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LyfCraft 13 Unlucky number? (vanilla survival minecraft)

LyfCraft 13 Unlucky number? (vanilla survival minecraft)

hi there people, pets and other creatures on the
Internet. I’m YellowHybrid and welcome back to LyfCraft episode 13!
This episode we are going to do some rading stuff, and technically I’ve already done
it. Don’t ask me how it went, just don’t just don’t. There’s a reason I’m standing
over here yeah like I said technically I’ve already done it and it uhm it went.
Yeah let’s go with that it went. At the end of the episode we’re gonna name the
cats because I did get a lot of name suggestions for the cats that I got last
episode so I’m gonna do that at the end of the episode. But yeah it, oh, hi TP. Yeah the
the raid thing it it uhm it’s thing uhm I’m gonna show you what kind of thing it is
so let’s just do that. I feel like this is a good place to try and pick a fight
with some Raiders. I have a feeling there might be some here, because that’s kind
of how it works, they spawn here. So, we need to look out for the ones with the
banner above its head and, we need to take it out. Maybe I should fly… I’m gonna
fly up there. Banner guy located. Let’s get him! Hey is there one underneath me?
I think there’s one right underneath me Hello guy. Yep there’s one here. Maybe this is a better place to, to go. Ohh loot Whoops!
Bad idea, bad idea, I have a banner why arnt I, no I don’t have a banner, I have a
what is it called? What’s it called? A what’s it’s face. Why am i wearing nametags?
Shield, I have a shield. obviously it looks like a
pokeball. It’s an ultra ball actually to be more specific. Woohoo! Achievement! They’re all staring at me, but I don’t think they can
actually see me here, If so I feel like they would have shot me by now. Excellent now the question is do we want more bad omen than just one? Because now we have
bad omen one. I could get bad omen two I mean why not? Right? I need another banner guy
Oh banner guy! Oh, They’re comin’ I don’t think I got more bad omen for that,
did I? nope because he burned to death, ahh man! Oh another banner guy! Yes! Kinda want that banner I’m gonna risk it. Fly away, really
fast. We did it! We got bad omen two, and I have abanner I’m not gonna try and find
the other banner from the other guy i killed So now we are heading to the village! Ohhh, the raid is starting, raid is starting Sleep, sleepy sleep, sleep sleep. I cannot
sleep because it’s not nighttime it’s just raining, great, great
couldn’t be better. I need to get on top of something Where are they coming from?
Oh they’re on the island They’re on the oww that didn’t go well. This is
gonna be easy if they’re gonna spawn on the island. I can just shoot them from
here right, I mean they’re gonna shoot me eventually too, but it should be fine
I hope I’m recording, I should be And you, done! now do I have enough time to
pick this up before the rest of them come? Come on there should be a banner or somewhere here, right? Ahhhh dolphin stop it, bad dolphin, bad, nej ey ey don’t do that. Sorry I went a bit
Swedish there, don’t do that dolphin I want the banner Where did it go? dolphin don’t do this, where did you push
it to? Where are you raiders? Oh, there Ohh, I probably shouldn’t be… I barely have
any rockets left. okay let’s land on here Oh you’re a Johnny guy, that’s easy. Where is
the final one? Where’s the last one? Where is he? Oh did I kill him?
Ohhh the iron golem killed it, awesome They’re over there, oh there’s a revenger. Kill
everything I can see, Oh there’s a witch with them too.
Ohh, don’t shoot me, don’t shoot me Thank you Hey wait Ohhh I didn’t mean to kill
the iron golem, I’m sorry Sorry iron golem, I didn’t mean it I don’t need the
iron that bad I’ve been caving a bit. Oh come on! I
totally hit that there we go. Okay I want these banners I
really want these banners. Oh a saddle Oh a saddle, since when do they drop saddles?
Oh well I need to get up on something before Before they come back. Oh they’re over there.
Holy moly that’s a lot of witches! Oww
ow That’s rude
Hey, you don’t start with me which! I almost the horse, I thought he was a
Ravenger. Don’t hide from me. Don’t hey, don’t shoot me. Did you seriously pick up
my banner? that’s my banner, not yours. I need some
more rockets, but I guess I could kill these people… holy moly that’s one of the the the ohh holy moly that is a fast one, ahhh, oh I can’t
sleep because there’s monsters nearby I’m an idiot oh no I left my
I left my ender chest on the roof I left my ender chest on the roof. it’s a
good thing those crossbow take it’s time to Oh I got a ravenger head! that is epic. Just look at that I Think that one is having a bit of a problem. Let me go help him I should probably get my enderchest back in case I get into another bad situation
just in case now let’s go and be a good samaritan and
help this, these two guys holy moley they’re running fast, there
are we go and I got a manner woop woop Wow, that horse is kind of freaking out. Okay,
don’t make me shoot the horses I told you Before. Okay I shot the horse, it wasn’t
my fault. Oh no, you need to very much die, die *annoying noise* that did not go well, and you heard my
keyboard very loudly. Okay I think I slept in one of these houses, I did,
ohhhhh that’s gonna be terrible, There’s so many of them, at least oh I don’t have
my ender chest. Why didn’t I leave my ender chest in this Ohhh man this is bad isn’t it?
This is really bad, well at least I have a gunpowder What could go wrong? I’m gonna I’m gonna, uhrm, I’m gonna ask someone for help *exhale* I’m going to try and get my stuff
back myself because, well, no one answered discord when I asked for help, and it’s not
surprising, it’s past midnight for all the Brits and it’s about dinnertime
troll the Americans, so I am not at all surprised that I did not get a response
within like five minutes because yeah. Wow, I might be able to do
this uahh maybe not that’s one running fast running really
really fast okay those vex need to stay away from
