Marvel Superheroes That Won’t Survive Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War is scheduled
for May 2018. It seems like it’ll be a massive, epic, worthy
“finale” for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first decade, as all the Marvel superheroes
face off against the menace of Thanos. And make no mistake: just like in the comic
books Infinity War is based on, plenty of characters are likely to die in the galactic
fight. So who will be sent into the great beyond? Here are some Marvel superheroes that won’t
survive Avengers: Infinity War. Iron Man Ever since he went through that portal in
Avengers, Tony Stark has been plagued with visions of an alien invasion, courtesy of
Thanos. Everything he’s done since has been in response
to this threat, so it would only be fitting for Iron Man to meet his end stopping Thanos. Those are solid story reasons for killing
him off, but there are some real world reasons too. Robert Downey, Jr. may be the cornerstone
of the MCU, but he’s costing Marvel a mint: $40 million for Captain America: Civil War,
$50 million for The Avengers, and a whopping $75 million for Iron Man 3. He’s also in his 50’s, making him a bit old
for the superhero scene, and with at least nine Marvel movies in ten years under his
belt, he may finally want to move on to something else. Don’t worry, though, even if Tony Stark dies,
the armor can still be filled by someone else, allowing Marvel to have their cake and eat
it too. Captain America Everyone expected Captain America to die in
Civil War, so Chris Evans is pretty much playing with house money at this point. But Marvel may have just delayed the inevitable
by allowing him to appear in Infinity War, where Cap is likely to have a very final one-on-one
showdown with Thanos, just like he did in the comics. Like Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Evans has hinted
that he’d like to do something else. And like Iron Man, there are plenty of other
characters who could wear the Captain America costume if Steve Rogers dies – such as the
Falcon, who already took over as Cap in the comics. Put it all together and it may finally be
lights out for the Star Spangled Avenger. Vision Vision was apparently brought to life by one
of the Infinity Stones. It now rests on his forehead, powering him. In order for Thanos to complete his Infinity
Gauntlet, he needs that stone. It doesn’t take a math genius to figure out
that probably means the end of everyone’s favorite artificial Avenger. The good news? As a synthetic lifeform, it’s possible Tony
Stark could figure out how to rebuild him later. “If you douse me again, and I’m not on fire,
I’m donating you to a city college.” Well, maybe not. Hawkeye Even though Joss Whedon is no longer in charge
of the Avengers, murdering Hawkeye would be perfectly in keeping with Whedon’s penchant
for killing off the beloved everyman character in order to jerk around audience emotions. It worked to great effect with Agent Coulson’s
death in Avengers, and now that Hawkeye has been given a sympathetic and meaty role as
family man and heart of the team in Avengers: Age of Ultron, it makes him the perfect candidate
to get killed – for real, this time. “You didn’t see that coming?” Peter Quill/Star-Lord As the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy,
it’s pretty much a guarantee that Peter Quill is going to face off against Thanos. And like most heroes who have faced Thanos
in the comics, their previous encounters did not go all that well for Star-Lord. In fact, in one story he deliberately sacrificed
himself in order to stop Thanos, so don’t be surprised if you see that play out on the
big screen as well – especially since Chris Pratt has become such a massive movie star
that Marvel may not want to pay his inflated rate once his contract is up at the end of
Avengers 4. Thor As the most informed member of the Avengers
when it comes to intergalactic matters, Thor is aware of the Infinity Stones. So he’ll probably be a key player in Infinity
War, and as one of the strongest heroes on the roster, you’d have to think he’ll get
a chance to go toe-to-toe with Thanos. Thing is, as we’ve seen from the comics, that
typically doesn’t end well. Plus, Chris Hemsworth has already revealed
that the fourth Avengers film is the final movie in his contract with Marvel. “I’m three films away from that happening. I’ve got Avengers 3 and 4, and I’ve got Thor
3″ It would make sense to kill Thor off and make
room for the next phase of Marvel heroes. He’s not really contributing much, anyhow. “I’m not really up to much at the moment.” “What are you doing later?” Drax the Destroyer Anyone who’s seen Guardians of the Galaxy
can tell you Drax has some serious bloodlust for Thanos. “Your wife and child shall rest well, knowing
that you have avenged them. “Yes, of course Ronin was only a puppet. It’s really Thanos I need to kill.” In the comics, killing Thanos is Drax’s entire
purpose, and he’s actually had some success. But it’s usually fleeting, and since Drax
seems to be first in line for a throwdown with Thanos, that eagerness could very well
cost him his life in Infinity War. Scarlet Witch After introducing Scarlet Witch in Age of
Ultron, they’ve haven’t done a whole lot with her. Yeah, she helped kick off events in Civil
War by accidentally blowing up that building, but the rest of the time she just moped around
knitting sweaters for Vision. Marvel might decide to keep her around, because
her reality-altering powers give them a Get Out of Jail Free card whenever they want to
do something goofy, but if they wanted to kill off a card-carrying member of The Avengers
with minimal long-term consequence, she presents an obvious choice. Nick Fury It’s tough to admit, but the MCU has pretty
much outgrown the guy who put it together. Nick Fury was the architect of the Avengers
over Phase 1, but after the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. in Winter Soldier, it became a lot harder
to keep him relevant, and he didn’t even appear in Civil War. If they do opt to kill off Fury, they could
give him an awesome send-off, one totally fitting for Samuel L. Jackson — having him
battle one of the biggest threats in the universe and ultimately falling to him. Hey, there are worse ways for a superhero
to go. “April 23rd ’57: getting caught in a jet turbine.” Everyone Yes, we’re serious. In the comics, Thanos actually killed just
about every Marvel superhero, so if Marvel wants to really go big, they could translate
that to the big screen. Of course, they all came back to life in the
comics, which would be easy enough to do in the movies as well given that the Infinity
Stones control reality itself. “You could’ve saved us!” Still, even if were temporary, the deaths
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