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Marine Corps Everyday Carry Items and Pocket Dump HD

Marine Corps Everyday Carry Items and Pocket Dump HD

Thanks for watching Survival Bros! I’m
here, kicking it at the Mill Ponds in Seaside Oregon with my boy, Tactical Gypsy. He’s a former Marine in Infantry. He’s gonna show us what he carries on him
every day. So go ahead. What you got? It’s actually
pretty basic. I just carry my notepad. That’s just
something NCO’s do. In The Marines, you carry a notebook and your pen. In case I need to remember something cuz
I’m getting old, and I forget. Or if I run into a beautiful female. That’s The Black Book huh? That’s The Black Book, yeah! (Laughter) My Casio G’Zone. I’m horrible with phones. It’s waterproof so I can drop in the water and all that. Shockproof (resistant). Cool. The things that
actually people will be like, OK that’s you EDC… you know. I carry this Nitrolon
Sure-Fire G2 with an LED light. I like it. I’ve had it for a long time. It’s bright. Lasts a long time? It takes CR 123
batteries and and I think it lasts. I couldn’t tell you that like
the specs on how many hours but it it last you know long enough for me. K. Always carry a lighter. I don’t smoke but I just always carry a lighter. Sure fire. You can do a lot with it. Yeah . My Raspberry Lemonade Blast. Wow! Manly. Hey. The girls dig it. It
works huh? Makes you taste good. I hate chapel lips and that’s why I carry it. That’s cool. That works. Other than that its you know I got my wallet. Some cash. I always
carry cash my ID’s. I’m not going to show those to you. I’ve just got my driver’s license, concealed handgun
permit my military ID hmm because I’m actually in the National Guard now. Let’s see what I got. Okay yeah. I got this
Coast DX 356 knife. This is brand new to me. Cameron just hook me up
with this so Yeah, it’s sly. I’m gonna be testing it out and get back to him or what I think about it. I’m literally, I’m trying not to cut to cut too
much stuff with it because I actually would prefer to carry two knives, one as a utility knife for cutting everything you know like my cheese, my
apples, boxes and one just for defense but he wants me
to beat it up so I’ll beat it up. Yeah, it’s cool. It has the deep pocket carry, dual lock, G 10. Other than that, let’s see…I always have this Survival Straps bracelet
with 550 cord on it. Yeah, you love that one, huh? You get lots of
compliments on it? I actually have. People like it. It’s kind of unique. Not a lot of people have seen one with this type of clasp or like the triple braid (double fishtail) Yeah. So it’s cool. They think you made it too huh?
And if you guys know about this you know you can do with it. I don’t need to start
explaining everything you can do with it. It’s probably fifteen – twenty feet of paracord though. Yeah. Mil-spec. Cool. I got my watch this is a Suunto Black Core One of my ex girlfriends bought this
for me. It’s a pretty awesome watch. Yeah
I don’t know… it’s got a bunch of features on it:
barometer, altitude, compass temperature, Sunrise, Sunset, you know – chronograph, countdown timer,
alarm. It’s a real tool. It’s got a lot of features. You know, it has this bezel here for when you’re doing land navigation, so you don’t get off course. I like it. What’s that retail for? A couple hundred.. $300-$350 something like that. FREE. Get a girlfriend that likes you, then you won’t have to pay for it. I hear you man. I’ve hardly had to pay for any of my Jordans My clothes just vary depending on what I’m doing. If it’s cold out, obviously I’m going to wear layers. or I like these Merrell Moab (shoes). Show us those.
Those are sick. I wear these when it’s wet out, it’s has been wet lately but I also just enjoy some canvas Vans.
So I usually wear those too. Just if I’m rolling around the city or something, but if I’m going to be out and it’s raining. I’ll wear these. Because I really like these. They’re not like cool, but.. Where’d you get
those? I got them in Portland somewhere some outdoor place. I can’t remember the name.
Waterproof though huh? They are called the Merrell Moabs. They got a Gore-Tex bootie inside. Sly. They’re nice. Alright. What else you got in your pack? Um, well…The one other thing I carry everyday is Yeah? Uh oh! Is.. my Glock Model 2340 Smith & Wesson. I’ve had this
for nine years, and this thing goes with me everywhere. This is my baby. Does it have a name? No. Not yet? Danger! No.. That’s sick. And I carry that in a inside the waistband Kydex holster made
by Blade-Tech. It’s pretty comfortable, and you can see how it just disappears if I have a jacket one me. I didn’t know this was on you. And you got the leather belt. The leather belt – I guess you could add
that to it. Money. If you are really going to be like – oh yeah
EDC – you can use everything – I mean you can even – I have paracord in my in my silly
boots – you know that I can use. Right. Re-purpose it. Re-purpose it… OK. Let’s talk about your bag real quick. This bag – I mean I don’t have it on me all the
time, but if I’m going to a friend’s house or I get in their vehicle, I’ll throw this
bag in a vehicle. And it’s not like a, it’s
not like a Bug Out Bag where it has like three days a food, but this has enough
stuff in it where I can either help somebody that gets
hurt, because I got like my Med-Pack right here that has an extra magazine it right
here for my Glock…Nice. I got a couple Chemlights. I not gonna to rip this thing apart totally. Maxpedition (Brand) though? Yeah…What do they call that? Hard use gear. That’s a cool one. A little Med-Pack. Inside here, I got gauze. I got an Israeli pressure bandage – I got
