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LAST TO LEAVE FOREST WINS $10,000 (24 Hour Challenge)

LAST TO LEAVE FOREST WINS $10,000 (24 Hour Challenge)

hi guys hi I think I’m I just heard wolf what’s going on everyone its Papa Jake
and we are back with a brand new video this time in the woods I suggested by
Logan because you know he did lose the last one Logan how’s it feel to lose the
last challenge buddy Jake it obviously doesn’t feel amazing but it feels pretty
good knowing that you’re going down in this next challenge this challenge is
straight-up Papa Jake’s Ally they used to call me survivor Jake back in school
I knew you in school they did not call you survivor James okay well Jake I’ve
laid out a few survival items for this challenge and I was thinking we could
both choose our top five items we want to bring with us oh you want to survive
in the forest for as long as possible with five items yeah you get to choose
five items in this room what am I gonna do with the food for free book Logan
that’s actually pretty handy Jake okay it’s winter there’s no food on the trees
can I bring my car is that one item I can bring of course you can’t bring your
car into the forest Jake me and Logan will split up we’ll keep in radio
contact and whoever leaves last wins the $10,000 if none of us makes it overnight
then the challenge is we don’t have to do a new challenge later on which by the
way you guys are always welcome to leave comments down below if you guys like
these videos yeah guys let’s try and get 50,000 likes for another one of these
awesome challenges and Logan I almost forgot we are giving away the first
iPhone and Papa Jake’s massive iPhone giveaway all you have to do to enter
into win is make sure that you’re subscribed to this channel have that
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channel Papa Jake versus Logan where we’re gonna be making more videos just
like this it’s our own channel for the both of us
the Sun is going down and we need to get out there and if we are surviving the
night we need to start making shelter which Logan I’m already seeing right
there there’s a tent so I think for my first item
you just get the time I’m getting the time what
so Michael you can buy another ten okay well if you get the tenth then I get the
I get the MRE why is in the food pile Logan these are seeds well Jake I mean
if you’re out there long enough you can grow your own food
okay I’m not growing my own food in the middle of winter I guess I’ll have these
chunks of bread have you not see this challenge going well right off the bat
but all right Logan you’re up next item since I don’t have a tent the next thing
I’m gonna bring is this tarp kind of thing shelter guess I’ll take some hand
warmers okay I’ll take the hand warmers as well guess I’ll take an axe for what
I’ll take a thermos or water all right Jake what’s your last item
gonna be well if I ask why there’s a notebook here let’s just in case you get
lonely and you want to write some notes this five item idea was really bad okay
you know what ah last item because there’s so many great survival items to
choose from here better not forget my clock heart so I can play solitaire by
myself so the last time I let Logan choose the survival items guys this is
this is bad fine I’m gonna take a first-aid kit but but knowing Logan I
bet there’s crayons in here so I can draw hey I mean at least you out of ten
for my last item I’ll take this green rope well now that we have the items
chosen they are divvied up not the best high-quality survival items but you know
the challenge must go on which means Logan it’s time to suit up grab any
flashlights we can find and head out into the woods before it gets dark and
hopefully make a shelter before the Coyotes come really when I thought about
this challenge I thought we were gonna have better survival gear I’m not
exactly sure what I’m gonna do with any of this
but if I know Logan I know he is probably not gonna be able to survive as
long as me so I think I’m gonna win this right here he’s going down so we packed our bags and headed to a
forest not this forest but close enough so we’re here in the forest now I’ve
left Logan I have no idea where he is going I got all of my gear my backpack
everything like that I’m actually pretty confident I don’t
know how Logan’s gonna set up for the night without a tent so honestly I think
it’s gonna get late and if I can just stay here overnight which I’ve done a
lot of times I think I’ve got this in the bag I think I really underestimated
how cold it is it’s so cold out here I can barely see my eyes are getting all
blurry I gotta make some kind of shelter before the Sun goes down because it’s
getting dark and super cold let’s let’s check in on Logan Logan hi
how you doing but you find the place to stay tonight he does not this challenge
at all all right good luck man watch out for the Coyotes
oh of course there’s coyotes lots of coyotes let’s go move it so I think the
first thing I need to do is set up my tent because that’s probably the most
important thing in terms of survival if I’m gonna be able to survive the entire
night here really don’t have that many great supplies I also realized that
Logan took the only water bottle I don’t know how that is the legitimate thing we
can have no water in a challenge like this but we have no water which is great
