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Matching Survival 1+1 | 썸바이벌 1+1 EP.3 [SUB : ENG/2019.07.30]

Matching Survival 1+1 | 썸바이벌 1+1 EP.3 [SUB : ENG/2019.07.30]

(A great weather to find a new love) (At a supermarket in Gayang-dong) Live by your taste, Matching Survival 1 Plus 1. (This is exciting) Let me introduce you to our relationship manager. I’m Soyou, the relationship manager for the female contestants. P.O, introduce yourself. Hello, I’m P.O and I’m the relationship manager for guys. From today on, to help you focus better, we have fewer contestants. – 5 male and 5 female. / – That sounds much better. Let’s see what kind of people are waiting. (Shaking) Vibration. Are you being electrocuted right now? – It’s just my phone. / – Electrocution. I’m going to open a group chat. We’re having a group chat today? The contestants haven’t seen each other yet. We put them in separate rooms. We don’t know their faces either. (What are the contestants talking about?) It’s all about their taste, not their jobs or anything else. – Do they meet through the chat? / – Indeed. (Curious and excited) Hello, everyone! Hold on, is this chat via text? – Yes. / – Of course. There’s a lot to know. Say something. The chat has started now. That’s such an old way of starting a conversation. Hold on. Her nickname isn’t Red-haired Anne, but Crazy-haired Anne. They have such good nicknames. They’re all very smart. (This is Crazy-haired Anne) (Surprised) Why did you choose this for your nickname? It was my mom’s idea. Crazy-haired Anne. What a clever name. There are a few people from Daegu. What? They’re all from my hometown. Mount Palgong is in Daegu. I think she is from Daegu. Mount Palgong? She’s calling herself Daegu Shin Saekyeong. Let’s ask if they’re here to find love. (Are you all here to find love or to grocery shop?) What should I respond? “Both.” “Both.” – Both. / – “Can we say both?” Malamute says he’s here to find love. What does that make of me if everyone responds “both?” (We’re also here to find love) (I’m here to find love, I want to find love) (All the guys are saying that they’re here to find love) (The lady contestants’ hearts race at their responses) (They can’t stop smiling) (Should I try sending an emoji?) Cutie Button Park has sent an emoji. Based on what I know, guys find girls cute when they use a lot of emojis. – She sent an emoji. / – Cutie Button. (I wonder what she’s like) (It seems like she’s showing off her emojis a little) (I’m going to join in) – That’s huge. / – That’s too big. – That’s gigantic. / – How is it so big? (The guys are laughing at it) I’m so excited. (He’s so excited) I’m all awake now. (Everyone is more than ready to meet the ladies) The mood is firing up. (Laughing) Look at how everyone is laughing. – This is fun. / – It’s exciting to watch. I’ll now ask for their ideal types. So exciting. (Since everyone is anonymous here) (Honestly share your ideal types) My honest ideal type? What would they say if I say it’s Sugeun? (What are the ladies’ ideal types?) Can I say that it’s P.O? I can’t say anything. Can I say that it’s P.O? (While the ladies are thinking of what to say) My ideal type is Shin Saekyeong. – Really? / – Really. (I see) Are you imagining her right now? (My ideal type is Shin Saekyeong and Shin Mina) He says it’s Shin Saekyeong. No way. – Is there a match made already? / – Let me check. There you go. (Dandelion, your ideal type is Saekyeong?) (There’s one right here) He probably feels something already. (Make some noise!) (Oh, my God) (Daegu Shin Saekyeong’s heart is racing now) (Blushing out of embarrassment) That was a bold move. (I’m so excited) Dandelion Kwon must be so excited. (Are the two going to be a match?) (Celebrity names are mentioned) (But) Suzy? Suzy? – They’re all different. / – They’re all very distinct. For sure. Everyone has such high standards. – What should we say in response? / – Exactly. Why aren’t the ladies talking? I did it. (What’s Crazy-haired Anne’s response?) (Park Seojun is my ideal type) – We’ve got a response. / – It’s Park Seojun. – Park Seojun? / – This is giving me a headache. That’s too strong. I guess I’m out. Someone said Gong Yoo. – Gong Yoo? / – Kim Jaejoong too. Are we done now? I bet the ladies had the same reaction as us. (Walking in their shoes) This is going to be difficult. You can all just go home now. Good work. I don’t think there will be a match today. (That’s not going to work. Let’s just shop and leave) It’s not going to work. Let’s just shop. (Ideal types don’t mean anything) Message them, “Let’s go to the mart and find love.” Guys, you may enter first. I’m so curious. (Let’s go!) (Let’s go and find love) (Captain Korea) (37°C) (Malamute) (Hot Heart) (Dandelion Kwon) (Five male contestants have entered) (The first male contestant) (Has arrived at the empty grocery store) Where do I go? (Looking around) The guys aren’t even looking at each other. – Of course. / – The guys don’t even… – Look at each other. / – They’re so young. (I really want to find my love here) (Cutie Button Park) (Daegu Shin Saekyeong) (Dancing Kitten) (Crazy-haired Anne) (Mount Palgong Raspberry) – There they are. / – I see the five. – Right? / – Yes. (The first female contestant enters the store) Look. At last. They’re going to see each other now. – I bet they’re excited. / – They have name tags on. (Love monitoring begins now) Lucky them. (Her hands are clenched in nervousness) Orange. (He spotted a female