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51 thoughts on “LOGAN PAUL IS BACK!”

  1. 10:25 THEY WOULD NOT ALLOW YOU TO SAY THAT IN NORTH KOREA! LISTEN, that is very disrespectful, if you said that in North Korea, they would put you in jail. Have you seen the news about that college kid who was in North Korea?

  2. Good to see you men . You in the truths the government don't like people independent and enjoy this is only they are jealous because you have deserved this they juste want to break you like them let's happening to them but you not so fuck off keep going BE a SAVAGE BE A MAVERICK !!!!!! And keep to help people and BE hire four your followers peace

  3. All the real actual comments are at the bottom everything at the top is just who else is here… Blahblahblah like bruh get brain can u write an actual comment!?

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