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Liberty and Security: Real World Dilemmas of the Hunger Games – Learn Liberty

Liberty and Security: Real World Dilemmas of the Hunger Games – Learn Liberty

In a world where politicians rule over the
masses from a distant capital where government demands that we sacrifice our freedoms for the greater good, where the state stomps on the rights of citizens
“The government is monitering private phone calls and tracking who their associates are.”
“We must stop the terror; now watch this drive.” How close are we to panem? Find out at Learn Liberty Academy where we uncover the historical, political, and literary roots of the Hunger
Games and explore parallels to our modern world. “This is the revolution.” Sign up for
Learn Liberty Academy today.

12 thoughts on “Liberty and Security: Real World Dilemmas of the Hunger Games – Learn Liberty”

  1. If I didn't have to register for a specific date and "show up," I might actually consider these classes. But this is 2014, and there are better sites to go to.

  2. "Sacrifice our freedoms for the greater good." – False analogy. The Capital doesn't demand sacrifice of freedom for the greater good. It does so in the name of order and submission. 

  3. This is marketed well and may sound like it's for you but it's really just an agenda about lower taxes and less regulations for the aristocracy and their money machines.

  4. Take away food stamps then you get a real life Hunger Games. Now you might think ending food stamps is mean and unlikely it's happening when the cost of food goes up and the food stamp allowance doesn't keep up with inflation. It's entering terminal phase before it shuts down. Too many people are takers and not givers and the system was never meant to be a long term solution for many. How many part time workers are getting so few hours that in order to make ends meet they need food stamps to get by?

  5. I love Learn Liberty's content but can not stomach the over sensationalism. I would be embarrassed to share/promote this teaser. It completely belittles whatever good ideas are there. 🙁

    Any chance you can get a smart person sitting on a chair to narrate the content on video for a teaser? I would share that.  

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