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Life is Getting Better

Life is Getting Better

Have you heard ALL the terrible news? We are destroying the planet. Middle class is disappearing. Deadly Ebola outbreak. It’s worse than ever before. And yet, the cover of my favorite magazine says the glass is not just half full. It’s completely full! There is less war, more food. We live healthier and longer lives, even work got good. Watching the news, everything’s terrible. They’re wrong. Reason editor Katherine Mangu-Ward. We are absolutely wired to see a world in which things are bad. Evolution wired us that way. If you are a caveman who hears a little rustling in the weeds, and you say, “Oh, it’s probably fine.” And the other guy says, “It’s probably a tiger,” that’s the guy who lives. That guy was our ancestors. [News anchors] The media make us more afraid. This magazine cover gets TV hosts right. It is like their hair is on fire. [News anchors] But what’s happening in real life? Steady improvement, and often, miracles! 3, 2, 1, go. Hi buddy. Hi Christopher. Children get cochlear implants and for the first time, they can hear. [Baby noises] There are things that, in another era, would have caused the founding of an entire religion. We made a eight paraplegic patients walk again for the first time in a decade. [Kid sounds] Helping the lame to walk. We do this as a routine matter. Even food is better than ever. If I wasn’t told that it wasn’t meat I wouldn’t have known. These are people who want to make money by selling you a burger that didn’t hurt a cow. What about this constant complaint from the media? The middle class is shrinking. Mostly it’s because people are getting richer. People have moved up. There are more high-income people than ever before— and fewer low income households. Here’s another Reason article that reveals what most other media don’t report. “Pestilence, war, famine, and death are all on the decline.” You wouldn’t know that watching news programs. That’s right, and yet it’s absolutely true. Even the left-wing media admits it, sometimes. [Gunshots] War is terrible, but over the past 70 years there are fewer war related deaths. There are fewer wars and fewer people die in those wars Even with the rise of terrorism? Even with the rise of terrorism. You are lucky enough to live in a time where you have never been less likely to die that way. You are probably going to die of heart disease, frankly. But wait a second… Suicide rates are up 40 percent among white men. Lately, life expectancy dropped a bit Still, overall, that is the tiniest blip. People are living longer, healthier lives. Another Reason story that contradicts conventional wisdom is this one: work got good. All I hear is that work is terrible. If you watch the news, you would think absolutely everyone in America is currently laboring in an Amazon factory crying while they fill boxes and that’s just not, on average, what work actually looks like. It did once look like that A couple hundred years ago, work was dangerous. It was very easy to die at work. And on top of that Work was extremely boring, even for people that had good jobs. Jobs are pretty interesting now, and they mostly don’t kill you, and we should be grateful for that development. Now the people at Reason aren’t stupid. They know there are problems in the world. So turn the magazine over and you get the bad news: Venezuela, threats to an open internet, young people liking socialism. Socialism or capitalism? I would say socialism. Kids love socialism. If helping people is socialism, then I’m for it. They have no idea what socialism is. Mangu-Ward’s most upset about new restrictions on speech. The idea that what you can say on the internet should be restricted, I think, is the most poisonous of all. Her magazine mourns the constant growth of regulation. The state of Washington wants booster seats for any kid who isn’t 4’9” tall. Parents could be fined or even in some cases, imprisoned, for failing to comply with these laws A congressman wants to regulate speech, an old woman is fined because her dog leash is too long. Notice a trend here? Everything that’s bad is politics, everything that’s good is the market. Markets allow every individual a choice. Politics forces everyone to obey whatever the majority voted for. One thing we try to do at Reason, is describe why everyone should have less power over each other anywhere they can. Because people are going to make mistakes and hurt each other. Better that they shouldn’t do it with the force of the state behind them. Bottom line, there’s a lot of nasty stuff going on, but life does get better. Life gets better. We have the opportunity to look in to a future where those trends will continue if we can just manage to keep politicians from screwing it up.

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  1. Are people really listening and believing all this "the sky is falling" bull crap? LMAO I guess the dumbed down are believing it.
    I really don't think the people with common sense are believing it. It is all so over the top that it becomes ridiculous and quite funny. We have 12 years… then it drops to… really we have just 10 years now for it to really make a difference.
    I stopped believing everything the media and the left dream up in their twisted commie heads.

