Man of Medan The Dark Pictures Gameplay Part 4 Scary Game (PS4)

alright guys so welcome back to my
channel of Josa camber fly my name’s Joseph so welcome back guys to another
gameplay of man of Modena or media wherever it is so I think I snow that I
saw working on give me a better headphone but mic because this one I
don’t know what’s up with it I don’t know
so welcome back guys huh that’s just scary about that ok so let’s
check out some more stuff there a book Missy was is holy cow
do they almost like um h vs. are evil day to put damn alright so we need to
check this way up there a door that go through here Oh their picture like I said I don’t
know what that is I don’t know pull the lever oh shit Danya hump their coffin this is not good
guys this is not good oh it’s not good I check out full blood
whoa scare me Katya held the fuck no finally
outside thank you these are the go back in there oh great just great
it’s not good but Harlan a man I see ye here okay so there’s gotta be something that came
out test range very strange indeed very
strange what the hell Wow all right so I got this this way this I’m so lost right now so loss all right Oh on here I don’t know I
don’t know yeah don’t touch it don’t touch it Wow it’s not good all guys we’re gonna get
the fuck out here papa we need to damn music a year but where okay I try figure out where we get out
here check this file okay there no way to get
here I don’t see you no other door far what is this the same book we are pickup that odd very odd all right so I mean you go this way okay
start creeping me out right now so no gather oh shit hey Brad
will you hey Brad you okay man but sure man oh sit watch out somebody behind you DejaVu it’s the same place on the way
here before yep same place well no ray yep but the fog holy shit so which one the real one oh damn all the guys my bad guys had to charge
it I’ll charge by the controller all right come on what’s a hack which one the wheeler one Claire pull up there we go what
you okay Thanks I could have drowned
we gotta get away he’s still around that guy oh Sid what fuck what let’s go what the fuck is going on damn surprised me with the whole hired
adventure thing and I gotta say it’s a good idea no it was I mean it’s funny I
think it’s funny but I think the guys you hired are taking it a little too far
maybe and don’t be cheap you didn’t feel like paying top dollar and that’s you
get you get these guys that are not cream of the crop they’re taking it a
little too far you know when you get my drift so if you want to feel free to
pull the old plug get rid of these guys I’m with you I mean these guys are
fucking crazy they’re chasing a trap the ship Oh oh hell no oh fuck
hell no start creepy man like don’t ship and I’ll tear our tower oh fuck okay
when you got here we need get the fuck out of here no no oh there it up a sister damn Oh guys hear that I hear music it’s my sink holy shit oh hell no don’t tell me pay
twice the tentacle out he’s here oh no um I feel like it don’t ship pay wise
terror tower what ness Tracy Bowie or ghost face or
Freddy Krueger or chucky the killer doll man this what the war it’s over this
bullshit Wow okay any gonna fuck I hear yes I’m a candle what the fuck holy shit oh fuck should I pick up okay time to get Phalke I hear Laoghaire time get the fuck i here i’ll
thank gosh yeah don’t really take a look behind this door she should well we
gonna fuck out there what did you say yeah I should oh fuck I gotta find something to pry the door
yeah okay we need find something I don’t always go back true very true see whether this is a bottle probably
not much practice with preachy kind of guy what the fuck that’s it
fuck that’s it uh uh you know the fuck no it’s got some nothing door
yeah they try hi god oh shit hell no only shave it
oh hell no oh no oh shit oh my god oh my gosh one holy shit don’t stop she coming oh hell
no oh I’ll sit oh my gosh holy fuck
Oh No there you go oh my gosh ah I mess up our up there we go oh hell no see
down there oh fuck oh sit no no oh shit oh shit climbeth out faster there we go
we’re safe oh no no maybe not go man No go there we are
well shit you may si he said don’t follow us oh no she coming oh sit oh damn start
freaking creepy oh man oh oh Oh No jump oh shit damn if I cut father he’d be
dead Oh he’s here
I saw them both to me anymore yeah area the fall which way what is 3
if you over run do Oh No get it open go-go-go Oh there we go Oh oh my god oh my god maybe he’s gone but don’t thank God
yeah it’s me come on let go Jesus we got it somewhere safe oh damn stop yeah we could hear
