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Matching Survival 1+1 | 썸바이벌 1+1 EP.18 Part. 2 [SUB : ENG/2019.11.19]

Matching Survival 1+1 | 썸바이벌 1+1 EP.18 Part. 2 [SUB : ENG/2019.11.19]

(It’s the second segment to check their tastes) What’s this? “The moment you want to kiss after you start dating.” Darn it. “While walking in the rain together with an umbrella, the lady finds out…” “That my shoulder’s all wet. She says, “Gosh, what’s this?”” “Then she shakes off the rain.” – Hey. / – Gosh, what’s this? (P.O…) (Sugeun…) (Goodness gracious) Like this? (Embarrassed) “Their eyes met. They’re quite shy.” “On our way back home after a date, I say goodbye and as I walk back, I stop midway. Then I call her name.” “When she turns back, I walk toward her…” – “And kiss her softly.” / – This is just… What is this? It’s funny how they all end up kissing. What is this? “On a cold winter day, I’m waiting for the bus with my girlfriend. Our eyes meet. We’re somewhat shy. My girlfriend smiles shyly, and I give her a warm kiss.” (Cringe) Are these written by the men? What’s “roco?” Oh, a romantic comedy? “While watching a romantic comedy, the characters kiss.” Isn’t kissing in a theater a bit rude? Kissing… Kissing… My gosh, I’m not sure. How far should you go to call it a kiss? P.O, you’ve recently kissed someone, right? Was it last night? Alright. The first participant, please come in. She’s coming. (The first lady to enter is Beagle Choi Munseon) (Smiling) I like that raining day kiss. (Soyou, you’re a host) Come on. Oh, they wrote this themselves? “While walking in the rain under an umbrella, the lady finds out that my shoulder’s all wet.” He kisses her when she’s about to shake off the rain. Thank you. “On our way back home after having a date…” You have to act well for her “When she turns back, I walk toward her and kiss her softly.” (Kissing) (Exclaiming) (Isn’t this realistic?) “On a cold winter day, I’m waiting for the bus with my girlfriend. Our eyes meet. My girlfriend smiles shyly, and I give her a warm kiss.” Oh, I see. This one says they’re watching a movie. When the protagonists romantically kiss, he kisses his girlfriend at the same time. I don’t like this one. You see? I was right. You have to focus on the movie. – It’s weird. / – I think that one’s Heechul’s. I don’t think this is his handwriting. (Pondering) I’ll pick this one. (The bus stop kiss on a cold winter day) – I think it’ll be romantic. / – Right? The second lady, please come in. (The second lady to enter is Smiley Seo Hyebin) (Smiling brightly) (Which one will she pick?) “While walking in the rain under an umbrella…” I’ll go read the others. On a cold winter day, their eyes meet while waiting for the bus. He’d kiss her right away. In a theater. While watching a romantic comedy, when the protagonists kiss… – He’d kiss her then. / – I see. I have made my decision already. I don’t think anyone is going to pick this one. – You pick this? / – Yes. – You like this one? / – Yes. Who do you think wrote this one? (Whom does Hyebin have in her heart?) I think the one who wrote this could be very pure. – Pure? / – Yes. (I think the one who wrote this could be very pure) Alright, the third lady is entering now. (What?) Pick the one that might make your heart flutter. I guess this isn’t to her taste. (Don’t come to this one) (Honest Noh Jueun moves on to the next one) On a cold winter day… (Please don’t pick this one) (I like this one) In a theater, you’re watching a romantic comedy. I don’t like this one. You can pick what’s already been chosen. (Oh, no) (But it’s not okay for us) (Deliberating) I’ll pick this one. (Which one stole her heart?) (A kiss in front of her house after a date) Two people already picked that? The fourth lady, please come in. (The 4th lady to enter is Hanbok Queen An Seonmi) (Walking lightly) (Which one will she pick?) She says “My gosh,” and when she’s about to shake the rain off… (Hanbok Queen Seonmi takes her time reading them) (Super nervous) This is not it. (Then which one is to her taste?) Gosh, this is not it also. While watching a romantic comedy, when the protagonists kiss, he’d kiss her in a theater. I don’t like this one. You don’t? What if it’s in a drive-in theater? – How about a cruise? Duck boat? / – No. – I’ll pick this one. / – Really? Why did you pick this? It seems natural. – Right? / – It’s natural and lovely. (The female participants are done choosing) We’ll have the male participants enter now. The first male participant, please come in. (The first male participant, Seo Taehun) And then? Hold on, one table is empty. Taehun. How could you do that in the theater? – Your first kiss? / – Is it him? – I told you not to do that. / – Seriously? My handwriting isn’t that pretty. This is pretty? (Is this a pretty handwriting?) I’m relieved that someone picked mine. Really? (He’s lucky) Since I had an interest in Taehun, I wished he came. Since I majored in visual