contestant) It’s Malamute. Finally. (As soon as she enters the store) (She spots a guy) (Oh, my) (Blushing) (They’re getting closer to each other) (This is so fun to watch) (This is making me nervous) I’m blushing. They passed by each other. The two of them. Look! Good days. (Mount Palgong Raspberry enters) It’s Mount Palgong Raspberry. (She meets eyes with a guy as soon as she enters) (What do I do?) Hello. Hello. (The two shyly greet each other) (A gentle smile) (She avoids eye contact in shyness) (The two pass by each other) They passed by each other. – I want to be there! / – Me too! Why am I always the host? (It’s exciting for the viewers) (But the two are more nervous than anyone) This is so awkward. (The female contestants gather once again) This is really hard. (They share their first meeting with the guys) I’m so nervous. My teeth are clenching out of anxiety. (Passing by) (There’s a camera here!) (Crazy-haired Anne doesn’t look nervous at all) The Crazy Strawberry. No, wait. Crazy Strawberry? Crazy-haired Anne looks calm unlike her nickname. (Crazy-haired Anne) (Doesn’t hesitate when she sees a guy) – Hello. / – Hello. (She seems so bright) Hello. Do you know where we’re supposed to go? I think just all around the store. (She’s not shy at all) (She’s adorable) (Wandering) Hello. You’re the Crazy-haired Anne. (She’s a cheerful Anne) (Wait!) (Scurrying) (Crazy-haired Anne is getting closer) (Trying to look casual) He’s smelling the fruit for no reason. What’s the point of smelling the packaging? (She’s coming) (The fruit is just for the show) (My eyes keep glancing her way) (She’s getting closer) (Before he realized, she was already in front of him) (Should I say something?) – Hello. / – Hi. (Trying to look indifferent) (He avoids eye contact with her out of shyness) (A very brief meeting before she’s on her way again) (He wanted to talk more) (That was too short. Will we be able to meet again?) (A lady in a black dress enters) (It’s none other than Daegu Shin Saekyeong) (Malamute can’t take his eyes off of her) (I feel like someone is looking at me) (The two finally meet) They’re going to pass by each other. – Hello. / – Hello. (Malamute doesn’t know what to do) (Playing cool) The lady is playing too cool. I’m great with cool ladies. So what? Nobody asked you. – I can’t share my ideal type? / – No. Fine, I’ll stop now. The two look good together. (The relationship manager thinks they go well together) (Will the two be able to become a match?) (I have a good feeling about this) It’d be nice to open a Matching Mart. – Right? / – Just like this show. Instead of a cafe, it could be a grocery store. (Let’s go and explore Matching Mart) – Hello. / – Hello. (Even in that short, awkward first meeting) (Some can’t take their eyes off a particular person) (Smiles begin to spread over their faces) I’ll ask in the chat if they found someone they’re interested in. I’m really curious. – Yes! / – Yes. (This is so exciting) (Who’s Malamute?) Look at her. Why does this make me so nervous? (Me too) (Yes, it’s nice here) (So happy) (A short meeting) (And budding love) I’m so nervous. Me too. (I have a good feeling about this) It’s time to match them up. What are we doing for the first round? It’s noodles that you’d like to eat with your lover in summer. Noodles? What noodles? There are cold noodles in broth, spicy mixed cold noodles, noodles in cold soybean soup, knife-cut noodles. Those who choose the same noodles can cook together. – Cook together? / – So you can only be together… If you have the same preference. Yes. I think this is a really crucial part. (Rule changes in Matching Survival 1 Plus 1) (Matches are made based on individual preferences) (You can only pick someone with the same taste) (Who will be able to become a couple?) Now, let’s begin the matching. (Will they be able to find a match?) Come and have some knife-cut noodles. Please choose knife-cut noodles. Come and have some noodles. Two may eat, but only one will stay alive because it’s that good. It’s cold noodles in broth, everyone. Come and have some noodles in cold soybean soup. It’s delicious and healthy. You can try some. Buy 2 and get 1 free. Someone is coming. Come this way. Have a meal. Have some knife-cut noodles and warm up. He’s coming. (Malamute’s preferred noodles is?) Will it be cold noodles in broth or spicy mixed cold noodles? (Where should I go?) What will he choose? Hello. He chose cold noodles in broth! He seemed like the type that’d like noodles in cold soybean soup. Malamute, good choice. (Captain Korea has arrived) Cold noodles in broth or spicy mixed cold noodles? I bet he likes noodles in cold soybean soup. Is he going for noodles in cold soybean soup? (Captain Korea chose spicy mixed cold noodles) Hello. (Captain Korea chose spicy mixed cold noodles) (I hope someone comes) Come quick. (The next contestant is Hot Heart) It’s Hot Heart. Cold noodles in broth or spicy mixed cold noodles? I’m sure it’s not knife-cut noodles. – Cold noodles in broth? / – Spicy mixed cold noodles. Two guys are here now. (He chose spicy mixed cold noodles) Cold noodles in broth or spicy mixed cold noodles? (37°C chooses cold noodles in broth) (What will Dandelion Kwon choose?) (This isn’t the place for me) You’re here! Welcome. (Sugeun is being clingy) Welcome. Welcome. Hello. – Noodles in cold soybean soup? / – Yes. (Current status of their choice of preferences) (At the cold noodles in broth section) (Hold on) (I don’t have