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Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Survival Guide

Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Survival Guide

Welcome to
the World of Warcraft Survival Guide for patch 7.0,
the Legion pre-expansion patch. In this video, we will cover some
of the most important changes and new features in patch 7.0. Remember, for complete details,
check out our full patch notes and preview blogs at First and foremost,
we’ve made a lot of changes to class mechanics,
in order to refocus their gameplay around their core fantasy,
and make each spec feel unique and exciting. Every class in the game
has had at least a few changes but some
are more substantial than others. Survival is now a melee spec for Hunters
and uses abilities like Harpoon Raptor Strike,
and Mongoose Bite to attack foes. For Rogues,
Combat has been renamed Outlaw and re-envisioned around the use
of swords and pistols with abilities like Saber Slash
and Pistol Shot. Demonology Warlocks have been refocused around summoning and controlling
many powerful demons at once and Discipline Priests are now focused
on a hybrid damage and healing role through a re-designed Atonement mechanic. Check out our class preview blogs
on for more info. You can now freely switch between any of your class’s available
specializations at any time without having to designate a primary
and secondary spec. However, in order to change your talents you will need to either visit
a rested area such as a major city,
or use a Tome of the Clear Mind which can now only be made by players
with the Inscription profession. Patch 7.0 also introduces
the brand new Transmogrification system. Now, instead of having
to keep items in your inventory, you will permanently unlock
an item’s appearance account-wide whenever it is bound to your character. Be sure to watch
our full Transmogrification preview video for more details. In PvP,
character stats have been normalized. What that means is, when you zone
into a PvP instance such as a Battleground or Arena,
you will be given a pre-determined set of stats, instead
of whatever happens to be on your gear. You can get a minor bonus to those stats by increasing
your average item level above 700 but for the most part,
gear is no longer a major factor in PvP. Once Legion launches, the Honor Talents
and Prestige systems will unlock but they are unavailable until then. These are some of the biggest changes
happening immediately in Patch 7.0 but it is only the beginning. Stay tuned in the next few weeks
for the introduction of the Demon Hunter class for players
who have pre-purchased the expansion as well as the impending arrival
of the Burning Legion. And don’t forget that you can check out
our full patch notes at
for even more details. Thanks for watching,
and we’ll see you in Azeroth.

100 thoughts on “Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Survival Guide”

  1. you know Blizzard you don't always have to go forward with your games to make them better… i remember when you cared about what your fans wanted…so i ask when will you open a legacy server or whatever you want to call it but me and many of the old school players from vanilla and BC era who want servers to let us play the game we all dearly miss!

  2. Last expansion I played was the panda one. How many since then? Wow this sounds totally different. Would I even recognize the game?

  3. Didn't they say that upon zoning into a dungeon it would auto swap your spec to the one you queued as? For example, I can queue as healer but stay questing as dps, when the dungeon pops it auto switches me to heals? Was I imagining this change? Because it isn't working for me.

  4. I'm sad, fury warriors have no flow anymore, it's all just random button smashing and hoping you don't get targeted.

  5. my computer broke sadly after this update I went from 60fps medium on my old computer to 5fps on the lowest opions

  6. Does anyone else, just kinda want to start over on some classes? I am feeling this way with my feral, hunter, and priest. They are around level 90 and I haven't played on them in a while… 🙂

  7. 1:23 Freely switch between any of your class specializations. Borrow much from RIFT? — WoW devs haven't had an original idea in years.

  8. Surely the whole point is an MMO is that it has realistic competitive elements, you get rewarded for grinding and getting rad gear? Why dont we all just play a game of chess instead of doing a BG??? It will be about as immersive now.

  9. Been away since cataclysm… now I got that WoW itch again… I do not know how the game is doing now but anyway… I am buying this expansion as we speak and I hope they really do well in every scenario with it.

  10. I got a question. My warrior equipped a cloth shoulder, does my Mage would have this cloth shoulder transmog? All two classes are under a same battlenet. Proudly path notes said YES, but now looks like not available, or maybe in the later path that would work?

  11. As much as i like wow, after over 8 years of PS2 graphics, re-skinned/re-colored mobs, content showed in the video that should've been released 2 expansions ago, and the curiosity that we might actually see Sargeras on this expansion, i still cannot bring myself to play wow again. Little too late.

