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Lost, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 86

Lost, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 86

It looks like an acorn which is eatable They have tough shell Stream fishes like earthworms a lot It isn’t ok that they do not eat baits It may rain Grilled acorn really has a pleasant smell Very delicious This place is quite good to stay overnight Rain is something good The rodents will lower guard The first trap is completed The second trap The third trap Unfortunately the moon is very bright

57 thoughts on “Lost, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 86”

  1. Where is Sumatra Nolan ?🙄,you need someone with you (buddy) so you won't get bore and it's good to have a companion👬.No man is an island..

  2. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Bosen makan daging, kmaren buah2an,, lah skrg makan baaaatu? Batu bakar..

  3. Oi, we follow you coz of your lack of bullshit. If you're gonna start claiming you're lost – you might as well start photoshopping concrete pools

  4. I live in the Caribbean tropics but I noticed a plant with a broad leaf that we use to cover huts in your forest, we call it the Carat Tree. its the palm looking leaves at 0:50. Awesome video as always my friend. I enjoy looking at your forest, I could really live there! Keep up the great work and keep entertaining us with your great videos!

  5. Like When You looking for a new place to live, like When you hikking gathering & hunting, from 🇦🇷 Argentina My support

  6. I cant understand how you're doing all this barefoot, I got those soft city feet lol I'd be complaining the whole time 🤣

  7. ขอถาม คุณเป็นคนเมือง /หรือคน ชนบท ครับ คุณเก่งนะ

  8. Nolan is on the move. As he approaches a stream, he stops to dig worms and make the worm-loop rigs that usually pay dividends in small fish or crabs, but nothing is biting here.
    He cooks an unknown small snack that has a very crunchy shell.
    Having traveled nearly 300 meters today, Nolan makes camp near a rock. It is chilly. He stokes a large fire and establishes a primitive windbreak next to the hammock.
    Nolan sets some traps before dark. He observes the full moon on a clear night and reminisces about easier times with his friend Sumatra in the mud hut.

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