a good feeling about this) (There’s 37°C here) (What if a girl comes?) (This is where the lady would sit) (No, this can’t be!) (37°C, you can sit here) – You can sit there. / – I’m fine. No thanks. (This is my chance) (He failed) – She can sit in the middle. / – Okay, fine. (How long will this peace last?) Is knife-cut noodles section going to be the lone one left? Look here. Ladies love knife-cut noodles. The ladies are here. (At last) (They are coming) (She’s coming this way) (What does Cutie Button Park like?) Cold noodles in broth or spicy mixed cold noodles? Come for cold noodles in broth. Dandelion Kwon is a very fit guy. (Thank you) I bet the guys are getting nervous now. (They’re getting really nervous) (Looking around in excitement) I think she’s choosing cold noodles in broth. (What does Cutie Button Park like?) Will she choose cold noodles in broth or spicy mixed cold noodles? Come this way for some knife-cut noodles. Button, come here. She chose cold noodles in broth! Please have a seat. (We made a great choice) (I can’t believe she likes cold noodles in broth) – Do I sit here? / – Yes. – You can sit here. / – Look at you two. Nobody offered me a seat and I’ve been standing all along. Cutie Button Park is really popular here. She’s the only lady here. (She suits noodles in cold soybean soup more) I had a look at the chat and a lot of the girls talked about noodles in cold soybean soup. (Getting hopeful) – They have good taste. / – Right. – You have a dialect. / – I’m from Daegu. From Gyeongsang-do? There are a lot of people from Daegu today. Yeah. Mount Palgong Raspberry and also, Daegu Shin Saekyeong. You’ll have a good connection with those two. (What noodles does Mount Palgong Raspberry like?) Cold noodles in broth or spicy mixed cold noodles? Cold noodles in broth? (Scans the table) (Spicy mixed cold noodles is a no from me) (Will she choose noodles in cold soybean soup?) Just have some knife-cut noodles. Come! Come join me. Come and have some knife-cut noodles. – No, don’t do that. / – But knife-cut noodles is good. Care for some noodles in cold soybean soup? Hello. You can put your cart here and sit there. Thank you. (Lucky him. I’m sure at least one will come) You like noodles in cold soybean soup? Yes, I love beans. You two are both from Gyeongsang-do. Yes, I’m also from Gyeongsang-do. – Really? / – Yes. – I’m from Daegu. / – You’re from Daegu, right? I think there’s another one from Daegu. – Her nickname says Daegu. / – Right. (What noodles does Crazy-haired Anne like?) She’s here. It’s Crazy-haired Anne. Cold noodles in broth? (Amazing!) (Stands up right away) – You can sit here. / – Thank you. (37°C gave up his seat for her) Dancing Kitten is here. Cold noodles in broth? We’re very popular today. We have no ladies at our table. Don’t mind them. I don’t have a good feeling about this. You don’t? (This looks bad) Cold noodles in broth. – What do I do? / – You can just sit and relax. (What does Daegu Shin Saekyeong like?) Cold noodles in broth here! Cold noodles in broth? Sorry. Are you going to choose knife-cut noodles? Do you have someone you’re interested at this station? (What will she choose?) (Please, let’s eat together) (Spicy mixed cold noodles?) (Spicy mixed cold noodles isn’t for her either) Come and have some knife-cut noodles. Take some knife-cut noodles. (Is knife-cut noodles her choice?) (No way) Really? Will she get the penalty? (No one has chosen knife-cut noodles yet) (She’s going, going…) (Gone) (She walks past) (That cheeky girl) Noodles in cold soybean soup. (She chose noodles in cold soybean soup) It’s popular. (He’s being a gentleman) – Let me help. / – Didn’t you sell one yet? (He can’t take his eyes off her) I’m from Daegu too. – Are you? / – Yes. People from Daegu have gathered here. (I live in Daegu too) Saekyeong. (Shin Saekyeong) That’s embarrassing to hear. (The result of each preference) (Sugeun is tasting knife-cut noodles on his own) What are you doing alone, Sugeun? It tastes great. – Does it? / – Yes. (Let’s start with the cold noodles in broth) You can start making them now. Don’t we just add ice to this? This is convenient. You don’t need hot water for cold noodles in broth? We need to cook the noodles. (Crazy-haired Anne puts the noodles in) Oh, no. You dropped the antioxidant too. What is it? The antioxidant got in. – Oh, no. / – It’ll make us live longer. (It’s okay) She added it. Like her name, Crazy-haired Anne is already doing crazy stuff. (Anne is going crazy already) I’m not sure what “crazy” actually means in her name though. (37°C gently gazes upon Crazy-haired Anne) She’s kind of offbeat. She has the kind of charm that takes you aback in the way you didn’t expect. (Wary) Cold noodles in broth are the best for summer. Right. Nice and cold. (I’m glad I chose cold noodles in broth) Are you good at cooking? – I like to cook. / – Me too. I like to cook, but… Shall we start… Shall we make it? Could you take out a portion? Isn’t this enough for one? Dandelion Kwon is very proactive. Is there something else you eat along with this? – Kimchi. / – Kimchi? Kimchi. Young radish kimchi is good. (Of course, it has to be young radish kimchi) I like kimchi salad. – Kimchi salad. / – Kimchi salad. Right. (I should have said kimchi salad) You guys like noodles in cold soybean soup. Do you like adding sugar or salt? (What will the ladies choose?) – Neither. / – I don’t add anything. Me too. (Did you hear them? They don’t add anything) I