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Life Riddles You Must Solve To Stay Alive

Life Riddles You Must Solve To Stay Alive

– [Narrator] The world is unpredictable, and you never know when your
life might come under threat. It pays to be prepared. But not everyone possesses
inbuilt survival instincts. Can you defeat these 10 riddles that you must solve to stay alive? Let’s find out. (gentle music) Number 10. Head Above Water. Imagine you’re trapped in a room and it’s slowly filling with water. You’ve checked everywhere
and there’s no way to turn off the water,
or to make an escape. And you can feel the water level rising with every passing second. It’s not only the coldness of
the water making you squeal, but the knowledge that
help is five minutes away, and you only have two minutes or so until the entire room is flooded. There’s no way you can hold your breath for three minutes. You do, however, have a
straw, a rope, and a bucket. And one of them has the power to buy you time and save your life. Which item is it? Be quick. You only have 10 seconds
to come up with a plan. (drum beats) Now, maybe you could use
the straw like a snorkel, but that won’t be helpful once the water reaches the ceiling. The rope would be useful in so many other life-or-death situations, but sorry, it’s no good to you right now. It’s actually the bucket that will buy you a little extra time until help arrives. Turn it upside-down,
put it over your head, and you’ll have an air
bubble that will give you the extra minutes you
need until help arrives. Number nine. A Faulty Parachute. Now, you decide to do a group skydive to celebrate not drowning, because why not? As you leap from the plane, you feel like you’re truly flying and you’re more alive than ever. Not for long, though. Your bad luck continues and
your parachute doesn’t open. You’re plummeting from the
sky at an alarming rate. And as you spin out of control, you see the hard ground
below rushing up at you. How are you going to get
out of this predicament? Are you going to curl into
a ball to protect your head and your internal
organs from the impact? Will you put your faith
in the reserve parachute? Or will you try and maneuver to another skydiver and cling onto them? Be quick. You only have 10 seconds until it’s too late to save yourself. (drum beats) The answer to your problem is clear. The reserve parachute is the only thing guaranteed to save your life. Curling up into a ball
might minimize damage, but it also might not. And as for clinging to another skydiver, you’ll get them killed too. Number eight. Paws of Death. Back on land, you’re out for a
stroll in the great outdoors. It’s a beautiful, sunny day and you’re whistling as you walk. You’re daydreaming about
what you’ll have for lunch once you get back to your campsite. So much, though, that you
don’t notice the huge, brown bear standing a few
meters in front of you. A wave of panic washes over you as the bear looks into your eyes and growls. What will you do to
escape the paws of death? Should you stand your ground
and try to scare it off? Maybe you can go the Doctor
Dolittle route and befriend it. Should you run away as fast as you can? Or should you drop to
the ground and play dead? The bear’s approaching. Make your decision. (drum beats) Standing your ground might
work with a black bear, as they’re much less
territorial or aggressive. But a brown bear won’t back
down to a tiny human like you. Running away or befriending a bear isn’t a wise move, no matter the type. With a brown bear attack, your only option is to drop to the ground
with your knees to your chin and your hands
protecting your neck. When it sees you’re not a
threat, it will walk away. Hopefully. Number seven. Deadly Venom. Sadly, your animal
troubles are far from over, and on another one of
your eventful strolls, you get bitten by a venomous snake. The bite is on your lower leg, and there’s nobody around to help. What are you going to do to
get yourself out of this mess? You could try to suck the venom out if you’re flexible enough. Or, maybe it would be better to sit still and apply a tourniquet to the bitten leg. Perhaps washing the bite
with clean water and applying a bandage will help you
avoid certain death. Think fast. The venom will kill you if you don’t find a way to stop it. (drum beats) The first option might
be tempting if you’ve been practicing yoga and are super bendy. But do you really want venom in your mouth when it could seep into your bloodstream from tiny cuts in your gums? I don’t think so. Washing your wound is no good either. It won’t stop the venom
that’s already inside you. Your only option is to sit still and keep calm to stop your blood pumping and to apply a tourniquet
to block the venom from getting into the rest of your body. Number six. Professor Evil’s Puzzle. Animals aren’t the only
threat to your life, as you find out when you’re
captured by Professor Evil. Luckily, the professor’s feeling generous, and gives you one opportunity to get free. Don’t mess it up. He gives you three doors to choose from. Two lead to freedom, but
the other leads to death. And you can only ask one yes-or-no question before making your choice. Professor Evil will answer the question honestly if you point to a freedom door, but might lie if you
point to the death door. What’s your question going to be? You’d better decide quickly. Professor Evil isn’t
known for his patience. (drum beats) Your only hope is to point to door A, and ask if door B leads to freedom. If he says yes, pick door B. And if the answer is no, choose door C. Don’t get it? This drawing shows you
how my solution works. Number five. Mother Nature’s Revenge. Yes, you’ve got yourself
into more trouble. But this time, it’s mother
