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*Crashing waves* HITTING THE ROCKS (Narrator) In a world where chaos hides in the shadows Dictated by pure and absolute savergy One man Well..boy One boy Who is also a giant chuuch The Legend! The Myth! The Maverick! Jake Paul (Logan) “Hold on”.. “No, I’m Logan” “Jake is my brother, I‘m Logan Paul” (Narrator) ahhh snap (Logan) “nah its fine”.. (Narrator) my bad (Logan) “it‘s fine just keep going” Okay, okay The Maverick Logan Paul Showing his Face for the First time After the disgraced youtuber has been spotted across the country Hiding his Face from Paparazzi And seen swallowing his tears on Social media Like a Little Baby ba.. (Logan) Woah hold up, disgraced? What you mean disgraced Boy I took a break! Besides I‘m still lit as f**k What other youtuber you know can take a three week break and still gain a Million subscribers Boy you look out, i’ll come up there and beat the f**k ou… ahhh s**t Aight he can punch, he can punch… aight respect …keep going (Narrator) From golden Boy to smelly peasant Its time for the epic comeback Today the era of boring Youtube content is over The litness level will rise once again The media is thirstier than ever And the Tide pods have never been tastier Coming to a screen near you Right f**ing now Theres only one thing left to say.. (Logan) aaaaayyooooo good morning Logang whats poppin‘?! Oh my gosh yo this feels so weird vlogging Its been so long Logang, i‘m back it feels so good, it took me forever to grow this real beard Definitely a real beard Haha. Am so funny.. (muffled voice) My beard is definitely real.. HAHAHA I’m so funny!! Real talk guys i have so much stuff to say, we got so much stuff to do, you missed so much I cannot wait to show you, we got to get into this vlog! If you are not a part of the Logang, make sure to subscribe. We are still, and always will be, the most lit family oUt HeRe EVER! Let’s go back home and get cleaned up! Whoo! Woah…ok! Much better! Wow.. That’s right! Team Maverick is back! Guys I am so excited to be vlogging! I could just.. Hey! BREAK IT UP! BREAK IT UP! NO! OH -snap-… AH! KARMAS’ a Bitch I guess we could start with ah… Okay here we go new year guys. You know new me, new haircut new MERCH BABY Really tho, we have been dropping fire, bro. This is a SEXY outfit! Even if it’s soaking wet who cares?! and I know what you’re thinking Logan you are you really starting your first vlog back with the merch plug.. okay Yes, I am because, as you guys know, Youtube cut my adsense in half. Thanks Youtube , love ya So i am gonna need you guys to buy my merch, you know Maverick merch so i don’t lose my House You know at LOGANPAUL.COM/SHOP BLUE JOGGERS, THE BLACK DO IT DIFFERENT SHIRT! Just… Just another day in the life . We got new leggings for girls Lydia is wearing them now. (Lydia) What?! you wanted me to Show the new leggings? (Logan) I don’t know… you just make it a little awkward more than it had to be (Lydia) AAAAAAArr (Logan) No, I’m wearing them too though guys, trust me They’re really sexy so ladies or if you’re a dude that, wears lady things, you got it! They’re really nice on the junk (Brendan) Not to bad.. What? nah, I like it bro, what.. Brendan yo, you guys Brendan is back too Brendan is still the one who has the brain here No really though let’s talk about what went down because ah yeah you guys have not seen me since maybe like the paparazzi? AAAAHHHHHH Or like I was on GoodMorningAmerica I am a good guy who made a bad decision I‘ve been dark, like Social Media blackout for a month now and it’s so weird going from vlogging literally every single day for like 460 days to nothing so I just wanted to clear up some stuff you may have seen um maverick actually my clothing line Okay, uh how do I say this we are being threatened to be sued for four million dollars? It’s a lot of money a lot of money. I can’t really say to much about it right now My lawyer said I can’t.. that’s a vlog for another day But for the person who’s threatning to sue us tell you what I’m not gonna give you four million dollars but I will sent you a free pair of maverick joggers. Lydia! Make it happen (Lydia) Got it (Logan) I almost f**king died sky diving… thats not its not a pr stunt litteraly my main paracute didnt open I’m gonna you know you’re gonna hate me for this Logang I’m gonna save that vlog for another day too. (Crowd) boo! That is another thing though, I ju(sigh) regarding everything that happened. I took the blackout, guys. I met with suicide prevention experts, I made the suicide be here tomorrow video. Just like you guys know, I’ve pledged to donate $1 Million dollars to suicide prevention organisations. I’m sort of immersing myself in this world and its something obviously, like I’m not going to try to ignore it I can’t ignore it. And so I’m not going to pretend like that didn’t happen but yeah SKYDIVING ACCIDENT coming soon If you‘re not apart of the Logang like I said..subscribe (Sorry Brendan) Subscribe Also my dad got followed by Cardi B on Instagram. (What?) My brother turned 21. It was his birthday and I didn’t even get to vlog it. I’ve been makeing music up I ‘ll be making hits and the haters are stronger than ever guys. LOGANG It’s tough..There’s a petition to get me removed from Youtube. So I think there’s only one thing to do. Lydia come hitha, yo check this out Delete Logan Paul’s Youtube channel. Check this out. 533,029 have signed Well I’m gonna make sure this get to 533,030 right now, cos I’m signing it. Because, erm F**k Logan Paul, right? (You’re Logan Paul.) Huh? I’d f**k me. Ha, Ha, Ha. I can’t be saying stuff, right. Argh. Cos I’m caught in this weird balance where I feel like people don’t expect me to like, be funny anymore. But like thing YO one thing I did learn outta all of this No matter how much hate, or comments from random strangers who I’ve never even seen or heard of in my life. “Logan, you’re trash. Logan you’re garbage. Rot in hell. Die. Hang yourself.” Like, all these it’s. It’s noise to me I‘ll never ever ever forget who I am and no one can make me think I‘m something otherwise And as long as i‘m learning and approving and getting