like adding salt. This is where you don’t match anymore. You were good up till the noodles. Should the two of us… (Shall we become a couple?) I like adding nothing too. (He’s late) – You can adjust to them. / – Yes. Once it’s cooked… – You can eat it. / – Yes. They are all friendly. What is this? One per person? I have scissors. (Takes a glance) Do you want scissors? – It’s done. / – That’s expected of 37°C. (37°C takes care of Crazy-haired Anne first) (I will do these stuff for you) (Her heart skips a beat) (I can’t open it either) (Envious) (He’s kind enough to cut it for her) I wanted to take care of her because she was next to me. And because I like… Because I like her. (37°C is very sweet) (I missed the chance) (37°C pours the broth for her too) There are some toppings too. Are there? – Do you like eggs? / – It’s done now. Yes. (He tries to show he’s sweetness) Do you like mustard? I like to eat eggs last. Me too. I like egg white. – White? / – I like yolk. You like yolk. – And I like half-boiled eggs. / – You can… You can drink it then. They get along well on their own. I’m not needed here. (I’ve been all alone since long ago) Why is it so quiet here? I haven’t heard anyone talk. What would they talk about? You must have made this and tried at home. – At home? / – I do. – Do you guys live alone? / – No. – Do you live with your parents? / – Yes. – Me too. / – I see. (Both guys live with parents) We have so many things in common. (Why do we have so many things in common?) Are we going to look pitiful? (Will we look pitiful on TV?) It’s only the beginning now. I enjoyed the meal. If it was Sugeun there instead of Soyou, we would’ve had soju. (We would’ve had some soju) Thank you. – Do you want plenty? / – Yes. – Thank you. / – There you go. It’s looking good for noodles in cold soybean soup. The guy has good manners. I am a man of good manners, to begin with. And both ladies were from Gyeongsang-do. They seemed glad to be with me. You know, you can tell. You can tell. Is someone whom you like here with you? (That’s a straightforward question) I’m curious too. (She pretends not to be curious) (Tell me already, I’m getting dizzy) Of course. (She is here) He said, “Of course.” (Who would it be?) (Shy) – You said you like egg white. / – Yes. – Have this. / – It’s okay. Are you envious? – A lot? / – No, I’m fine. – Are you? / – Yes. But why does my heart ache? (We repeat. We are fine) I’m fine. (Getting to know each other while eating their favorite) (The first preference match is over) All the hosts and contestants are gathered here. It’s for the first time today. Right. We meet everyone here. You should make sure to show off yourselves here. The guys will introduce themselves first. We’ll start with 37°C. Hello, my nickname is 37°C. And my name is Seo Seungwon. I’m 26 years old, and I’m a safety manager. You may not be familiar with it. I manage the safety of workers on site. (That’s cool) Please introduce yourself, Hot Heart. My name is Choi Jeongmin. Hello, Jeongmin. I named myself Hot Heart because I’m warm-hearted. (He’s a warm-hearted man) And my hobby is to play ice hockey. (This player is Choi Jeongmin) (No wonder he has a sturdy body) I’m a student at “K” University. What is your major? I’m preparing to go to law school. Law school. I hope to meet someone here so that she’d come and cheer me. “K” University is famous for its ice hockey team. That’s right. Next up is Captain Korea. – Captain Korea. / – Look at his broad shoulders. (Wow) I’m Park Kyeonghun, 27 years old. I’m running an online store for menswear and working as a fitness model too. He’s a fitness model. He must be confident about his body. Can you do this? (Playing the song, “School Bell” with chest muscles) This. We can’t. I can, but ladies don’t like it. Right. He’s spot on. He’s spot on. Ladies may not like it, but our viewers may. – I like it. / – Me too. – Just a peek. / – Show us a little. “It’s good to see you.” Please show us. (Squirming) (Their reaction…) He’s like Captain America. He’s like the Avengers. I don’t think the ladies hated it that much. I like fit guys. I may come across as too crude. (I may sound too honest) But I like fit guys. (She’s straightforward) (Their love begins with his muscles) Your specialty is standing long jump? Yes, it is. Show us, Seungwon. (Now?) (We need a comparison) This is standing long jump. (He’s slightly nervous) (Quick) It’s Dancing Kitten. Is it Dancing Kitten or Daegu Shin Saekyeong? Hey, look. – If you jump like this… / – He jumped too far. – Wait. / – If you do this… (He’s a lot more nervous than before) He’s getting nervous. Relax. Even when his shoes aren’t fit for this… Now, get ready. Where was the starting line? – It’s here. / – I see. Don’t get hurt. (He’s trying to show off his fit body) (How far will Kyeonghun jump?) (He flies) (Amazed) (He shows off excellent athletic skills with a smile) (Let’s compare the two) (Kyeonghun wins by a slight distance) – My gosh! / – The ladies look so happy. (I can do that too) (Meanwhile, there’s a man who’s dying to move) (Dandelion Kwon is confident in athleticism too) Dandelion Kwon would like to go next. He has an amazing body too. Their egos are at stake at the moment. (They pretend not to be competitive) (I also work out) Dandelion Kwon. (He looks determined) (He jumps) (What happened?) (Their response doesn’t sound too favorable) Dandelion Kwon, please introduce yourself. Dandelion Kwon, you just showed your