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Lyfe Over Easy | Car Emergency / Survival Kit for Family Car

Lyfe Over Easy | Car Emergency / Survival Kit for Family Car

good morning everyone today I would like
to talk to you about an emergency car kit now an emergency kit is not something
that you would normally think about with having kids but I have found that is
something that we need and it’s something that my husband had pointed
out to me a couple of years ago with the birth of our first son here in the south
sometimes we have inclement weather I know people laugh at the south because
when it snows level the city shuts down but what actually happens is that there
is black ice that occurs underneath the snow we end up with invisible ice that
you can’t see and accidents start happening and cars start backing up on
the road well about oh maybe it was about five years ago there was a big
accident with some semis that had slipped on the ice and it had blocked
the exits where people were going off and people were actually stopped on
overpasses and on the interstate for 24 and 48 hours people were running out of
gas in their vehicles they had nothing to eat this just sort of put us on high
alert of what would we do in that situation this is what we’ve actually
done now is we have stopped the car in a backpack that stays in the back all the
time we have some granola bars we have some crackers we have some water that’s
ready to drink it’s in BPA safe bottles so we’re good to go we just try to find
a few different non perishables that would be good some other things that we
put in there is a flashlight some extra batteries because you never know what’s
gonna happen or if you’re gonna be stranded at night during the daytime I
know another time my vehicle was running just fine luckily I didn’t have the boys
with me and the antifreeze just started leaking right out of my truck I went
without a red light started to pull onto the interstate and my truck just quit I
just had enough momentum to get my vehicle on the side of the
what I called my husband I called my father-in-law and they were able to help
me but it this was in the summertime it’s in the extreme heat because he gets
a hundred percent of humidity down here it can be a hundred degrees and that’s
hot especially for kids to have to be out there waiting for a tow truck or
something I would just encourage you guys to come up with something that
would work for you and where you are I know each state’s going to be different
for your needs and to come up with some kind of an emergency kit that you can
throw in a small bag or a small box in the bag that will help you and your
family again anything can happen it could be a flat tire which has happened
to us before on vacation not something that we really want to think about but
something that we should his parents I’m gonna put a link and a couple of lists
of some things down below that we put in our backpack feel free to check those
out and I will see you again tomorrow bye

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  1. B&B so glad that you guys are doing this! I love It! Boston has gotten so big and I didn't know you had another! Wahooo!

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