  12. I like the changes for all my toons (DK, paladin, mage) except boomkin. I'm sad to say I hate the new boomkin…some of the changes are ok and understandable but I genuinely dislike the removal of the eclipse bar and the introduction of astral power. It now feels even more static in rotation if you wanted to do maximum dps, or if you dont care about dps then it literally doesnt matter what spells you press and when. Also, the removal of savage roar is just silly. I adored my boomkin in WoD but i'll probably not play it in Legion 🙁

  13. can my pet get infected with a debuff from a boss, and I can infect it to other players to start a plague that ruins entire servers?

  14. "…the introduction of the Demon Hunter class for players who have pre-purchased the expansion"
    Except for those of us who want the physical edition (in my case Collector's aswell).

  15. Do previously acquired items become account usable in the new x mog system..? Or is basically "starting now" type deal?

  16. Hey guys 😮 Do you know what set appears on the right (with the skull at the top of the head) at 0:13 ? 😛 Thanks guys

  17. release how to survive with arms for 10 seconds at least …. nah you just losing another player goodbye dear blizzard

  18. rip sweet one shots burst and owning the fack out of low geared people…. not joking guys i am gonna miss that so much. not even sure if i am going to play legion with this.

  19. So this is Lore doing the voice over? Who in gods name is directing him to talk in such a ridiculous manner?!?!?

    Go watch his old survival guides (e.g. 5.0). They are a million times better without that stupid voice style.

  20. I think the most retarded change made is that warlocks seem to be the best healers in the game. Pretty lame!

  21. "To save an item, it has to be bound to you"
    And you have to be able to use it, and it has to be your main armor spec. So if you have binded gear on a different character that can't be saved, you're screwed

  22. They make it simpler with pvp no longer needing gear along with transmog stuff. It's sort of to make the game better though it also sort of shows it's out of hand. Like it's still sort of failing.

  23. You have utterly destroyed this game with every single design decision you've made since WoD especially. It was a slow regression starting with WLK but went fully spiraling out of control with Pandaria and WoD. These patches for Legion have ruined the classes, the world of Azeroth(Phasing every zone so there's 2-3 people per zone???). People were heralding Legion as means to come back to greatness. Greatness was the immersion of vanilla WoW, the social aspects and the raiding of TBC. Now, we have nothing but a one or two button click, watered down MOBA experience where you sit in a lobby and spam a button to join so called 30 minute "raids."


  24. love the game… but its just not the same.. played druid class mainly but now they changed and nerfed and changed everything, practically have to almost relearn the class… and Kind of down that they practically removed incranation king of the jungle, with the armor…. but still a fairly cool game to play, just not the same.

  25. i hate the normalize change……. having better gear should give you a huge advantage but it should be hard to get. Like vanilla

  26. anyone else tired of hearing "prepurchase Legion"? i'm sitting here with my CE on order from Amazon like… yeah wish i got the early access…

  27. I have a question to see if you need a subscription to play a Death Knight now since you don't have to have a level 55 anymore?

  28. Imma skip bullshit WoD and lvl straight to 100 by doing the demon invasion world events. Anybody else going to do that too?

  29. Holy Power is gone; across all paladin specs.

    Glyphs are gone except for cosmetic changes. So one less area to specialize/change/differentiate your classes from other classes. Cata = Huge talent tree + glyphs. Mop = Small talent tree + gylphs, Wod = Small talent tree + glyphs. Legion = Just a small talent tree. Less class abilities.

    Most healing classes, have the majority of their 'once per x minutes' longer spells removed. So now you pretty much have homongonized "Fast heal but expensive for emergencies", "Small heal", "hot single target heal", "Hot circle on ground targeted area" that heals players who stand in it.

    Most tank classes reduction times have been increased and the number of dmg reduction abilities reduced. With Holy Paladins, self heals nerfed via no holy power and less interrupts via no holy power abilities.

    The end result: The gameplay has been dumbed down to be easier and more simplistic and casual. Less options for players. Meanwhile, videos release hyping class changes.

  30. I still don't understand why WoD was such a bad xpac. Everyone says it was terrible but never seems to state why. It seems to me that everyone doesn't wanna seem out of the loop and hop on the WoD hate train. Mob mentality is one of the worst things to ever cripple man.

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