weakness. Please introduce yourself. Okay. Hello, I’m Dandelion Kwon. My name is Kwon Sanghyeok. I’m a personal trainer. (He’s a personal trainer) Why did you name yourself Dandelion? Unlike how I look, I’ve never been in any extramarital affairs. – Extramarital affairs? / – Extramarital affairs? – You’ve never cheated, you mean? / – Right. Then shouldn’t you be Sunflower Kwon? Sunflowers sound so boring. – So I went with Dandelion Kwon. / – I see. (He’s unique) (I’m Sanghyeok, a man who’s as loyal as a dandelion) (Why is Dancing Kitten laughing?) I really like men who use dialects. Dandelion Kwon spoke in a dialect. It was adorable to hear him speak. (He’s cute) Hello, I’m Malamute. My name is Kim Daun. Why is that your nickname? I’m quite active, and people said I have the characteristics of a large dog. – I see. / – That’s why. I’m currently a musical actor. I’ve recently released an album as well. Now, let’s move onto the ladies. Let’s start with Cutie Button Park. She’s called herself a cutie. Hello. My name is… (She gives a cute introduction) – My name is Park Suyeong. / – Park Suyeong. (They applaud her) Welcome. I’m 23 years old and run an online shopping store. I have… – It’s okay. / – Take your time. I have a personal talent. It’s spinning in circles. – This? / – You’re good at that? – That’s difficult. / – Right? (Let’s find out) Spin 10 times and press on this button. Okay. Why do I feel nervous? Press this. Spin. How many times will you spin? – It’s your choice. / – 10 times? – Really? / – 10 times? Okay. – Here we go. / – I’ll start. Ready, set, go. That doesn’t count. I could spin 3,000 times with that speed. – Spin faster. Good. / – Four. – Faster. / – Five. – Spin 15 times. 6. / – 6. – Seven, eight. / – Seven, eight. – Five more. / – Five more. Nine. – Faster. / – Five more. – One, two, three. / – One, two. – I smell her shampoo. / – Me too. – Let’s find out. / – Go straight away. (What happened?) – Five. / – Go straight away. – Let’s find out. / – Go straight away. (Staggering) What is she doing? What is this? Excuse me. P.O is over there. There he is. – She’s cute. / – She really is. You made us laugh. Good job. It was quite original for her to call that her personal talent. After watching her, I felt her clumsy charm. The lady who spun showed us her clumsy side. It was charming. Next is Mount Palgong Raspberry. Hello. My nickname is Mount Palgong Raspberry. Mount Palgong is in Daegu, right? You’re right. – My name is Song Seoyeon. / – Seoyeon. I’m a veterinarian. But I don’t take care of dogs or cats. I’m studying about cows. – Cows? / – Yes. (Will Seoyeon meet her man today?) I’m interested in her. – Crazy-haired Anne. / – She reminds me… Of Jeong Chaeyeon. Slightly. Thank you. Please introduce yourself. My nickname is Crazy-haired Anne. My name is Lee Danbi. That’s such a pretty name. I’m… (Why are they clapping?) What was that? Why are you suddenly clapping? (They suddenly start clapping) That was unexpected. Why is that your nickname? My mom told me that I was too reckless. – I see. / – That’s why. She’s very skilled at naming. I’m currently a college student, majoring in Acting. I’m good… (She looks shy) – At mimicking animals. / – Look at that. We’ll try guessing them. I’ll be using my body, not my facial expressions. – Is it charades? / – Good. – Let’s see. / – We’ll guess. Here I go. You need to be flexible. (Let’s all guess) (Flapping) – What is this? This is interesting. / – A crane. – I haven’t started yet. / – A chicken? She hasn’t started. I haven’t started yet. (Here she goes) (She flaps away) A chicken. A peacock? I think it’s a bird. – I think it’s a bird. / – An ostrich. You’re right. – An ostrich? / – How’s that an ostrich? Right, when they walk. I get it. How do they walk again? – Should I do it again? / – Yes, please. I need to take a closer look. (He’s charmed by her) (It’s amazing) You’re very good at flapping. What else? (They ask her for another one) This is something I learned at school recently. – I see. / – They teach you these things? It’s the Bongsan masked dance. – Bongsan masked dance? / – I see. – This will be interesting as well. / – I’ll make it… – Very short. / – Sure. (Shhh) What? A pavilion with flowers in Luoyang where the gods play. Now, move onto the ostrich. (It’s the Bongsan ostrich) That was excellent. She knows the basics of Bongsan masked dance. – That was… / – It was charming. Quite impactful. (She’s slightly embarrassed) She mimicked an ostrich. (Giggling) She really looked charming when she did that. I like people who are offbeat. I’ve never met a girl who is so active and humorous, so it was memorable. Next is Dancing Kitten. My name is Kim Jihyeon, and I’m 22 years old. I’m working as a dance director. (She’s a dance director) Dance director. (Let’s check it out) (Unlike her shy introduction) (She surprises everyone with her dance skills) (Everyone is mesmerized) (By her dance skills) (I don’t want 12 a.m. to pass!) (Excellent performance of “Gotta Go” by Chungha) (Amazed) (That was incredible) (Jihyeon has mesmerized all the guys) No wonder she’s a dance director. I couldn’t help but be amazed. Thank you. Now, last but not least, Daegu Shin Saekyeong. In short, she’s “Daeshin.” Hello, my nickname is Daegu Shin Saekyeong. Some people may have a different opinion. My name is Lee Seunga. – Lee Seunga. / – I’m guessing… Your friends gave you that nickname when you were young, right? – Yes, you’re right. / – I knew it. I