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Matching Survival 1+1 | 썸바이벌 1+1 EP.14 Part. 2 [SUB : ENG/2019.10.15]

Matching Survival 1+1 | 썸바이벌 1+1 EP.14 Part. 2 [SUB : ENG/2019.10.15]

So what’s the theme here, Heechul? The theme is couple’s trip. They go on a trip and… The room they want to be in. (Who will be a couple with the same preference?) I’ll check out Mirror Room. “It’s romantic and sexy. And we can look at each other from many different angles. Who wants to be with me?” Wait, “Who wants to be with me?” Gosh, that’s very well put. It sounds like Yebin. – Someone overflows with self-love. / – That’s right. Clamshell Room says, “I want to be the Little Mermaid today. So I’m looking for a prince who will spend time with me.” “Lots of love.” A mermaid and a prince? I think Seunghye might’ve written it. I’ll move onto Simple Room. Simple Room seems a bit protective as she’s a celebrity after all. “Celebrities are not able to make any physical contact in public, so I’d like to feel the thrill in this spacious Simple Room.” “I want to be healed surrounded by phytoncide and have a meaningful conversation.” Well, then. Why don’t we bring the guys over first? Here he comes. How are you? Fine. Thank you, Andrew You? Andrew has a Western vibe. Then he’ll pick Mirror Room. He’ll go for Mirror Room. – While looking at yourself… / – What is that? You and your lover can see each other in the mirrors. Isn’t that romantic? – That’s too much. / – Is it? – What about this? / – This one is also… “I want to be the Little Mermaid today. So I’m looking for a prince who will spend time with me.” Clamshell? (He walks past Clamshell Room) Simple Room? “Celebrities are not able to make any physical contact in public, so I’d like to feel the thrill in this spacious Simple Room.” So does that mean she wants to make some physical contact? Is that what she meant? In that case, I will… I’m 100 percent sure he’ll choose Simple Room. I will choose this lady who likes physical contact… – And go into Simple Room. / – I knew it. You’re a pro. Guys should be simple and bold like you. What a simple guy he is. The next guy… Is Mr. Dentist. – Alright, Dentist Wu. / – From what I see… He’ll definitely pick Mirror Room. That’s possible. – But for your health… / – Mirror Room? Isn’t it so romantic when you two make love around the mirrors? – Of course, it is. / – But it’s too obvious who it is. – Is that so? / – Yes. This is Clamshell Room. She’s looking for a prince. She wants to be the Little Mermaid? (The Little Mermaid wannabe?) She’s quite romantic. To be healed and to have a meaningful conversation. I’m going to pass on this. Oh, you’re going to pass on this? It’s 100 percent Simple Room. This time, I’m going to go with something strange. – The Little Mermaid? / – Yes, I’ll pick this one. There’s nothing strange about it. It’s a holiday house. How unique is this? Yes, it’s right by the beach too. One perfect day of healing. – Well, the prince is here. / – Alright. – Great. / – Okay, then next. – Busan is famous for clams. / – He’s looking good. Mirror Room is perfect for a date. Hey, Mr. Jagalchi. – Here’s Clamshell Room. / – Mirror Room. Mirror Room? (Juyeong also walks past Mirror Room) These guys don’t know Mirror Room’s real charm. (They don’t know Mirror Room’s real charm) I’ll go for an eco-friendly room. Is that your choice? Yes, I will be here. (Jeong Juyeong chose Wood Room) Here comes the oriental medicine doctor. Look at how strapping he is. How about Mirror Room? It’s perfect for a date. When you and your lover are hugging, wouldn’t it be really romantic if you look at yourself in the mirror? I guess. This is Simple Room. In this simple and spacious room, you could enjoy the feeling of being outside. – That kind of a feeling. / – This is pretty too. – Be thoughtful when dating a celebrity. / – Right. – Be a gentleman. / – This is pretty too. Gosh, these guys… He might pick Wood Room as he’s an oriental doctor. – You’re thinking too hard. / – I’ll go for Wood Room. – See? What did I tell you? / – Really? – I knew it. / – Eco-friendly Wood Room. (Baffled) Once again, Hoyeong ended up standing next to me. Why does he keep bothering me? He just follows me wherever I go. (Is Hoyeong my soulmate?) Well, one person for Clamshell Room, Dentist Wu Seungseok. Andrew Mun for Simple Room. There are two guys for Wood Room. Which lady will show up first? It’s Seunghye. Here comes Seunghye. Let’s see which room belongs to her. For some