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Male Polar Bear Fight Club – Ep. 2 | Wildlife: The Big Freeze

Male Polar Bear Fight Club – Ep. 2 | Wildlife: The Big Freeze

(polar bear whining) – It’s been four months since your last bite.
(snow crunching) You may fool yourself into
digging out some frozen kelp but you know that dinner
actually sits comfortably (seal purring)
200 miles away. It’s so frustrating.
(polar bear groaning) The last thing you need right now is a huge male looking for trouble. (polar bear roaring) (deafening winds) At first glance,
(dramatic orchestra music) the Arctic feels brutally devoid of life, though a select group of animals have figured out a way to thrive. (seal moaning) (polar bears moaning)
But the real force here works quietly underfoot. Every winter, sea ice
starts small and delicate. (ice crackling)
Then it grows over millions of square miles. How is it possible that this freezer holds the key to our entire planet? (ice cracking)
Like a lung, sea ice breathes life into the Arctic every year. In a cycle that impacts the
climate across the globe. This is the story from the
edge of the Canadian Arctic where it all starts. My name is Bertie Gregory and I’m a National Geographic
wildlife filmmaker. Everything is at stake. They’re all waiting for the Big Freeze. (temperature clock ticking) (waves crashing)
(mellow orchestra music) Temperatures are starting to drop in the Hudson Bay, but it needs to get a lot colder for the salt water to
completely freeze over. Until then, the seals
are just too far away and the hungry bears have
no choice but to wait. (deafening wind)
This guy is a big bruiser and he’s coming in, like
all the other polar bears, they’re coming to the water’s edge, ready for the Big Freeze. But right now, the ice isn’t quite ready. You can see him (chuckles)
kind of falling through it and stumbling on his way. (snow crunching) You know, you spend four
or five months on that, starving, not eating anything. You know that as soon as that sea freezes, that’s your fast food buffet is ready. (sad orchestra music) (winds roaring) The Arctic hosts our planet’s
most brutal snowstorms. (snow crunching)
But today, weather is the last thing this bear
needs to worry about. (dramatic music) He’s moving on. This big male on the left approaching the even bigger male on the right, so we about to get some action. (snow crunching)
(polar bear growling) (thrilling orchestra music) (polar bears roaring)
(climatic orchestra music) Oh, they’re just battering each other. (polar bears grunting) In case, we’ve added an unnecessary amount of dramatic music. You be forgiven for
thinking that these two guys are in some brutal fight to the death, but actually this time of year, males don’t really have
anything to fight over. Here, there’s no females in heat. There’s no food. And instead, they’ve got
a bit of a bromance going. (polar bear whining)
And now, I mean, look at them after hammering each other, having a little snooze together. Although they’re solitary
most of the year, when males finally meet up, they can be really playful. They often pair up with a sparring buddy because in a few months, they’ll be on the ice fighting in deadly battles over breeding rights. (polar bear groaning) (playful orchestra music)
But polar bears are incredibly well adapted to the challenges of these hardships. Their enormous 12-inch white
paws are like snowshoes, spreading their weight on thin ice. Their short, gripping
claws and soft footpads also prevent them from slipping. The bear’s narrow head and long neck allows them to grab seals through their breathing holes in the ice. And if you have to pull a
600-pound seal out of the water, then a massive set of canines with setback premolars, allow you to bit down deep. But hands down, their key adaptation is their incredible thermal insulation. (winds roaring)
If we switch from a normal camera like this camera and the camera you’re
looking at me on now, to a thermal camera, you’re now looking at me in heat. So, if I take my glove off, you see how my hands and
my face are bright orange. That means, I’m losing
heat to the environment like there is no tomorrow. I’m so badly adapted to this place. Whereas, if you look at the bear, he’s that dark purple, almost black color. And that is because of
that thick, thick fur, which obviously I don’t have. My biggest challenge here
is keeping warm enough, whereas his is keeping cool enough. (wind howling) (pensive orchestra music)
Hang on, Steve. You see that bear over there? He’s coming in pretty good. – Hey, buddy. You need to start thinking
twice about walking in. (snow crunching) – There are very few animals that will actually try and hunt people. And polar bears are one of those animals. – Hey, slow down. Slow down. Hey, we’re not an easy meal. Hey, hey.
(rocks banging) Slow down, hey!
(snow thrashing) Slow down. I’m gonna hit you with the rock. Hey! Close enough. No, no, no. No. (polar bear huffing) Hey, sit down. (polar bear whining)
Sit. There you go. – Well, Steve told it to sit and it sat. (wheezes) Unbelievable. – [Steven] Hey, go play with your friend. – This bear will just have to wait for the Big Freeze to get his dinner, along with the others, all stalling for time along the coast. (polar bears whining) (thoughtful music) The most powerful force in the Arctic starts small, really small. (ice crackling) So fragile, that it could
break in your fingertips. It grows inch by inch, almost when no one’s looking. But once it starts, there’s no stopping.
(dramatic orchestra music) The water hits 28.8 Fahrenheit and the Big Freeze has finally arrived. (stern violin music) And finally what was
thousands of miles of liquid has turned into this
rock-solid ice pathway across the ocean. (strict violin music) Polar bears have depended on
The Big Freeze for millennia. The problem is that our warming climate is delaying its arrival by
more than a day each year. That means, that this generation has lost at least a month of hunting that previous ones relied on. (seal purring) We’ve got to turn this around and save our planet’s
most vital cooling system. (snow crunching)
(polar bear grunting) And off he goes Slowly but surely, our
bear starts his trek out over the ocean, for as long as the ice will let him. (snow crunching)
(dramatic orchestra music) (sad piano music)