we are going to be very thirsty tonight okay so I found a little spot here I
think this is where I’m gonna set up the tent for tonight luckily because it is
not summer I don’t have to worry about bees mosquitos bugs spiders anything
like that the only thing is coyotes and the freezing cold I’m gonna try and set
up my tent here hopefully I can do that and then I’ll start unpacking seeing
what we have and then I guess we just chill here until Logan gives up we ran
into our first problem in Logan’s infinite wisdom he packed the tent but
gave me no poles no tent poles so I literally have an orange tarp and a
orange tarp cover I think Logan Logan are you calling me Oh Logan you you
packed my tent without any tent poles oh I packed the tent without any tent
poles yes you packed my tent without you have to make a tent out of wood well yes
Logan I can’t go to the hardware store in the middle of the forest
oh I’m sorry Jake over what we don’t have tent poles but I do have an axe so
maybe I can make something with wood looks like we’re now in the same boat of
not having a shelter timber okay we just found some flat land
I think that’s where I’m gonna set up my tarp so because I have no string I am
currently trying to fashion they lean to going off of zero survival expertise
pretty much trying to create a triangle that’s about all I know hi guys hi I think I might just heard
wolves there’s nothing like coyotes or wolves to get your movement and close it
right now that’s about all I got well it’s not much of a shelter and it’s
not the best but you know it’s some coverage at least I have a tarp under me
so I’m not gonna get muddy I’m just gonna take a seat right here next to
this log and start surviving it’s getting a little darker and a little
colder but kind of feel homey in here so after for 30 minutes I was able to make
this heat is starting to get extremely cold and I already heard coyotes I think
there’s a buzz good as we’re gonna get kind of I use a bunch of tree branches
that I was able to cut off and I went ahead and fashioned the back all the way
around the tree so the complete backside is closed off I didn’t have enough left
over though to use for the flooring so it’s gonna be a little bit cold there
honestly I can’t see Logan staying here more than one night so I can just make
it through the night then I’ll be perfectly fine what was that I think I
just heard something okay well at least I have a tarp under me and this little
bit of coverage it feels kind of homey not really but you know what I’m just
gonna stay positive it’s not super spacious it’s no billionaire box work
but this is going to be home for the next maybe seven hours eight hours I
don’t really know I don’t know what time it is
fahriye should call Logan to check in on him hey buddy how’s it going was just
about to ask you the same thing how’s it going I’m doing great
over oh man I’m doing so good I’m inside like a tent man it’s like a new home
like their home if not maybe better so it’s
like a billionaire box for it you’re in a billionaire box for Trina oh man
there’s like so much room honestly I could I could put like a pool in here
jacuzzi it’s super warm and toasty I’m kind of glad you forgot my tent poles
this thing is way better than a normal tent that’s awesome man same here things
are going great over here in Logan land over okay Jake’s doing really well
that’s that’s good to hear guys I’m glad Jake’s doing so well well on the menu
for dinner we have survival bars which is basically
bread compacted into squares so this is the survival bar it is kind of moist and
crusty and you gotta do what you gotta do to win the challenge right this is
just kind of a party you’re trying to change here oh no nope nope nope nope
not eat enough all right guys let’s dive into these MREs I’m getting pretty ready
for some snacks before snacks gotta get my hand warm is
going cuz it is getting chilly okay well looks like I have some white
bread not the greatest tasting food but it’s
what I got I’m gonna be saving the meal for later I have no idea what’s going on
with Logan I don’t know what he’s doing I probably can’t be much better than
this considering what he took with them he does have an MRE he does have water
and I gotta say I’m so thirsty I honestly kind of wish I brought the pack
of cards I am so bored I have nothing to do and everything that makes noise makes
me scared Sam having a great time it’s getting cold but positive vibes so far
we’re doing well wonder how Jake’s doing with that tent
with no poles I am extremely exhausted I don’t know why the cold is getting to me
I’m like really uncomfortable right now the only thing I can think of is that I
can I can last longer than Logan and I’m just I’m just waiting for him to call it
quits the problem is if I want the $10,000 I have to stay overnight and
NASA right now I don’t want to say I’m doubting it but I think it’s snowing and
there’s coyotes for sure I’m gonna look through the first day kids see if I can
find something there might be like a blanket or something in here
I just I just can’t imagine Logan is doing any better than me right now so
that’s all I’m holding on to okay guys you can see it’s completely dark out the
Sun has gone down and my whole body is getting so cold the tarp didn’t protect
me from the wet ground so my whole body is soaked and to be honest I don’t think
I can stay out here any longer the ground is just soaking wet and now my
