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Man Overboard On Carnival Cruise What Are His Chances for Survival?

Man Overboard On Carnival Cruise What Are His Chances for Survival?

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love it I appreciate it so much that you follow me all the time hi you guys doing
welcome back to prime time Tuesday night I was just reading up on this story and
that’s why I’m off right now on my timing here I was just reading about
this story about the overboard that we had today as a 50 year old gentleman
that’s been reported overboard from a cruise ship and I believe it’s a
carnival cruise if I’m not mistaken like correct me if I’m wrong here and you
know they have to do their thing anyway I was just reading up about over boards
just as a thing of general knowledge and it’s gonna tell you about what what the
stats are well what the trends are any well get to that minute so what we’ll
get there we do know 13 are here and they’re still coming in fantastic let’s
see was here with Wes Morrison started off by saying I bring on trivia I’m
ready ready brucey boy you just throw me trivia all you want I’m ready to go okay
Stephen bean big bad Bruce Stephen beat hey Paul will Gus hey Bruce and all
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hi everyone hello Bruce trivia trivia trivia
yeah I’m Wilson hey everybody what happened yeah listen I miss anything you just missed Bruce getting his act
together and setting up the 8 o’clock show about four hours ago he didn’t do
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Gregory Hartman yeh tribute I’m glad to be back Gregory how you doing pal Debbie
Manuel hi cam just started here steamy bean passenger went overboard cam
Wilson thanks Debbie cam Wilson Oh Jane Peters uh uh a-all auntie Jane here
lunchtime yeah might have a chance against bean if only seven are here 21
now there’s 21 Jane and they’re climbing Gregory Hartman just saw a video by
Dawn’s family adventures and had more about the many suing Carnival Wow bad
carnal there you go I cam Wilson Oh auntie Jane Gregor hurt man mad man not
many the man suing the line that’s right I see keeper I Bruce and all trivia a
lot of damn Wilson why are they suing carnival I’ll get that Jane Peters hola
him just to see how you first during Hartman Asian man was accused of
exposing himself to a little girl but had the wrong guy and was trying to get
him to confess they held him for over ninety minutes that’s right there was an
Asian gentleman who was in his cabin I told the story earlier so if you heard
it forgive me and knock on the door in his can opens the door and there’s a
passenger there’s a gentleman there he’s kind of angry and he’s big and he says
you creep but he starts accusing this poor guy who answered the door that he
had exposed himself for this man’s nine-year-old daughter he was 9 year old
uh and the guys going what are you talking about I’m here with my boy my
own show anyway the guy put him up against the wall I think he was about
the way a lot of when I think the gentleman got through to this guy why
don’t we call security baby maybe they could solve this mystery
so the gentleman calls security from his own cabin right there and security comes
in they listen to the story and they take the gentleman away the two of them
they off they go and it turns out that the security guards they they believe
the they believe the guy the accuser they think
kusers telling the truth and that the accusers figured out who this guy was
and cuz the daughter gave him a description of what he looked like and
the gentleman is gonna I’m not the guy I’m sorry I’m just not the guy they and
then the security guard say well we have video evidence that you did it we’ve got
you on tape you you’re done for you didn’t it
so they show him the tape of him supposedly doing this it’s not him the
gentleman on the video has tattoos all over his arms and the gentleman that
they’ve taken in and held for 90 minutes and coercing their saying to him why
don’t you just confess and make it easy on everybody
yeah and he’s going notice me I have no tattoos
oh no he does have two Z’s the gentleman has that is the accuser the guy didn’t
have tattoos the guy doing the molesting he didn’t have tattoos on his arms but
they’re both Asian there you go there was just a boy you’re Asian you gotta be
the guy so they you know the father of course is claiming innocent mistake you
know in a rage obviously but security guys after 90 minutes they finally let
him go and I mean he was pretty shaken up about
it to say the least um and they were threatening him with all kinds of legal
action and you’re going to jail for a long time and bla bla bla bla bla you
bum but other than that anyway they offered the the cruise line offered the
gentleman that was accused of this event a free specialty dinner you know to make
up for it you know I’m sorry here’s a specialty dinner it’s all forgiven right
no he’s gone to his lawyer on shorey the cruise is over he’s gone to his lawyer
they’re suing for a hundred thousand dollars to start and costs there they’re
outraged absolutely outraged absolutely unbelievable I don’t know if they ever
cut the guy I don’t know ever don’t arrest the story hey so this guy’s suing
or threatening to sue and whatever and that’s the deal there and like I said
they held him for over ninety minutes so there you go that’s the story on that
one ray bond is here what about the revamp on Independence of the Seas what
about the route the revamp on the independent ribbon did you see my video
on that I hope you did I just posted it last week I think and showed a bunch of
photos of what it’s looking like now and Allah
they did a pretty good job I think on the independence of the Seas a major
revamp but what they didn’t say what they kind of you know kept quiet was
that they were bragging about all the new amenities on the ship and there are
there are new amenities up on the ship they redid the wave running English the
wave riding machine that’s served simular they redid that it looks pretty
nice they they built a huge water park with
these water slides they go right over the side of the ship even then really
cool great job they did a waterpark splash park for the kids on the other
side of the funnel in the back they moved the mini-golf to another location
on the on the cruise on the top deck but they added 105 rooms under two rooms to
the ship overall most of which are interior rooms although about 40 or so
42 are ocean view rooms where the the Fitness Club used to be the the the
treadmills and the bikes and the stair steppers used to be on a 270-degree
upper level of the top deck with the windows looking all around and they they
took all that equipment out of there and they put rooms there so each room has a
view from like 15 levels up on the ship over the front of the ship and over to
the side of the ship and of course now they’re getting top
dollar for those rooms but the problem will not the problem with theirs but the
reality is that the the workout room now you don’t have a review anymore you can
stand on a treadmill and working but you’re in an inside location with no
outside view whatsoever so though that’s gone because the cruise line figured out
hey 102 rooms with upwards of four people a cabin you know families with
kids that’s potentially 400 plus people more per cruise that we have capacity
for uh and we’ve got 4,000 something now we just boosted capacity by 10% they
didn’t talk about that on the major plan of the ship they talked about the bungee
the bungee cord trampoline ride at the back with virtual reality glasses that
you can jump on the waterpark and the revamped surfing
machine they talked all about that very quiet about taking away space the
per these were a cup of concierge areas on the inside of the ship for a number
of the higher-end passengers those have been ripped out replaced with interior
rooms more rooms so they’re taking away public space and putting in more more
rooms instead and not mentioning they don’t mention that the ship looks great
people love the ship it’s a uk-based liner most of the time out of
Southampton and I did a video on that whole deal and if you had a chance check
it out it’s had a lot of views and I have to admit I’ve had a lot of use from
Great Britain from the UK on that video and you know if anyone is here watching
the UK welcome to that Channel and the show raehwan I hope you’re I hope you’re
new because I don’t recognize your name and I hope I answered your questions
mate do you have any other questions just let me know
Gregory uh only offered specialty dining that’s right that guy who was accused
it’s just not for me here’s a free meal no hard feelings go eat yeah I was
almost gonna spend 20 years in jail all these guys are gonna prosecute me to the
fullest extent of law and this man his father was gonna be on the stand
pointing at me in the courtroom he did it oh yeah this guy you have a bite to
eat oh yeah oh and I would beat for a week Gail Wilson Bo I be like I would I
would have been so mad like yeah I think this guy is mad he’s gone to a lawyer
he’s letting the lawyer be mad for him Wayne why not
Steven bean seems a lot of odd crews news in the past few years someone from
Carnival of the biggest cruise line in the world uh you know that the odds are
you know when you got the most ships and you’re offering the cheapest cruises
you’re gonna get the most interesting people sometimes great Hartman the only