I think yeah I think we’ll be all right here it’s my fault I don’t know what said do we can’t stay here you just give me a minute I’ll sit down oh hello things appear to
have taken a turn towards the spiritual wouldn’t you say now you’re one down and
what about Conrad took a step into the unknown I fear too bad have you figured
out what’s going on how to stop it how to save the lives of your poor
unfortunate to stowaways you will know I hope although it seems the ship’s
previous occupants never managed to quite a lot of deaths that night let me
help you out give you a little hint I need some help well then how can I put
this the maybe forces at play here that a more scientific and even some that are
more political you know less supernatural perhaps you’ve started to
realize something everything and everyone may not be quite
what they appear to be I hope that helps well aren’t you excited to find out what
your poor unfortunates are making of all this and how you might avoid any more
unnecessary tragedy go on back to it speak soon Dale this ship must be cursed it’s the only
way we can explain all this evil shit that’s happening down there let’s just
stay calm and relatively sane about this okay what the fuck happened to my
brother someone had to have seen him before he I
saw him I I mean listen I both did right yeah but just for a second I tried to
catch up but he was gone gone where why this this just doesn’t add up
should’ve never split up we should have stuck together this would never have
happened he jumped off the funnel or maybe he fell I don’t know but he was
scared he was terrified he jumped he choked oh my god I’m gonna be sick what
the hell was wrong with you back there Brad you lost your shit like big time
you almost killed me why did he talk come on no no come on that’s ridiculous
this stuff I saw it’s like there were these old soldiers there were bodies
they were dead but then they came alive and that doesn’t sound that crazy right
about now Alex wasn’t the only Alex what are you talking about there were things
walking around with his face on them Alex’s face it was horrifying Julia
I’d never hurt you you know that right no I know it’s just this can’t all be
happening maybe like one thing could but not all of these crazy things it’s too
much of a coincidence there’s got to be something going on here
what can we absolutely be sure about what do we know that’s real well that’s
true am I crazy or are we on a go ship I was gonna say the same thing we found a
note that said a bunch of guys tried to get out of guard duty because they were
really freaked out by something what do you think actually happened to this
place no idea I saw 1947 on the newspaper this whole place reeks of
weird dirty stinky weird and I don’t like it it’s like this place is stuck in
a perpetual bad feeling machine well it’s true what happened to everybody on
this ship where did they all go I can’t shake the feeling where and want a big
floating coffin so where’d all the corpses come from they actually look
like they’ve been scared to death we know more than we did before
that’s something at least we’re wasting time
whatever we do we have to do it now time to get off the ship we’re not going
anywhere without the distributor cap the dupe needs it to run hold on this ship’s
gotta have a radio if we can find anything use it that’s
great but do you think it still works just need to find a way up there well
true all right so we lost one person damn
ship oh shit up Julie um father speaking clinically totally effed damn if it says shotgun shell I know it
sounds crazy but maybe it was these guns that took down the plane from our dive
oh no what is don’t know all right wait for me damn I almost like morning –
I said like 3:30 – am damn great could he use these if they weren’t
swiss-cheesed true a very true this game said freaking
scary in whore I find a way up sadly no but I’ll keep
my eyes open I need check Oh got something all right when he finds some way that we
have this arm ship anyway to go through here Hey a little help over here I think this is our way up give me a
listen okay hmmm I’ll pull you up cool all right so if I go up here it’s a very old ship very ol girl ship
he this is where she’s gone right before – here over here got away through here all right damn alright so we go this way town pal pitcher damn you guys saw Sasha who something’s wrong here if you were
headed to San Francisco you’d be crazy to take this route it’s almost like they
didn’t want anyone to know they were coming like I didn’t seek out in the
ocean true alright let’s check right here nothing cloud cover was bad they couldn’t
