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Making Bread with ROCKS and WHEAT

Making Bread with ROCKS and WHEAT

There’s an old saying that if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. But teach a Man to fish and you fed him for a lifetime Hey Guys What’s Up welcome back to The King of Random cooking Show Just Kidding you know i can’t cook but in this video we’re gonna try. The Gates foundation reached Out to us with an opportunity to help Spread Their Mission and message of ending Poverty in all its Forms everywhere yes goal Number one no poverty so for this video nate and i are gonna see if we can Make “enough Dough” To end hunger Bread dough to be specific It’s said That Bread is the staff of life and i think it’s one of Those Things We Take for Granted Because it’s Pretty Much Everywhere but If You didn’t Have any Fancy Equipment Electricity or a proven recipe Could You Still Make Bread if Your life Depended on it Now My mom Was a Master Bread Maker and i grew Up watching her make Bread with all the right Stuff she had Special Ingredients The Bosch Mixer The electric Oven and Honestly It all Seemed Like a Pretty Intimidating process to me so today We are doing the Opposite we’re going back to basics to see Just how simple we can make the process Instead the idea is to take a Handful of Wheat and make something You can Eat Let’s Get Grinding Tastes like flour So quick update Guys at this point i think we gathered together Pretty Much all the materials that we’re gonna need i ran down to The River and Grabbed a Couple Of Smooth River Rocks We Filtered some Water Through The Water filter we made in a previous video and We Grabbed a Couple of Handfuls of Wheat This Stuff Just came from the local Walmart but if you Really wanted to rough it you Could Try Collecting Wild Grains From The side of The Freeway We have a Friend That’s gonna show you how to do that in a future video We Used these Rocks to grind the Wheat Grain into powder and Now theoretically all we Have to do is add a Little Bit of Water and We Should, Have the simplest form of Bread Dough we can Make I’m really Surprised at How easy that Was and It Really Does Feel like Bread dough You can See it’s a little more Textured Than Regular Bread dough though and That’s Because we Didn’t use a flour mill to grind it and unlike processed flour This Stuff hasn’t Been Bleached and Still Got all the Wheat Bran and the wheat germ and everything Else Still in It Which maybe Makes It more Healthy i don’t know but we’re about to find out Because the next step is to cook it Update we used one of our Survival fire tricks to get a little fire going and then We Built a small cooking surface so we Could cook Our Dough We Formed our Dough into a little Ball and a Little Bit of Flatbread and we’re cooking them on the rock? We also Wanted to Try a Little Bit more Direct heat so we Twisted some Branches to let us hold The dough Right Over the Coals These Things are Toasty and Looking at It It Actually Looks like it’s cooked tself Into bread Let’s give It a taste Still Kind of Doughy That Needs more time to cook Let’s take a look at Yours That Looks Good so how’s it taste It’s definitely edible and It Would be awesome if There Was nothing else to eat but It is Pretty Bland So to make It Actually taste Better We Need to add a Few more Ingredients Sugar and Nuts Berries Maybe a Little Sea salt Like The Stuff we made in a previous video or if you wanted to get really Fancy You could Skim the cream off of Cow’s Milk and Shake it Into Butter it’S also interesting how dense This bread Is since most of the bread we Eat Today is really light And Fluffy oh Squirrel there’s a Squirrel over there trying to steal our bread Dough Aww cute so cute sesame seed bun That Looks delicious all of a Sudden Isn’t it The Reason That Modern-day Breads are Fluffy is Because we Add Baking Powder or Yeast to help the bread rise The active ingredients in baking Powder are Actually baking soda and a Mild powdered acid When they combine with Water They have a Slight Reaction That creates Carbon dioxide gas and Yeast Does the same Thing Only Their Living bacteria so when they eat the sugars They excrete the carbon dioxide but in both Cases Carbon dioxide is being Pumped into the dough Aerating It and Thus Leavening The Bread Now since we Didn’t Use any Yeast or baking powder in our bread this Kind Would Be Referred to in the olden Days as Unleavened Bread Okay so our bread works and to take Things to the next level Why don’t we see if we can Have a little fun By Building Ourselves a Pizza This time we’re adding a Pinch of Salt and a Little Bit of Sugar to make It taste a Little Bit Better We Just use an old barbecue grill to grill Up some of This Bread we tried a Lot of different Varieties we tried Adding Sugar Raisins we Put in some Cranberries sesame Seeds Well the sesame seeds as well Certain open This Thing Up with soo we Got These look Beautiful Baked to perfection If we Flip This one Over the grill Lines on the back almost make It look