reason why the father showed up at the guys cabin is because when they were
showing pictures to the mother she picked up the guy from his cruise card
and showed his room number which which see which she told her husband and the
carnal messed up to showing personal oh yeah this is a
complete disaster and Carnival is saying oh no we did nothing wrong
well we did nothing wrong we did everything by the book oh yeah yeah
problems problems problems yeah most night George your video on the Carnival
rising today tubers so oh thank you that was kind of fun to do I hope you guys
get a chance to check that one out I did that video earlier this afternoon check
it out look it over Raymond do you know how about the rules of vaping or vaping
on a cruise ship Ray Vaughn I don’t know the you know the rules per se because I
got to tell you this every Cruise Line is different so you know you get
Carnival Royal Caribbean Norwegian and then the sub lines and sometimes it’s
it’s the logistics of the ship that allows smoking rooms or vaping areas and
spots a lot of the ships that have been built like five 10 years ago and back
definitely would have smoking would have had smoking rooms or areas allow allowed
to smoke and I’m gonna have to say Ramon if you’re planning on a cruise you’re
thinking of a cruise you’re gonna want to probably go to the website of the
cruise line that you’re thinking of you know taking cruise with and then look at
frequently asked questions and you’ll probably find information about smoking
there because it is almost a ship by ship or at least a line-by-line policy
and they differ some are accommodating some are not and you want to be careful
not to be breaking any rules anywhere because if you do and you get caught it
can be bad I did read something I think was this morning or yesterday afternoon
about a gentleman who one he was smoking a cigarette now that he wasn’t baby but
he was smoking a cigarette on his balcony and a passenger next door or
above or below one of them you know somewhere around that balcony someone
reported this guy and he got a knock on the door and it was the cruise line
people the staff and they he admitted that he was smoking and they find him
250 bucks this added it to his account the next day he was smoking again
and there was a knock on the door second time and the cruise line find him
another two fifteen he protested he thought hey I already paid the fine III
you already charged me the two fifty we’re done now
they go no no no it’s per instance it’s not like for the cruise and now you can
smoke all you want no no every time we catch you and this is the cruise line
being nice to this guy because technically they gotta kick them off
they could have packed his bags and had him escorted off the ship at the next
port of call because if you read the fine print and none of us read the fine
print they can kick you off for any reason they could have they could have
literally put him in a brig downstairs like in their little Jail uh without
cigarettes or left him in his cabin and made sure there were no cigarettes in
the cabin I locked him in and then told him be packed because we’re we’re in
Cozumel tomorrow or we’re in Barcelona it’s more aware of the cruises happening
and you’re getting off the ship you’re gone buddy you’re out of here
it could be that sir so be careful ring a Mon chick with the cruise line I don’t
want to scare you up but check with the cruise line on just on the website and
under frequently asked questions or under search you can ask for both vaping
or smoking policy and they’ll look the bill there hopefully we’ll clear that up
for you Jane Peters oh no no poor man Gregory Hartman same as smoking sections
dizzy Wagner hello Bruce and all just leaving work now so late but going to
listen to trivia and yell out my guess is in that car you’re not I’m plan and
you’re not stopping I’m getting these answers right that’s all let’s do it
right on dizzy of Gregory Hartman now I have big in other areas on the sides but
made sure no one was around yeah I’ll be careful
the Gregory be careful there are vigilantes out there who look for guys
like you it’s terrible Jane Peters laugh at all I do that does he do he listens
to me okay can’t participate but she’s yelling at the screen of the be answered
you and I’m glad I’m not alone Jane drive safe dizzy Lou they be saying
loves to travel hi I’m here hi there I love to travel we got 31 viewers now
loves to travel I’m here from Kansas Jane Peters is laughing
desi Wagner last thing but or before I start driving Tokyo my answer is Tokyo
I’m going with Tokyo let me see if you got one right tonight
nope you haven’t got one right Tokyo is not even on the board to me Jane Peters
hi loves to travel rayvon do you know about the role about
fighting on a cruise ship do you know about the rule do I know about the rule
about my I do not I do not know about the rule about biting it’s not in my top
ten of important matters to worry about but if any if anyone does please let me
know but I don’t know about the biting rule Traci Dunlap watched your Carnival
rising video looks great thinking about booking for October the ship does look
great then it yeah it looks fantastic Raymond I have booked the cruise with
piano I’m going to Norway on the 12th of August well done Raymond that should be
awesome on Britannia is this your first cruise it’s the first time you’re gonna
be on a cruise ship let let us know this fantastic Grima
Cam Wilson laugh out loud exactly the steamy bean the brig wonder what it
looks like I don’t know and Jordan hey everybody congrats Bruce on mm
rubies awesome trivia trivia go Kia Ora on TJ subs thanks unsub’s not Ruby’s
subbies thanks and Jordan so much steamy bean I have heard that fighting will
have people tossed off ship yeah eventually yeah my 11th cruise
reminiscing it’s my 11th cruise fantastic rave on that’s that’s awesome
I was looking at some some cruises just for this channel I don’t know if you
know how long you’ve been watching me on my shows but as I suspect this is your
first time here correct me if I’m wrong but I was I was commenting about last
week some time about some deals like some real good cruise deals and at first
I was looking for last-minute crew steals which I like to do from time to
time and I happen to notice some cruises for like June and into July the British
Isles and like from Hamburg or Copenhagen up towards the Norway over to
Scotland over to to Iceland back bypassed England and back to to
Copenhagen or Humber and found some really good deals really decent price
deals might be inside rooms but the price was right you could eat the amount
of food that they were charging it for the whole groups it was that good of a
deal so I was enjoying joining that as something on my bucket list that I want
to do hopefully next year so that would be fantastic seem I mean how many
cruises have you guys been on hey everybody tell tell Stephen be know any
cruise even on loves to travel my computer went wacko oh no loves to
travel reload and come back camels in 22 days until my next cruise on the
Carnival sensation I am so excited it’s the only thing I have to look forward to
in life at the moment cam the other thing has got to be my show come on
alright come on I’m on six days a week man help me out here Stephen being which number for you cam
I cam Wilson sadly only my fifth Raven I paid 1,300 from my cruise UK pounds and
that includes transport to Southampton how long was this trip Raven did you
already tell me how long your trip was I forgive me if I’m not looking properly
uh no I don’t see how long that ship is and this Timmy beam great Lisa Moore I
take a lot of fixed on a camel s’en yeah when you go on your trip can take a lot
of photos and let us know how it goes yeah rave on how long is your cruise
1,300 is that I’m assuming that’s pounds yeah what’s the laughs a lot you’re
right Bruce and cruise the cruise and seeing Bruce every day he keeps me
hanging on by a thread I see me being saying this July will be my third cruise
right on steamer camels and you do make life better well thank you you know I
got a critical comment last night where apparently I don’t make someone’s life
better I totally did I just didn’t wanna read any more rave on one week so it’s
that’s a bit of money that’s a bit of money for that cruise but I hope you
have a good one to let us know tell us how it went would be dying to dying to
know if you can watch us live when you’re on the ship even better because
we have people sometimes do that but over here in North America I understand
the time difference you don’t have say you can always talk to us after you get
back let us know how it go see keeper forty
and Counting I always need a cruise 47 cruises and Counting and he’s so
addicted he needs another I love this guy Gamelin I will by the way do you
guys just put your phones on airplane mode when you’re on a cruise I turn it
off and put it in the safe I tell you I take my phone and turn it off and put it
in the safe the only time I use it is what I’m going
on shore I go on to shore and I’m on airplane mode for safety sake of course
and then I’ll get to a Starbucks and then I’ll try to go on Wi-Fi there and
use it as a little you know text or email machine or whatever but yeah check
with your pro phone provider if you’re thinking of using your phone at all
check with your phone provider and free go online probably you might be able to
get an international deal there might be some form plans available for Floridians
who go on cruises because a lot of a Floridian based cell phone providers
