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Life of Artyom

Life of Artyom

This is Artyom Or at least on this picture Comrade Cat was born in the summer, on the 30th day of August of the year 2018 Here he is opening his eyes to see the Slav world waiting Since day one, Comrade Cat has had big appetite and started eating my damn leg Which mean that only few week later, he look like this: *pop* (cat with hat :D) (boris hardbass) But he also like to sleep a lot, so hold on the story will continue Here he is sleeping next to brothers and sisters, next to warm oven at Babushka’s place At two months old, he say (goodbye) to mama Because it was time to move out Sadly, Comrade Cat never met his Papa and so did nobody else Because Mama cat is a rescue cat Here we can see Artyom sitting in car Seeing clouds for the first time And after a long drive, all the way back to Boris home The cat could finally sleep Dreaming of flying chebureks and chasing mayonez jars on a field of potato During first week Comrade Cat’s favorite activity was hunting down flowers and sleeping More flowers and of course, more sleep Until one morning No flowers today This made him very angry At this point I realize Hey come on! Comrade Cat need a name And after some… interesting… suggestions from fans Of which some I did not find suitable But others – aah! Glorious But soon we did find a suitable name for Comrade Cat He is now named Artyom After protagonist of Metro His favorite activity still is sleeping and exploring new things like what the blyat is water and why is not vodka coming out of tap I know artyom. I have same question. Whenever I try to leave home He say no. He attempt to climb into pocket. But He never fit I bring him food instead. Ok Artyom. you protect house from now on If you see vadim you know what to do. (yes sir) (laughs) Debil!(Moron) Comrade Cat! How about a few words about new living situation! how do you like eating kotlet every morning Wait this is not microphone Artyom i told you you have to eat all the fruit in the kompot! This way you get good strong squat every day No come back! Is babushka’s kompot. Ah sorry cat i already ate all of it. We get you more tomorrow davai(Come on) Besides sleeping on warm laps And laptops Artyoms favorite place to sleep Is the ushanka And because of true slav cat genetics He already know what to do with smoked sausage when someone try to steal from him All though he is still learning the nutritional value of onion, He does already have a good close relationship with it When he hear Vadim, he is on high alert. you are good cat. protect sausage for the motherland About 95% of his daily activities is sleeping, napping and of course dreaming While hes awake, he protect motherland and home from intruder. Like capitalist orange peel Doing good comrade cat! You fight that peel! overall, very good strong slav cat And not without sense of humor Yes. You eat the smetana it make you grow strong This intelligent cat. You eat smetana, you get smart. You see? He knows vacuum machine not enemy . Ok Artyom time for snack! AHA! Smart cat. He knows it is western mayonez!>:D Artyom’s favorite toy is shoes. Especially Boris’ Shoes. The ones that boris need to wear everyday. Come on! Come on! Play with shoe man! Artyom: Don’t feel like it Ey come on do the thing cameras rolling. Hello? Of course hes not true slav cat attitude But when artyom is not sleeping He can be seen, danging hardbass (More boris hardbass) Do not play with your food comrade cat! yes good good :3 eat carrot for strength but this is only begginning. And its definitely Not goodbye. This is the start of adventures of Artyom. Leave a comment to say hello And click like, if you want to see more. But for now, Stay cheeki breeki. I will see you next time (Heart warming symphony plays) (Symphony fades) (Slav Hardbass)

95 thoughts on “Life of Artyom”

  1. Ебать у тебя акцент, нихуя не понятно, ты лучше говори на русском а сабы оставь на англ, уверен они тебя нихуя не понимают😂😂😂

  2. As a cat owner I suggest you try giving your cat mash potatoes. (Mostly because it’s safe for the cat and Komrade Kat will probably like it) Though never try to give Komrade Kat or allow him to steal or eat spicy food because he will suffer (my cat learned it the hard way). Also if you and your cat become extremely close there is a high chance he come to bed to cuddle, so you can enjoy a gato sleeping peacefully while you stay warm.


  4. Boris, you made a mistake, carrot doesn't make you stronger!

    It makes your eyes more effective when shooting mutants in the head with Dragunov.

  5. Artyom? As in RTM? As in Read The Manual?
    Better than Arty-eff-om, I guess. 😀
    (Still makes me laugh that cat videos get the most views… 3.1M views right now…)

  6. My Russian Blue is an asshole. He has to be fed when he wants to be fed, otherwise he'll bite and knock things over, all while purring as loud as possible. Sometimes, even when fed, he'll still be an asshole. Then I've gotta show him his food bowl again.

  7. He protecc da house
    And protecc the motherland
    He attacc intruders
    Especially peel
    He knows how Boris Mayonez taste
    He likes boris shoe
    He likes boris Hardbass
    He a komrade cat
    Our komrade Artyom
    1 like = one respect for Atryom

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