100 thoughts on “Male Polar Bear Fight Club – Ep. 2 | Wildlife: The Big Freeze”

  1. A fight between polar bears might seem intense, but it doesn't always mean there's trouble. What are your thoughts on this fierce encounter?

  2. They'd probably not say, but I'd like to know what protection they have, and their personal practices for safety. Surely they've got bear mace, and take normal camping precautions, but people tend to pick up habits of their own, that'd be interesting information.
    12 gauge is that? Maybe a 44 mag pistol, that'd be a minimum when you'd be dinner.

  3. i gotta give it to these wildlife photographers. They have some balls. Polar bears are ambush predators, they know how to hunt. It wouldn't be beyond them to come from the flanks or behind, or from below ice. And good luck getting a shot off once they're on you chewing your neck and face.

  4. these bears are very intelligent ancient human spirits in a big body so lets all respect them they are very very Hungary thats why they will eat any carnivorous meal

  5. Bears are honestly so cute, like I literally have wall hanging a of them bc they’re my fav animal, and like if u don’t believe me, just look at 4:44 to like 4:59 it’s so cute
    (Btw ik they’re ferocious, but they’re still cute to me so ya)

  6. Imagine shooting a polar bear with a soviet PTRD-41 14.5mm caliber that meant to penetrate 33mm of armor steel but instead it shoot at bear

  7. 4:34

    Bear 1 (Michael): “Why’d you wanna cross the sea so bad Tommy? You know there’s nothing there for you” he commented assuredly.

    Bear 2 (Thomas): “when this sea freezes over I’m gonna eat every seal in sight, find me a beautiful mate and have me the strongest of cubs. They’ll be running circles around you saying all things silly like Uncle Michael lost his icicles” he boldly replied.
    “Just you see” he murmured under his breath, shooing away any remaining doubt.