reason, this seems like her room. – Here it is. / – A mermaid and a prince, right? (Please come to Clamshell Room) (Cautious) – It’s made of cypress trees. / – He’s like a realtor. It feels like a property auction. In our Clamshell Room, there’s a resident dentist available 24 hours a day. If your tooth is broken while chewing shellfish… My tooth was broken while chewing shellfish. – Can you have a look? / – It’s your room, isn’t it? Isn’t that right? This is room, right? I told him it’s 100 percent you. You know me too well. Even Dentist Wu Seungseok was able to guess it was you. – Really? You chose me on purpose? / – Yes. Yes, I will make sure you have a healing day today. (I’ll get a healing day) Here comes Choi Hee. How about Mirror Room? It suits you really well. It’s just perfect. (Chuckles) – Oh, my. / – I know. You were worried that no one would come. Yes, I was seriously worried. Clamshell Room. Well, Simple Room. (Stockbroker Andrew Mun wants Choi Hee to join him) (Please come here, Choi Hee) Well, Simple Room. What kind of room is that? Of course, I hoped Choi Hee would come to me. I think I’m in the wrong place. – Hello. / – Hello. Is that yours? – Yes, it’s mine. / – Oh, my. This is unbelievable. You guys must be waiting for Yebin to come. I might’ve gotten the address wrong. (Trying to read the air) (Choi Hee watched their Jenga date) (The date seemed particularly pleasant) (Why am I watching this now?) I’m about to cry. (She pouts her lips) Our hospital is also… I don’t like it either. – You don’t like us? / – Why not? (I’m joking) The rest of the women may enter. They’re entering together, Seulki and Yebin. (Who will come to me?) (Laughing) I told you Seulki would laugh. What? (Is the mirror room Seulki’s?) I told you. (It’s yours, right?) – What’s wrong with the Mirror Room? / – Right? – Are you scared? / – Is this yours? It’s mine. – Really? / – Are you scared of it? (She seems sad as she looks at the Wood Room) (So the Simple Room was hers) The Simple Room was Yebin’s. (Yebin was the owner of the Simple Room) – Aren’t you feeling too sad? / – No, I’m not. It’s an honor. It’s an honor. You may shop groceries for camping on the rooftop soon. You can pick whatever you like. – Really? / – You can pick anything. Now go shop groceries for camping. (Enjoy your Mart Date) Buy all the tasty ones. We don’t want to buy the same thing, so we’ll divide the categories. We’ll get fruits, vegetables, and side dishes. Seulki can get alcohol and drinks. Yes, she’ll get something to drink. Seungseok will take care of the miscellaneous things. – Okay. / – You’ll get those. Then we’ll get meat and some shrimps if we can. – We’ll get some of those. / – She’s smart. She’s quick-witted. Let’s clap three times. Clap, clap, clap. – Let’s go. / – Let’s do this. I’ll do it. These must be the gift sets. – Should we get those? / – Don’t you forget… what you wanted to buy and keep looking at other things at marts? Salted pollack roe also goes well with it. Should we get some? – You could eat pork belly… / – Yes. With salted pollack roe. – It’s really delicious. / – Let’s get it. Or we could eat with flying fish roe. I couldn’t live without flying fish roe. – Do you like it? / – Who doesn’t? We’ll get the flying fish roe and salted pollack roe. (We’ll get what we both like) – Flying fish roe is… / – I think that’s enough. It feels like we’re newlyweds on shopping. (He smiles at the word “newlyweds”) They’re having a five percent discount on wine. Five percent? It’s Cabernet Sauvignon. (She naturally shops wine) Should we buy this? (Should we buy this?) Let’s try it today. (If that’s what you want, let’s try it today) I was on the Mart Date, and it felt real. As if we were newlyweds. It didn’t feel like I was on a TV program. It felt like I was actually on a date, shopping groceries with her. (Did he change his mind during the Mart Date?) (Seunghye and Seungseok are shopping other things) – We should get this one. / – Wait. – Paper towel should be… / – Yes. A bit brown. Then it looks like a proper paper towel. – Right. / – We’ll get this one. It’s also cheaper. It’s only a dollar different, though. This one has 50 in it. – This one has 70. / – This one has 70. – We’re so thrifty. / – Right. It’s because we spent all our money on Clamshell Room. – This is our concept. / – So we’re saving money here. – We’re like beggars at a resort. / – Right. – Do you like glasses like these? / – I always… Buy these which I won’t be using. – We