design, I drew something at the end. (It doesn’t look that artistic) Do you like getting wet in the rain? Yes, I do. (I like it too) Ddotty is next. (Ddotty is next) There are 2 ladies at 1 table. (Is that his table?) On the way home? I see. That one’s nice. While waiting for the bus? (Crying) That one’s Ddotty’s? They were switched. Yes, that one’s mine. – Really? / – Yes. – Yes. / – Why? – What? / – Why? I think they find it strange to kiss in the theater. There are many private theaters nowadays. You should’ve mentioned that. There are couple’s seats. – Goodness. / – Are there theaters for just two? – I’m talking about the couple’s seats. / – He would… – Borrow the entire place. / – I see. What are you talking about? The theater itself was his. (He may have a theater but no lady to join him) I wonder what their fates are! They’re coming together. (Her heart is fluttering) (What will their fates be?) (Glancing) (Singing) They look so cool. (Their hearts are thumping) Which one is this? This one’s on a cold, winter day. If it’s not yours, move on. Someone wrote a novel. “My girlfriend smiles shyly.” That’s Jungmo’s. It’s a novel. Which one is this? (Here you go) So which one’s yours? (Hurry up) (The 2nd table has 2 ladies) (Beagle Choi Munseon is alone at one table) That one seriously sounds like a novel. (Is Jungmo and Beagle Choi Munseon a match?) Alright. 1, 2, 3. (The men look at each other) (Laughing) (We got you) Seriously? This one’s mine. (Disappointed) (Round 2 of preference matching) Now, we are done with the matching. Here comes the next segment. For the picnic you’ll be having soon, you may go grocery shopping and buy the things that you want. You may go now. (They begin grocery shopping) I’m fine. I’m really okay. (They begin the Mart Date and prepare for the picnic) Let’s make that thing where you place cheese cubes on top of crackers. – Cheese cubes? / – Yes. (Looking around) – Let’s see. / – Here they are. Shall we buy the little one or the big one? There are many people. Will this do? – They can just try one each. / – Sure. Okay. The young ones wanted grapes. Let’s see. – This one? / – This one looks bigger. You have a good eye. – Do I? / – Yes. (She is meticulous) When was the last time you went grocery shopping? I go every day. I’m the one who shops for food. – At home… / – Do you live alone? – Do you live alone? / – Even when I lived with my mom… – You shopped? / – I did the shopping. And even when you’re alone? Even when I lived with my sister. During our talk, I realized that she was a good cook and meticulous. I thought about how it’d be to marry someone like her. What should we buy? We? Let’s see. There’s alcohol. (He’s looking for something) (I heard laughter) – Which way? This way? / – Let’s go this way. Since it’s heavy… – I help my mom. / – I see. – Hey. / – Yes? Tell me what you guys don’t eat so that we don’t buy them. We don’t eat cucumbers and carrots. (They don’t eat cucumbers and carrots) – Cucumbers and carrots? / – Hey. We need them to make rice rolls. If you don’t eat those two ingredients, we’ll make Chungmu-style rice roll and use only rice and laver. – We can have it with kimchi. / – Alright. – We’ll have that. / – There’s a lot of kimchi. Okay. We’ll ask again if we run into them. It’s important to ask since we’ll be eating together. Right. Let’s buy some drinks. It’s true that I’ve been living alone for a long time. (Ddotty’s “Love TV”) But I’ve rarely shopped at the mart before. I want to ask other people for their opinions. But there’s no one to ask. By the way, I wonder where everyone is. This mart isn’t that huge, but I see no one. Are they avoiding me in case they become lonely as well? This feels lonesome. Have you ever made rice roll yourself? – Yes, I have. / – Really? – But I was little. / – Really? – It was… / – Was it for your boyfriend? No, it was during a field day. – I helped my mom make them. / – I see. I’ve never made rice roll before. – Dumplings. / – Let’s buy dumplings. – Dumplings? / – Yes. – What do you think? / – I love them. (Dumplings, dumplings, dumplings) I’m sorry. Dumplings, dumplings, dumplings. (I hear people) (The lyrics are the same, but the vibe is different) – Shrimp dumplings. / – Shrimp dumplings? – Do you like them? / – I really do. There is a variety of dumplings. “Shrimp jumbo dumplings.” – So… / – “Shrimp jumbo dumplings.” I like fried dumplings. Shall we buy one packet each? Yes. Since you like shrimp, I’ll buy this. Great. Do you see them? – And… / – They’re ignoring me. We’re not ignoring you. (His heart flutters) Hello. Okay. Wait. What? She’s leaving. She suddenly approached my camera and showed a V sign. That’s when I thought she was being thoughtful of me. It made my heart flutter. (The lovey-dovey Mart Date is now over) (This is their last chance to appeal to others) (What kinds of events will happen at the picnic?) I was hungry ever since I had rice soup alone this morning. We feel like tourists. Someone brought sandwiches. Let’s do this. On the count of three, we’ll raise our hands. Rock is fried tofu rice balls. – Paper is rice roll. / – Okay. 