Making Hot Cereals & Whole Grains : Essential Foods to Survive a Longterm Emergency

Hi, my name is Sheryl McGlochlin with
and welcome to Today we are talking about hot cereals and why it is
so important to learn how to use and eat hot cereals. Now there are 7 key foods that would
sustain you in emergency. A long term emergency if you knew how to store them use them and
actually eat them in your daily lives. I’m going to talk about these 7 key foods and
how hot cereal plays a important row in a few of these different key foods. The first
key food that you should learn how to use is powder milk. Now when I’m making hot cereal
I always use regular milk. But if you had to you need to learn how to use powder milk.
The second is salt, your body needs salt. I prefer sea salt it is very delicious, actually
there is a big difference between this sea salt and regular salt. Another thing that
you have to learn how to use is oil. This is a basic staple in your diet. Water is really
critical, whole grain, and honey or sugar those are the 7 key foods that you need to
learn how to use in a event of a emergency.

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