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Last Shelter Survival Tips – 8 Frequent mistakes That Good Players Make!

Last Shelter Survival Tips – 8 Frequent mistakes That Good Players Make!

alright alright alright this is a serve
space team TSE state 268 we are number one one I am checking in because I wanted to
discuss something really really major with you guys I’m gonna drop some
incredible incredible tips today on exactly what you should and should not
do so guys I need you to pay really close attention because these are at
least the beginning eight major mistakes most players make now again every in
video is important but this is one of the most important ones because I want
to stop you guys from making some of the mistakes that I made in the past so no
particular order on this one guys I’m not very organized but I want to get
this information out as soon as possible not just for my team but for everyone in
every other state so the first one I want to discuss is no focus on one
particular tech even myself I have fallen in that trap and that’s a really
big one so the number one tech which is by the way the second focus that
everyone needs to focus on no matter what is zone commemoration this needs to
be completely done and no matter what you have to make sure that you get to
your two times chest as soon as humanly possible the issue that we face guys is
that what we’ll do is we’ll spread our technology on multiple places and it’s
going to cost you just to finish some commemoration you have to have improved
medical facilities completely maxed out if you are splitting your zone
commemoration technology courage medals with any other tech like vehicle
training shooter training or fighter training or even zone conflict then it’s
going to take you longer to do zone commemoration that’s one of the biggest
mistakes you could ever do so guys focus on that zone commemoration
focus on that tech and make it happen do not spend your courage medals on other
things like vehicle training or zone complex until you get that done so those
are two tips and one but they are very major and we’re going to go ahead and
let that right next focus on one APC now I don’t
have any of my AP C’s maxed out right now because we just came off a gathering
day I do have them spread a little bit because I you know windows in anyway
none of that matters the whole point is focus on one APC when you’re doing any
of your major battles you’re going to be using that one APC to get things done
unfortunately all four of them are not useful when it comes down to that and
you’re not going to win battles based on whether or not you had four weak AP C’s
you’re going to win battles based on whether you have one incredibly strong
one so what you want to do is you want to take your best heroes put them in the
right order and if you’re not sure about that order please by all means there’s
going to be a anecdote a nice little in screen where you can go ahead and click
on a video on how to organize your heroes from this and then come back to
this and learn more about those tips but meanwhile make certain no matter what
make certain no matter what that you go ahead and focus on one APC and make that
as strong as humanly possible next over shooting on chest guys this is a huge
huge no-no so I’m purposely doing this video right now so I’m not focused on
anything but just to show you guys a quick example the first chest is 80 the
second chest is 6 on an ADK and then of course 4.4 8,000,000 what you’re going
to notice right away is that 680 K is almost well at least 6 times the amount
of effort 44.4 8 million now that’s a really big deal because in some cases
you’re only going to be able to get to that purple chest and I would rather
someone get six purple chests over and over and over again then try to get that
one Gold when you only find out the differences don’t get me wrong a couple
thousand diamonds and hero tokens and such however the RSS is remotely or
virtually the same now you got some speed ups and stuff here but let’s look
at the purple chest you do have a significant amount of difference in
diamonds but you get your fragment here and if you’ll notice the RSS amount is
identical as well as the speed ups so when you look at it that way guys if you
were to get purple chess and you never receive that
gold you might be missing out on those diamonds but don’t forget six times four
is 24 hundred diamonds whereas you only be missing six hundred diamonds when you
look at the math and you’ll have six times the RS s so go for your purple
guys and don’t be afraid of that and don’t be ashamed of that
so don’t overshoot by getting two point eight million points on a particular
gold chest and say oh I couldn’t make it you wasted all of that precious building
power technology power or speedups whatever you were using to get there so
guys please do not overshoot your chests next the biggest mistake ever gold chest
on speed up challenges I’ve said this as several videos over and over and over
again if you are attempting to get a gold chest during a speed up challenge
you are making the biggest mistake you could possibly make any very costly one
it ends up in some cases being ten times the speed ups that you would normally
need just to get that one gold chest and what do you get out of it in advance
teleport guys if you’re doing what I’m telling you and you get your advanced
teleporter on things like training day and hero day then you will have
absolutely no reason to do anything like that and you’ll focus on those purple
chests to make sure you maximize at all times say – those speed ups from when
they’re necessary use them as they would be used and do not over spend them
chasing the gold chests of fantasy giving you the same stuff that you get
on a regular basic gold chest that is really easy for you to hit the next one
is saving diamonds and missing out on purple chests guys this is imperative
there are some people who refuse to spend their diamonds and I am here to
tell you I blow the diamonds as fast as I get them don’t get me wrong I like to
keep a running amount of around twenty or thirty thousand give or take still in
all what you need to fully understand is if you can save your speed ups by Auto
killing the diamonds and that’s is only applying by the way if you do not have
zone commemoration maxed out because once you start getting double chests and
speedups you’re probably not going to run out very quickly anyway but how
wonderful is it that on building day I could literally hit a base upgrade and
push a button for the diamonds and it’s instantaneously done maximizing my
points to earn my ticket without me having to worry about anything
that is extremely powerful guys so don’t be afraid to use say to 300 diamonds to
get to a purple chest that as you can see clearly on this particular one will
give you 400 diamonds back so go ahead and upgrade that building get it done
spend a thousand diamonds get the 400 back you use the 600 diamonds but you
got all the RSS and everything that you need it for and it will help you build
and grow faster having two hundred thousand diamonds does not give you a
prize so don’t save them go ahead and use them and if you follow my videos
you’ll have all the Diamonds you need anyway one of the most expensive
mistakes ever guys patience patience is the thing that you need in this game if
you rush it and believe me the wonderful wonderful wonderful makers of this game
have made it so good that they will find a way to force you to spend your money
guys I’ve spent enough I can promise you that I’m probably several hundred
dollars into the game and honestly I don’t feel like it’s a mistake but at
the same time I know that if I had the knowledge that I’m trying to give to you
guys I would have spent a lot less do your chests get your diamonds focus on
your growth finish sone commemoration don’t overshoot etc etc if you do all of
that you’re gonna grow plenty fast and believe it or not you’ll pass a lot of
the individuals that are not following these basic tips and then finally too
many troops guys I have seen level 19 and level 20 basis with almost 8 to 9
million power now there’s only one way to get that power buy that base level
unless you spent a whole lot of money to get a whole bunch of things for tech
your training too many troops you’re eating yourselves out of house and home
if you look at the top of the screen right now you’re gonna notice that my
RSS is in order if I go to something like
say fuel right now I have 92 million fuel in reserve and 23 million showing
guys it’s not to brag or anything like that I can certainly hit farms I could
get a whole lot more fuel and I could do all these things and I’m not saving it
for any particular reason but I need you guys to fully understand that if you
don’t overshoot your power trying to I don’t know maybe show off or inflate
your Alliance or whatever the case is you’re going to do a lot better in the
game and you’re not gonna eat yourself out of house and home if you’ll notice
when I click that I certainly am spending a lot of fuel but if you’re
doing the tips and tricks that I’m telling you you’re going to have all the
fuel you’ll ever need so guys those are the beginners basic steps and common
mistakes that everybody makes in the game please like and subscribe if you
feel like this information is even remotely helpful and if you find any
tips or things that you want me to put let me make a part 2 I would love to
give you a shout out and I would love to make sure that everybody has the best
information guys you already know who it is
Acer Speights signing up

