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Maple Syrup & The Hunger Games

Maple Syrup & The Hunger Games

i wanna talk about some interesting
items that have been purchased through our Amazon but not our website as you know I know I don’t mention this
often so if you go to David Pakman dot com and click on the Amazon banner any
shopping you do on Amazon sends us a kickback you just shop
doesn’t cost you any extra we get a kickback great way to support our program we get
a list items that are ordered no personally identifying information and
I’m gonna go through a couple of these a lot a Hunger Game DVD’s and books now
Lewis I’ve not seen The Hunger Game movie I’ve
not read any of the books I find myself quite
frankly not caring about The Hunger Games although I have
friends who are around my a jail I will make clear they are not in the
young adult age bracket or yep I guess that’s what it’s called and
they like it I i just have never even been remotely curious I haven’t read any books I have seen the
first movie it was it wasn’t bad it was alright I
hear the second one is a lot better OKC I didn’t even know there were two of
them out already to be honest yeah yes to just came out the second one
I don’t think has even been released on TV are and then another interesting item
this is interesting for us Louis having grown up for many years in Massachusetts
gallons and gallons of maple syrup being purchased through Amazon I didn’t
even know Amazon sold maple syrup but growing up in massachusetts I always
assumed if you go to any breakfast or brunch place this syrup that’s on the table that’s
the serb that’s all around is real maple syrup only later when
traveling the country more and talking to friends who went to
places like I hop for example that I find out that this
dark amber colored liquid called syrup in many parts of the
country is not actual maple syrup it’s just some
kind of sugar syrup and you have to pay extra in many cases
if you want just a little thing I’ve actual maple syrup brought to you which was a shock to me having grown up
in massachusetts yeah it’s really just corn syrup in
chemicals I that’s that’s pretty much all it is
but that the real stuff you can’t beat it so get after be looking into this a little bit
now a couple friends said that the restaurant today work at and
Massachusetts have also started charging like a dollar extra for the real maple
syrup not because I in and basically the
reason was too many people were getting the REC
real syrup brought to them for free and then not having any other and it is
actually not the cheaper stuff on on the planet
maple syrup is actually kinda pricey they started charging like a dollar for
it and you know it said it’s a sign in times I guess yeah II and I would totally pay that
every time because the real stuff is a million times better than that other

14 thoughts on “Maple Syrup & The Hunger Games”

  1. Living in Europe, I never got to try any type of maple syrup, but it is really good to know to be cautious if I ever do get the chance.

  2. I thought this was about the farm bill cutting food for the needy so lobbyist buddies can make maple syrup commericals

  3. The Hunger Games can be interpreted as a social commentary condemning the american culture of consumerism

  4. I prefer ham sauce on my breakfasty stuff. Similar to maple syrup or the fake maple  stuff. I fry ham, add brown sugar, butter, and the ham juice from the container the ham was in, and boil until it reduces to syrup consistency. Sweet sauce for in the morning on pancakes, waffles, whatever.

  5. I was raised on the High fructose corn syrup/"maple syrup" and I can't stand the watery texture of the real stuff. I dislike actual maple syrup. I'm ashamed to admit this, believe me.

  6. Anyone who has seen or wants to see The Hunger Games, please go watch Battle Royale. Trust me, it's better. Just, trust me. 

  7. "The Canadian province of Quebec is by far the largest producer, responsible for about three-quarters of the world's output;" (Wiki) 
    [FUCK YEAH]>(ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ︵ ┻━┻

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