they know that their clientele go on cruise ships so there might be something
that you can take a look at steamy bean see keeper I am jealous Raylan I will
send some photos into you if you could give me an email address or something
I’ve got a Facebook page and I’ve got a I’ve got a Twitter account handle I’m
just thinking about how I can do that for you if you go to let me just double
check hey I’ll tell you what I’ll do at the end of this show Raymont I’ll put my
email address in the description below this this show so after I’m off the air
gave me about a half an hour or check tomorrow and you’ll see on the
description of this video down below I’ll have my email address there okay
and then you can just send me there’s send me stuff on email that’d be great
fantastic Diane Sanders is here cruising pride of America Hawaiian Islands next
April I’ll be interesting seeing aftermath of the volcano yes indeed it
is active these days isn’t it lots of changes on that island and yeah it’s
getting dicey for some of these areas apparently they have a GMO geothermal
plant there that produces electricity from the heat and it’s getting too close
the lava flow on the surface is getting a little too close they’ve got people
after there right now so hopefully won’t destroy that plant but we don’t know
we’ll have to see if they if it does like to build another one just a further
away and you know from scratch here we go again but that’s the way it is Mother
Nature she rules semen bean see keeper is married though no free cruises for me
uh yeah steamer you might be in trouble area although although steamer steamer a
sea keeper does screw sometimes my himself but I don’t know if you can talk
him into it I think he has a buddy he goes cruising look you might be in line
you might be behind the camera Muslim I am leaves my phone for pictures on
cruises other than that I put mine up as well there you go that’s what I would do
with my night I’d be using this video and photos for sure Debbie Manuel a me
to cam and the only thing that could make it better is getting Bruce to do an
additional show on Sundays laugh out loud so you can hang on between cruises
Bruce if you wouldn’t mind would you mind going on the air seven days a week
and maybe twice a day fourteen times a day a week that would really help us so
we’re addicted man we need this I don’t know what I talked to you about my
favorite color i ck where my phone stays in the car so there boom right there
here you go see keeper well done askew part hydras its sq at Thunder Bay
Ontario it’s 18 Celsius sunny and warm here been nice for the last few days
finally finally finally it’s been a while for you hasn’t it it’s great to
have that Lisa more I put my phone on airplane mode and turn on the ship Wi-Fi
there you go and Jordan two hundred two days until ovation of the Seas ten days
round-trip Sydney uh Sydney to NZ New Zealand looking forward to it
it’s gonna be fantastic Oh auntie Jane is gonna be just salivating knowing that
you’re there that’s fantastic at Pacey Donald I’ve
been on quite a few cruises try or three a year at least
but but couldn’t you tell how many offhand anyway could can you tell you
know how I think that I end of this stuff I need this I need these cruises
man see keeper I bring my GPS for my for my log and reading material in my tablet
there ya go Raymond I went to America and used my
phone and it cost me 150 pounds yeah the certain countries you go into nine
states or another it’s just a ripoff how much we have to pay it’s ridiculous
Raymond it’s almost cheaper for you to come to the United States without a
phone buy a cell phone and as a pay-as-you-go kind of thing it might be
a hundred bucks or whatever 50 bucks 80 bucks 100 bucks and then throwing it all
away well you know don’t use it anymore whatever I don’t know see me being
wondering if there’s a way to use my phone for a Wi-Fi but keeping the phone
off well you can go to like I say airplane mode and you can have the Wi-Fi
on there might be a way but again depends on the model of your phone
steamer and you want to check with your phone provider what you can it cannot do
when you’re out of the country Tracy don’t look though though don’t think
I’ve been on as many a/c keeper Jay sonic I Bruce and guys do sonic several
material well there you go this is the phone thing overseas is a tricky little
one to navigate and for a lot of us the best thing to do is a shut the damn
thing off and leave it in the safe on the cruise and just don’t use it at all
if you can and avoid the entire issue what are you gonna do yeah so tonight I
was just saying earlier as we started off today I was talking about this
gentleman that went overboard he’s 50 years old from Greensboro said North
Carolina South Carolina I believe that’s raised from unless it’s off the coast of
anyway here’s some stats for you on overboard this is just generic stuff the
average age of an over boarder is 41 the vast majority of over boards are nails
it’s the guy’s most over boards occur on the final night of a cruise heading back
most incidents or reasons for over boards are the individual was drunker
than a skunk drunk out of their mind on medication illegal or otherwise and were
just doped up to no end or they were a victim and this is such the word of
tomfoolery yeah yeah I can I don’t have to go in the hallway and go to my
neighbor neighbor’s cabin a knock on the door I can just go out the balcony climb
on the railing and go over to Israeli and then coming on through his
door and say I there um foolery as they say they thought they could hold on for
a lot longer than they did and they couldn’t hold on long enough to be
rescued by someone to grab them and get them back survival rate uh 22 percent
you drop into the water it’s a 78 percent chance you’re done in for you’re
gone the longest survivor at sea in the water ever recovered alive is Clifford
Thomas thank you so much 18 hours the longest survivor at sea 18
hours and that had to have been in warm waters obviously 80s something that’s a
staggering number that that’s incredible 18 hours now if you’re in salt water and
you’re a buoyant person you know you’d like me one biscuit sort of something
you might make it uh Clifford Thomas just sent me 40 American dollars on on
PayPal thank you so so much thank you very much that’s fantastic some of you
guys just shocked me I I just I’m just overwhelmed by it I appreciate all
donations to this channel as you know what bet criticized on that last night
from somebody else but I really appreciate it it helps yeah if you go
overboard it’s not good you know if you are intending on going overboard to you
know end it all 78% chance yeah crew members are supposed to wear a I think a
lanyard or some kind of thing around their necks that have a distress homing
system in there like a little chip and it’s supposed to notify the ship if
someone hits the water and then it’s supposed to notify the ship where they
are in in the water because some the rule for a cruise ship or any commercial
vessel at sea is if they are aware of someone going overboard and that means
they get a report on the bridge from they’re a passenger or a passenger told
a crewmember that told the bridge the cruise ship by law see my maritime law
must stop turn around and go back to the point of the report or where there was a
sighting if there was a sighting and do a search or the passer but the cruise
ship must take into account currents and wind direction as well because the water
at the surface is affected by the winds currents can affect it and if a ship
takes an hour I don’t have to get back to where it was where you jumped off you
could be one and a half hours away from that spot according to wind direction or
or current movement now in the Gulf of Mexico we’re talking about a 1:1 and
mile an hour current or one and a half mile an hour and I’m sure what it is it
varies depending on the depth of the ocean and so the captain then the
navigator they got to figure out where could this bobbing person be by now if
this person is still bobbing in the water and if it’s at night all goodness
it’s bad news if it’s in the daytime you got a chance that maybe see an arm will
help me if the person wants to be found so if the cruise ship does not turn
around and go back to the point of the report they could be held liable for the
person jumping overboard they are contributing to the unsurvivable ‘ti of
that individual and that that means the lawyers for the estate of whoever jumped
overboard or however that person ended up overboard may sue the cruise line and
win in court because the cruise ship did not go back and did not report the
incident the cruise line must report the incident to the nearest Coast Guard they
must report the incident to their country where they are flagged so if the
ship is a Bahamian flag ship or a Panamanian flag ship they must report
the incident to their port authorities where the ship is actually licensed and
flagged from and that way it’s on the record it’s
official from the captain and the captain signs that document
he is attesting to the fact that a we were given a report at such a such a
time but such as such an individual either passenger or crew member rank
this is the location where we got the report this is the the time location by
the time we we found out it was already 8 minutes after the incident 15 minutes
out the incident we stopped the engine that we turn the ship around and took us
exactly so many minutes to get back to that point and then we commence search
