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Long Term Food Storage Shopping Tips

Long Term Food Storage Shopping Tips

tips to shopping for food storage how to get started with food storage what foods to buy stockpile make them last how to rotate hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper are you looking for
tips to shopping for food storage sensible prepping well it doesn’t have to be complicated and
it’s important that everybody will stockpile the food and supplies that
they need for emergencies we never know what can happen disaster emergency so the best strategy is
to plan ahead so you want to take an inventory of the foods your family
actually likes what will they eat if they like tuna get tuna if they hate green beans don’t get
green beans somebody else’s list of foods to stockpile for emergencies long term food storage isn’t necessarily what’s going to be the best
fit of food for your family it makes no sense to stock up on foods that nobody
likes or is willing to eat it’s a waste of your valuable grocery dollars and
it’s also a waste of your food storage space you want to have the space in your
home to store things that you actually need and use and are useful to you not
just clutter so stock up on items that are foods that your family likes and buy
extras of them those foods when you go to the store then you need to rotate those foods how to rotate foods food storage
it’s that strategy of first-in first-out just like they do in the grocery store
you push the things in the back of the shelf to the front and you put the new
foods behind them so that you’re always rotating the food nothing gets shoved in the
back expired dented or bulging and is wasted you also
want to make sure that you store your packaged goods in airtight containers
because you don’t want them to become contaminated with
any kind of pantry bugs you don’t want packages spilling and making a mess in
your pantry get stale and foods stay fresh longer if they’re stored in airtight containers
it’s worth the investment to have your food last as long as possible and still
be in the best shape and flavor that it can be before you head to the store or
make a meal plan inventory the food you have on hand plan your meals around the
foods that are in your stockpile and then go to the store and buy the rest of
the items that you need it makes no sense to keep buying more cans of
tomatoes and use those ones you just came from the store if you have 12 of
them in your pantry if you do come home with two use the two out of your pantry
and put the new ones in the back of the row so that they’re continuing to be
rotated that way you make sure that you’re using and replacing the foods
that you need if you find that there’s foods in your pantry that are becoming
expired that nobody is using eating you need to try to eat them use them up and then figure out
how come I have these foods that nobody wants and we aren’t eating are they just
forgotten or we don’t care about them anymore if you’re not willing to eat
them you need to donate them say to a food pantry before they’ve expired or if
they’re way expired it’s probably best to dispose of them work within your
budget buy a little food at a time and buy a variety of foods if you buy 50 cans of chili this
week and 50 cans of black beans next week and then something happens all you
would have to eat are chili and beans so buy a variety
until you have a nice stockpile once you have a variety then you can take
advantage of grocery sales and you can buy food in bulk but just
because it’s food is on sale and you can buy it in bulk
don’t buy more food than your family can use within a year or two you don’t want
those stored foods in your pantry to become expired simply because you bought too
many there is a limit to how much food you can actually use and eat I’ve made that mistake
myself I bought too much food because it was on sale and if you just have too much it
can become a problem so try to stockpile in a reasonable amount and not just out
of fear or it’s on sale like I’ve done then think in terms of meals breakfast
lunch dinner snacks look at the packages read the ingredients pay attention to
the nutrition and the calorie count you need to make sure that you have
wholesome foods and that you’re providing 2,000 calories per person per
day to make sure that you have a substantial amount of food you may find
that some of the foods you think are fillling and long-lasting maybe don’t
have as many calories as you think times of emergency are never a time to find
out that you are eating unfamiliar foods or that you don’t have enough to keep
people filled up once your pantry is full think about long-term food storage
foods that last from 10 to 30 years a good way to buy those foods for long term food storage is in bulk where
you can get a 50-pound bucket of rice and beans you can also buy long term long lasting foods for food storage them in
number 10 cans a strategy is to buy them in single ingredients that you can mix
together because say you want to make things like meals in a jar what happens
is you take some 5 year shelf-life items and you mix them with 30 year shelf-life
items and your meal is going to expire when the first ingredient expires is
when your jar is no longer fresh to eat if you kept the 5 year foods things separate
you can rotate those more readily and then your other foods can last
longer so it’s something to keep in mind meals in a jar are a great idea but you
could possibly be shortening the life of some of your long-term food storage by
combining those foods when my kids left home to go to college they were living
in a dorm I still made sure they had simple foods that they could eat and
then when they moved out on their own it was easy to buy one of the buckets that
had small portions that could last for 30 days it gave me peace of mind knowing
that they had available food they would eat and they agreed in an emergency they
would eat it some of the foods in the bucket may not be something that you
would choose to eat on a regular basis so you need to take into account the
total foods that’s in the bucket and if most of the entrees food items of it is appealing to you then that
might be a way to go so that you have something for an emergency back-up plan
buy packages and containers in sizes that you can reasonably store use up and
lift I can’t lift a five-gallon bucket of rice and beans and I don’t have a way
to use it up between the time I would open it and it would then become stale
or wasted so I like to buy things in the number 10 cans it makes sense for myself
and my family they fit more easily in the pantry I can store them in places
out of the way yet there’s still something I can bring into the kitchen
and rotate through my food storage because the amount of food that’s in the can is
something that I can reasonably use up on a day to day basis
one can of long term dried dehydrated food at a time if you do want to store foods in buckets a great way to
do that is if you’re going to seal the food up in mylar make them in smaller sizes
of mylar bags and put the smaller bags of food together in a five-gallon bucket maybe put five
of the mylar small bags of long term foods rather than one gigantic bag of dried food most of us have enough to
worry about without trying to open the big container reseal it up and then
store it back away so make the foods you store in a size and container that works
for you most importantly store foods so that they will last in a cool dry place foods that are in jars need to be stored in the dark because the light can also
deteriorate your food and most importantly stockpile all the water that
you can we can go a long time without food but not very long without water
water should be the most important item that you stockpile for your food storage
plan on at least one gallon of water per person per day for as many days as possible
food storage doesn’t have to be complicated we just need to have a plan
and when you make a plan then you know how to implement it and so that it makes
sense for you and your family and then you’ll be ready for whatever comes your
way learn more at please subscribe to the alaskagranny

6 thoughts on “Long Term Food Storage Shopping Tips”

  1. I bought a lot from LDS……thanks to you, …never knew bout them till you did a video on it… many thanks for that. Two Christmas ago all my kids got 30 yr food in #10 cans……they were glad to get them

  2. Another great video. That's a good reminder of helping your family living in a small apartment or dorm room. Number 10 cans are always the best. Be Aware and Be Prepared.

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