establish your position damn I’m in check this right see this I found it you no freakin way this
thing actually still works well radio science hasn’t changed much in seven
years as long as there’s power I’ll give it a whirl
yeah that’s right military battery yeah so that’s right Hey help we’re a little freighter our location is
12 degrees 30 minutes South 151 degrees 20 minutes west please get here now we
need help hello hello is anyone out there
please come in fuck Oh No Hey this has got to lead somewhere maybe we
can find a way to get the power back we need to get that radio working I think
someone should wait here in case a message comes through I’ll go obviously
I can do this I should be the one to go No hey if you’re sure you’re up for it I
believe you got it bro I’m coming too Hey what Julian no no my bodyguard I can
take care of myself whoa whoa if Julia says she can handle
it she can handle it case closed okay Julia it’s you and I oh damn we’re
them going die Ness any broken bones everything still work
everyone okay we’re okay what are we gonna do we’re gonna have to find the
generator if we can get it started we can power up the radio okay well what
you’d hear by the radio okay Hey after you what fuck that shit
hell no hell no man amen back up from it okay all right on the checksum or some sort
of altercation Wow let’s see about this one no this game is
very awesome I like it I like it guys so says the girl who couldn’t wait to dive
a rack damn oh Jesus oh man I know where yet this where me
it’s like um waking up it got killed IRA go this way what here come check this out look down
there looks like the engine good place to find
the generator right to well I was broken off here
I think I can just wait her are you okay yeah oh good
just come down yeah I catch her all right nope
what’s that bad it was did you see it um hello
okay okay um okay so hot so I’m seeing things but you’re not yeah I think we’re
all going crazy I think it might be from that fog why would the fog make us go
crazy that fog is fucking with our heads maybe that’s what happened here in the
first place why there’s nobody left on the ship this couldn’t have anything to
do with the plane wreck we dived I mean maybe there was a connection maybe they
make contact it’s a theory I guess Oh God
alright let’s get going yes we need get out here
by AJ we’re fast see dry clothes where is it we’re two freakin generator I tried this way look at this the rebreather the fisherman was spotted over from the
Duke of Milan you think it still works looks like it’s got a little juice left
maybe a couple of minutes should we bring it with us I mean it’s heavy it’s
just gonna slow us down true yeah fuck it dead weight true stop Lee
stated that based on what they’re them tiger to man to deal about as well just
rhetorical cell economy I don’t fantasize gentle man he could he
could one people some obd2 filming that joy there is oh damn I’ll shit Magnus they would be a movin god damn it there’s no use hiding you little slut what’s the problem with sharing all that
pool there must be plenty of that to go around more than enough and we’re all in
this together right trying to get me out of the deep Oh No run oh damn oh yeah totally I mean these
doors were meant to withstand all her stuff Oh No turn around okay all right not changing it none of
that raise your hands up okay I said Lord changing please
we’ve got no problem with you we just want to get out of here please I’m sorry
but if you’re breathing then you talk about of a choice in the matter you
don’t got to say but again it’s all good changing on me
what what’s changing stay away stay back from the mist what there’s no miss man
all shit don’t break the mist why can’t we beat the misty what does it
do its life bringing things to life that shouldn’t be alive since I know you’d
side with us now please just calm down stop stop
you feel one of us isn’t it put the gun down now I wish you said it
why you telling me what to do yeah you put it in the mist it’s
happening I can feel it okay all right look there wasn’t
something back there maybe a mist or fog maybe
what did you breather did well yeah I mean you sure we all breathe
in a little bit but oh shit they’re part choice we by the radio why I’m gonna check the
next level there might be some more deer down there we can use I’m not going far
just wait by the radio oh fuck Wow all right guys so it goes up right
here so thank you for watching oh man uh Nadine I’ll rape you Shea
don’t forget it put the like subscribe comment sir thank for check out my
channel just come or fight alright guys see ya

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