operations for one hour two hours three hours and they then report the grid area
that they’re searching in that they will do a search for they will call out to
other vessels in the area if there are any and other vessels may come in a
system if you’re close enough to shore you may get assistance from the nearby
Coast Guard you may not you may get a helicopter crew but if you’re too far
out you won’t and that’s how over boards are treated they’re serious they do
happen but lately haven’t we been hearing about more lately than not hmm
so interesting stuff anyway there you go let’s see what the other comments are
going on here Tracy Dunlop don’t things we never see Q Bert hi Bruce and got
okay doll right Jimmy has a Samsung seven again I which Beck with your form
provider with that it’s nice fun I think so JSON ik not from Montreal right now
where’s are you and main buddy Stephen bean anyone traveling in July J sonic
moody main here yep you are and Jordan got I get a travel SIM card airplane
mode never use my phone ever prepaid sim always very well done hand very smart 55
McCauley right now Jay sonic is saying in main cam Wilson Greensboro North
Carolina yeah I’m not sure myself Jay sonic moody by the way is an area
between ogen Oh goon quit and wells if I can pronounce that in any way near Jim
Thomas a Clifford Thomas is Jim Clifford Thomas is yeah hey thank you
Jim Thomas Clifford Thompson thank you so much everyone has this is awesome
stuff thank you for the contribution greatly appreciated Raymond I’m going to
get in free calls when I go to Norway because of it being in the you the EU
the I cannot European Union interesting remark yeah different rules over there
for you guys than for us for sure Debbie Manuel hello Clifford JT Thomas
how generous a Steph Kate hello from st. Jean sue Rishi lo Quebec Steph K how you
doing what a great name for a town Wow although you know it’s a great name
unless you have to write it out all the time or you have to fill out those forms
on the internet all the time you have the type type type that but what a nice
handle that is San John really love it is a sonic hedgehog hi Steph Jim Thomas
Andrew and hey Debbie rave on and when I go on my cruise I will do a live stream
and hopefully you can join eight there we go rave on that’s cool
Debbie Manuel hi Anne hope all is well J Sonic I am origin for Montreal Steph I’m
in Maine right now and Jordan all is good have fun on the Bliss hi Deb from
Jim Steve me mean what do you do in Maine what do you do in Maine I mean
come on what’s the doing me Steph Kate hi Jay sonic where are you in from in
Montreal Debbie manual oh thank you and I cannot wait J sonic
TSP I am just having a vacation right now LaSalle he’s analyst al suburb macho
Raymond I will do a live stream hopefully you can join fantastic when I
go away on Holi Raymond let me know and Jordan Ghana
Ghana tell us all how it looks and sounds amazing and Ray Vaughn is
thinking of doing on the cruise ship I think it’s a great idea Tommy even
better late than never let’s see Steph can I have family in the
cell I am actually going to sell tomorrow for an event how about that Jason I think that’s pretty cool Jim
Tom’s hi all hope you’re all having a great day today we are I’m getting ready
for trivia here Cam Wilson all a JT cam Wilson hola desi I think I missed your
last show Debbie Manuel I report like crazy on the ship sure won’t be able to
shut me up ha ha how many cruises have you been on I’ve been on six or seven
now and ocean cruising ocean liner a couple of times
across the Atlantic or is it child Jim Thomas or like am steamy beam I’m in
Montreal and early July to watch Ottawa play Montreal and football Richard C
hello Bruce the man overboard is a goner oh I it was of the odds 78%
Donner 22% found a lot of folks who are found are not in good shape
they’re in really rough shape when they’re fine steaming being richer see
he would have had to be he would have had to be okay let’s play some trivia I
got three trivia questions for you tonight here’s the deal you give me an
answer on the phone even on your device just one answer per entry so so if I ask
for countries that do this don’t give me five countries and what answer just one
at a time gives everybody a chance to put in an
answer these are these are multiple correct answers here we’ll see how much
fun we can have here let’s see a Vicki Vicki bow is that how do I pronounce
that bow bow ich baw IEC how do I pronounce that Vicki I know how to
pronounce that hi I like it Joe thank you for coming by and glad you’re here
if it’s your first time welcome if you’ve been here before
welcome back but I hope it’s your first time ah steam you mean hey Richard C
Diane Sanders dumb question do I have to put the iPhone in airplane mode around
Hawaiian Islands technically it’s USA Diane I’m gonna tell you and my first
answer is I don’t think so but is my real answer
check with your telephone provider because it depends on the plan you have
where in the US you’ve got your phone where are you what’s your home market
you want a double check on this one don’t get waylaid by this yeah
definitely check with your provider online I’m sure you can find it through
your account or the you know their helpline if you can ever get through to
these people it’s so funny how you can’t get through to a telephone company on a
telephone sometimes askew part Tokyo oh yeah answer is Tokyo I I’m Maria Hanny
of everybody tonight there is no Tokyo for an answer so sorry not working this
time you guys see me being hey hey there is a Vicky on The Love Boat
there was a Vicki on a lot more how about fancy Vicky you’re famous already
we love it you know welcome welcome to the show all right we’re gonna play
trivia Vicky and everybody else I’m gonna read off a question here and you
guys can type in an answer and I’ll tell you if you’re right
not and I’ll tell you how many we gotta get and how long how far along getting
on this steel and let’s see how we can do on our trivia tonight should be kind
of fun buuck Vicky Bullock Thank You Vicky I
will try to remember to pronounce that correctly every time that’s fantastic
Jay Sonic Steph shoot me an email okay there’s his
answer there’s email address posting it to the world
all right um let’s start off with this one here even I had trouble with this
one when I first tried it and that’s why I’m gonna give it to you tell me the
world’s biggest coffee drinkers on a per person consumption basis the country
where people drink the most coffee per person I’m kind of curious to see how
you’ll do on this one I’ve got this is the top 10 top 10 countries coffee
drinkers in the world who’s addicted to that caffeine swill let’s see what’s
going on askew Park is thinking well of course
England they’re famous for coffee Twinings Earl Grey all those coffees no
sorry Eskew England does not cut it the UK did not make the top ten sorry this
is on a per person basis not as a country so you can’t just say shine
knickers there’s a billion people no it’s on a per person basis Steph Kate
how about Italy what about what about Italy no not on the list
steamin mean how about Norway well how about that
number two country is Norway well done and Jordan the United States of America
u.s.a and I say no no way not in the top ten
can you imagine that you know buddies Starbucks we have Dunkin Donuts
McDonald’s where you can get coffee 24/7 7-elevens Sonic’s every gas station
we’re not in the top ten or we you are not in the top then I’m in Canada
Tracy how about Cuba good you know you think about that tropical you know Cuba
there they’re not coffee drinkers on a scale to be measured in the top 10 P
Massey’s think in USA – sorry P Massey didn’t make it a steam in bean
what about Finland yeah number one country in the world is Finland
Tommy eaten what about Colombia they grow the stuff there right they grow it
they’re not on the list Colombia not on the list yet they grow
it there what about Italy Brazil and Greece what about that let me just
double check my answers here make sure I’ve missed anybody Italy Brazil and
Greece Italy Italy definitely not Brazil no grease no none of them are on the
list Colombia no USA no Brazil no json APA of any of you good people shoot me
an email even you Bruce Thank You Jay Sonic
Vicky England notes re a Diane Sanders Japan how about Japan the Japanese
coffee drinkers nope they are not not on this list anyway not in the top 10 see
me being Canada Canadians we could Timmy Hortons right we got all this Timmy
Ortiz no can it’s not in the list there I know people have you know 2 3 cups of
coffee a day not on the list not drinking enough
Debbie Manuel Italy nope rayvon USA nope askew part Brazil no see keeper Italy no
Tracy Dunlop Italy no steamy be news England New Zealand no Tracy Dunlop
Argentina nope how about a u.s. and Jordans thinking oz you got it you gotta
help me here is this Austria Australia I need help Diane Sanders China no
Dominican Republic J sonic hedgehog Dominican Republic coffee drinkers know
Gregory Hartman France what about France no and that’s a shock
to me I couldn’t believe it Wes Morrison Turkey Turkish coffee
hey and that does sound right here not in the top 10 mm Peru no Brazil no
Iceland Iceland Iceland yes 10 in the world for a coffee consumption Iceland
on a per person basis yes Saudi Arabia nope Colombia nope
Debbie Manuel uh what the hey not USA what the hey not USA Russia no steamy
bean Belgium what about Belgium yes eighth most on
