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Man Who Hunted Humans As a Game In Real Life

Man Who Hunted Humans As a Game In Real Life

We’ve all seen fictionalized accounts in
movies or on TV in which humans become the prey for other humans. It was slightly changed in the movie “Predator”
when the hunter was an alien blood sport enthusiast. You could say the genre kicked off with the
short story made into a film called “The Most Dangerous Game” and that evolved into
the dystopian death match thriller “The Hunger Games.” What you might not know is that this type
of blood lust has happened in the real world and there are some people that believe we
will see it again. Yep, perhaps one day you might find yourself
unwillingly forced to play Fortnite: Reality Battle Royale. Before we get into that reality of human hunting
in the past let’s first have a look at a paper written by an English professor called,
“Hunting humans: A future for tourism in 2200.” You are likely thinking this prediction of
tourism in the future is implausible, unrealistic, downright fantastical. The writer of the paper, however, takes the
possibility quite seriously. He tells us that when you put together the
constituents of a perfect storm of natural resource depletion, environmental damage,
natural disasters, widespread poverty and a number of untouchable global elites, a future
pastime for those with all the power might be to start hunting those at the bottom of
the hierarchy. He writes, “In the year 2200 death and hunting
humans will form part of the tourism entertainment industry and a practice carried out by the
wealthy-elite, a view backed with substance.” He says that we will devolve towards being
excited by spectacles of gore and become desensitized to human atrocities and in this wild world
our forms of entertainment will become extreme beyond what we can imagine now. But if we look back to the past, humans hunting
humans as a spectacle for entertainment is not that far-fetched. We are not saying as the academic says in
that we will rewind our enlightened and reasoned minds and once again become attracted to or
accepting of gruesome violence, but we might wonder just how bad we could get if our very
world was changed around us and many people lived in desperate circumstances. The writer seems to think that with the right
(well, wrong) conditions our morality might dissolve and as we desperately eke out survival
we will become less empathetic with other’s struggles or even begin to enjoy watching
others suffer. Meanwhile, those at the top of the pile seem
to enjoy an almost psychopathic form of tourism entertainment. What could emerge, says the writer, might
be something similar to the horrific blood sports that happened in the Roman Coliseum. Crowds might jeer and cheer at the sight of
blood just as crowds did during Medieval times when people were put to death in the worst
ways one can imagine. There are many kinds of human hunting, but
throughout history there have been few cases where it was a blood sport similar to the
dystopian fictions we have seen where humans are chased through the forests like wild animals. We’ll get around to that soon, but first
we should point out that predators have preyed on humans in many ways. Premeditated murder is a kind of hunting and
something that happens all over the world on a regular basis. Lynching mobs still today go out and destroy
a person or people, often because they think the justice system has failed but also sometimes
because they hold extreme views. We’ve seen various kinds of headhunting
all over the world, while some serial killers might take any part of the body as a kind
of trophy. It isn’t common when human hunting has been
for kicks, a sick kind of entertainment, and it’s usually to assert dominance of a tribe
or for a serial killer perhaps dominance of himself over another. We might also include genocide as a form of
human hunting, such as what happened during the Second World War, in the Spanish Civil
War, and many other genocides around the world. When we look at what happened during the Spanish
Civil War we can see that indeed people were hunted like animals. During this time one military man told an
American journalist, “You know what’s wrong with Spain? Modern plumbing! In healthier times — spiritually healthier,
you understand — plague and pestilence could be counted on to thin the Spanish masses … now,
with modern sewage disposal, they simply multiply too fast. The masses are no better than animals.” Some of these people were hunted down and
killed during what was called “agrarian reform”. This would involve men on horseback literally
chasing peasants down and slaughtering them. The humor, or at least according to the predators,
was they buried the peasants on the land they had been dispossessed of and this was their
agrarian reform. “It was like a deer or wild boar hunt. The raiders would sweep the mountains so the
prey would flee,” said one Spanish historian about this time. So humans have hunted humans many times over,
but as we said it’s more often than not been for ideological reasons or for the reason
of asserting tribal dominance. This seems a far cry from the sadism of hunting
humans for fun, or sport, which you might have seen during the Roman Empire days. But there has been at least one modern case
when a killer did just that, and we don’t mean stalking prey in the streets and then
