Let’s Play Don’t Starve Ep. 12: Pale Horse Rider [Turn on CC for commentary]

Hi! Welcome to Ep. 12 of my Let’s Play of “Don’t Starve”. The Beefalo keep migrating south and we don’t approve. Not only is my trap farm on their route,
but they fight with the pigmen and get killed in the swamp. So it’s time to try to put a stop to it. But first, let’s finish off that Bee Box from last time. That should help with our Taffy supply. Aggro from a frog, but we’ve got plenty of traps. There he goes. Did I mention it was a bad idea to put the saplings there? Before making a fence, make a gate to get through it. Now the fence. We get six units at a time, nice. I guess the fence will have to wait. That didn’t go as smoothly as last time. Need to take care of hunger before anything else. More grass to make rope. We still need frog legs for the crock pot. Let’s plant that fence. Start with the gate, that seems to work out better. Going to need more twigs and grass for fencing. Looks like there’s plenty to the north. I’ll have to plug that hole. That guy likes my camp a bit too much. More fencing supplies. Oops, made three torches, one too many. Starting to starve, need to watch out for that. More grass, just in time. Still needs another meat. A fishing rod would be nice but not enough silk. Let’s take a break from fencing and hunt spiders. The usual deal, set traps and lure spiders into them. The tier one den is easy to destroy, but hardly any silk. Enough spiders, work on the fence some more. Need to make another chest. This chest will be for fuel, so it goes next to the fire. Do the Beefalo look a bit disgruntled? Not quite air tight but hopefully
the Beefalo will get the hint. The gate works okay. That’s the last of my eggs from spring. Let’s hunt more spiders. I still have traps from last time, this way. The pigman wanted to help. Let’s make it official. Dropped it on the ground and he ate it, doesn’t count. We’ll attack from behind while the pigman distracts them. The pigman is panicking. Actually let’s camp here for the night. Now the pigman is fighting more spiders. We’ll be nice and defend him this time. Looks like he’s not sleepy so no Sanity aura this time. No more spider hunting, hound attack. Uh-oh, didn’t move fast enough. And I forgot about armor. A couple pigmen are helping, that’s lucky. One of them went after the meat, fatal mistake Seems like a good time to prototype some Healing Salve. Whoops, what do we do with this? Not the right box but close enough for now. I should really be making health restoring food. Need to fill these traps. We need another chest for tools, etc. Forgot about that feather. The Straw Hat is pretty useless but sometimes
you want to avoid having a bare head. I should be ending the session
but I lost track of time again. Let’s use up this axe first. We’ve got plenty of Monster Meat,
so let’s recruit some soldiers. Oops, wrong way. The idea is to clear out some of the tentacles in the swamp. Pigmen tank and distract while we attack. Got hit twice, armor gone. At this point I should be heading for safety. Dusk, so now the Merms come out. The pigmen are in trouble, maybe we should help. Actually, not a good idea. Well, our only respawn point is used up now. This survival kit is pointless now; it’s mainly for winter. All our stuff is back where we died. Hunger, Health and Sanity are all low. We lost a day. And our beard is gone. The main thing was I got careless and overconfident. But 121 days without dying isn’t too bad. There’s some of our stuff. The rest is over by the Merm house. Let’s try not to get killed again. Going to have to leave things behind. Everything’s out of the swamp at least. Lovely jerky, this’ll help a lot. Nightmare Fuel, useful for magic. Grab honey for taffy. Need to do something about health. Maybe we’ll do a little exploration today. Another battle and we still don’t have armor. Looks like the pigmen have won without my help. Maybe a quick look this way. Nope. This way? Spiders again. We really need some armor. It’s really past time to end the session. Can we find a new respawn point to replace the one we used? Tune in next time to find out. I’ll see you then, bye!

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