the number eight position Chile from steaming me Chile no Greece Mexico no
and no again Cuba no sorry Billy Fontaine not Cuba keep guessing
Iceland just made it South Africa not on the less Tracy della would never have
thought never number one country in the world coffee drinkers are Finn’s Finn’s
it’s the Finns uh rave on how about Asia forget countries let’s just go with the
region’s sorry rave on you gotta give me country you can’t give me like the
continent but it covers a lot of countries I’ll grant you that
and well done see keeper Turkey no a steamy bean Egypt Egypt no not Egypt
Russia Diane Sanders no Burkina Faso Richard seat no p mass e how about
Argentina yeah no nope not Argentina Lebanon from
the steaming bean no Dominican Billy Fontaine no Tommy heat in Ireland for
Irish coffee what about Ireland for Irish coffee no
doesn’t make the list either Austria the steaming bean is going with Austria nope
and Jordan how about Australia then if it’s not Oscar it’s Australia and I’m
saying neither no not either one of those rayvon Finland Finland is the
number one country we already got it what about Germany steamin bean anyone
think about G minute journey yeah Germany number six
Germans are number six copy consumers in the world on a per person basis steam
and bean is going for Spain not on the list
Iceland Raymont we’ve got Iceland already a steaming bean Portugal
what about Portugal nope Indonesia p mass e is thinking Indonesia that’s you
know big country now ain’t no no good Spain no good Bolivia nope Morocco no
good France no good Mauritania nope Singapore no Poland woolen no Mexico no
India no Peru no Egypt no steaming bean the steamy bean has scored three of the
top ten mwah Netherlands West more some Netherlands
yes sixth largest coffee consumers in the
world the Netherlands Taiwan from Steam and bean I want no Pakistan no not Texas
I think they drink tea over there JSON EHR Turkey IV get to the light chocolate
bar yummy gelatin in the middle thank you for the commentary uh and thank you
for the description of that delicious treat however Turkey is not on the list
I’m sorry Steven bean Russia no Malaysia 4sq part no steamin Beamen czech
republic how caught the Czech Republic they gotta be out there not on the list
no sweet dizzy Wagner yeah number three country Sweden coffee drinkers steam and
bean Poland no Billy Fontaine Japan no Tommy how about Antarctica it’s cold
down there huh they stay warm all the time there’s not that many of them if
they drink ten cups are there don’t you think that you know no and I’ll get
doesn’t count as a country it might might work and is stopped then but they
don’t measure it we don’t know it’s not a country Kazakhstan Richard see how
about Kazakhstan no Diane Sanders okay I’m covered my bases how about North or
South Korea any any or both neither or neither how about them apples
Philippines does he ragnar no Zimbabwe J sonic hedgehog nope Diane Sanders North
or South Vietnam Diane are you still in the 70s North and South Vietnam are one
now America left and then they the countries you know became one because
the Communists just kept fighting in the South were too corrupt
they gave up ah Diane Diane Diane but you know look I appreciate the guests
keep them coming right on SQ parts South Africa
no Chile no Iraq no Iran no South Korea no use Becca Stan Czech Republic Denmark
loses Becca Stan no Czech Republic no Denmark yes the Denmark country Denmark
the Danes fourth biggest coffee drinkers there’s only one country left we’ve got
Finland Norway Sweden Denmark Netherlands Germany Belgium and ice like
I should have two left I have two left I have the fifth and the ninth country
left and you guys should be kind of figuring something out here Finland
Norway Sweden Denmark Netherlands Germany Belgium those are all European
countries there’s your hint let’s see what we got
yeah FK Russia see me being UAE Stef K Portugal no no no no Tommy Australia no
Diane Sanders oops no steaming bean Switzerland yes what is
the fifth largest coffee consuming country in the world there’s one left
the ninth place country it’s small its kind of smarts not like tiny tiny it’s
small and it’s European here we go India Brazil one left Mozambique Latvia
Estonia its Estonia steaming being got it right there I’ll lift the wainy came
right after that not not but I’m sure they’re close Jason like you’re very
welcome about the description of the Turkish Delight I thank you very much
Billy Fontaine India Madagascar Afghanistan Romania the clue to the quiz
is over the Vatican don’t you think the Pope is up all night wondering about his
job and just consuming gallons of the stuff you think with all those Cardinals
around they all stay awake for the guy oh my goodness that’s funny very good
well there you are those are the coffee drinkers Finland Norway Sweden Denmark
Switzerland Ethel Germany port Belgium Estonia and Iceland
top 10 coffee consumers in the world amazing
steaming are you googling a Jay sonic sonic Land P steaming Jim Thomas W ya
know looking at no cheating on Google you’re supposed to do this on your honor
I got to to go and let me think about which one I’m gonna do next I think I
want to go to this next one here this one here I have approximately while I
have exactly 26 countries that are on this list but there are another four
countries that are what I would call courtesy selections for you and you’ll
understand what I mean when we get into this quiz but let’s see what we got here
Tracy Benny beanie a lot of those good job
Steven P and I have been a quiz master at many quiz and trivia nights Jim
Thomas can’t be being being it can’t be doing have saucers fingers I can’t
wasn’t what was the question Luxembourg Sylvia hi Bruce just coming
in so I will give you a thumbs up and listen to the show now Sylvia Greensboro
hi Sylvia we’re playing trivia and we’re getting
ready for the second question you’re right in time to join in for the second
question I by the way how am i doing on thumbs ups tonight we’ve got 19 thumbs
ups thank you everybody anybody can spare a thumbs ups tonight
please throw me a thumbs up if you can that would be perfect we have 35 folks
here 36 folks here folks are coming in let’s play the second trivia question
now and see how you guys do with this one one answer per guess okay one guess
for answer I understand there’s a Wagner I need steam and to come with me on
trivia night careful does he you talk like that
you’re gonna have a cruising buddy he’s gonna want to go on a cruisee be careful
no I just think he’s looking to up share a cab and he’s trying to save money
he’ll the hill he’ll play trivia with you all night long I’m telling you okay
all right here we go the next question on trivia night Tuesday prime time
trivia night the highest alcohol consumption countries on a per person
basis how many leaders of alcohol do people drink per person in
the highest alcohol consuming countries in the world and let me give you folks a
clue eighteen point two liters is the leader number one country eighteen
leaders that’s like five gallons of alcohol in a year on average for every
man woman and child in a country think about what the adults are really
drinking holy moly it’s unbelievable let’s find out what we got for guest is
coming in here Steph case start right off with the Soviet era or Russia
coming in with Russia right off the bat Russia is in fourth place fifteen point
seven litres a year fourth place well done Steph Kate Paul will guess a is
going with the United Kingdom the UK Paul will just 17th place you’d think
that with all the news reports we hear all the time about the UK and people
getting obliterated at bars you think they’d be much higher than that but
their seventeenth thirteen point three leaders that that’s still lots lots of a
call per man woman and child that’s incredible
USA a desi Wagner is coming into the United States of America they’re not in
the top twenty six the United States is one of those courtesy selections I’ve
got for an nine point four leaders to make the list you have to have twelve
point two liters or more of alcohol that would be something like just short of
four US gallons a year per person in the United States its nine point four liters
so that’s about Oh two and a half gallons a person per year but it’s still
you know sizable but it’s not in the top 30 probably not in the top 40
interesting considering all the beer commercials we see all the time and
everything is sponsored by beer company and you know we got all the the alcohol
makers and Wow isn’t this something and it’s available
everywhere and it’s cheap in America it’s cheap it’s incredible Cam Wilson UK
we’ve already done it steaming bean at Poland what about
Poland for a guess for alcohol consumption
19th place : around thirteen point three liters just like the UK kind of similar
in volume per person for a man woman and child and Jordan Tracy Dunlop both went
with the United States a steaming bean went with Germany what about those
joints are they considered heavy consumers of alcohol twenty second
largest consumer of alcohol Germany around 13 liters a year not near the top
but they’re up there desi Wagner Russia we’ve got it Steph Kate what about Italy
Italy are the Italians considered global leaders in the consumption of alcohol no
they’re not in the top twenty six and they’re not in the courtesy pics either
though steamy bean Australia what about the Australian don’t they love their
beer down in Australia and throw on the Barbie Australia yep they they are not
