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Matching Survival 1+1 | 썸바이벌 1+1 EP.5 [SUB : ENG/2019.08.13]

Matching Survival 1+1 | 썸바이벌 1+1 EP.5 [SUB : ENG/2019.08.13]

(The air smells like romance around here) Live by your taste. Matching Survival… – 1 Plus 1! / – 1 Plus 1! (What are they congratulating?) – Did you hear the news? / – Which one? Some of the guests we’ve had have been dating since and they’re in a relationship. – Who is it? / – I heard it was you, P.O. It’s not me. (I’m sorry, but it’s not me) The fact that there are people who develop a romantic relationship is… – Such great news. / – Right. I can’t wait to see which couple there will be… – Today. / – I can’t wait. (We can’t wait to see the contestants for today) (The male’s waiting room) (Rustling) (It’s grooming time before he meets the ladies) Have you all been on a blind date? – Yes. / – The class-to-class one. I’ve never been on a blind date. So I’m a little excited to be here. This is like a blind date. (The experienced ones are also excited) There should also be five women, right? – Right. / – Right. It’d be fine if there were more. (We don’t have to make pairs) I agree. (I wonder what kind of ladies are here) I’m nervous. I’m so nervous that my hairs are standing up. I’m serious. (Her body is showing her excitement) (I’m also very nervous) You startled me. It’s here. (Campus Kim Youjung has logged in) (“S” Uni’s NORAZO has logged in) (Bundang Gianna Jun has logged in) (Australia Nana has logged in) (Cutie-bot has logged in) (Chef Nam Joohyuk has logged in) (“K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun has logged in) (“S” Uni’s Ryu Junyeol has logged in) (2% Lee Joon has logged in) (Engineer Lee Minki has logged in) (The 10 participants have entered the chatroom) – Here we go. / – They all entered. – Hello. / – Hello. We have a lot of celebrities today. – Right. / – There’s 2% Lee Joon. And Bundang Gianna Jun. (It’s a fabulous lineup of the red carpet) Campus Kim Youjung. Chef Nam Joohyuk. Engineer Lee Manki. Lee Manki? (Is that Lee Manki that I know of?) I’m sorry, it was Lee Minki, not Lee Manki. Engineer Lee Manki? You’re too young to read Minki as Manki. I’m wearing contact lens, but I still can’t see well. The way you said it was so natural. Engineer Lee Minki? What? Engineer Lee Minki? My goodness. (They cannot hide their excitement) I’m excited to meet Engineer Lee Minki. Is Lee Minki your ideal type? (Who knew I was going to meet my ideal type here?) I like Chef Nam Joohyuk. I like… Chef Nam Joohyuk. (They’re competitors) It’s a competition. I’ll pick Nam Joohyuk. What’s going on here? Now there are three of us. Campus Kim Youjung. They’re replying quickly. (He can’t wait to meet Campus Kim Youjung) There’s “S” Uni’s NORAZO. I wonder who it is. She doesn’t seem ordinary. Will she be like NORAZO? – Like this? / – Yes. (“S” Uni’s NORAZO) (Her charms will be revealed soon) “Are you here to find love or shop groceries?” I’m here to find love. (I’m also here to find love) “Please tell us only one.” Finding love is the truth. (My heart is pounding) (I’m here to find love) The men are all very assertive. Right. They are. We are all very timid. (It feels good today) – In 1, 2, 3. / – Let’s go! (The ladies are also showing their cuteness) (Cutie-bot) (“S” Uni’s NORAZO) (Can we look forward to seeing you?) (Giggling) What did you say? “Can we look forward to seeing you?” (“Can we look forward to seeing you?”) “Can we look forward to seeing you?” (It made them all excited) (Engineer Lee Minki) I’ve been preparing since yesterday. (I’m very excited) It’s good that the men are being assertive. Many of them used to be quite shy. Should we ask them their ideal types? “Tell us about your ideal type.” (She’s hesitating) (Why is Bundang Gianna Jun hesitating?) – This is… / – They’re smart. My ideal type is actually Lee Minki. Should I tell them? What do I do? – You can tell them. / – Of course you can. – You should tell them. / – Tell them. (My ideal type is Lee Minki) (This is embarrassing) Her ideal type is Lee Minki. (Will he feel the same way about her?) (Oh, my God) – They’re talking already. / – Yes. Bundang Gianna Jun said that her ideal type is Lee Minki. But he replied that his ideal type is Suzy. – Oh, boy. / – He should’ve said Gianna Jun. – He has no wits / – He’s not quick-witted. – Read the room! / – You’re right. Hong Jonghyun likes Yoona. Hong Jonghyun likes Yoona. – And there’s Irene. / – Irene? 