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Make an Emergency Shelter Kit for Cold Weather- DIY Bug Out Bag Gear

Make an Emergency Shelter Kit for Cold Weather- DIY Bug Out Bag Gear

cold weather emergency shelter kit how to make a survival emergency shelter with a space blanket cheap outdoor gear review how to stay alive in the cold hi it’s AlaskaGranny cold
weather is coming I’m keeping more emergency gear with my things for when I
go out to make sure that if anything happens I’m prepared how to stay alive in the cold build an emergency shelter this is one of my
favorites this all-purpose thermal blanket and it’s super nice because you
can use it as a ground cover it has the reflective side for an emergency blanket
and if you need to you can just use it for picnic blanket but it also has
grommets in it so you can fashion it into a shelter if you need to i like it
because it comes with its own pouch and I keep all the things that I think I
would need with it in here and I’m going to show you what I have in here for a DIY cold weather emergency shelter kit one of the first
things I have is an extra emergency blanket and I squished it all
up into a little ziploc bag and then I wrote what it is so when I look at my
pack I can see what each thing is then I
always carry some emergency candles they’re great if you just have a can you
can punch some holes in it drop one of these in and you’ve got a little stove
you can use it for lantern you can use them for a little white and you can even
sort of get warm when you’re in your little shelter in an emergency I keep
some waterproof matches in here and truth be told these little things on the
bottom never work I’ve never had luck with these I’ve tried them I can’t use
them for any kind of fire starter so don’t count on that then I also have
some tent state it’s like I was telling you it has grommets in it if you
wanted to fashion it into some kind of shelter you need some of those to hold
it down always going to have the black plastic garbage sack make sure you get
the really good sturdy ones because they’re going to last so much longer and if
you really need it in an emergency you want one of those contractor bags not just
some cheapy one it could end up actually saving your life the other thing I have in here is the
emergency bivvy bag a bitty bag and it’s not just
the blanket it’s a whole bag as if you’re really stuck out there you don’t
want your blanket blowing in the wind you want to be able to crawl down inside
an emergency bag and stay out of the weather stay dry I mean it could be anything could happen
then you’ve always got another one in case you just are warm enough you can or
someone else’s with you or whatever there’s so many things you can do with
it so those things that I have in my
emergency pack my big ol thermal blanket my garbage bags some matches and a space
blanket a little thing of candles and an emergency bag and it only took about two
minutes so I took the blanket out and I took to the tent stakes and staked down
each of the back corners by jamming the tent stake in the ground then I went over to the third
corner and I stuck that one in the ground too I found a stick laying around
used it for my support and and I use that with a fourth stake to tie it out
so it would hold it up I used my plastic bag for a ground cover and I’ve got my
little candle going on and if it gets colder and I actually have to stay out
here I still have a space blanket and I still have a bivvy bag so I can stay warm
I can crawl into my little shelter it’s amazing how much heat you can get
from a candle and when you have the silver side it truly reflected heat from a candle and
holds heat in it you guys have just got to try this stuff
it is fun and then if you ever have an emergency you already know how to do it
you won’t panic because you’ve been having fun with your stuff learn more at and please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny

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  1. I learn something new every time I watch one of your video's! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy life to share your knowledge and wisdom. I appreciate the things you share more than my meager education permits me to explain. Just please accept my sincere Thank You! And PLEASE, keep the information coming!!!

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