don’t remember much because it was back in high school. But that’s what they called me. I’m working as a freelance announcer. (His ideal type is Shin Saekyeong) Today, we have various guests. You must remember that only those who get matched up during the three preference matchings can become the final couples. If you are not matched, you can’t choose the lady of your choice later on. – We’re only looking at preferences. / – Right. Now, let’s move on. – Let’s go. / – Go! Let’s go! This is the second segment. This is very important to me. Soyou. What kind of scent would you like your boyfriend to have? – Tell us. / – I’m very sensitive to smell. I’ve mentioned this several times. K.Will said he had sprayed that perfume for five years. Does that mean you and he are… No, so… Will we be expecting some good news? He changed his perfume. Right, he can’t change you. The ladies will each choose a perfume that they wish their boyfriend would wear. Among the perfumes, the guys will each choose one that suits their taste. If both of you pick the same one, you’ll be matched up. (They’ll pick their men’s perfume) (I want to be enchanted by your scent) Welcome. Welcome. Pick one perfume and the ribbon of your choice. (Decorate it with a ribbon) I need to pick among these? (She’s in a dilemma) The scents are woody, white musk, baby powder, rose, and fabric softener. – Can I smell them? / – Yes. (She makes a careful decision) (She talks with her face) Your eyes get really big when you smell them. Right. – Which one will you pick? / – This one. – This one? / – Yes. This is white musk. – Right. / – Please give me this one. – I’d like this one. / – This? Why did you pick this perfume? It’s the scent you get from the fresh laundry. – The scent from fresh laundry? / – Yes. It’s a little masculine and you don’t get sick of it. Which action do you think you’d like him to do after he wears the perfume? What action would make your heart flutter? When he looks at the back while reversing. – Oh, reversing? / – While he’s reversing. That scent from then. – When he’s focused on work. / – When he’s working. But how would you smell him when he’s working from far away? Well, then I don’t have to stay far from him. Oh, then like this? (Like this?) (Just the thought of it makes her heart flutter) Wait, you just smiled really widely. Wait, you just smiled really widely. (Embarrassed) It depends on your preference. Pick whatever you like. Alright, the female members have picked five perfumes for men. (Curious) (I hope it’s to my preference!) The female members… – Should turn around. / – Please turn around. Alright, number one, Seo Seungwon will pick first. What will be the perfume that special forces would pick? It’s the scent of special forces. I liked Lee Danbi the most. She doesn’t look like she’d do the ostrich thing, but she did. I like people who are whimsical. (The unexpected charm of Danbi captured his heart) Do you think you know… Who picked it? I don’t think so. (Who would Kyeonghun like to be partners with?) The person who drew my attention was Park Suyeong who was wearing a blue dress. I’ve never met anyone like her, so I think it’d be nice to get to know her. The one who spun. The one who spun. Her specialty itself was very unique. And sure enough, she didn’t do so well. So I wanted to fill what she lacks, and she was really cute. (The most preferred female member, Park Suyeong) (The male members are done with their selection) (Will it match with the woman in their hearts?) (It’s time to find out!) The one whom I pick should go and spray perfume on the female members. The female member who picked that perfume can turn around. – But you guys know. / – We do, of course. Seungwon, please go first. (Seungwon sets off) (He’s always been fond of Danbi) (Grinning) (I hope my preference is similar to hers) (They’re also getting nervous) (Danbi, is this the perfume you picked?) (Seungwon’s heart flutters at her movement) (Will his preference be the same as hers?) Female members, if you smelled the scent, please turn around. In 1, 2… 3. Please turn around. (It must be the perfume that Danbi picked!) (Please hurry and turn around) (If it’s the perfume you picked, please turn around) (Let’s see) (It’s mine!) (His preference matches with Seoyeon’s) – The white… / – Oh, she picked it! (Seungwon and Seoyeon picked white musk) So they became a couple. (They became a couple with same preference) I was a little sad. It’s the next male member’s turn. (Daun liked Suyeong from the beginning) (We’re watching you) (Is Suyeong reacting to it?) (Is Crazy-haired Anne reacting as well?) (I’m watching you also) Please return to your spot. (The female members carefully smell the scent) If you think this is the perfume you picked, please turn around at the count of three. In 1, 2… (Who has the same preference as Daun?) Three. (Daun and Danbi picked the scent of fabric softener) – Is it yours? / – Danbi. Alright, they’re the second couple. (Three men who are fond of Suyeong) Park Suyeong. She looks a little clumsy. I like Suyeong. She was charming when she showed her whimsical side. (Who will be matched up with Suyeong?) (Will Sanghyeok and Suyeong’s preference match?) In 1, 2… Three. (Sanghyeok and Jihyeon picked) (The baby powder scent) Congratulations on becoming a couple. (What a relief) Please come here. You can’t turn around. (Seunga and Suyeong are the only ones left) (Two male members who like the same woman) Go ahead. Okay. (Kyeonghun