  2. Well said by here BUT she is discounting "socialism" or protectionism or whatever you want to call it. In a free market you would have choice, real choice. Not force. Right now we have force. Nobody wants to trade with China. Nobody wants NAFTA. Nobody wants our market to be destroyed by garbage foreign goods.

    Adam Smith didn't think that the government should step in, import a bunch of shit from China, and put all of the folks at his market out of business while one or two people are the politicians running the show made out like bandits.

  3. Life is getting better? Hmmmm. I wonder why me and so many other men wanna commit suicide. I wonder why most people I know that work full time can't even afford to rent a one bedroom apartment. I wonder why single motherhood and broken homes seems to be an epidemic. Then there's the militarization of the police. There's also the corrupt prison system. Oh well. If John says life is getting better, than I guess it is!

  4. That doesn't sound right. We need to have a gov't funded triple blind committee formed to look into creating a gov't funded research project. Results due in 2045.

  5. With in a mile of my house 3 new restaurants, 2 new breweries and 2 new coffee shops. All locations were empty or were built with in last year!

  6. It's sad to see grown women and men with purple, blue, green hair or whatever color is trendy today. I can't take anyone with purple hair seriously.

  7. Really? this is propaganda pushing the 'everything is fine' mindset. its not fine. every day the vise tightens. government control government surveillance. endless lying by authorities and leaders and media.. applied tactics of divide and conquer on the populous. electromagnetic radiation. gmos and shitty unhealthy foods. higher than ever cost of living stagnant wages. the list goes on . but you go ahead there and lie to yourself ffs

  8. THe world may be getting better but don't worry there are people working to stop the climate from changing for the better.

  9. I’m 22 I think socialism is a terrible idea!
    I’m not like other people my age
    I wasn’t born with a silver spoon up my ass and I have parents that actually gave a damn about how I turned out
    I work hard I work the family farm work a full time trade job and I’m a full time finance student at the local university I’ll make something of
    Myself just you wait and all you commie dipshits can lick my muck boots 🖕

  10. Life is getting better for women while men are trodden under foot especially white men as their wages drop and inflation continues out of control. Meanwhile women can literally stab a man to death and viola no charges filed because vagina. Infantilism of women continues to be better and better for them. Then welfare for them goes up and white men pay for it all with higher taxes. Observable reality is real just look around, war is inevitable if we don't stop this.

  11. Life is good, but life was better before we gave women the right to vote.
    More girls are born than boys. More men are murdered, die on the job, commit suicide and die younger than women.
    This means that there are more women than men. Because of that there are more women voters than men.
    It's women who are electing the insane politicians who write the insane laws because more women vote than men.
    So we have a direct cause/effect link.
    Feminism rose to power prior to the fall of the Roman Empire.
    "Those who refuse to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them."
    It was AFTER women were given the vote that the welfare state exploded on the scene.
    To make matters worse, empowered women don't have babies. Go look at censusDOTgov; look at the native born birth rate. It's WELL below replacement rate. Meaning that America is DYING.
    To perpetuate the welfare state the insane politicians are bringing in the 3rd world so as to prop up the tax roles, because the 3rd world isn't infected with Feminism and their birth rate is well above 2.1 (the bare minimum for a growing population).
    America WILL collapse. History proves that. Life is demonstrably getting WORSE.

  12. I live in Berlin/Germany where there is a public demand for nationalizing flats owned by real estate companies which is backed by 40% of local voters. Berlin has about 60 billion € debt and a local airport whose opening is overdue since 9! Years…

  13. That is why I got rid of my tv for 5 years now and my mind is more peaceful, Im calm, my bp is normal. Enough of fake news, politics and mind manipulation. Free your mind from garbage and stay away from misirable people. You be be the happiest.

  14. John, I love your videos, but as for most of social media, I only get 25% of your videos, even though I subscribed and hit the bell. I decided to check your channel and seen 12 videos you did that I never ever seen or knew you made. I hope so much that a new platform comes along and take the place of youtube and Facebook. If I could do it myself I would. Keep up the good work, I will stop by once a week since I can't trust anyone anymore.

  15. Whats terrible is the work comp system. dr.s will cover up for other doctors purposeful negligence and what happens? employers, insurers and doctors get laws that give them freedom to abuse injured workers and get away with it.