18 thoughts on “Last Shelter Survival Tips – 8 Frequent mistakes That Good Players Make!”

  1. Acer your videos are excellent, i love them. I would like to just link my clan your channel, you covered most of common things i need to inform my can, but can you make a video on breaking roads to save electricity. And a detailed guide on taking the enemy LC and defending your own my state is not up to that stage yet but i would love to just link them to that video please and thank you =]

  2. nice tips but I kind of disagree with the purple and gold box, you need to at least get 3 3rd gold box everyday for hero tokens, its very important late game. for RSS its great to have alot from the purple box but best way to get them is from farmbases.. the exp is also great help when u are trying to get ur heroes to level 50. for the speedup challenge I also use it when the building/research is like 9 days or more, speed em up and finish it on another bldg/rsrch quest

  3. Hi. You need to get at least 3 gold daily chest per day for the hero tokens for seasonal hero. Save your diamonds. You still don't know the major purpose of it.

  4. Check out you heros Acer, u have the reaqper and the hound in to gether, they decreas power, take a look at reapers bio, it says dont mention anything about dogs he hates dogs, so the two together decrease in power, just FYI!! WOLF.

  5. ThOr™ from state 422. Bro i followed each and every tip u have given. Man me and my alliance jumps from. R32 to R6 in 2 months. I was also training troops and getting 27 purple chest in a week just my training that alone gave me 10.8k diamonds. Man u rock. Hope to see u visiting my state 422 and clan Eph. My member would loved to hear from u in an alliance chat.

  6. Great video man. Keep up the good work. One thing though, after some time we chase gold chase only for coins to buy seasonal heroes.

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