sets off first) (He wants to be partners with Suyeong) (Smelling) (Suyeong, who’s whimsical and bubbly) (Seunga, who’s coy and chic) Turn around at the count of three. In 1, 2, 3. (Kyeonghun and Seunga becomes a couple) Daegu Shin Saekyeong. Alright! Look at this. (Suyeong and Jeongmin becomes a couple) (Grinning) (Is she smiling as well?) (When she picked the perfume) (She wanted to be with Jeongmin) (What if he smells like the perfume that you like?) (I’d love that!) (I like Suyeong) Alright, so Jeongmin and Suyeong became a couple. (They have the same taste, and they like each other) (Preference Matching Round 2, The Scent of My Man) Men, you have picked an item that you’d like your girlfriend to have. (The Item of My Woman) (Pick the item that your partner might like) (Jeongmin picked the diary) (Seungwon picked the power bank) (I’ll pick the hand cream) (Sanghyeok picked the lip balm) (Daun picked the perfume) I can tell her personality through a diary. I’d be worried if I can’t reach her. She can share this with me. When she puts it on, it’d be nice if her hands are soft. I’m sensitive to smells. So it’d be nice for her to have a perfume. Please pick one item among the items that the men chose. Pick an item that you carry around. You can also pick one that’s similar to what you carry around. Is there anyone who has the power bank? Me! (Seungwon and Suyeong became a couple) Who has the diary? (Jeongmin and Danbi became a couple) Danbi! Who has the hand cream? Hand cream? Me! (Kyeonghun and Jihyeon became a couple) Who has the lip balm? – Me! / – Lip balm! (Sanghyeok and Seoyeon became a couple) – They have been newly matched up. / – I know. In 1, 2, 3. (How will they find love?) What should we buy first? What are you good at cooking? The ones that I tried… But I’ve only made them once. I thought you like cooking. I do, but since I live with my parents… – I don’t have a chance to cook. / – I see. Do you like cooking? I only cook what I eat. Won’t we look nicer if you put that up high? – Is it too high? / – How do you like it? – Look at the angle. / – I like it. – That’s enough. / – Is it? – Yogurt? / – Yes, let’s get that first. (Seungwon and Suyeong’s first item is yogurt drink) The ones that have less sugar. – Is this the one? / – Yes, I think so. Let’s have this. What do you like to eat? I… Like chocolate-flavored milk. – Chocolate? / – Don’t you like chocolates? I can’t eat chocolates. (I can’t eat chocolates) Really? (Oh, my goodness. How can she not eat chocolates?) (I shouldn’t have brought it up) – Really? / – Because I can’t get enough of it. – Because there isn’t enough? / – Yes. (I like chocolate-flavored milk too) I thought you were allergic to it. No, it’s because there isn’t enough of it. – Shall we get going? / – Sure. (They enter the chewy noodles section) The fried chewy noodles is a new product, right? – This one tastes the best. / – The acorn noodles? Yes, the acorn chewy noodles. Among all chewy noodles products, these two are the best. – Really? / – These two. They’re really good. Really? I love this one. Have you ever tried it? – No, I haven’t. / – I strongly recommend it. (This time, Seoyeon shows off her knowledge) I used to eat this a lot when I lived alone. It’s 200g. – You care about that? / – That means… It’s not much. But I think it’s enough for one person. I eat a lot. Do you eat just everything? – Since you eat a lot… / – I eat like a cow. I can’t be forgiven. – Do you know how much cows eat? / – I know. I don’t have mercy. Cows eat all day long. We shouldn’t be buying something that’s delicious since there’s a price limit. – You know? / – There must be something. There must be a reason for the $100 price limit. Right. (Danbi and Jeongmin are very doubtful) First, we get white peaches. (They’re running all of a sudden) Could we be making a fuss when there’s no mission? (Could we be making a fuss when there’s no mission?) We could be. The peaches are in season. They look delicious. – I love peaches. / – You do? Do you like oranges? I do. Should we get oranges? Yes, I like oranges. Oranges. – How about giant grapes? / – I like them. Do you want to get giant grapes? – Green grapes! / – I love green grapes. Me too. – These are good for picnics. / – I love these. (We’re quite a good match) How about some chips or instant noodles? – Do you like chips? / – I do. – It’s just they’re fattening. / – Right. I can’t eat them. – What? / – I’m on a diet. Milk! Milk is good for making the swelling go down. Right. (Swelling is a topic they can’t leave out) We got coffee. Do you like cereals? – Cereals? / – Yes. – Yes. / – Should we go get some? Let’s do another preference match there. Choose. – Among all these. / – There are so many. – What’s your preference? / – This was good. – Which one do you like? / – This one. Just choose for now. I choose… (On a mission instead of being on a date) I choose this. These two could be tasty when mixed together. Matching failed. (They couldn’t match their preferences) Did you choose a different one on purpose? No, I didn’t. – Which one do you like? / – Which flavor do you like? – I like plain flavor. / – I thought so. I don’t eat plain flavor. – It’s expensive. / – Let’s go with the expensive one. Let’s use up all $100. – I’m curious… / – Yes. Are first impressions important to you? I don’t think it’s important. – Really? / – This one is good. – Have you tried it? / – Yes. – Do you want this one? / – Are you sure? – Do you