to progress, u get way more rss than attscking players.. those who only attack weaker players will stagnant sooner or later when the inactive bases disappear..

  14. RIP LUCY!

    My state is a NAP10 but anything lower cannot progress because all of NAP10 will bully everyone else. Today in fact I saw about 5 bases get zeroed out from my alliance. They want us to merge we want to just grow amongst our own family. It’s super frustrating. And it’s not like they are getting RSS they are just wounding or killing our troops. I wish this video can be broadcast to everyone in the game. I’m from state 458. Great video I needed to hear this today 😖😖.

  15. Hi there, i wonder are you interested in other strategy games, we made a new SLG game(with no "pay to win") and it's our honor to invite you to have a try.

  16. Excellent video. I saw the differences in the states in real and the best is full NAP state. Really cool and peaceful. People are helping each other even during doomsday duels! Leave your states if it has dictator because it will be just ruined and purged on Fridays.
    (A previous president from 385 who could not change the leadership mindset there)

  17. been watching your videos and helped me alot…thank you for those tips…
    sorry to hear that .RIP..
    and last thing we are facing each other this week in COZ. 314 vs 268

  18. maybe a more advance guide on DD will be nice.. which honor buildings and skills to focus on first, and which skill tree as DD progress.

  19. Hey man, keep up all your good works for this game. I would like to suggest a video topic for you.

    Many times it happen that As a Raider when you are raiding during KE or sunday in Doomsday, you accumulate lot of resources and since you are busy in raiding , your APC are also out. Now right at that time, a high level player pitch in and attack on your base, this result in losing lot of rss specially those which you raided. Is there any way to avoid that situation and secure your rss.

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