Lost Region Gameplay Part 1- Lost Region Alpha the new MMO Survival game.

all right let’s try this again hey guys
can you hear me okay all right folks we’re gonna try this
again here okay so can you just give me a quick pulse check how’s the sound my
voice now I see that what is up with that man okay see welfare what do you use for an
output stream for your streams again you okay yeah I’m just resetting something
here let me just see hahahahaha that’s funny and I’m just being a test here
let’s try this I might have to fiddle a little bit more
to get this game to work with the stream so bear with me yeah it’s still strong
kept it low oh you don’t use Game Capture I can see the choppiness who has brutal well you guys love me be patient with me
I’m gonna keep through the reboot try one more thing I’ll be back up not even
within five minutes so bear with me guys

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