me stay away from me I don’t even have my sword, I need to get
my sword. Nope nope nope nope no you stay away from me
oh he’s in there again, really? Why do they get stuck in that house every
single time? Yay my staff my stuff do I have my sword? I have my sword. Amazing
Ow, ow hey I didn’t kill the horse, the grey
horse is still alive, I thought I killed it Whoa what was that?
Oh it was a vex, it was right? I think it was a vex.
Oh no there’s two Ravegers and I see evokers and everything. That’s bad and
they’re running so fast, why are they so fast? Don’t even think about it
don’t even think about it. Hey I got em both No, ow, die, hey how on earth does he see me from
over there? stop it! Okay you crossbow guys can just
die, you can die you can die oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no no bad vex, very bad vex. This is harder than I thought.
I’m gonna regen before I go back stop being so fast. Thank you, it was very
helpful oh I’m getting saddles from the Ravagers
now I get it I want that crossbow, thank you. There’s
another evoker, are you serious? Stand still, stand still, stand still, I really
want to know how on earth they get into this Place. Are you in that house? Yes
found em! Woop Woop done Oh no, there’s another wave. Nooo. and I need to gracefully land on this roof, and shoot Everything. There’s not a
lot of villagers left anyway right… We don’t need to protect it. You know now
that I think about it maybe the village isn’t worth saving right? I mean I’m not giving up no no no no no So I wanted to get a screenshot, yeah
I wanted to get a screenshot for *sigh* To use as a thumbnail. It didn’t go well,
potentially went well, by now you know what the thumbnail is, I don’t, because I
haven’t made it yet yeah Yeah it didn’t go well. Oh no, no no no no no no no no no well I guess that went well, didn’t it?
Didn’t it? And they can open doors I now know Good to know Okay there’s no one in here right now,
I could run, like majorly run, or I could break the bed. I could break the bed, and
if I put it like that, it should be fine! let’s just kill ourselves, see what
happens or I could get my stuff back that would be even better.
I doubt that though. Ohh I will eventually go back for those villagers. I mean the few ones that are left. There ain’t a lot of them only the ones I locked up Before, so
there’s three still alive, but yeah I will go back for them later and finish
the raid. I will probably have backup because yeah there’s a lot of evokers and Ravagers and things but yeah I will get that sorted don’t worry, I
might show it I’m not sure, I probably will in a future episode but
yeah I will go back. But until then let’s name some cats
why don’t we. The first cat, hi there kitty cat. You are going to be Gandalf
the Grey named by truckpipe Oh don’t stand up, don’t stand up. So there we have
Gandalf the Grey! the second one will be cat, named by the Kernal, even though he technically did not say that he wanted me to name the cat that, but he said his
cat was named that so, I’m gonna take that as you want me to name one cat, you’re
welcome Kernal The third one will be Mojo name
by JTnBex, potentially JT or Bex It did not specify which one or
both so yes. And then we will have Midnight, named by Truckpipe again.
Partially because uhm it’s past midnight way past midnight and by that I mean it’s
4:30 in the morning, which is past midnight so yeah. And then we have Meowth,
named by, I need to read this Re- because I always read this is recorded
but it’s not it’s recoded Za- Is that like a P or like an F? Because it’s PH. I’m gonna say but just in case recorded Zaphod, or recorded Za-phod or “Zay-phod”
something like that, thank you for the name by the way, it really fits with my
base. and then we have the Cheshire cat which technically should be a striped
cat probably but I mean Alice in Wonderland a white rabbit, Cheshire Cat,
white cat, it works in my head. Thank You Charles for that by the way. I like the
reference, I do, it’s really good. And then we have Crookshanks, named by Bexy. Which I figured obviously has to be the orange cat because I do remember it being an
orange cat, in Harry Potter I think so. If I’m wrong then uhm, then I’m wrong. And last will be Disater, or Disater depending on if you’re American and British, named
by Igric, so thank you for that, it fits well this this one is a weird one. So
there we have all the named cats and at some point I will get all the colors of
cats so there will be more cats the name in the future I promise, but not now, so
there they are and that is pretty much all I have for this episode, I hope you
enjoyed, I hope stick around for a bit I really hope you check out all the other
lyfCraft members, their links will be down in the description. I hope you have
a good morning, day, evening, or night whatever is to come in your part of the
world me and these brand new named cats well they’re not new but they’re named
and the raid that’s still kind of ongoing is saying bye

6 thoughts on “LyfCraft 13 Unlucky number? (vanilla survival minecraft)”

  1. A very appropriate episode number with all these bad omens floating about xD Raids are pretty serious business.

  2. raids without town walls are a rather difficult challenge to solo 😛 everyone struggles with my name lol, maybe I should just get people to call me Z. I think that is a very good group of cat names 🙂

  3. You did amazing well with the raids. Going for Bad Omen II may have been a mistake. Lovely clowder of cats! ♪

  4. Hi Hybrid, during the raid you get Bad Omen from the banner guys which causes another raid to start instantly after you finish the previous one. What Cobbs and I did is that we used lava buckets to burn the banner guys and that saved us from infinite raid thingy.
    Thank you for choosing my suggestion for cat name 🙂

  5. you really do make me laugh – so funny. I noticed down in the captions that Cat is really noisy – all the time meowing – pretty chatty. –Enjoyed the episode.

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