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Marine Corps Instructor of Water Survival Course

Marine Corps Instructor of Water Survival Course

Just like any other school especially a competitive
one, I think it’s very rewarding. I’m a passionate person, I love a challenge. Marines being that we’re a small percentage
already, MCWSS even smaller, the amount of training that goes into training an actual
MCWSS is not overkill by any means. The level of training which goes into a MCWSS
versus a recruit is a lot different. We teach the recruits you’re training them
to pass with a basic swim qual. The training that MCWSS have to go through,
deals with swimming a 500, that deals with rescues, 25 meter underwater swim and some
brick work. The culminating event is rescues, being the
most important thing that we’re geared towards. – Extremely excited to graduate this course,
it was super demanding seven weeks but I’m happy to be on the other side now that I’ve
gone through what I’ve gone through to be more prepared in emergency situations. And just being a MCWSS now, being able to
train any recruit that comes through this pool, and extremely confident in the marines
that are here already doing that on a weekly basis. Going through this course there’s a lot of
situations that are unknown to you, like how long you’re gonna stay underwater, how long
you need to have your breath for, the amount of exhaustion that you get and then you have
to go in the pool again and rescue a victim, makes me extremely confident as a Marine,
as a leader, just to protect each other in any situation whether it’s the water or outside
of the water.

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