like a Grilled panini This One Just Has a Little Bit more Salt content Than others This one i Just Added a Bunch of Raisins I add a Little Bit of Sugar and Salt as Well It almost Looks like a cookie but It is bread and This one We Actually Added Some of Our Baking powder too you can see how it’s fluffed up it’s swelled Up it’s got the sesame Seed top so we literally Just Made Ourselves a sesame Seed bun Which i think we Should Cut open and see how it looks Okay Looks like It could have cooked a Little Bit Longer This One Here Just has a Lot of Sugar Mixed into It and then i coated the top with a Layer of Sugar to Mama’s homemade Cranberry Jam Thanks mom Look At That That’s Gorgeous mm-Hmm we’re eating Like Kings Out in the wilderness today, Kings of Random Do you see that see the way that Broke open That’s amazing it’s good bread, it’s good jam. Thanks mom. That cooked really evenly I was surprised since it was fried, but like the insides like, nice and cooked all the way through These Pieces are made there on the grill and They’re gonna take a Few Minutes to cook so while we wait Let’s take a Second to talk about the gates foundation and Their Mission to end poverty The Gates Foundation is starting a New movement Called The Goalkeepers Report Which They hope Inspires a New Generation of Leaders Goalkeepers Raising Awareness Of progress and Driving Action By Holding Their Leaders accountable the indicator of Poverty Is the proportion of the Population Living Below The international Poverty Line Which Is a dollar Ninety per day us in our lifetimes we’ve already Seen Huge Decreases in Poverty Diseases and Child Deaths But even though The World has Been on an incredible path of progress future progress Isn’T Necessarily Guaranteed Ultimately The Goal of The Gates Foundation is to end poverty in all its Forms Which iS more ambitious Than Simply a Dollar amount That someone can live on the ideal Is for all People to lead a Healthy productive Life so go look down in the description we put a Link down there that you can click to read the report and Learn more Let’S Go check the Food time to check our pieces what do we Got Ooh those are looking good yeah give that Melty cheese it’s bubbling are They done They Actually Kind of Feel Pretty Rigid we might be done We take Those off and let them Cool there we go mmm look at That Grilled pizza Does anybody do That His grilled pizza Thing This Now looks like it’s cooked all The Way Through Cheese is melted Pepperoni is ready to go squirrels are lining Up we Need to set Him out on a rock to cool down huh? Well Here we are Guys Pizzas are Finished You ready to eat These Things nate Absolutely all right Let’s dig in i’m Excited Cheesy Pepperoni and The Classic Bread Crust That You’d Expect That’s Pretty Good its History Good If you taste the sugar and the salt we Put in there Don’t Know There’s pizza sauce on It might Be masking it but i think it Does taste Less Lame Than That first Bread we made up It tastes like a Regular pizza crust to me there you have a Guy’s Wilderness pizza That’S the first cooked on the grill? look At That if i break It apart You can See down inside That is Perfect Perfect personal pizza i Just made a Huge mess there So this all Turned Out Pretty Good Here’s a quick recap on What we did we went down to the river pulled Out a Couple? Of Rocks and We Use those to grind wheat into flour We Added a Little Bit of Water to that flour to make the simplest form of bread and we cooked That Over a fire and Then Give It a taste test What we Found as It Actually Turns into bread it Just tastes a Little bit Blend So we Added some homemade sea salt that We Got from the ocean in oregon and Played Around With a Few Other ingredients to make Sweet Bread Raisin Bread and pizza we did It Guys We Turned Wheat Into pizza Dough This Stuff is Great We also tried Frying some of the bread and i was Surprised at How well It Turned out The texture on it was Great all The Way Through it’s fantastic and then we Put so my mom’s homemade Jam on top So there you have it Guys Now you know how to grind wheat into flour and make The simplest Forms of Bread anyThing Else is Just a Simple Variation of The details Thanks for Joining Us for This video We look at for You the next one talk to you there Hey Guys Just a quick reminder There’s a Link in the description Right Now that you can click to read the Gates Foundation Report And Learn more about Their Goal to help end poverty with awesome love Squirrel action oh? you Win some You lose some back to the drawing Board Make It Happen to This one Here it actually completely melted and fell right Through The grill It’s delicious Is really Good Hey Guys voting for the streamy awards is almost Over we have a Chance to win but we Need youR vote Right Now go to Twitter and Tweet The Hashtag Tk or for streamys That’s all It takes to cast your vote Tko are for Streamys You could Really Help us win we Would Greatly appreciate it Comment ister ig If you saw this

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