2% Lee Joon likes Park Boyoung. Why aren’t they saying the nicknames they see in there? How can they be so tactless? Oh, my. – Are you okay? / – Unbelievable. They said Suzy and Yoona. – And Irene. / – I know, right? I think we should go home now. (Since we’re here, let’s at least shop) What would they be like in person? I’m wondering too. (Shall we meet first and talk in person?) (Guys and girls) (Please come to the mart and find your love) (Cutie-bot overflowing with charm) (Bundang Gianna Jun with beautiful long straight hair) (Campus Kim Youjung with big dolly eyes) (“S” Uni’s NORAZO like a cutie pie) (Australia Nana with a bright and attractive smile) (“K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun with a killer smile) (Chef Nam Joohyuk who’s visually pleasing to look at) (2% Lee Joon whose smiling eyes are 100% real) (“S” Uni’s Ryu Junyeol who has sexy monolids) (Engineer Lee Minki with a childlike innocent smile) (Shall we meet now?) I’m so nervous. Hello. Hello. (Laughing) Hello. – Nice to meet you. / – You too. (They shyly exchange greetings for the first time) (All the girls’ eyes turn to Chef Nam Joohyuk) They’re here. What do we do? What should we do? I think he’s good-looking. I know, right? (Feeling shy) (Have you all found someone you like?) (I can’t even look at them as they’re all so beautiful) (My heart is pounding) My heart hurts. (My heart hurts) (Who is Chef Nam Joohyuk looking at?) (Campus Kim Youjung) (Turning around) (Acting natural) (He pretends not to notice her) (Campus Kim Youjung approaches him) (Poking) (Waving her hand) (Laughing together) There’s a camera. – We’re on the camera. It’s cool. / – I see. – There’s another one and… / – Hello. Really? Is it over there too? Where? (The cameras are everywhere including shopping carts) Amazing. – Hello. / – Hi. – See you then. / – See you then. (They suddenly split up) (Sighing) Hello. My heart really hurts. (My heart really hurts) (Then let’s hurry and meet each other) This is Matching Survival 1 Plus 1 where you can find love according to your preference. Could you pronounce “1 Plus 1” more accurately? Your pronunciation is a bit… “Plus.” Am I wrong? Say “Plus.” – I guess I was wrong. / – Try and say “1 Plus 1.” Back in school, I was taught to emphasize the “P” sound. (In the old days, we all pronounced it like that) – Alright, Matching Survival 1 Plus 1. / – That’s right. – Did I say it wrong? / – Yes. It’s much better now. Your face is blushing. Well, today, this is not the end. – There’s one more male contestant. / – Right. This is good news for female contestants. No way. Really? (Hearts fluttering) Please get prepared mentally. He’s really good-looking. (Good-looking? Who could that be?) Here comes Gangnam Hong Seokcheon. (He has a lot more hair than Hong Seokcheon) I hate you. (It’s Heechul) Hello, guys. I just got back from Saudi Arabia. I’m Matching Survival 1 Plus 1’s host, Kim Heechul. – Great. / – Okay, let me ask this quickly. – I’ll ask guys first. Minki. / – Yes. Is there anyone you like? – Yes, of course. / – Alright. That’s enough. What about Junyeol? There is. (“S” Uni’s Ryu Junyeol likes someone too!) Joon, do you also have someone in mind? Stop staring at her. It’s too obvious. (Even before getting the question) (He’s scanning her) (When Sugeun asked) (He’s scanned her again) Please stop staring at her. (Who’s the girl that stole his heart?) The person who caught my eye is Kim Youjung. (His eyes are fixed on Campus Kim Youjung) At first glance… (He fell for her at first sight) (Will 2% Lee Joon be able to start a relationship?) Joohyuk, how about you? (When his name is called) (All of them turn their gaze to him) (He resembles Nam Joohyuk and Park Hyoshin) Nam Joohyuk, that person… I think Nam Joohyuk is quite handsome. Nam Joohyuk. The person close to my ideal type is Nam Joohyuk. – Do you have someone in mind? / – Yes, absolutely. (Which one of the girls stole his heart?) (That’s a secret for now) Jonghyun, do you have anyone you like? (Does Jonghyun have someone he likes?) (Giving a suggestive look) (Of course, I have) (Stirring) His eyes keep pointing somewhere. (Who is it that he’s got his eye on?) (We’ll find out through “Eye-tracking method”) (Eye-tracking method in operation) (The result turned out to be Bundang Gianna Jun) She made the best first impression. Bundang Gianna Jun. She seems to be the closest person to my ideal type, I think. Now, it’s time to exchange some information and show off your charms. It’s