better as a person Then we good You know what else is crazy, the day that I moved into this house, I gave like a little speech, and part of it. I think this is ironic and important. It was about failure and failing. Check this out. Please, let me fail Let me lose. If you can take, a hit in the face And get back up and learn from it. That is a win. Consider that a win because you are now better and stronger than you were in the past. It’s just like working out, you work out and work out, you work out You deplete your muscles, take your protein shake, and your muscles heal and you’re stronger than when you were before. It’s the same exact thing. And that’s a fact That’s truth guys, that’s how life works So I’m coming out of this more knowledgeable, more compassionate. But, I, I can’t just disappear. Youtube’s been f**king wack. Kid’s are eating Tide Pods now, what is that? When I was a kid, I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, not poisonous f**king laundry things. Any way man, your boy is back. AND YO. I didn’t realize how much support I had during this whole fiasco. I got message’s from er, kids I went to High school with, friends, fellow social media stars, celebrities. Texting me saying like “Logan, we’ve got your back bro. Stay strong through this.” Even you guys, the Logang Man, literally, I don’t just say this. We are strongest family on Youtube, no one can stop us Like, ever. Even like, my boy Dr. Phil wrote. Dr. Phil’s in the Logang. “Let’s call time out here.” “This is a 22 year old young man.” “This is one thing,” “one time,” “one bad decision.” Let’s not judge this young mans whole life, his whole body of work and everything that he’s done over one bad decision.(Logan) Even though, I ****ed up like I’m an idiot. It doesn’t feel good to have millons of people telling you to go die. So we also this gym equipment in the gym, bro. I‘ve been getting yolked Also got like 2.1 million likes on my last Instagram photo almost a million comments I will say half of them are telling you to go get run over by a car, but that’s engagement, bro. I’ll take it. I also realized I am Probably like the most sound bytable mother f***er on planet Earth I am a walking sound byte, there was a second video that went pretty viral about me just like it’s causing trouble in Japan and one of the parts is I bought this Gameboy And then they cut it so it looks like I threw it on the ground then tried to return it Game Boy Color how much 95 Hundred? AAAHHHH!!! Excuse me sir? The game seems to be malfunctioning. Yo, you guys are sneaky. You sneaky son’s of bitches. They cut out the part were the GameBoy was broken. Now, it’s like, it’s totally broken. My childhood. It’s not funny! Stop laughing at me. ARGH! That was just for the vlog guys. we didn’t actually end up returning the GameBoy. I’m not like, I’m an asshole for sure, but I would never do that It’s just I realized. It was anyway super easy to paint me as a villain. I could I, watch i‘ll do it right now This just in folks breaking news popular vlogger Logan Paul admits to being an asshole I Am an asshole for sure wow so many kids look up to him. What a shame what a shame? Back to you Steve But you see what I mean guys the media can twist things so easily. I will say however. This is another thing I want to address. I did go too hard in Japan. I had never been, that happy in my life. I was so excited erm, so I was unleashing that energy through the vlogs. And, er, for that. Japan I apologize. I needed to check myself a little bit. I was going too hard. I don’t know why I get more annoying in foreign countries. But I actually have a proposal. I say we take me and Jake maybe too and you send us to North Korea We annoy everybody we find Kim Jong-Un We poke him in his little chubby little tummy until he giggles like a teddy bear and agrees to disarm all of his nuclear warheads Who’s with me? ( others ) YEAH! So yeah, yo. It’s good to be back. Logang, Youtube , hi, I missed you guys. How are ya? It’s time to light this bitch up again! This week’s gonna be crazy. If you’re not part of the Logang, make sure to subscribe. I’ve got some surprises and stuff coming up for you guys. I wanna say one last thing. Pretty much I know for a fact that everything I do from this point on
it will get criticism, it will get backlash.. Because I’m a very polarizing dude I feel like you either love me, or you hate me, and if you hate me just go for it, bro.
Because my followers, my supporters , they are a special type of person who function on a different wave length than everybody else So internet please yo use me bro. Crucify me vilify me and I can promise you one thing guys. I’m not going anywhere I’m gonna be here for a minute unless my next parachute doesn’t open too? But until that day guys… you will see me walking around, chin up, chest puffed out… …walking with the confidence of a thousand spartans, till the day that I leave this earth because I am NOT leaving without denting the motherfucking universe It feels SO good to be back Logang I love you guys so much! Uh your support honestly means the world. And I think its time we show people how it’s done again. Logang i love you guys, I‘ll see you tomorrow, that is the Vlog, do not forget grab your merch real talk that sh*t is fire Ok.. BYEEE!

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  1. 10:25 THEY WOULD NOT ALLOW YOU TO SAY THAT IN NORTH KOREA! LISTEN, that is very disrespectful, if you said that in North Korea, they would put you in jail. Have you seen the news about that college kid who was in North Korea?

  2. Good to see you men . You in the truths the government don't like people independent and enjoy this is only they are jealous because you have deserved this they juste want to break you like them let's happening to them but you not so fuck off keep going BE a SAVAGE BE A MAVERICK !!!!!! And keep to help people and BE hire four your followers peace

  3. All the real actual comments are at the bottom everything at the top is just who else is here… Blahblahblah like bruh get brain can u write an actual comment!?

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