taking their life but actually taking them to a large unpopulated area and then giving
them the chance to run. He would then, like a hunter of animals, go
after them. This man’s name was Robert Hansen. He died a few years ago, but what he did won’t
easily be forgotten. He is perhaps the only person to take the
fiction of The Most Dangerous Game and turn it into an awful reality. Before he progressed to hunting people, Hansen
had been a prolific hunter of animals. You can find photos of him online dressed
in the typical hunting outfit that’d you’d expect to see in the wilds of the USA. But this man was anything but normal. Reading his bios you can find writers saying
that as a child he was reserved and shy and a bit of an outcast, so what he did to let
off steam was go out into the woods and hunt animals. At age 18 he joined the US military and then
he got married. He later split with this wife and spent some
time in prison for arson and petty theft. He then returned to his hometown of Anchorage,
Alaska, and opened a bakery with a new wife. He had two children with her but as we shall
see this was far from the typical American family. The year was 1967. Hansen had what seemed like a pleasant family
life and the people in the small community liked the baked goods he sold. But it wasn’t long until things started
to fall apart. Hansen it’s said had always been a loner,
and even with a loving family he could not get over the fact he was bullied in school
and had been rejected by girls he had tried to approach. He had a stutter and bad acne and this led
to some young people mocking him, while his dad was said to have not helped at all during
this chaotic childhood. In the early 1970s his family life was not
as great as it looked from the outside and Hansen started getting in trouble again. He was first convicted of assault and later
of theft, which led to him being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It was sometime during the early 70s that
he also started abducting women. Hansen would meet women, often girls working
at local strip clubs, and then physically abuse them. If he could convince them not to say anything
he later said he’d let them go, but if he thought they would tell he killed them. It’s thought that he killed 17 people before
he was arrested in 1983, but how he sometimes killed him is what gained him a degree of
infamy over other killers. After abducting some of his victims from town
he would fly them in his plane to a remote cabin he owned. We are told some of these women, and girls,
he would assault and murder but others he would promise to let go. That he did, but only as far as saying you
are free and letting them run out of the door. He would then wait a while and begin his hunt
armed with a Ruger Mini-14 semi-automatic rifle and a hunting knife. It’s said this hunt could take hours or
even days, but he would eventually find them. Police later would find a map he owned where
he had buried some of the bodies. He was caught after he had abducted and tortured
one woman and then told her he was going to take her out to his cabin. While he was loading his cockpit this brave,
handcuffed woman saw a chance to make a run for it from the back of his car. She escaped and while running down the street
she was seen and picked up by a truck driver. He was shocked to see she was wearing hardly
any clothes, no shoes and was in handcuffs. Police had already been investigating missing
women in the area and when the woman described what her captor looked like not only did it
look like Hansen but he fit the profile of who they were looking for. After arresting him, Hansen eventually took
police to 17 grave sites and told them he had abducted many more women but let a lot
of them go. He was sentenced in 1984 to 461 years plus
life in prison without any chance of parole. The strange thing is, while Hansen was no
doubt sadistic, he actually believed he was doing something good because in his mind he
was cleaning up the town of disreputable women. “In his mind there were good girls and bad
girls. These were all purposefully bad girls,”
the assistant district attorney who tried the case said in an interview. In 2015, Hansen died in the Anchorage Correctional
Complex. So, these are a few cases of humans hunting
humans. We can’t begin to imagine what the academic
we mentioned in the first part of the show said might happen in the future in that there
could be a tourism niche for such a depraved activity. We hope such depredations involving the hunting
of humans for ideological reasons are well and truly over, and we hope that sadists like
Hansen are a human anomaly and no sane person would ever want to hunt another human. But we must ask you if you think this could
happen again? Also, be sure to check out our other show
Worst Punishments In The History of Mankind. Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next time.

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  9. Ever hear if the movie "Surviving the game"? I bet that this is already going on. A scenario where the Ultra Wealthy hunts down homeless people in a forest for sport.

  10. The Rothschilds already had such a place….a huge hunting lodge in the middle of the Bavarian wilderness of Germany, said to be for such things…But, for some reason the just sold it out of the family for a cheap price its said…after the family having it for like 200 years. Hmm

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