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  1. Thanks so much for the guns. Sorry couldn't give money, but I hope you know you are helping me follow my dreams.

  2. Thank you for this tutorial! It is placed at a very good level where it is not too advanced but not too beginner level either.
    A lot of other tutorials miss key aspects of how things work and thus they lose their entire meaning of learning. You explain exactly what my next question would be and that makes me really happy and want to keep watching 🙂
    I'm currently starting up with a multi-player game myself and just to get going with the basics, this is very helpful!

    Keep up the good work, I know this is an old video but I'm very glad to see you are still uploading and I cannot wait to see more stuff!

  3. I have been looking everywhere I can think of for a Tutorial on setting up a server for an MMORP I am currently working on. Is there anyway that I could use this and choose to switch between first person and 3rd person views? Wanna give the players as much customization as possible..

  4. Note 1000, simply some of the best youtube channel teaching to create now I will be able to develop my full fps thanks to you continue like this and you will have a great career ahead!

  5. Noob here. I can't find the package 'prototyping'. The only thing listed there is 'Custom Package'. I checked on the asset store but I didn't find the particular package. Please help. Is that a paid package? Or ang package made by you?

    Is it okay to go forward without the package and instead using the default models? forward without the

  6. For people who couldn't find the standard assets, just search "Standard assets" in asset Store and then click download

  7. thank you so much for tutorial it,s awsome ! but i am facing problem . when i import the project The type or namespace name `DatabaseControl' could not be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?

  8. Why are we using RequiredComponent??Is it necessary to do so even after attaching rigid body component in inspector panel?

  9. Just a heads-up for anyone trying to follow this tutorial series in 2019! UNet (the main networking framework in this tutorial) has been depricated and as far as I can tell, unity will no longer be supporting UNet. This means the tutorial does not work anymore as it is right now. But there is a fix for this.

    If you import Mirror from the unity asset store (for free), things pretty much work as explained in this tutorial series. All the required components are there and things work at least until video E04 in the series (I only tested that far). [Edit]: in the C# classes you should replace any instance of 'using UnityEngine.Networking' with 'using Mirror'. Also: the asset store version of mirror is older than the github version (https://github.com/vis2k/Mirror). Add the github version for full functionality (tutorial for importing from github: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pr3l5-caWGw).

    Mirror should also be available for the forseeable future since it is an open source fork of Unet and is not maintained by the unity folks but by the community instead.


  10. Never have I ever heard someone look at a Unity sphere without any texturing at all and say "That looks nice already".

  11. hey can i turn this into a full game myself, with the whole sci-fi idea but expanding on it? Just wanted to make sure before i do anything

  12. Nice but can you make updated version becouse "High level API will be removed in future versions of Unity" ?

  13. 3:52 How should I import the package when you didn't even show where to get it. It's not automatically installed, you installed it from somewhere.

  14. If you really want to teach them just make tutorials for these points.

    1: Creating Info Instances.
    2: Creating Characters.
    3: Creating Main Menu.
    4: Creating manual networking Functions that players will put the master server ip manually on which they want to host the multiplayer Game.
    5: Share the secret security functions to protect the server from any third party access to your system.
    6: Creating manual functions to verify the the client player is real or not?
    Must denie fake players joining from a hacking script created by "aluigi" this guy really sucks, he is one of the stresser that always hack online games even he share scripts with details on his Website:
    https://aluigi.altervista.org  << report this site, that guy claims that he is  working to improve security, but my question is if he want to improve security then he must submit the bugs to the official developers instead of sharing it on public and put the gamers in security threat.
    He recently release a spam script for COD Black Opps and assasin creed.

  15. NullReferenceException: Object refeerence not set to an instance of an object PlayerController.Update() (at Assets/PlayerController.cs:29)? What does this mean??

  16. uNet is going to be deprecated in a few years. They even removed the uNet example Tutorial from their website. Not sure what they suppose us to use instead.

  17. Plz read this Brackeys,
    While making this game I had no problems but I had some while scripting. Also, there is no way of downloading it in DevAssets. It is a request to make the project downloadable in Unity from DevAssets.
    Nonetheless, you are awesome and my most favorite YouTuber in the whole Multiverse, of let's say, in Infinity!!!


    I didn't come here to learn that, but by god that explains (and helps) a lot.
    You're the man, Brackeys.

  19. why

    ArgumentException: Input Axis Verticale is not setup.
    To change the input settings use: Edit -> Settings -> Input
    playerControler.Update () (at Assets/playerControler.cs:22)

  20. I tried to use this video for my first person shooter and it did not work due to updates, i suggest checking out his newer video

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