could drink Coke… / – Or Sprite. Or Sprite just for the mood. I like these. – You’re the Little Mermaid tonight. / – I am. You bring these in the Clamshell Room, pour cherry soda in it, and stick a cherry on it. Should we get it just for the two of us? Should we? – Yes, we’ll keep it a secret. / – Yes. I can wire the money if they don’t allow us. (The crazy recognizes another crazy) The crazy recognizes another crazy. (This is how perfect their match is) I should buy a skirt. Really? Where are the swimsuits for the Little Mermaid? Would you like to wear perfume? Are there testers? (They’re not paying attention to grocery shopping) (They’re perfect even when they’re distracted) This is how they make it? – But… / – I like this one. This one? Alright. Okay. Listening to a woman always leads to a better path. (He wears the perfume she picked for him) (She wears the same perfume) Should we have worn something that smells like the sea or the clam? Sea scent. It’s neat. You and I are similar. We don’t do what we’re supposed to. We just do what we like. – Right. / – We’re similar. – We can’t finish a job. / – Right. (She’s shopping alone while others enjoy their date) This is good. I’m holding the camera by myself. I’m getting exclusive footage. It’s not bad. (She tries to tell herself she’s fine) I want these, but they won’t allow me. Yogurt sounds good for dessert. Does it? Is that okay? No one’s answering me. (She starts playing by herself as no one answers) (She plays this well in a mart) I see a couple over there. (She finds a couple) – No. / – I’ll push it. I’ll push. You just point your finger to what you want. I hope they’re happy. (I’m jealous) I had something I wanted to eat. Can we buy that? – Yes. / – It’s pizza. (it’s pizza) I want a pepperoni pizza. That’s a good one. Pepperoni pizza is the best. – Are you okay with this? / – Yes. – It’s a legend. / – I approve. It tastes amazing after eating meat. I want to eat perilla leaves. Perilla leaves. There it is. – Should we get some? / – We’ll get one. Are you doing okay? Let’s see what you got. (As Andrew Mun walks over closer) This is it. (Choi Hee looks at him) When Andrew and Yebin were matched for the Mart Date, and when I was with the two men, I thought it would have been better to have Andrew next to me. I was on a date with Choi Hee, I wasn’t really interested in asking her questions. We were just shopping groceries. We were like, “Which one? This one? Okay, put it in.” That was about it. – What’s this? / – I got salted pollack roe… And flying fish roe. We’ll put it on the pork belly. It sounds good, right? – She’s good. / – Let’s check out the pork belly. (Andrew liked seeing Yebin and her different side) (But Choi Hee kept troubling his mind) I already knew Choi Hee wasn’t Juyeong’s type. I was busy shopping groceries, so I looked from time to time, but they didn’t look so happy. (Will they find out about each other during camping?) (Welcome to Love Camp) I’m here alone. This is a rooftop. – You’re here. / – Hello. Hi. We’re here. – We’re here. / – The miscellaneous team is here. It’s exactly like the game. “I’m here alone.” – “We’re here with 2.” / – “We’re here with 3.” (Let’s organize as we’re all here) How about this? Why don’t we cook meat here and shrimps over there? I’ll roast the shrimps. I’ll roast the meat. I’ll cook noodles then. Who wants to roast meat with me? (As it turns out) (This is today’s last date) (It’s their last chance to appeal to them) (They cannot miss this opportunity) – Me. / – Would you like to? (Andrew Mun and Choi Hee will cook meat together) Who wants to prepare the fruits? – Me! / – Fruits. Me too. Okay, let’s do this! Shall we roast the shrimps? We’ll roast the shrimps. – I’ll roast them. / – No, I’ll roast them. What do you want me to do? We’re putting the flying fish roe on the pork belly. I see. Can you cut these with a knife? – Thinly? I’ll try. / – Yes, cut them. I’ll cook the shrimps. I think it’s meaningful to prepare a meal and eat it together. So I was excited. I think it was one of the most exciting moments. (While Hoyeong prepares with her) (What’s going on with the meat?) – I’ll cook the meat. / – Cook the meat. I’ll put them on the pan. Can you peel these onions like this? Like this. What are you using these for? – We’re eating them, of course. / – Okay. (Showing off his talent when he was asked to peel them) Where’s the cooking oil? Where’s the… (What is he doing?) (Yebin is watching) I can do three. (I’ll