nature that’s after you. You’re taking a leisurely drive, presumably to avoid strolling after all your trouble with deadly animals. And you’ve stopped to… Relieve yourself in a field
by the side of the road. Just then, the weather
turns dark and stormy and a tornado touches
down scarily close to you. There’s no shelter. How are you going to
get out of this tangle? Maybe you could climb a tree and take shelter under the leafy branches. Should you find a ditch in
the field and curl up in it? Or should you make a dash
for your car and hope that you get to it
before the tornado does? Hurry up. You’ve got 10 seconds
until it sweeps you up. (drum beats) Climbing a tree wouldn’t do you much good. How are you planning to hang
on if the tornado hits it? Running for your car is too risky. And even if you make it,
the tornado could still catch you and pick you
up, vehicle and all. Your best option is to get into the ditch and make yourself as small as possible. If the tornado passes over you, it might not be able to lift
you from your hiding place. Honestly though, it serves you right for leaving yourself outside
in the first place. Number four. Tunnels of Terror. It’s a quiet weekend, so you’ve decided to go exploring in a local cave. Someone with as much bad luck as you really shouldn’t be doing that. But off you go anyway. Surprise, surprise. The worst thing imaginable happens. There’s a landslide and
your exit is blocked. You manage to find four
alternative tunnels, but conveniently, they all have signs telling you which
dangers lurk inside them. You’re going to have
to choose from tunnels containing molten lava
that will burn you alive, another huge landslide that will bury you, poisonous gas that kills all animals, or thousands of deadly spiders. Which route will you choose? Make your decision. The cave could collapse any second now. (drum beats) Three of the tunnels contain things that will certainly kill humans. But one of them is only
dangerous to animals. So long as you’re actually a person, if you select the gas-filled tunnel, you’ll escape unharmed. Number three. Red and Blue Pills. Imagine this. You’re blind, sick, and you
have nobody around to help you. Poor you. To stay alive, you have to take two tablets every single day. A blue one and a red one. The pills feel, smell,
and taste identical. So, there’s no way of
knowing which is which. The doctor always puts the pills in a daily pill box for you. But one day, you slip and drop the box, mixing up the two of the days. Oh, no. You need to take the pills today and the doctor can’t get to you until tomorrow. How are you going to figure out which of the four dropped pills you should take? (drum beats) The only way to do it is to break all four pills into halves. Then put half of each one
into two separate piles. In the end, you’ll have two
piles containing four halves, which guarantees that
you’ll take the right dose. Number two. Deadly Inferno. Oh, no. You’re trapped in another room. And this time, it’s on fire. How do you get yourself
into these situations? The fire is blazing
between you and the door, and there’s no other way
of escaping the inferno. Firefighters are on their way, but you’ll need to figure out how to stay safe until they arrive. You consider your options. You could get on the ground
and stay as low as possible, or you could stand on the chair to get close to the ceiling. You could take your
clothes off to stay cool, and possibly give the
firefighters a fright. Or you could hide under a desk. Which will you do? Quick, quick. The smoke is getting
thicker by the minute. (drum beats) Firstly, getting on top of
a chair is a terrible idea. Smoke and heat both rise, so you wouldn’t stand a chance up there. Taking your clothes off will
expose your skin to the heat, which is not what you want
for your delicate parts. And getting under a desk
won’t really help you much. Your only choice is to get as
low to the floor as possible, so you don’t suffocate from the smoke, and just wait until help comes. Number one. Four Rooms of Fear. Congratulations. You’ve made it to my final conundrum. You’re condemned to death for crimes too terrible to speak of, and your cruel and unusual executioner gives you the choice between four tanks, which you’ll enter from the top. And which you’ll meet your fate. The first room contains a vat full of acid as deep as your chest. The second is full of blood-thirsty
murderers ready to kill. The third is blazing with raging fires, and the fourth contains a
pool full of blood-thirsty sharks that haven’t eaten in six months. Which horrifying fate do you choose? (drum beats) Every room sounds
terrifying beyond belief. But if I was you, I’d go for
the shark-infested waters. After all, if the sharks
haven’t eaten for six months, they’d all be dead and
no danger to you at all. Congratulations. You’ve survived my 10 deadly riddles. Did you solve them all? Let me know in the comment
section down below. And thanks for watching. (gentle music)

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  2. Sharks only need a good meal a year, make yourself as big and loud as u can for a bear and if you tie your blood off for a snake bite ,you are waiting to die. A lot of venom is nurotoxic anyway. Sorry, I'm a f n no it tall!

  3. Coincidentally, this video was made on my aunt's cousin's wife's daughter's great grandfather's grandfather's sister's son's birthday

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    1 – if there are 4 sharks that havent eaten in 6 months there going to eat each other

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  8. Also some animals can take higher doses of poison gas than humans so if it kills ALL animals than the dosage would be lethal enough to kill you

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