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. (Ddotty copies Honest Noh Jueun) (Rice roll team Gimbap, Ddotty, Jueun, Seonmi) – Paper. Look at that. / – My gosh. They’re both good cooks. – You’ll make rice roll. / – Okay. Ddotty will make rice roll with Seonmi and Jueun. – Go sit down. / – Over there? One of us needs to join them. – Rock-paper-scissors. / – Rock-paper-scissors. – Rock-paper-scissors. / – Rock-paper-scissors. Okay. – Make it tasty, please. / – Got it. – Then… / – Sit down. Thank you. (The picnic will begin) Do you usually not cook the lavers? We bought cooked lavers too. Doesn’t the amount of rice matter as well? I think it’s working out already. (Already?) (Glancing) Should you put them in one corner? Yes, about this much. You should spread it thinly. – Thinly? / – It’s much tastier that way. Do I put the tuna first or this? – Well… / – Perhaps, it’s the tuna. Put in this much. Because there’s a lot? (Hanbok Queen An Seonmi misses her chance to talk) – This much? / – That’s good. – Really? / – And then… I couldn’t be direct. I was irritated with myself. (They are obviously distant) (Will she be able to find her other half?) This is warm. It feels weird. Alright, then. (Heechul appears with his hair tied up) – Tuna. / – Look at the color. – Should I put it in? / – You got some on your clothes. Do I just put it in? You just… Thank you. (Glancing) (Be careful) (His heart flutters) (They’re quite lovey-dovey) – Should we eat the burst ones? / – Okay. – I want a smaller piece. / – A smaller piece? This one looks the smallest. (Excuse me, I’m here as well) It’s like fried rice. – It’ll be tasty. / – Is it good? – It’s good. / – I’ll have this one. When I was young… (Everyone except Heechul is busy flirting) I’m lost here. (He yearns for attention) I wanted to join, but I didn’t know how to cook. I don’t feel at ease anymore. What is this? (He’s moved to another table) Aren’t these rice cakes? – What is this? / – This is cut in half. I have nothing to do. (How did I end up in this position?) What should I do with this? – It’s over, right? / – I think you should leave it. – Should I leave it? / – We need one more. – This one? / – Yes. – Should I put it in? / – No. – Should I cut it with scissors? / – No, I’ll do it. – I’ll just stay put. / – Yes. Should I mix it? No, you’re not supposed to mix it. You can just sit there and take some rest. Put some soda in there. – Alright. / – Take some rest. (He has nowhere to go) There’s no chair left. (What’s he doing?) What are you doing? I was preparing the fruits, and she told me to go take a break. I’m… (He’s being silly) There’s nothing for him to do. This is my first time not being able to mix in. Everyone was sitting there in pairs. I thought there were nine people because I was the only one left. – Shouldn’t we… / – It’s finished. – It’s finished. / – It’s finished. – Let me see. / – Which one? – You’re good at this. / – It’s a microphone. ♪ No matter how many times we miss each other ♪ ♪ I’ll wait ♪ (Are you listening, Hyebin?) (This is how I feel about you) (I think that’s enough) It’s a microphone. Can we sing the song together? (He tries to brighten the mood) I think I can sing “Seoshi” well now. Heechul. Don’t try to host the show here. I don’t have anything else to do. When did he get here? No one listens to me. Who… I thought you went home. Who wants some salad? Me. – Who? / – Me. Okay. Thank you. No one was answering me. I wanted to taste it. (Heechul’s doing fine) – You like salad. / – Thank you. (At that moment…) (What are you doing all of a sudden?) There’s a hair on you. I’m leaving. (His hand returns in haste) I’m very shy. (He feels shy) – I’ll use another spoon. / – You took it back – I’m very shy. / – Sure. (Weren’t you singing for me earlier?) (He feeds Seonmi properly this time) There you go. Good. (Good job, Heechul) – Would you like to seat? / – Thank you. (It’s time to taste the foods) Enjoy your meal. Enjoy your meal. When we were playing Jenga, did all the women watch it? Yes, we did. How was the atmosphere? I saw a love triangle. A love triangle? She said it looked like a love triangle. – It did. / – Did you watch me and Jungmo play? – I did. / – Playing Jenga? Yes, I watched in the waiting room. Was the video being played in the women’s waiting room? Yes, we discussed it. It was very obvious. They said you two looked pure. Did you all watch when they said they all had their ideal type in that room? (Laughing) I only saw that part. You watched all of it. That made a deep impression on my mind. – It was all out there. / – I’m so curious. (It’s a secret) (How will this love triangle end?) Why aren’t you eating? Are you full? I am. Tell me if you have anything you want to eat. (They stare