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Make a Poncho from an Emergency Survival Blanket- Right and Wrong Way

Make a Poncho from an Emergency Survival Blanket- Right and Wrong Way

make a poncho from an emergency space survival mylar blanket how to make a poncho emergency blanket shelter Emergency blanket poncho how to DIY survival tips with emergency blanket hi it’s AlaskaGranny cheap outdoor gear review if you’re ever
caught out in a storm you can easily make a poncho out of an emergency survival
blanket there are two ways to make an emergency poncho from an emergency survival blanket and one way actually works better than the
other some people recommend folding the emergency blanket survival mylar space blanket blanket in half finding the center and
cutting a hole for your head you can put the emergency blanket poncho over your head then you can even take
duct tape and tape the under arms together to help hold the emergency blanket poncho shelter together the
downside of that is the hole might continue to tear so then your blanket poncho is
not going to stay over your head plus you have a huge hole in your emergency
blanket a better way to make an emergency blanket poncho that I like to do is to wrap your blanket around you and
duct tape one side right below your chin you still have your entire blanket
intact and your arms are still free to walk around move or hold the rest of the
blanket together if it’s windy for only about a dollar an emergency space
blanket mylar survival blanket can certainly be useful and help save your life in a lot of different
situations stock up on them and then make sure you put them in your bug out
bag in your car you’re hiking bag take emergency blankets with you when you go hunting and fishing
anytime you’re out of doors take along a tiny little emergency blanket that can
help save your life learn more at please subscribe to the
alaskagranny channel

6 thoughts on “Make a Poncho from an Emergency Survival Blanket- Right and Wrong Way”

  1. Good info πŸ˜€ I hope no one has to use method 1. 2nd one seems much better option to try first Likewise, Rope , shoe lace, cord and similar " Tie" gear could be use with a pebble and a slip knot like a Canadian jam knot .

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