like it? / – I love it. I could eat it every day. (I could eat it every day) I think rather than first impressions, I like to get to know more. (Jihyeon is opening her heart to sweet Kyeonghun) (What will the five couples choose?) Let’s go ahead and start. Some of you may have been matched up with whom they like. But I’m sure some didn’t get matched up with the one they like. For your final choice, you can only choose someone that you’ve been matched up with. Right. If the person you chose chooses someone else, the game is over. – Right. / – Yes. Let’s get started. Who’s going first? Park Kyeonghun, please step forward. (Park Kyeonghun will go first) (Park Kyeonghun’s final choice) (He had the same perfume preference as Seunga) (He went grocery shopping together with Jihyeon) (Who will he choose?) Seunga, I choose you. (Will you scan the barcode in my heart?) Will you scan my barcode? (She has a meaningful smile on her face) I see some people can’t control their facial expressions. (What will she say?) (She met Sanghyeok at the noodle segment) (They related well because of their shared hometown) (She went grocery shopping with Daun) (And she was able to sympathize with him) (Kyeonghun had the same perfume preference) (Will he be able to win her heart?) (Nervous) (Will we successfully have the first couple?) (Let’s see) (What will she choose?) I’m sorry. (I’m sorry) I’m sorry. (He’s shocked) – She said she’s sorry. / – No! (She’s sorry) (Seunga’s heart was difficult to win) It’s difficult to match when it comes to genuine emotion. (This is scary) Seunga has rejected him, then let’s see which man is in her heart. (Who would it be?) (Who will she choose between Sanghyeok and Daun?) (I can’t watch this) (Is it me?) I choose Daun. (I choose Daun) She chose Kim Daun. Will he choose back? But he seemed surprised just now. I was able to talk to him the most. (Will Daun have the same feeling toward her?) – Vinegar? / – That’s a lot. (He seemed interested in Suyeong) (His perfume preference matched with Danbi) (Will Daun accept Seunga?) You seem really proud about this. Like this. (Heart pounding) (What will he choose?) Let’s go eat noodles in cold soybean soup. (Daun also chooses Seunga) (She’s shy) (They’re the 1st couple of Matching Survival 1 Plus 1) I had the most conversations with her. When we went grocery shopping, I asked her what she liked and they all matched my likings. I was able to talk to Daun a lot when we were grocery shopping at the end. So he felt closer to me. (Congratulations to Daun and Seunga) Kwon Sanghyeok, please step forward with your cart. Let’s see who he will choose. You may take out the product while calling out her name. Please pick up the product. This is fun. With confidence. (His perfume preference matched with Jihyeon) (He went grocery shopping with Seoyeon) (Who will he choose?) Seoyeon. (He chose Song Seoyeon) I choose you. Will you scan my barcode? (Will you scan my barcode?) Seoyeon, you can come forward. (Will Seoyeon have the same feeling as Sanghyeok?) She seems like she didn’t expect it. Let’s see. (What will Seoyeon choose?) You have to hold it out. I’m also from Daegu. (They hit it off well as they were both from Daegu) (They shared food preferences too) (They had same preferences on noodles and items) Beep. (She scanned it) Kwon Sanghyeok and Song Seoyeon. Kwon Sanghyeok and Song Seoyeon has become a couple! The reason I chose her is because on 2 of the 3 choices, our preference matched, and we were able to communicate well. And her smile is beautiful. He led the conversation well for me to speak easily. And he was very agreeable. I think that’s why I chose him too. (Congratulations to Sanghyeok and Seoyeon) (Final Choice) I think they were pretty obvious, but let’s see how they turned out. Choi Jeongmin, please step forward. – You think he was obvious? / – Yes. (Choi Jeongmin’s final decision) I choose this. These two could be tasty when mixed together. Matching failed. (His perfume preference matched with Park Suyeong) (Who will Jeongmin choose?) Suyeong, will you scan my barcode? – Please come forward. / – He asked Suyeong. Please come forward. (Will Suyeong have the same feeling?) (Nervous) Which person is the closest to your ideal type? Hot Heart. (Jeongmin was close to Suyeong’s ideal type) Is he still close? I don’t know about that. (Is it because of Seungwon who she shopped with?) (What will Suyeong choose?) (Do we have a new couple?) (Or not?) Yes. (She had the same feeling towards Jeongmin) She scanned his barcode. Just like that. (They’re the 3rd couple of Matching Survival 1 Plus 1) I chose her because I liked her first impression. I was particularly interested in her. He looked the most gentle and warm. (Congratulations to Jeongmin and Suyeong) In today’s Matching Survival 1 Plus 1, we have three new couples. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. If you want to find love or shop groceries, come to Matching Survival 1 Plus 1! Congratulations. My daily life only goes on as planned. It was good being excited about something after a long time. It was delightful. Good luck, Matching Survival 1 Plus 1. Would you keep seeing him? We’ll see. (Next week) (Shop groceries and find love) (It’s P.O’s male alumnus) (P.O’s school life can’t be said on air) (Hey!) (Honey, I’m home) (Did you call me, honey?) (That’s cheesy) (They show off all their charms) (Matching Survival 1 Plus 1)

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