some Quick Clot. I got some um.. what are these? Like four by four pads, tape. I mean lot of gauze, lots of tape is really what you need. You need to pack that wound, and seal it off and tape it.
Now that’s something that The (National) Guard would provide you with? Or did you buy
most those little things off Amazon or something? Oh well, I have my own IFAC – is what they
call it for the National Guard. This is just my own civilian thing that I got I just threw together a quick. Okay. I usually got my laptop in here charger? My charger. I got this little thing. What’s that? Its just got a little Multi-tool. Oh, OK. And an extra little blade. Serrated (blade)? Yeah. This is made by Gerber. Alright, cool. Yeah, Coast you should probably make something like this. With a flashlight that goes in here. That’s nice. Do you keep any food in here? No. Water? Well sometimes I have like a couple bags of peanuts but I ate those the other day because I was hungry. I got this just in case I need to throw everything in it and waterproof if it starts raining real hard. Collect water with that then
too? Yeah, you could do that too. I have my Level 2 body armor over here. I don’t carry this with the all the time but sometimes it makes is
way in here because I do go work in The City on security so… it’s in here a lot but it’s not
something that I like wake up in the morning and I’m like ohhh…I have my body
armor with me. So don’t be messin with this guy if you see him at the clubs. Haha I got… my fixed blade. This actually isn’t like this is just a blade that I had. It’s
actually Gil Hibben throwing knife that I’ve had for ever. I don’t even know if
I’ve seen it. You haven’t seen this? I don’t know. I wrapped 550 paracord around here – it works – does the job for me. I put a nice edge on it. This is what I usually use in the woods. So if you’re skinning something, you might
use that or? Nah, I’ve never skinned anything with this. I usually this for firewood just whatever. So it’s full tang? You can baton with it or whatever? Oh yeah! I beat on this pretty good. It’s not like technically a “survival” knife or whatever you wanna call it. It’s a
throwing knife that I had and I needed a fixed blade and I was
broke so I just made it work. Have you trained with it – thrown it much? Oh yeah. Right now it would be all off
because of all this 550 Cord – Sure. But I have messed around with it., and thrown it. Yeah, they’re actually really good throwing knives. Let’s see what else I’ve got in here: What else? I’ve got my little boo kit so in here I’ve got some Neosporin, some duct tape. Yup, good idea. All the little tiny Band Aids so if I nick myself or something I can make sure
they don’t get any uglier than I am. Got any Moleskin in there? No Moleskin. My feet are hardcore. I don’t need Moleskin. You don’t get blisters? What’s that? Tooth stuff. No fluoride huh? No. Some Tom’s. Fluoride free. Got to stay away from that! Yeah. uh…Tourniquet. I believe this is the Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) with this little windlass right here. Looks like a nice one. Yeah, it’s a good one. Tactical (black). Let’s see… My other little pouch right here, I got this
light for it’s an extra light, but this is my
weapon light. This is Sure-Fire X 300 weapon light. So I could throw it on my weapon if I need to or use it as a hand-held light. Sure. Mount it right on the rail. black dade central its extra but I
didn’t get Just some black tape. Electrical. Some extra Shoelaces huh? It’s extra line I threw in here in case I need it. Extra batteries. Smart. These go to this guy (flashlight) too. This is a pouch of crystals
and rocks. My sister is into all different kinds of healing and spiritual
stuff so she gave them to me. Let’s see them. They’re are in there, wrapped in lambskin and everything… …it helps clear your negative energy? Yeah, exactly. This is an elk leather pouch. Yeah? Cool. I could show you this ONE though… You think it’s good luck? Gives you good vibes? It ain’t hurting! I got this from Indian woman. It’s some sort of old fossil. Before I went over to Iraq she’s like…Oh take this with you. It will help you so hey – whatever. It’s all polished up! Whatever extra you got…those rocks are all wrapped in sheepskin. It’s all good. That’s cool. You guys saw it. So I figured I’d talk about it. What else? No whistle or anything? Signaling device? [Whistles] There you go. There’s your whistle. I got a Glock. I will signal just fine with
that. This is my keys. This is odor stuff because my body armor
start to stink, so I spray it with that. I got a Lensatic Compass. Right here. This is from The Military. Probably one of the better compasses you can get. Someones gonna be like…oh no, you can get a better compass than that, but I’ve never had a problem with this. Works well huh? I’ve used this to call for fire in Iraq, find my way all around The World. Kept you safe! Cool. Headphones! My ear plugs that are not in here right now… because they’re in my other pants. So you keep this bag on you most of the
time, or what were you saying about it? Yeah, it gonna be not that far from me. Passport… That’s about it. Right on! Thanks for sharing. It’s sick. Get the discussion going on YouTube. Let us know what you think. SUBSCRIBE NOW – Thanks for watching Survival Bros. Until next time…Keep it real. Survive. Yeah. Don’t be dying on us.

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