  16. This is the most optimistic veiw of the world. The global population is increasing and will put immense pressure on dwindling resources. The materialistic and consumer culture in the Western world is making everyone unhappy and have unrealistic life goals. On the surface level people are okay but behind the scenes they are struggling from depression. Money rules every aspect of your life and the majority of people are practically forced to work shit jobs so that the government can bailout big banks and corporations when they lose profits.

  17. "people will make mistakes and hurt each other, it's better they don't have the force of the state behind them when they do" I'm pretty sure those are the most profound words uttered in any of these videos.

  18. I don't know, but life has problems…and solutions to the problems, this is how the world improves when we work on what we have to do to survive. +

  19. Hallelujah! A man who finally gets it.

    If you complain today, you are not worthy of your life.

    Internet for knowledge and games
    Cellphones for calling friends
    Autonomous cars to take me anywhere
    Online retailers from where I can order anything I want
    Drones for deliveries of goods right to my door
    Bountiful food (Nation Obese)
    Cheap fuel
    Cheap medicine via cannabis
    Cheap entertainment via cannabis

    If you REALLY want to complain, look at your stomach. Can you see your abs? No? Then pack a bowl and go for a ten mile walk.

  20. Childhood obesity.

    The only largest problem that eclipses all other problems combined is childhood obesity.

    Easily solved:
    Compel elementary schools to serve high fiber cereal (instead of cheese pizza).

  21. If you feel terrible on the inside .likly your world is terrible on the outside. It always start with the inside !

  22. this has to be the most ignorant video I've ever seen. The middle class is shrinking, finding a decent job out of high school that can support a place to live is impossible, and if you do want a job that doesn't require 8 years of school, you gotta get a dangerous job where you risk your life on a daily basis. You're seriously going to interview a magazine editor to explain how life has gotten easy for everyone? lol Wow.

  23. Politicians should be arrested and charged with treason against humanity. The evidence is overwhelming. Too bad that they have the judges and law enforcement in their deep pockets.

  24. My leftist English professor went on a spiel today on how the middle class is shrinking and how our standard of living has dropped over the past 50 years lmao.

  25. Life is Getting Better – ya right. Wait till AI, automation and outsourcing destroy what few good jobs are left and YOU go unemployed for months an years, your self worth and credit is destroyed through no fault of your own despite your best efforts to get a job; unemployed because you are TOO overqualified to work at Home Depot or Wal Mart but can't get work due to NO JOBS, OUTSOURCING and IA Algorithms that you capitalists love so much. So many of you live in denial of the reality it is for millions of people unemployed and underemployed – you just wait till you are laid off and see how much you believe "life is good" until you become an "economical unviable human commodity" after having two degrees and 20 years of work experience and putting out hundreds of resumes and get NOTHING. Have a nice life as you live in denial – live it up until you get that meeting with your boss saying, "sorry but the company is downsizing…" and watch as your life crumbles all around you – all because your brother and sister sold you out for money and ego. Life is Grand!

  26. The only thing I’m skeptical about from this video is the part on the shrinking middle class. Can someone please clarify that? I’m from a very upper middle class municipality, and many people I know, including myself, clearly have less money overall than our parents and/or grandparents did, and the availabilities of good jobs genuinely seem scarce, or, few, and extremely cutthroat to get.

    Otherwise, it’s really nice to see some positive news, and once again, Stossel remains a great and genuine journalist worth respecting!

  27. Human beings have this natural and frankly really fucking annoying tendency to act like things are all doom and gloom and that the world will end in the near future. Politicians and news media constantly try to sell the narrative that the world is getting worse and that everything is all futile and that if you listen to them and do what they say, then you can save the world. People refuse to get married and have kids and do things that make them happy because they're worried about the future and "statistics." The same people that bitch about the shrinking middle class don't show that on average people are making more money and low income households are actually on decline. People live longer, people are healthier. The same boomers that tell you to go to school and get an education so that you can have a great life are the same people telling you that the world is fucked and one generation or the other did it.

