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Last shelter survival : Top 5 Common Mistake that you MUST avoid Part 2

Last shelter survival : Top 5 Common Mistake that you MUST avoid Part 2

welcome brothers and sister my name is
Op to the O from state 122 bringing you another last shelter video sup guys today I wanted to bring you
another kill event video but the fight would state for sucked so instead since
there’s still a tons of mistakes to avoid I decided to make another top 5
common mistake to avoid videos before we start with a mistake please guys sub
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thank you in advance all right now in number five we have
don’t get freaking T8 oh my god I feel I’m gonna receive some heat for that one
but let me explain you why I think getting t8 is stupid well first of all
in order to get to base 23 you need to have t8 cars so that goes without saying
as you know rushing base to level 23 is super important but beside those cars
you don’t need those other troops sniper and shooter at that base level until
you’re 25 you don’t really care all you need is cars to get all the precious
resources you should be also picking up your fight when you’re that level so
there’s no point of getting any other t8 to be honest except it’s a freaking like
resource pit you’re way better investing this resources in research or technology
and also in order to get base 25s when that’s possible then once you reach that
base 25 and once you push your technology and hopefully your zone
commemoration is then you can start like leveling up
those T8 and then t9 right away Mickey I wish I knew that earlier I stayed base
level 23 way too long because I was trying to do t8 and honestly they were
not really useful or not useful at all so if I could go back in time I would
definitely skip those t8 and go to base 25 push my tech instead and keep kicking
ass that way so that’s for number five and number four this is something that
everyone should be doing it’s not pushing your part early enough or early
as possible should I say this is straight forward parts can be done at
any base level while maybe not any base level but when your base 20 you can make
part easily and you know when your base is 25 and you’re fighting against other
25 parts makes all the difference in the world and you know what you can start
them as soon as your base is 20 so there’s no reason for not pushing that
building not pushing that tech and not making sure that you always have some
part cooking in there depending on your Hero drops I would get parts on like if
you have really good car you rose if you have very good sniper heroes but if you
don’t have any special heroes yet I would push for car first because you
want to steal more resources then I would go for sniper because while they’re
nasty little fuckers they’re the best in the game right now and they’re super
hard to beat and then I’ll go with cars I mean soldier I’m sorry now you might
ask me why not do the gathering wall because first
this ain’t farmville let’s leave that to Mac state in 122 but now that they
reduce the amount of resources you need to gather for Monday it’s easier to get
the boxes so the Trailblazer now is not as useful as it used to be all right and number three get those chips get
more chips get chips all the times so another thing other mistakes or
something I wish I knew is like late-game when you’re 25 and all the
buildings is super upgraded and all that there’s one thing that keeps blocking
and those are the chips money is a big issue when you reach 25 it’s all you
need and all you really need is chips so if I knew I would have to push chips
non-stop from level like as early as you can just put those chips you want those
missile you want like faster attack speed you want like the the building
that gives you more purse when you attack with all the same formation those
chips become really hard to get or not really hard but there’s just time
consuming so just make sure those are always still when you log in make sure
that you have chips that are cooking and yeah get those ships ready because trust me
you’re gonna need them eventually and number two we have not leveling your
garrison this is a big mistakes I think that most player are doing because they
don’t really understand the building correctly but when it’s fully level up
your siege defence resistance increased by 25% and your City defender attack
increased by 25% this is what we call the defender advantage and this you get
this by leveling your garrison you also get more durability which can be good
for many reason I won’t go through but basically this is a building that gives
you tons of clash of zone points it gives you better defensing a defense base and
that’s a building that I know that people like place it early in the game
and then just forget about it but this building is super helpful in order to
create like a that make your base of freaking wall basically so don’t forget
to level that bad boy every time you have some extra chips or not chips but
diamonds threw it in there okay and a big winner in number one we have
the development ear Oh Enzo I don’t think that’s a really a secret to
anybody or I hope maybe it is but that development Hero is totally bad ass all
right let me go through his stat real quick but basically all fuel and units
take less or eat less by 25% that’s massive
he makes your building go faster 30% he makes it that you can finish it an hour
in advance we like so you use less speed up that’s a big one siege defense
resistant 30% so that goes up in your garrison if you want to have a good
defense you need that guy so bad also it gives you an nice perk for like
building resource Gus last 20% of resource that June or miss he does the
same thing for money and it is really really good the best way to get it
you’re like well baby I want it but I don’t know I was not lucky by using
tickets well you know what you don’t need to be lucky for that guy because
there’s always in the token shop well not always but most of the time every
two weeks or every month you’re gonna find him here um this is where your
token should go if you haven’t got him at least once with a duplicate and he’s
the game changers so you should get it as soon as possible because he’s that
great so save those token make sure you make dailies and get ends Enzo now alright
guys this is it for the top five common mistakes you should avoid part two I
hope this was helpful for you guys again I’ll mention it sub like thank you share
that’s awesome now I’ll see you guys next time hopefully

9 thoughts on “Last shelter survival : Top 5 Common Mistake that you MUST avoid Part 2”

  1. I think a a nice tip to add is when youre base 20 upgrade institute to level 20 asap, good boost in research speed reduction

  2. Hi opto the cool dude. So sniper is better than fighter like u said? But fighter able to defend both sniper n cars..and another thing is that..when one have base 19 or 20-23..its better to have more chips..and do more research(max it out) in zone comms..and other tech…before getting to base 25 and before getting t8 and i correct to say this? Thanks buddy..😊

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