  8. polar bears look smaller then grizzlys because there s nothing to scale then to no trees no hills nothing also they have alot shorter hair

  9. I love animals so much but I don't think I could ever do what this guy does cause I have to big of a dumb heart and I'd probably buy like 1000$ or more worth of steak to feed a bear. Lol which would be super idiotic of me to do. 😱

  10. I love how they added the bears fighting to add suspense. Take a look at the 3:25 and 3:30 mark. The two bears approaching each other at 3:25 are on a tundra, no shrubbery to be seen and then at 3:30 when they make contact, there are little bushes directly behind them. Good job Nat Geo, just adding in scenes from another fight in a completely different location, probably with two entirely different bears to this documentary…thinking we would not notice hahahah

  11. Please send a crew out to educate people on the importance of polar bear conservation and the importance of the environmental changes needed to save them.

  12. This story is completely FALSE.
    The polar bears is doing GREAT.
    This is not fault of the people who took the pictures.
    This is the fault of NATGEO lying about the polar bears framed to be killed of by the climate change, fitting(filling) the globalist narrative with lies.

    Polar Bears as an false idol of the hoax climate change religion will soon be over, what animal will be the next ones to be lied about???
    How pathetic is it that even polar bears is being lied about to brainwash the masses? No wonder they changed the gradingsystems of germany, sweden and denmark after 2000. 😛
    More idiots passing = easily brainwashed cultmember in universities.

    *Honestly we gotta sort out this problem in western universities of dogma overwriting fact. It just has to be the case.
    This will cause incredible problems down the road, if the lies of today builds the world of tomorrow we will be walking into idiocracy level societies. Worldwide.

  13. I wonder what this bear is up to if he’s still alive if he’s thriving what he’s doing at this very moment. So many questions for such an isolated and powerful animal

  14. 1:55 how do you know they are "hungry" Is "hungry" a relative term between humans and polar bears? Obviously you will not be able to answer either question, so why not claim ignorant fool. Stop placing your insecurities, your def. of hunger on anything not human, s if you were GOD. Youre not GOD, you are a finite, ignorant human who needs keep mouth shut, unless absolute data, proof is presented
    Sick of this Neo-science age…Science that provided actual tangible facts, by testing & experimentation before they shot their mouths off, claiming this and that…without facts, or evidence, but only a science degree

  15. Okay, my next mission, go to the arctic, find a polar bear, get friends with it, hire a hercules plane, have it as my giant petdog and take it with me wherever i walk, make sure it doesn´t eat anyone though, but i can bet you, unless is someone had firearms NOBODY would touch me. I think they are both cute and awesome and a really scary display of brute strenght and brutality. They are predators after all. I bet even five of the worlds strongest men couldn´t have a chance of putting down one of these giants and hope surviving.

  16. Which ocean is more cowardly?

    For 10,000 years in South America the trespassing poachers will be eaten. Then they will be reintroduced to the restored ecosystem which they ruined and will never be allowed to hunt there again but the wolves will bring them food.
    92G, M14 for the male hunters.
    For female hunters, mini 30, and a 92G.

    They get some defenses though.
    I don't care what they get but definitely don't be too fair to those godlike flint knappers.

  17. Republicans have to put their fingers in their ears to watch this, knowing that they're the main cause of this habitat's death (along with our planet). This is all they will be remembered for as a party.

  18. We can not save our planet. It has a cycle. There is nothing we can do about it. We act like we know what is going on but we are completely ignorant to the planet's ways

  19. It's insanity to think we are going to stop climate change.
    The planet earth cycles and dinosaurs are a testament to that climate change. Long before we were here and long after we're gone the earth will continue to cycle until it's magma core , the mantle, has cooled to where earth will be just another dead planet rock .

  20. Happy New Year National Geographic from Social Network Snapigram and fantastic videos and contribution to understand and respect animals and planet

  21. I know climate change is real. However I read that the polar bear population has been increasing in recent years. The article didn't say why or how

  22. Nice. Only the lies about the climate warming are disturbing. The ice is growing and there are more polar bears than ever before.

  23. Ya just can't stop the Global Warming crap!~ Ooops make that Climate Change… HOW COULD YOUR BUDDY AL GORE BE SO WRONG!!!

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