show you something better) I can do three onions. (He tries hard) (She’s not interested) Do you like salted pollack roe? (It becomes a mess) Try it. (She’s feeding him and everything) – Is it good? / – Yes. – It’ll taste good with pasta. / – It’s tasty. (Was it too weak?) – Are those spicy noodles? / – Do you want me… To show you eating them quickly? – It’s really good. / – Watch. Here I go. (Why is he trying so hard to show his talent?) There are certain images women want from men. I tried to show that image a lot. I wanted to show Yebin. (He wanted to appeal to her with his masculinity) How many seconds? – What is he doing? / – He’s eating that at once. – A second? / – Ten seconds. – Ten seconds? / – Even I could eat that. In 10, 9… Take it slow. (He’s pushing in his masculinity) Look at him. – Why are you… / – Don’t do it. (Will she be attracted to it?) What’s the use of eating noodles in a few seconds? He’s not even interested in me. I almost gave up on him. (You took the wrong path) (She didn’t even see him finish it) (Coughing) I was trying to get attention. But… Didn’t I look masculine? I ate a bowl of spicy noodles. She could have thought I’m masculine. I think that had an adverse effect. Hoyeong came to me just in time and asked me if he could help. He was trying to do something. He was at least trying. – I’ll do my best. / – Sure. – Do your best. / – Yes. Is this too thin? – No, it’s fine. / – Is it? Wasn’t it exhausting? I’m a bit tired, but I had fun today. Really? Me too. (They seem to start liking each other) (That bothers me) Hoyeong, the watermelon tastes amazing. The watermelon? I’ll go grab some. – Is it good? / – It’s really good. Come. I’ll go get some. It’s watermelon. – They say it’s very sweet. / – Did they? Do you want some? Yes. (Sure) Here. (He stares at it) Hoyeong was right next to her doing everything. He’s a public enemy. (He thinks Hoyeong is a public enemy) (Will they be able to find love?) You can lift it and I’ll cut it. – Already? / – Yes. It looks good. Do you usually cook the meat when you travel with your friends? – Yes, I usually cook the meat. / – Really? – That’s strange. / – What should I do? But you look awkward using the scissors. – Yes, a little bit. / – You don’t look… Like you’ve cooked meat before. No, I’m good at cooking meat. (She’s clumsy but she works hard) Andrew came to me first. I asked who wants to cook meat with me, and he said he wanted to. I’m not good at expressing my feelings. When I’m interested in someone, it’s hard for me to express it. But I have to make a decision in a short period of time today. So I tried to appeal in my own way. It’s sizzling. Do you want one? (Yum) I was cooking the meat, and she fed me a piece of watermelon. Actually, she didn’t feed me. She scooped one with a spoon and gave me the spoon. But I just went ahead and put my mouth. I deluded myself to thinking she fed me. I brainwashed myself. I wanted to feel confident. (The night grows late as they try to find love) Come here and eat. – Let’s eat. / – Let’s eat. – Good job, everyone. / – Oh, boy. – Let’s eat. / – Let’s eat. – Thank you for the meal. / – Thank you for the meal. – Cheers. / – Thank you. (Yum) (A shrimp) (The masculine guy goes for the chili first) It’s a wrap. (He doesn’t miss the opportunity) – Will it be too salty? / – No, give it to me. – Here it is. / – You should eat. I put salted pollack roe in it. – Here. / – You should eat. (He carefully feeds her a wrap) – It’s good. / – It’s a bit salty, isn’t it? – No. / – Is it okay? (Seulki is also making a wrap) Go ahead and eat. You’re eating for sure, right? It’s a punishment. – Are you sure you’re going to eat? / – I’ll eat it. – Do you want to bet? / – Have a wrap. Thank you. (Wow) (Did she just give Andrew a wrap?) (What was that?) (She feels shy) Seulki made me a wrap. I thought she was completely not interested in me. Then I thought, “Maybe…” And it felt weird. (I should have made her a wrap) Should we play a game? It’s The Whisper Game of Truth. How do we play? I’m going to pick a person and whisper. Then the person has to point to the person which is his or her answer. But only one person can know what the question was. The first person to drink the calamansi drink gets to know about the question. I’ll ask the winner of the popularity vote, Yebin, a question. You can only answer by pointing to the person. You can’t speak out the name. (Whispering) (I’m curious) (He asked his question) (To whom should I