    Human's always expect the worst. People predict the "end of the world" all the time. After that drone got shot down over Iran, people kept shouting "WORLD WAR 3", and it never came. The world was gonna end in 1979, no sorry 1990, no sorry 2000, no sorry 2012, no sorry 2016, no sorry , climate change will do us all in in 2050, or maybe 2070, or maybe 2077. Don't get married because statistics say it won't last. Don't be have kids because statistics and the future. Don't learn a language. Don't take martial arts. Don't buy a cool car and have some fun. Don't learn to paint, don't go on some dates cause reasons. All the media are a bunch of snake oil salesmen telling you the end of the world is near and they have the cure and people eat the shit up. You have to take the black pill, no, the red pill. My fiancé died at 3:20 a.m. in Shenzhen China, Guangdong province. It will be a long time before I ever feel that way about anyone ever again. I probably won't have the family I want until much later as a result. If someone were to tell me that I shouldn't do that because the world is going downhill and the end is nigh, they can go fuck themselves. I'm done letting news articles, social media, and politicians fear mongering depress me. They've never been trustworthy so why the hell should we believe that they can predict the future when humans have proven that they suck at that? Bad things are bound to happen. Bad things always happen but the world is still here and people still live good lives. I'm not optimistic, I'm being the realistic one here.

  28. He wants pissed off fighting age males who are pissed off at the left destroying and subverting the west to go outside.
    Probably not the best idea.

  29. Even though things get better having caution and keeping an eye open is gonna prevent a fuck up in our future. Everything is getting better “for now”. Never settle always be cautious.

  30. This feels kind of like propaganda from being too good to be true, but I want to believe it's just the truth. Love this channel. Very well executed.

  31. All these kids wanting socialism should've been around when it was a thing… we'd be happy to show them the truth.

  32. Two words- negativity bias. People are way more interested in the bad, than in the good. Which is obviously really saddening

  33. Cynicism is a cheap way to sound smart. Someone who says something cynical, no matter how stupid, sounds like a badass whose above the frey and above the illusion of human wishful thinking.

  34. I disagree YES life expectancy is high there’s very little war and we all live healthily but are these really that great. This is not the way humans were supposed to live living in fear of war predators finding food these things made real men in these days were all just sitting on I phones sitting down eating fast food man was not supposed to live this way it’s basically like a Tiger in a Zoo it doesn’t have to hunt worry about surviving but it’s been stripped of its natural instincts and its trapped in a cage. As well as rejecting the natural world we have also rejected God. sexual immorality degeneracy and the iggonarant rejection of Christianity and traditional values in suit of are perfect human world watching porn and eating McDonalds that’s the story of the 21st century a great time with fewer wars and thank goodness we’ve gotten passed those stupid superstitious beliefs of god and we now so much now and we know all the events of what happened four billion years go because the modern is just so damn smart. Damn the modern world damn atheism at seventy years ago in the horrible racist misogynist ages I would have been something and fought and died like a man and went through hard things besides how many followers I got on Instagram the world is blind yet it’s so damn ignorant it thinks it can see.

  35. I like how you have some left view points and not a right wing propagandist, it's quite annoying when I watch Youtubers who praise the left or the right as if they don't have any flaws and the other is the source of all things bad.

  36. While I do agree that life is a helluva lot better than it was X time ago, we've still got a ways to go. I believe we should commit ourselves to eternal improvement.

  37. 2:03 in the wise words of Don Henley:
    "We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blond Who comes on at five. She can tell you 'bout the plane crash with a gleam in her eye. It's interesting when people die! Give us dirty laundry!" – most "news" sites in a nutshell.

  38. 4:11 I have a fucking MANAGER who is probably not 4 foot, 9, and I'm pretty sure she isn't a child. I also think that's RACIST against Asians because they're short! (kappa)

  39. I think life is certainly getting better, if you have been able to push through the pass decade with actual assets. As a 22 year old, 4 years college debt, a geology degree (it's ok, only works if you have elbows to rub in the industry, at least it's not lesbian dance theory) and a decent job market, I'd say life has opportunity, but it's not exactly getting any easier. I'm happy that there's a chance for me, but a lot of kids in my generation are now bared down by debt we didn't know we could avoid (cause you can't get a job without college right?!). So i'm glad my folks will be looking at some financial solitude, but I think a lot of my generation are still feeling the panic of "oh god how do we make this work no one actually taught us anything useful in college or high school fuck".

  40. Work didn’t become good because of the “market”.. It became good because of government regulation, unions, strikes.. what about the environment? The shark fin soup market will guarantee no more sharks soon.. plastic in the oceans..a warming planet.. you completely skip over the environmental impact of our continuous winning.

  41. We are destroying the planet or the environment. People are either obese or going hungry. Longer healthier lives but not longer and happier.

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