in the top twenty six the 26th country has twelve point two liters Australia
has ten so they’re close to the top 30 ish but they’re not in the top 26 on
this list but they’re up there you know they come to play they came to play
fastest fastest Jay sonic headshot I don’t know what you’re giving me there I
don’t know what Tracy Dunlop Russia we’ve done Russia Thank You Diane
Sanders I’m too embarrassed by this stupid vietnam guess it’s yes any
country you want my dear because there are some doozies in this list doozies
here all kinds of them Tracy Dunlop Italy we did already Gregory Hartman
Ireland the Irish don’t the Irish drink like the folks in the United Kingdom yes
Ireland is number fourteen they’re ahead of the UK fourteen point four liters yes
they are but then of course they’ve got Guinness don’t they so if you’re
drinking quality maybe it’s all right dog it
uh Jason a headshot Oh oops I’d never forget that Jada steamy beans Sweden
Sweden steamy bean is thinking Sweden I’m looking here for Sweden steamer uh
no they’re not on the list at all sorry Spain from Silvia Spain the Spain make
the list no Spain does not make the list
surprisingly – in a way France Debbie a desi Wagner France did we not do France
already or am I going no we haven’t Francis fifteen thirteen point six
liters just ahead of the United Kingdom probably little more wine but France is
there Jim Thomas California is the highest Debbie Manuel Germany
what about Germany um we did Germany there number 22 uh Tracy Donna Canada
what about Kannada a great white north what about that place you know you’re
inside all winter long don’t they drink up they’re not enough we’re not on the
top 30 no no not up there sorry see me bean so
so pain so pain you losing me there fell West Morrison Russia we’ve got it
already us you’ve got that one right but we’ve already done it
Debbie Manuel a Chico about Chico California Tommy even Ireland we’ve done
Ireland Belarus rayvon Belarus Ramon you are correct that’s the ninth healthiest
consumer of alcohol fifteen point one leaders in Belarus former Soviet
territory indeed who else have we got here
Gregory Hartman the United States we’ve already done them Steph K Australia
we’ve already done them uh Steph K Germany we did them ste me being hungry
what about hungry number three on the list sixteen point two liters of alcohol
per man woman charlie Tommy Bakersfield I’m going for
Bakersfield Steph Kate France we did France focus
Singapore Singapore taking a look at Singapore are they on the list not even
on the list nope nope not in Singapore via steaming beam is thinking about
Latvia uh let be ah yes number 24 12 and a half litres of alcohol per annum per
person in Latvia Belgium Wes Morrison is thinking about Belgium and I’m looking
here I’m looking I’m looking I’m looking I’m looking
I can’t find it I’m just gonna double-check and make sure I didn’t miss
it but I don’t think Belgium is on this list sir no Belgium did not make the
list and they loved their beer big time and they didn’t make the list Estonia
steaming bean as stone eeeh sixth on the list fifteen and a half liters per
person Poland we’ve already done I believe Poland haven’t we done yes we’ve
done Poland number nineteen deci wagon if they don’t live by me have we we have
more bars per capita than people Stephen bean is thinking Lithuania
Lithuania yep 11th on the list at 15 liters that is over four gallons per man
woman and child per year of alcohol that is serious stuff Stephen bean Czech
Republic number two on the list sixteen point four litres of booze Romania us
Silvia is thinking about Romania and Romania is not on the list I can’t
believe it I thought they were two but they’re not on the list they must be
awful close let’s see who else is here I guess they see me being the Netherlands
Netherlands how are we doing on the Netherlands here nope they’re not on the
list and Brazil steamy mean Brazil looking at Brazil Brazil Brazil Brazil
I’m looking for Brazil myself nope Brazil is not on this list either uh
Canada nope not on the list Germany did already
Austria Tracy Dunlop Austria what about Austria and yes number 20 on
the list at thirteen point two liters a person yes love their beer in Austria
wine stupid beer Finland we are looking at Villa did we not do Finland already
Finland then Lum jaw fin lung oh and there it is
number 23 unless we did not get lend Finland already just over 12 1/2 liters
of person Finland yes very good guess belarus belarus i thought we did yes
number nine is builders japan gregory Hartman is wondering about Japan is
Japan in the top countries for alcohol consumption no but they’re on the
courtesy list eight leaders person in Japan to make the list had to be 12.2 so
they are they’d have to have half as much again to make the top 26 so Japan
is not a top consumer of alcohol on a per person average basis
vicky Ireland we did Ireland I think Vicky yep 14th place for Ireland Tracy
uh Brazil Brazil we guessed I believe already and it did not make the list
South Korea Jim Thomas what about South Korea yes number twelve twelve place
fourteen point eight leaders South Korea steaming bean Taiwan what about tae-hwan
are they consumers of alcohol that would make the cut no they do not make the cut
at all Mexico Paul will is Mexico Mexico uh
with all that tequila they don’t make the list no not in the tough bunch their
steamy beans think in China China did not make the top twenty six but China is
a courtesy pick here five point nine liters they are very low
Japan is eight the United States is nine point four again China five point nine
Australia is ten and to make the top twenty six yet to have twelve point to
they’re not even half the average but then again you’re talking to one point
two billion people lots of babies children under age and that keeps the
average down I would imagine that with the adults you know it’s higher but
didn’t make the list in this case all right Jason he had Chuck sorry about
that huge number I gave you I I didn’t pay attention it’s okay yeah Jason
Furman Mongolia steamy mean one about Mongolia did it make the list of
heavy-duty consumers of alcohol nope did not Nepal Jim Thomas is thinking about
Nepal looking here for Nepal and I don’t see them so right no Scotland is not a
country it’s part of the United Kingdom steaming bean or Norway we we did Norway
I believe did we not do Norway there’s so many I keep forgetting
do people check Norway it’s not the list not in any way shape or form
not Norway Portugal mmm we think we did Portugal already oh I’m
sorry we did not it’s on the list Portugal 13 14 and a half liters just
behind South Korea and just ahead of Ireland Portugal France belief on take
we did France and France was on the list at 15 Greece
Tracy Dunlop is thinking about Greece let’s take a look for Greece here it is
it on the list no and I was surprised that Greece was not on the list myself I
was surprised leave me be South Africa what about South Africa I
don’t know if South Africa made the cut here no it did not and we have Greece
again Belarus we’ve already had Canada we’ve had Belarus we’ve had Austria
we’ve had Canada we’ve already done Canada the Vatican forget that see me
bean Jamaica nope and Jordan laugh out loud baby Latvia from Reem on Latvia
Latvia uh triple-checking for Latvia that we’ve already done it 24th on the
list laughy has already been in list you guys
in Canada need to get it on Jim Thomas is saying stamen beam Armenia Armenia
would autonomy Nia make the cut in this case nope it did not and when we have
your Denmark from desi Wagner Denmark Denmark Denmark Denmark looking 16th on
the list for Denmark you got one thirteen point three leaders on Denmark
thank you dizzy see keeper Saudi Arabia no steamy bean
Croatia former yes number 10 on the list 15.1 leaders
for Croatia Slovenia from Ravon twice what about Slovenian eighth-place 15.1
leaders very well done Tracie Dunlap Czech Republic it is on
the list as the number two country we’ve already done it is skew for a case of
beer and Central Canada’s over 50 bucks Canadian we need two jobs to drink heavy
now that’s expensive that’s how you keep alcohol consumption down just raise the
prices Stephen being slow back yeah slow back yeah
not slovenia slovakia 18th place thirteen point two liters right up there
ukraine silvia is wondering about the ukraine fifth overall 15.6 liters
they have russians all over their country you bet you they’re drinking oh
yeah they’re drinking all right russians crawling all over the place um
Jim Thomas Mongolia no Indonesia and Jordan no and Indonesia will not make
the list Slovenia we have a steaming bean Croatia we did Slovenia we did
didn’t I already guess Finland steaming bean I think we did Finland already
looking here at the results and it was the 23rd country already okay Jim Thomas
Denmark and I think we’ve already guessed in recommends we’ll check this
yeah 16th overall Denmark Panama Jim Thomas what about Panama do they drink
booze down there like there’s no tomorrow not to make this cut no let me
tell you the countries that you’ve guessed already and we won’t get repeats
hopefully you’ve already guessed the number two country but not the number
one country the number two country Chechnya or Czech Republic
number three is Hungary number four is Russia the fifth is Ukraine then Estonia
the number seven countries still out there
number eight Slovenia number nine is Belarus number 10 is Croatia 11 is
Lithuania South Korea number 12 Portugal 13 14 is Ireland 15 is France 16 is