legs are just so unfortunately guys I think I’m going back to the house but I
thought it might be funny to not tell Jake because if he doesn’t survive until
overnight he still loses so I’m gonna go back to the house enjoy myself
he can stay out here and when he’s ready he can come back to the house I was
sitting in a puddle about surviving on my part but yeah I’m heading home if
you’re gonna leave a comment to challenge us for the next $10,000
challenge I’ll see who can like who can enjoy a spa day the longest or you know
like like like who can who can play the most fortnight so I wanted to update you
guys on the od noises and I’m trying to talk really
quiet because I don’t know if the Coyotes can hear me they can probably
smell me I’m just looking at that hole here waiting for a coyote to come a
rabbit would be great no a friend friendly rabbit but yeah I’m also
starting to shiver which isn’t good at all you can really hear them howling on
here so hopefully they just don’t come near here hopefully they’re scared of my
big tent that I made honestly I have nothing to do so I have resorted to
reading the manual of the first aid kit you know we don’t normally do these
challenges separate from one another and you know I’ve heard about cabin fever
before I think that could be it could very much be a real thing all right
since you guys last checked in on me I have made a new friend to replace Logan
because Logan is not here I made my new friend Douglas Douglas that’s Douglas
he’s my new best friend over and out oh yeah that’s nice Jake’s
probably out there freezing or hey now I guess now that I’m all warm and cozy
it’s time to play some fort night pretty much nothing you can see out here I had
to get out of the tent I was going a little bit crazy so I decided to go on a
night mission of sorts I don’t really know I’m just gonna walk around try and
get warm here’s our tent still looking strong still looking good Douglas is in
there I have no idea where Logan set up tent I don’t see any lights or anything
like that in the forest so I’m not really sure what’s going on there
but I guess I’m just gonna walk around a little bit I bet Jake witches use
playing for a night right about now I found something a little weird on the
ground here guys there are like some big footprints here there’s another one over
here that I found and they kind of keep going along there’s another one there
too they kind of keep going along towards there yeah I’m not like like a
super big believer in Bigfoot but I don’t know who else has these bigger
feet or what animal could have made these footprints
so if you know let me know in the comments but I think I’m not gonna go
that way and actually kind of head back to the tent now
maybe call Logan see what he’s up to hey holy sweet home let’s see what Logan’s
up to right now hey Logan how’s it going over there bet
you’re pretty cold wanting to go home all right yeah yeah meet me – I’m like
super comfy in here so you keep enjoying yourself there but I’m gonna win this
challenge guys I honestly don’t know how much longer I can go I am so cold and so
hungry I do not think I’m gonna be able to sleep here tonight
if I am staying here I’m staying wide awake the entire night that was a pretty good shot I honestly
don’t know how Logan’s so cheery right now unless he’s like a master survival
expert I don’t know about there is no way he has a tent warmer than mine or
staying in a place nicer than this I honestly don’t know how he’s doing this
I’m gonna try and close my eyes guys I’ll update you in a bit all right guys
I I think I’m gonna have to call it quits
you guys know whenever we do these challenges on the channel we do them
legit and this is one of those times that I just cannot stay in the forest
overnight I know we have had issues doing challenges in the cold
we always underestimate how cool it’s gonna be but I gotta call it quits so
you know what if Logan can survive the night if he’s got such a sweet base then
he gets the $10,000 but I gotta go home so I’m a radio into Logan alone no I’m
going home hey Logan hi I think I’m gonna head back
I don’t think I can do this anymore it’s getting too cold it is so late and I am
so hungry you know what if you can survive the
night then then you win the $10,000 man good luck all right well finally he’s
being truthful okay well it looks like none of us are gonna be winning the
$10,000 today let’s let’s uh head back home let’s pack up head back home I want
to hear what Logan had to go through but let’s get out of here before the Coyotes
come I do not want to draw attention to myself I’ll see you guys at home yeah
that challenge probably the hardest challenge I think I have ever attempted
how did you get back so quick all right well because we both ended the challenge
early and both of us were unable to survive in the woods overnight Logan
unfortunately that means neither of us win the $10,000 just yeah it’s
unfortunate so we gave it all we had guys we really tried on this one but it
looks like we have to wait till next time to see what the next challenge will
be and see who will win next and if you
guys have any ideas for another challenge let us know in the comments
below yeah guys be sure to let us know but this has of course been Papa Jake
and Logan and we’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video

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