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Male Jaguars Fight Hard For Territory | SNAPPED IN THE WILD

Male Jaguars Fight Hard For Territory | SNAPPED IN THE WILD

COMM: Deep in the Pantanal floodplains on the border of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay, 12-year-old male Jaguar Scarface is patrolling his land. COMM: Pantanal, being the largest tropical wetland on the planet, you would think there is plenty of space for all jaguars to enjoy. But Scarface’s territory is big, almost 30 square miles. COMM: And is desired by many other jaguars. COMM: Out of the dense marsh grass, young jaguar Marley appears to challenge Scarface for the crown. COMM: Marley had already wooed one of Scarface’s females a few weeks earlier and now he wants to claim the land as his own. Scarface has dominated this territory for many years. He lashes out trying his hardest to move the young jaguar away, but Marley does not flinch. COMM: Calmly demonstrating his superiority and his readiness to topple Scarface’s reign. COMM: Amateur wildlife photographer Marc was tracking jaguars for six days and was told he was very lucky to be able to photograph a fight like this one. COMM: Their expedition guide had never seen one in 16 years working in the Pantanal wetlands. COMM: Scarface is exhausted and submits to the younger and stronger jaguar. COMM: Marley has a victory drink and goes on his way to explore his brand new home.

100 thoughts on “Male Jaguars Fight Hard For Territory | SNAPPED IN THE WILD”

  1. que mentira esse vídeo saber a idade da onça ela não tem coleira esse cara pegou vídeo do youtube mentiroso ,um brasileiro que filmou esse vídeo

  2. Tigers do in fact fight to the death. Not all the time of course. These two big boys very impressive. I would love to see the new guy fight an undersized female lion, say 250 lbs. I think this big male jag, perhaps 180 lbs, might try to stand his ground. Probably foolish.

  3. Very rare and amazing footage! It's a pity that the wildlife photographer, who probably spent countless hours, apparently missed the crucial moment of jaguar "Scarface" giving up. All the editing and (rather annoying) sound effects can not hide that.

  4. Whats really amazing is not only did he phonograph the fight is that he knew their names ages territories and that Marley mated with one of scar faces females.

  5. Let's to imagine such attack against wolf or pittbul etc. Beside tigers the strongest bite force. Generaly jaguars are not so strongly territorial animals like lions, leopards or tigers. So this fight is rather strange – woman?

  6. SCARFACE is too old too smart, he went to US afterwards for bigger bucks.
    JUNGLE LIFE was no longer interesting.

  7. This fight was cool and all but I wish we could've got video of Marley's training montage in preparation for his challenge. I'd imagine it was like the Jaguar version of Rocky IV.

  8. Jaguars have so little recordings in the wild
    Filming them is so hard when it comes to fighting and cubs

  9. I don’t like how that fight went. all that sliding on their backs. Like some type of street fighter move or sum. I mean cool fight nevertheless, but I expected more clawing and biting. I’m glad they both walked away winners, one jus gotta move around and leave. But at least he lives because a real fights equals injuries and that’s brutal to their survival !!!!

  10. This is such an honor and a treat. It's so rare and special to see a jaguar fight. There more like square ups and sparring sessions then a real fight. But I love the fact that it's obvious they use a secret technique and skill that old world big cats don't use.

  11. 30 sq mile territory!? There’s no way in hell Scarface just shimmied out of that area after an underwhelming scrap like that 😂

  12. Great footage, but what's more annoying – the 'cute' names given to the jaguars or the endless pop ups?

  13. Namoral, jaguar é o caralho é Onça Pintada. Vem aqui filmar nosso animais e dão outro nome se ferrar

  14. another proof that bowing is not an act of submission. Tiger does this when they fight. bowing is a part of defense mechanism ready to counter strike.

  15. Nice video. Am I allowed to reuse it in an animal fighting compilation ? Your video is available via the Creative Commons search filter.

  16. If The Leopard Against Any Of These 2 Jaguars In 1 On 1 Battle.
    The Leopard Would Become The Fresh Meat For The Jaguar.

  17. Jaguars live to 13 to 15 years old. It's like an old man fighting with a young strong boy.

  18. jaguars I believe have the strongest bite in the big cat family…if you look at the back of the jaws you can see the muscularity…almost like pit bulls!

  19. first time to see Jaguars fight and such a peaceful fight. well Scarface must have lived a happy life for years, it's just a matter of time for younger Jag to eventually take over.

  20. What's even more amazing is how calm the narrator tells a ,thug, relatable street story with a eloquent tone of voice.
    To this day I'm trying to see the video, of the girl theyre fighting over. Legend says she looks like Kim Kardashian.

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