point?) Have you made up your mind? How could you ask me such a thing? What did you ask her? (He’s curious about the question) – Did you just act? / – She just did. No, this cannot be aired on public network. – Really? / – Why? – Seriously? / – What was it? You can find out if you drink. He’s a bit extreme. – Seriously? / – That was bad. (Was it that bad?) So I need to answer the question… – By pointing to the person, right? / – Right. – In 1, 2, 3. / – In 1, 2, 3. (In 1, 2, 3) (What’s her answer to the extreme question?) (It’s Hoyeong) Me? – Oh, my. / – Oh, my. – I got chills. / – Come on. Come on. I’m finished with this life. – What was the question? / – I want to know. – I can’t say it myself. / – I want to know too. I’ll take only one person who wants to know. I’ll drink it. – He’s… / – This is… Yes, drink it. I’ll give you a wrap after. I’ll give you right away. Good. Hurry up. It’s all about finding love. (Nom) – Are you okay? / – Did he finish it? Come here. I’ll tell you the question. (They’re holding hands) – Wait. / – Come in here. (Where are you going?) What are you going in there for? (Jealousy exploding) Where are you two going? I want to tell him what the question was. I need to tell him quietly. You can whisper it next to him. I’m telling him. Whisper it. – You can’t be able to hear it. / – Right. – Tell me. / – It was… “Who would you like to travel to Europe?” – Were you fooled? / – It’s extreme, right? – You were fooled, weren’t you? / – I want to know. Can we find out on television? You can find out. (So she wants to travel to Europe with me?) She chose me, and I was very happy. We can start from England and go all the way around. Welcome to The Starry Night. (Wow) Today’s song will be sung… By Yebin. (♪ To you ♪) (This is nice) (♪ My love is about to burst ♪) (He puts down his chopsticks) (He forgets about eating for now) (She’s so charming) (Sometimes she’s sincere) (And sometimes she’s shy) (The Love Camp ends not knowing if they’ve found love) (Shall we check our thoughts now?) (It’s time for the long-awaited final decision) Did you have fun tonight? – It was really fun. / – How about the men? – We had fun. / – We had fun. It’s time for the final decision. – This is… / – Now… Who do you think should go first, Seulki? – What? / – Who do you think should go first? Let’s start with Seulki. – We’ll start with Seulki. / – Don’t do that. – Seulki. / – No, I don’t want to. – You don’t have a choice. / – No. I want to go home like this. She’s doing the moonwalk. – This is for real. / – It’s better to go first. Let’s see… (Which man will have captured her heart?) (Nervous) Whose first impression did you like? The one at the end. The oriental medicine doctor? I saw… (She sincerely expressed her feelings) Do you want to bet? (Or is it Andrew whom she gave a wrap to?) (Who will she choose?) It’s Hoyeong. Who is it? Hello. Will you find love with me? (Will you find love with me?) (Wary) I’m sorry. – I’m sorry. / – It’s alright. I told you I didn’t want to go first. (This place is so scary) Oriental Medicine Doctor Park Hoyeong will go now. (Who is on his mind?) (He liked Yebin from the first impression) (He has been always after her) (Will she have felt his feelings?) Hello? Will you find love with me? (He’s frustrated) (What will she say?) You have everything. You’re sexy. (She communicated well with 100 Jeong Juyeong) (But Park Hoyeong was considerate) (It’s time to choose between the two) Will you find love with me? (Laughing) (Anxious) – I’d love to. / – Thank you. (He’s so happy, he can’t keep his mouth shut) Thank you. (Congratulations) (My head aches) – Let’s make a heart. / – Let’s make a heart. (Yebin and Park Hoyeong have become a couple) – You can stand next to us. / – Let’s go. Yebin, how are you going to meet Seulki from now on? We’re not that close. (She gives up her friendship) (That was mean) (He can’t smile in this situation) I personally think… I would have met with him if I was a woman. Why do you make that supposition so easily? What? (They’re hilarious) He’s the man that stole my heart. – It’s Juyeong. / – It’s Juyeong. He’s from Busan. We’ll see who he calls. – Do I call now? / – Yes. (Who will he call?) What? (100 Jeong Juyeong chooses Yebin) Wait a minute. (This is 100 percent real) (My gosh) (They’re stirred by his decision) You can change your mind. Give me a minute. It’s like she’s kidnapped. (What are you doing, Yebin?) – Please take the call. / – Just a moment. – Hello? / – Hello. Will