at each other) Why are you looking at me like that? Pardon? Is something wrong? (He’s flustered and embarrassed) – What’s wrong? / – I said I watched everything. – What did you watch? / – The video. – Did you? / – I watched alone. I gave you the badge, though. I gave you the badge, though. (He’s shocked) (She suddenly tell him her feelings) – I gave you the badge. / – Seriously? Yes. I never imagined. You were the one I talked to the most. I thought… The conversation is the most important to me. Seonmi said to me, “I gave you the badge.” At that point, I was… I said to myself, “You’re an idiot.” I lost my mind since then. – Do you feel hot? / – A little bit. It’s hot in here. (What do I do?) (What’s he doing all of a sudden?) What are you doing? It feels cool, doesn’t it? It does. Right. You were also using casual speech. You were calling her name. I could see the spark from your love triangle. Why did that… It was better not to play Jenga. (He regrets it too late) (Will there have been a change in their hearts?) It’s time for the final decision. It was long for some and short for some. You could have been disappointed. If you didn’t have enough time to express yourself, it would have felt short. I just noticed something. – What is it? / – He’s got his hands behind him. He’s confident. No, I’m not. That’s not true. Are you sure you’ll be chosen? I just want to go back to when I was eating rice soup. I feel like I ruined everything. When Soyou participated as a member, you laughed at her. What does it feel like to be a member? I apologize, Soyou. (I’m sorry) I didn’t know. You can’t predict anything here. (I know that feeling) – Ddotty, are you drunk? / – No. I’m just getting nervous at the end. – Exactly. / – There’s… – This endless tension. / – Right. I think I have indigestion. Could you hurry up and continue? Alright, then. (It’s time for the final decision) We shall begin. Beagle Choi Munseon will go first. – Am I calling first? / – Yes, you are. (They’re all nervous) She’s going first! – Alright. / – What do I do? This is… Why am I in this situation? What if I get rejected? You don’t have to be bothered by that. – Everyone does. / – I was rejected. Everyone does. – She also… / – She received zero calls. – She got zero calls. / – Don’t worry about it. She got zero calls. (What? Say that again) – This is… / – I apologize. – It’s fine. / – I could get zero calls. – I should be worried about myself. / – It’s alright. (I made a mistake) Here we go. She’s making her own background music. – I’m dialing now. / – Yes. (Who will she finally choose?) (She appealed to Heechul at first) (Taehun was close to her ideal type) (Who will she choose?) Who is it? (She chooses Taehun) It’s Taehun? – What? / – That’s surprising. It’s Taehun. (She’s excited) Hello? Hello. Will you find love with me? (I’m getting nervous) Will you find love with me? (What will his answer be?) – I’m sorry. / – Alright. I’m sorry. (She’s disappointed) Poor her. (Poor her) Goodbye. He did not accept… Her call. – You may now step forward. / – Wait a minute. Can I do the interview again? – No. / – Who do you have in mind? Red sun. Can I be interviewed again? No, you can’t. You may call the person… – On your mind. / – This is so difficult. This program must be crazy! – You… / – Go away. He said he’s sorry, and he’s calling right away. Do you want to see me be carried away? I said I wanted to focus on “Gag Concert.” Who will have stolen… – Taehun’s heart? / – I’m curious. (Who will he choose after rejecting Munseon?) Who is it? (It was her) (Who is it?) (He chooses Hanbok Queen An Seonmi) It’s… – Hanbok Queen An Seonmi. / – Yes. (Why did he choose her?) Every time she spoke, I could tell that she was a considerate person. She was so feminine. Hello? Are you An Seonmi? (He speaks strangely as he’s too nervous) Yes, I am. Will you find love with me? (Curious) (I can’t watch this) I’m sorry. I’m sorry. (Poor Taehun) I thought she was saying yes. I’m sorry. I thought she was saying yes. Can we go out together? – Can I do it again? / – Her ship has sailed. You looked so mean just now. “Can we go out together?” Right. That was wrong. Taehun. – It’s irrevocable. / – Then… It’s Seonmi’s turn. Seonmi will now come forward. Please step up there and dial the person. (She’s very nervous) (Who will she choose?) (She first chose Ddotty) (Heesun) (He likes it) (She appealed to him vaguely) (I gave you the badge) (She confessed honestly during the picnic) (Who will she choose?) (Are you serious?) (She finally chooses Ddotty) What? (This is awesome) What is going on? Is this for real? What do I do? Take the call. (Don’t be surprised. It’s happening for real) He’s crying. – He’s about to cry. / – I’m too flustered. – Wait a minute. / – Ddotty! What? – Hello? / – Yes. Hello. Will you find love with me? (Will you find love with me?) (Focused) Will you find love with me? (It’s hard to tell whether he’s crying or smiling) Are