Denmark 17 is United Kingdom 18 is Slovakia 19 is Bolen 20 Austria 21st
we’re missing 22 Germany 23 inland 24 Latvia
we’re missing 25 and 26 and then we have courtesy fix
Australia USA Japan and China now the countries that we still need I’m looking
at one two there are how many there are how many other there’s two here and
there’s three and four and five this five left and we have in Europe we have
we have three I think we have three for sure we have an African country and then
I have a country I’m not sure if and I it’s rare for me I generally don’t know
this so anyway let’s go for the European country so we could do stealin bean
Bruce’s blinds are moving wouldn’t that be funny of auntie Jane inverse and
through this door I have a fan over here and that’s what’s causing this to happen
steamy bean Iceland no steamy bean Saudi Arabia no steamy bean laughing a lot
rayvon all around going to bed now good night a good life stream he put the good
work good evening have a good evening rave on thanks for joining us there was
great to have you from way over there thanks for popping by it was great Jay
sonic Jim contains get it on but just in a different way
camel so I feel like I’m missing a lot of comets steaming bean Albania what
about Albania the answer is no Albania is not one of
those and Jason and no not in that way I know I got some funny comments a cke
poor Montenegro no Jay sonic laughing so yeah a lot of see me mean about the anti
Jane come I will guess Iraq and Israel no no no you’re not close those
coffee-drinking countries what about those two Billy’s thinking see Keeper
Bulgaria Bulgaria yeah number 25 is Bulgaria 12.4 leaders we have now three
European countries I believe let me double check let me double check I need
one I – I think I need three European
countries yeah I think so Columbia no Venezuela no
Romania no Belgium no Jim Tom’s you’re killing me buddy
Serbia no Sylvia’s think in Nigeria yes Nigeria is the African country twelve
point two liters we are down to just a couple of guesses now we have one here
two here two three to go all three are in Europe oh my goodness we have
Argentina no Kenya no Libya no Afghanistan no think Europe and think
small small European countries and let’s see how this goes to our really small
really small and we’ll see if we get anywhere with those the other one is
gosh I’m pretty sure it’s Europe my Iceland no smaller than Iceland Rhode
Island that small San Martina no Monte Carlo Monaco no but it kind of
that not much bigger than that a little bigger but not a lot Monte Carlos kind
of smallest country other than the Vatican boom you’re in the right sized
area there San Medina let’s see here this country the first one is between
France and Spain stuck right between the two of them the other one I’m thinking
about is very close to Germany and France if I got my number strike here it
is locked some bird we got Luxembourg 21st on the list
I need another country that’s between France and Spain oh my god I did that
thing did I did that thing Morocco no come on do you mean Luxembourg we got
Portugal no steaming and I’m looking for the country in between France and Spain
and it’s say yeah there it is there it is and door it’s actually Andorra a and
do are are a and daughter it’s a alpine ski getaway bill a country
but tween france and spain and that’s one of
them I got one country left starts with the letter M ends in the letter A and
they’re the number one world consumer of alcohol starting with the letter M
ending in the letter A and I believe they are Eastern European but I sure
hope I’m right we’re gonna find out if anyone can guess it Estonia No San
Marino didn’t work eighteen point two litres a person man
woman and child of alcohol Malta no it’s not Malta that’s a good guess it’s not
an island it’s inland a sonic hedgehog Paulo Steve
beam Malta is close to Africa true Monrovia that’s close close Monrovia
close I’m some one go Leah nope again very close I know I’m killing you guys I
hate to hold you up Belgium this one these countries and we never talked
about this country I mean yeah they’re too drunk to talk about I guess I don’t
know they’re always under the table I don’t know uh starts to them ends in an
a Malaysia these are great guesses Hedgehog story trying to be a clown yer
cam listen why am i struggling so much with these tonight why why I don’t get
it na ins an OVA starts with an M and ends and over anybody I’ll give it up if
I have to anybody trying to get this one waiting for the guess
I know there’s a tape delay so that’s why I’m sort of sitting here watching my
phone just see if there’s a tape as I’m coming through here or not why am i
struggling so much with these tonight Manitoba there there you go Moldova
there it is Stephen bean Moldova that is the country is that not Europe is that
is that Eastern former Soviet territory or mine way off
Monrovia Devi is thinking here and share much area Moldova I’m not sure even
wearing Europe this place is is that anywhere near the Ukraine is it near
Romania anybody know you let me know here they are Moldova Czech Republic
Hungary Russia Ukraine Estonia and Dora Slovenia Belarus Croatia Lithuania South
Korea Portugal Ireland France Denmark UK Slovakia Poland Austria Luxembourg
Germany Finland Latvia Bulgaria Nigeria Australia United States Japan and China
are the courtesy countries I was just looking at this list again the top end
sort of thing and forgetting number one Moldova cuz I know much about it but I
do know Czech Czech Republic Hungary Russia Ukraine Estonia were all part of
the Soviet Union or influenced by the Soviet Union behind the Iron Curtain
then Andorra is the exception then we go into Slovenia Belarus definitely behind
the Iron Curtain and then we had Croatia which was a Yugoslavia to then to the
West you Slavia then Lithuania again another Baltic country on the Soviet
side these are the top ten so the top ten drinkers on the planet today are
still a former or current Russian Soviet Union leaning communistic type
background countries hasn’t done them a lot of good as it I mean it just I don’t
know if it’s done them a lot of good I really do
we’re the Japan’s of the world and the other g7 leading countries they’re not
in the top ten of drinkers per se not in the top trend per-capita drinking
quite stark and startling to see that but that’s what it is
ah thank goodness for Google good Butler’s this between Ukraine and
Romania so it is a former Soviet area remember the days of pulling out the
encyclopedias to get information oh my goodness I Croatia wonderful all right
we got one trivia question left is nothing to with alcohol no there was
coffee drinkers all right is everything to do with YouTube this is a YouTube
trivia question for you guys and we’ve got here how many we got 17 answers 15
correct answer sorry 15 answers these are countries tell me the countries that
are the largest users monthly users of YouTube and this is according to 2016 so
about two years ago you don’t have to go the largest monthly active users on
YouTube what countries are they and I’m just thinking look here Debbie Emmanuel
are you going on a cruise I think I heard earlier Sylvia where are you going
Sylvia she’s going on the bliss I think she’s going on the bliss in less than
two months I think I Alaska that’s where she’s headed
love pink trivia steaming bean says I host trivia parties monthly here Cathy
Butler is thinking about Japan for monthly active YouTube users Japan does
not make the top 15 USA yes number one 167 million active users on YouTube
according to 2000 as of 16 2016 Jay sonic hedgehog Jay Sonic 77 Paul
Willis United Kingdom the UK that is the number five country 36 million camels
new US a steaming bean USA cam Wilson UK absolutely correct everybody’s right
Debbie man you else so on yes I am taking Norwegian bliss to Alaska Tracy
Dunlap us cam Wilson started steam e-beam Canada yes they make the list a
twenty two point eight million we only have 35 or 36 million people so
two-thirds of us are on YouTube it’s a huge four
centage it’s probably higher than the United States because America has over
350 million and only 167 million users less than half
Canada has more people on YouTube on a per capita basis percentage-wise
than the United States we love YouTube up here it’s amazing and Jordan
Australia Australia does not make the list because the it has to had at least
eighteen point seven million and there’s only 25 million Aussies and so there’s a
high number of Australians that use YouTube but not in the numbers and these
are numbers that I’m looking for today steamy be New Zealand no definitely not
Japan nope we tried and South Korea is the next guests here we are looking for
South Korea for numbers of users on on YouTube not on the list no trace della
UK is correct Ireland is a high percentage but not in the numbers we’re
looking for Tracy one for Canada as well Jim Thomas
how about India India is the fourth largest user of one-fifth actually 41
million from India that’s a small percentage of the country there’s a lot
of growth potential in India India yet Tracy Dunlap China no China does not
allow YouTube into its country so the 1.2 billion people in the world they
can’t have access to YouTube they can’t play trivia with us and they certainly
they can’t get any those nasty ideas about individualistic thinking can’t
have that you got to think like a robot like everybody else people they know
better people in charge know what’s best for you and YouTube isn’t best for you
so that’s what’s going on in China unfortunately Richard is thinking about
