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Lucky Penny Hacks | LIFE HACKS FOR KIDS

Lucky Penny Hacks | LIFE HACKS FOR KIDS

(knocking) ♪ If you got nothing to do ♪ ♪ Well I’ve got a couple
of tricks for you ♪ ♪ So take a look at these vids ♪ ♪ Cause it’s life
hacks for kids ♪ – Hi I’m Gillian,
find a penny pick it up and all day long
you’ll have good luck. I wish I had a use for
all my lucky pennies. (whimsical tone) (splashing water) (twinkling tones) (gasps) My wish is granted, with
these lucky penny hacks. What hack should I do first? I wish to make it easier to carry my stuff
throughout the day. (whimsical tone) (splashing water) (twinkling tones) Uh yes! My first hack is my
tres chic penny tray. For this you’ll need a box lid, I wrapped mine in
spare green paper. A lot of pennies,
and a hot glue gun. Glue down your first
row of pennies. (upbeat jazz music) Now glue down the next row. Stagger your pennies like bricks so you can fill up the whole tray. (upbeat jazz music) Repeat until your
whole tray is full. This will cost about $3.50. This looks tres amazing. What should I make next? Hmm carrying bunches
of heavy pennies can feel just like a curse. (whimsical tone) (splashing water) (twinkling tones) (gasps) so to make it all
a little easier, I’ll make my flip a coin purse. For this hack you’ll
need an old water bottle, scrap fabric, hot glue,
scissors and a ribbon. Cut your water bottle in half. You can ask a parent to
help you get started. (upbeat music) Get rid of the top. Cut off the bottom. Cut it open. Round off the
corners of one end. (upbeat music) Now glue your scrap
fabric to your bottle. (upbeat music) Fold it over and glue
it to the other side. (upbeat music) Fold over the sides
along the long edge and glue them down. Do that to all the sides. (upbeat music) Glue each end of your ribbon
to the bottom of the purse. (upbeat music) Wrap a piece of
fabric around it. (upbeat music) Glue the fabric
tight to the back. (upbeat music) Wrap the extra fabric on
the bottom like a present and glue it in place. (upbeat music) The front becomes a pocket. (upbeat music) Now all you have to do is
dump in all of your pennies. (upbeat music) Another proper, copper success. Sitting around
with nothing to do can make the day
feel like a flop. (whimsical tone) (splashing water) (twinkling tone) (gasping) But it can only get better
with my way fun copper top. For this hack you’ll
need an old folder, a roll of tape, scissors,
a colorful marker, a sharp pencil and a penny. Open up your folder. Use your roll of tape to
trace a circle on your folder. I like to use the
inside of the roll. (playful music) Cut off half of the folder so it’s easier to
cut your circle. Cut out your circle. (playful music) Draw a penny size line in
the middle of your circle. Poke a hole in the
middle with your pencil. Using your scissors,
cut out a hole that’s big enough
for your penny. Draw on any design
that you want. Wedge your penny
in from the bottom. (playful music) And take it for a spin. Okay let’s make a new record, come on I can do this and yay! It’s going for a long time. (laughs quietly) I’ve got my wish
to make some hacks when I couldn’t think of any and now we’ve made
three penny hacks that are worth every penny. (playful tone)

85 thoughts on “Lucky Penny Hacks | LIFE HACKS FOR KIDS”

  1. In Canada 🇨🇦 we got rid off pennies. So they’re pretty hard to get.but u do find them on the street sometimes

  2. Heya Hackers! Want to find a use for all your pennies? Well, these three hacks are perfect just for that! I hope you guys enjoy the video 😉 and make sure to tune in every Saturday to watch Life Hacks for Kids on The Road!

  3. Me: OH! Yes! I will do one of these X3
    :Looks everywhere in the house:
    Me: Well, shoot. I don’t have anything, but pennies. I don’t even have glue. T-T
    My mom: I’m not going to the store today.

    Thank you people for reading this! (^-^)/
    Hope you have a wonderful day! (1v1)

  4. I'm Canadian so if I find a penny I have twice the luck

    (Because Canadians don't have pennies anymore)

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