you going to say no? I’m sorry. (I’m sorry) (It’s chaos) – Ddotty! / – What is this? What’s happening? I’m sorry. (His answer turned the studio into chaos) What is this? Hey. – He’s crying. / – This is crazy. – He’s crying. / – No. (He’s half-conscious) I’m… What do I do? This is so strange. – He’s actually crying. / – Don’t cry. (He looks blank) It’s alright. This is all… What do I do? I feel so sorry. The elementary school students are all asleep. Why were you so surprised? I really didn’t see it coming. – I had no clue. / – Not one? I had no clue at all. (But I expressed my feelings) – You may now step forward. / – Do I step up there? This is so fun. – It’s fun, isn’t it? / – It is. I thought they’d be a couple. I don’t care if you don’t become couples. I got a wife. I envy you. You should participate too. (Don’t say that) It’s Ddotty’s turn. You may now dial. (Who will he choose?) It’s Honest Noh Jueun. What is this? – Will she accept? / – Hello? Hello? Will you find love with me? (Will you find love with me?) (She appealed strongly to Heechul) (He expressed his feelings toward her) Will you find love with me? (They’re all very curious) (Show how competent small men are) (What will her answer be?) I’ll go straight. (It’s like they won the World Cup) I’ll go straight. (Is this for real?) This is for real. What’s with the music? Thank you so much. Is this for real? – Let’s make a heart. / – Yes. Hey. Thank you. This is… (Congratulations) Congratulations. – He did it. / – You may now step aside. Congratulations. (He celebrates for being a couple) – What do we do? / – You can stand next to us. – I’m startled. / – Ddotty! – I told you, didn’t I? / – Yes, you did. – Yes, you did. / – I told you so. Thank you. (We wish you two good luck) – Now… / – Who’s next? Jungmo will go next. (Jungmo will go next) – Hold on. / – I’m having fun. I’m having so much fun. That’s why it’s better to get it over with earlier. – Do I stand on it? / – Yes, step up. (He’s very nervous) Yes. (Who will he choose?) Let’s see. It’s Hyebin. Let’s see. (He chooses Smiley Seo Hyebin) You… I played Jenga with you. (He tries to relax) – Hello? / – Let’s see. – Hello. / – Will their friendship break here? Will you find love with me? (Will you find love with me?) (She checked the two men’s thoughts during Jenga) (How will their love triangle end?) Will you find love with me? (Will you find love with me?) (He’s more nervous) (What will her answer be?) I’m sorry. I’m sorry. What do I do? I’m sorry. (Happy) (Sad) (I’m sorry) – Heechul is blushing. / – What’s going on? – Hey. / – Hey. – Wait a second. / – He likes it. – He likes it. / – It might not be me. You may now step up there and dial the person. – What? / – Everyone. It’s not over yet. – Calm down. / – Calm down. – Okay. / – Calm down. We still have Smiley Seo Hyebin left. You may step up there and dial the person. What if I’m not the one she’s calling? (She chooses…) It’s mine. – Let’s listen to his answer. / – He’s glad. – I shouldn’t embarrass myself. / – It’s Heechul. He could say no. Hello? (Hello?) Will you find love with me? (It’s getting interesting) (What will his answer be?) I think… You called too late. He’s so cheesy. It’s the first time she’s calling. What do you mean, she called late? I’ve been waiting. (He’s embarrassed) (It is very embarrassing) “I’ve been waiting.” (It’s the least I could do) Until the end. Hello. (Smiley Seo Hyebin and Heechul becomes a couple) You two are too close to each other. Let’s give it up. Congratulations. (Congratulations on being a couple) How does it feel like to finally become a couple? It feels like I’ve watched a drama episode with a perfectly structured storyline in a quarter of a day. My heart palpitates. And to our host. He participated tonight. You got your wish after all. I’m… Look at his posture. (He looks relaxed as he became a couple) – I’m… / – I hate to see him. At first… Mr. Jenga, please step aside. Mr. Jenga? Hyebin and I agreed to talk in a casual way. We’ll talk in a casual way. – Okay. / – How are your feelings, Hyebin? – It felt realistic. / – Yes. I couldn’t be able to ease my tension from the beginning to the end. Why do you keep getting far away from him? I hope you continue your relationship well. We’ll cheer for you. Thank you for being here with us tonight. The couples may now carry your luggage and go on a date. Since we have to go, you can carry this for us, Jungmo. No! – Congratulations, everyone. / – Yes. (The couples can now go on a date) (Next week) (At the exciting site of Matching Survival 1 Plus 1…) (4 beautiful women appear) (The women today have a variety of charms) (A man with an unusual background?) (He’s my style) (These men also have a variety of charms) (The hearts of the men and women are filled with joy) (They don’t play hard to get) (They make an effort to win each other’s hearts) (How will their story turn out?) (Matching Survival 1 Plus 1)