Italy Italy is not in the list in the top batch Wes Morrison Australian nope
Jay sonic again fudge didn’t understand the question
oh I love this Kathy Butler Russia Russia I’m looking yeah third highest
number of people on YouTube in the world 47 million active monthly users as of
2016 lots of Russians the Russians are allowed to
to find out what’s going on of course they love to also kind of influence
elections so you know the Russians are active okay they’re active my ghost
races don’t laugh Argentina what about Argentina yes Argentina is on
the list 11th most active 26 million Argentinians Debbie Manuel Mexico yes
9th most active 29 million active Mexicans on YouTube
steaming bean Malaysia what about Malaysia
nope not Malaysia Jay sonic I do watch a lot of YouTube so what you have Richard
see YouTube pays for full time our viewers income there you go you know it
helps with some folks those of us with big-ass RVs we’re still trying to build
our channel off to get to that level steaming bean Indonesia uh Indonesia is
not on the list no Ukraine Tracy don’t laugh about the
Ukraine nope not on the list there are probably millions of Ukraine people on
the site but you have 18 million to make it and almost 18 million in the country
Taiwan No France France yes 30 million from France on YouTube
actively Wes Morrison China no no one from China zero government
officials maybe but not the public Oh steaming bean what about Germany yes
steaming bean 31 million Germans seventh highest in the world I got one Jim
Thomas is saying I got one steaming bean Brazil whatever result
number two country number two Brazil 69 million Brazilians on YouTube not one
watching chip Travis Bruce what’s what’s with you guys
69 million doesn’t anyone know I’m Brazilian out there hello Brazil watch
me I don’t speak Spanish maybe that’s the problem huh yes
probably see me me Mexico we’ve got Mexico already it was correct
Russia we got simi be Egypt what about the Egyptians are there a lot of
Egyptians watching not in top echelon no Taiwan no Kathy but love
the crazy Russian hacker videos of all those steamin Beamen spain espana yeah
they made the list eighteen point seven million uh japan no vietnam uh yes
twenty-two million Vietnamese are on YouTube and that’s a communist country
and they’re allowed to good on YouTube we’re in China they’re not and that’s
something the communist leaders of Vietnam will allow their public to be
involved in YouTube videos but the communist leaders of China feel that
they’re 1.2 million people are better off not getting access to YouTube at
this time like ever isn’t that amazing isn’t that just them
made some countries leave some phone uh richer see Burkina Faso no steam you
mean laughing a lot of Jim Thomas South Korea South Korea no not on the list
Pakistan Kathy Butler Pakistan know who’s Becca’s dad who Becca Stan no
South Africa no let me tell you who you got so far you got the United States
Brazil Russia those are the top three you missing number four India you got UK
you got Germany France Mexico you’re missing the next one then you’ve got
Argentina then we have Canada Vietnam and Spain we are looking for one two
three countries three to go we are looking for two in Europe one in
Asia okay let’s see what we have here
Egypt no Argentina no South Africa no no old block cruising with old block
cruising with bruce cathie bother some of these answers are surprising they are
nigeria no mexico no belgium belgium belgium no not belgium i gotta apologize
to everybody I made a mistake I’m gonna go back here to the beginning
and double-check what where I screwed up I apologize to all of you folks right
off the get-go I asked for the countries we started with the UK USA we came with
Canada Australia we had South Korea UK Canada India China
just gonna double-check maybe I don’t apologize looking to see if anybody got
this one um yeah steaming bean I apologize to you you are correct about
three and four minutes ago you guessed Japan and I said now Japan yes
Japan yes a number of you guys guessed Japan it is the fourth largest at forty
six million I apologize for that that gives us the top one two three four five
six seven eight nine countries looking for number ten twenty eight million
people and number twelve at twenty five million college eyes to
all of you for that I missed that completely I don’t know why I just kind
of went yeah uh here’s an answer a wait a minute might just double-checking this
and hold on hold on hold on Peru no South Korea no Thailand no Brazil no
Thailand no Austria no netherlands no apology accepted pay me 20 bucks nice try there steamer a nice try for
the 20 I need the money more than you you have a job to left one is in Europe
a former Soviet Union behind the Iron Curtain country that today has 25
millions youtubers and the other country uh is here we are steamy being Poland
you got it that’s bold let’s countries just talking about 25 million polish
youtubers that’s huge he was 40 million in the country that’s
two-thirds of the country there on YouTube live Poland one country left a
dictator is running it although he calls himself president and the country is in
between Asia and Europe and some say no it’s European some say no its Asia no
some say it’s a European country something no it’s Asian Czech Republic
is coming in here no Hedgehog the steaming bean now Bruce will give you a
big plush toy Stephen bean is laughing out loud the country we’re looking for
has OAD million people in it 20:28 million on youtube i wonder if they’re
looking for the real story about what’s really going on out there because
they’re not getting it internally these days maybe they’re afraid to leave their
houses they might be afraid to even look up on
internet what they’re doing because this country is run by a dictator who calls
himself a president and he’s trying to come president for life I wouldn’t live
there I wouldn’t travel there if I were off
the free trip I really wouldn’t be interested in traveling through there
although this country would love to become a major crossroads between Europe
and Asia they really would they’re pushing hard to become one of the most
sought after countries to visit in the world but steamers got it
Turkey I wouldn’t go there Turkey 28 million from Turkey that’s the list
we’ve got number one the United States Brazil Russia Japan India United Kingdom
Germany France Mexico Turkey Argentina Poland Canada Vietnam and Spain those
make up the top YouTube active users in the world
steamy penis think of Syria steaming bean I was there
scary stuff what’s going on in Turkey unfortunately for the Turks radical
politics strongman running the show I find it kind of funny that you know he
heard Awan comes the United States for an official visit presidential visit
visits a president Truong and there they’re driving towards their embassy
and there are Turkish Americans protesting on the sidewalk and you know
the presidential motorcade with urn wanna stops nearby and a whole bunch of
his bodyguards just in suits and ties head for the crowd and attacked the beat
the crap out of him right in the United States right in Washington and the
United States does mr. Trump did not unbelievable
can you imagine that happening under oh I don’t know Ronald Reagan imagine a
Soviet Union guy coming over and in his bodyguards beaten up Americans on
American site on the aside walk in front the Russian embassy eating Reagan would
take that but with Donny boy in the house one strong man to the other it’s
all good that’s all good yeah
my up what’s going on blows my mind what can I say
anyway there we are uh and Jordan well done steamer awesome work to you Adam
master of trivia steamy beam shocking Jay Sonic and me and I’m in the I’m the
class count last clan or should I say the channel clown there you go you guys
did pretty good today although we had a couple kind of double or stumpers there
I have to admit they were a bit bit tricky to pull off but all in all fine
29 thumbs ups tonight thank you everybody for that I really appreciate
it thanks for watching tonight have yourselves a good evening tomorrow is
day 1 show 5 o’clock I’ll try to remember to send it up on the channel on
time well in advance so you can find it see we can do Jason
JC years ago Turkey was a great country to visit great history I agree
under other circumstances steamy bean when I was in Ottawa when Gorbachev was
in charge he stopped his motorcade and waved at the Estonian I believe
protesters there you go didn’t go beat him up Waveland and jordan knew Jay
Sonic you are all good and fun make no race JSON again there you have 30 Bruce
I got 30 thumbs ups thank you guys well I’m gonna go I’m calling it a night
I’m gonna post this video check out my video I made today
carnival horizon and stop by tomorrow if you can thanks for joining me tonight
you guys appreciate all your help of support thank you tonight for that
contribution on PayPal that came in this evening my goodness who keep that that
came in tonight oh there it is right there from Clifford Clifford Thomas
thank you so much that’s Jim thank you so much appreciate that a lot
fantastic all right you guys check out my store I put on new t-shirts today
I’ll see you tomorrow this is Bruce with traveling with Bruce saying thanks for
joining me today this is made of 22nd 2018 trivia is over go to bed get some
rest and we’ll have fun tomorrow at 5 o’clock Eastern tomorrow bye everybody you

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