you find love with me? I’m about to cry. You like blood sausages, don’t you? – I love blood sausages. / – Then… Then will you find love with me? (What will her answer be?) (Then will you find love with me?) I’m sorry. (I like blood sausages, but I don’t like you) (Heechul is the only one caring for him) I’m okay. (She’s sorry, and he’s relieved) Next up, Dentist Wu Seungseok. (Wu Seungseok will go next) A man doesn’t change his mind. (Where does his heart lead to?) (He liked Yebin as an old fan) (He matched well with Seunghye) (Which woman will he choose?) (He chooses Seunghye who he got along well) (Shy) A man doesn’t change his mind. Will you find love with me? (Will you find love with me?) I’m sorry. (I’m sorry) (What’s the matter with you?) (No!) – Juyeong is loving it. / – Come here. – You tried. / – Come to me. – I saved you a spot. / – You did good. If I knew this would happen… Then who should be… – What do I do? / – On Seunghye’s mind? You just denied Seungseok. Let’s see who’s on her mind. – I’ll dial him. / – Yes. Let’s see. (Who will she choose?) Is it Hoyeong? It’s not. – Yes, Seunghye. Hello. / – Hello. – Yes. / – He picked up politely. Will you find love with me? (This drama is so fun to watch) She’s so cute. I will… (Is he going to accept?) I will… Not be able to find love with you. I’m sorry. (I’m blurred with tears) At least you stepped up there. At least you stepped on it. (I’m sorry) – Let’s see. / – Then… Seunghye rejected Seungseok, and Andrew rejected Seunghye. Who will Andrew choose? – Come on out. / – Come on out. (Anxious) He could call Seulki, or Yebin again. – He could also call Choi Hee. / – What about me? That phone is dead now. If Choi Hee doesn’t get a single call, she might as well be absent. (That’s mean) Who will he choose? My hands are shaking. (My hands are shaking) (Who will have captured his heart?) Do you have anything to tell me? I have a lot to tell you. (He confessed his love during the 3-minute Dates) She looked cute when she felt shy. Do I take it? Will you find love with me? (Will you find love with me?) (Wary) Who are you curious about? (She appealed after listening) (To the ideal type of Park Hoyeong) (She got to know about Andrew through conversation) (Which one will she choose?) (Will you find love with me?) (She’s hesitating) What’s wrong? (Choi Hee) Is it Hoyeong? (Me?) I’d love to. (He’s relieved) Thank you. I’m embarrassed. Who would feel more embarrassed, you or Seunghye? I’m about to cry. Please give it up for them. (Choi Hee and Andrew Mun have become a couple) The four of you who became couples, go on dates! – Be happy. / – Be happy. (Next week) (A scream in the peaceful Matching Survival 1 Plus 1) (I feel so betrayed now) (Is Soyou among the women?) (She feels shy) (Even she’s shy in front of the men) Look at her acting like a prude. (The participants are even more perfect) (The touches will make your heart flutter) (You’re playing with our hearts) (The men are confusing the women) (Will they be able) (To find love?) (Matching Survival 1 Plus 1)

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  1. Am I the only one who was sad when the comedian didn't end up with the dentist? I mean…come on…he picked the clam room ON PURPOSE!!!


  3. When I see the preview to the next episode I just screamed: "SOYOU, GOOD JOB! YOU DESERVE THAT SPOT!" XD I'm exciting about to seeing Soyou shy and straightforward at the same time with the guys hahahaha

  4. I was sad for a moment when the comedian disbanded choose the dentist, but then when you think about it they seem more like really good friends, at the end I couldn’t think about them in a romantic relationship o:

  5. next week is too long can this week pass faster please,
    i cant wait for soyou episode and it would have been good if there was another episode with heechul.

  6. For tall guy i feel sorry… and i want to say plz chasing after Yebin…. "it is useless to chase the star which you can't reach from the ground"… just go with the flow… you might get even more happier..

  7. I read the comment section while watching because i was too curious lol. Seunghye and the dentist were so cute together. But i agree with one of the comments below. They seem more like friends. But i do think the dentist have feelings for her. I think the heart that seunghye got was from him during the mid-selection part. Hmmm. I do wish they could be matched together~

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