65 thoughts on “Matching Survival 1+1 | 썸바이벌 1+1 EP.18 Part. 2 [SUB : ENG/2019.11.19]”

  1. Heechul's last comment was too cheesy and so cute now heechul is dating for sure right i don't know why i wanted him to date 💕😄

  2. Could we have the a new chapter of this episode? We want to see how the relation of heechul works!! They are dating or something😢

  3. This was actually such a fun episode!

    One of the Highlights-
    The friendship between Heechul and Jungmo.. LOVE 😂💙

  4. If they all were put into a drama series, I’d definitely watch it! The love triangle in this episode was funny 😆😅😂.

  5. 💝💝💝💟💟💟💘💘💘
    Heechul and heybin looks compatible.. because heechul may look extrovert but he has an introvert side ..he needs someone very mature to understand his that side too for serious talks. I think heybin would be best match..
    Wating for their dispatch news of dating 😍😍😍😍

  6. Seonmi looks good with the Taehun. Both of them are tall and matches eachothers personality. I wish she hadn't rejected him.

  7. People already know who Hyebin is because of this show, so it would be completely fine if they did end up dating and Heechul could go on dates with her in public without a problem. 🙂 If they end up not clicking after the show, I still wish them all the best! I wouldn't mind if tells us how things are going in the next episode. 😛


  9. I always want one of them to reject the person first n than call back the same person n than ask will you find love with me? That would be soo cooll!!😂🤭

  10. Through matching survival game… finding a pair is little cheesey…I hope finding love in their own way will give them the best life partner…hope things will turn out well ….not through the game….but through the heart ..find a girl who really knows who you are ..and not for fun and promotions …!!!…I find this show just as a show of game

  11. I feel heechul is being serious in his reply despite everyone laughing at his "cheesy" line. He's always wanted a partner because he's lonely. His horoscope reading said he might meet his potential marriage partner in late 2019. That's why he said that she called too late and that he have been waiting. I truly wish him well to find true love. Oppa fighting!!

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