a self-introduction session. From this week, we’re going to use some special equipment. You can send love to your crush in this segment. It’s called “Send Love Balloons.” (If you like what you see in this session) (Do not hesitate to push it!) There it is! I can here Love Balloons being sent. You can send Love Balloons without limit. You can find out how much you’re liked by the sound of Love Balloons being sent. Shall we start with Minki? Okay, from Engineer Lee Minki. Hello, I’m 21 years old and majoring in mechanical engineering. I’m Engineer Lee Minki, Lee Hyeongseok. (Applauding) You don’t need to applaud. Just press the button instead. (They understood it) I’ll tell you about my hobbies and specialties, but before that… The reason I wanted to join this show is to fix my heart. (I’m here to fix my heart) I joined the show to fix my heart. (Cringy) You should’ve gone to the hospital. Has it been long since you had a girlfriend? That’s right. But my heart is burning now. (My heart feels warmer again) (Then…) (Who’s the girl making his heart race?) It’s Cutie-bot. The way I see it, Cutie-bot is really cute. (What did he prepare for the special someone?) (His secret specialty) (The splits) (Amazed by his flexibility) They’re pushing it. Love Balloons are being sent. Please keep pushing the button. Try a handstand now. Love Balloons are about to burst. He’s slowly… (He’s doing a handstand!) (As he stands on his hands) (His well-built six-pack abs are slightly revealed) – Look at his abs. / – Amazing. (I got to push it on this one too) Oh, my. – My goodness. / – I’m sorry but turn around. (Turn around so that our viewers can see it too) Turn around, please. Here come the abs. (Exposing his abs once again) (How was Minki’s specialty?) My mind just went blank. (Giggling shyly) Look at his Love Balloons. – He received a lot. / – Doing a handstand seems like… A good way to reveal the body. That’s what he intended. – That’s because… / – You have my respect. (Meanwhile…) (Sighing) As we were talking, 2% Lee Joon gave out a sigh. Right before his turn, Minki made a huge impression. It’s Lee Joon’s turn. A lot of Love Balloons exploded right before him. Please introduce yourself. I’m here to find someone to go on vacation with. – Going on vacation? / – Vacation? I’m Jeong Minseop. I’m 27 years old. My specialties include dancing, singing, and doing impersonations, but… – Don’t you want to see his impersonations? / – Yes. Please do an impersonation. (We’d like to see) I’ll try Lee Seonkyun. (He prepared an impersonation of Lee Seonkyun) – Please show us. / – The ladies seem very excited. “Here comes the first order.” “Here comes the first order. One spaghetti alle vongole.” (Reading faces) “One spaghetti alle vongole.” (Flustered) – I have another one. / – Another one? – He’s trying hard. / – I can do Choi Hwajeong. – That won’t be easy. / – Choi Hwajeong. (I’ll get my hopes up once again) “Hello, I’m Choi Hwajeong.” (Reading faces again) – “Hello, I’m Choi Hwajeong.” / – Alright, well. Okay, well done. (Laughing) (Embarrassed) “S” Uni’s Ryu Junyeol, please introduce yourself. Hello, I’m 21 years old. I’m studying dentistry at Seoul National University… – Dentistry? / – Dentistry. Dentist. Your girlfriend won’t have to worry about her teeth. – Their reaction… / – Right. They reacted when he said dentistry. I’m a college student, Shim Junyeong. It’s great meeting you. (“S” Uni’s Ryu Junyeol, Shim Junyeong) Living a busy life… (Popping) Excuse me. He didn’t do anything, but why are you sending balloons? This could happen. They are showing that they like him. (They feel a bit unfair) To my life, which is dull and dry like the desert, this program became an oasis. He has a good voice too. – He’s cool. / – Yes. And now that I see the ladies, it feels like I’m seeing flowers near the oasis. – He’s prepared that in advance. / – He did. That’s such an old metaphor. Oasis and flowers. I’m good at playing a musical instrument. I’ve been playing the flute for a long time. (“S” Uni’s Ryu Junyeol will play the flute) (“Memory,” a song from “Cats”) (The soft melody fills the studio) (He abruptly stops) I’m sorry, just a second… – No one noticed anything. / – We didn’t know. It’s pretty good considering you started learning it yesterday. (He braces himself and starts to play again) (Pressing) (He plays…) (Every note sincerely) Great. Let’s give it up for him. (Clap) Next is “K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun. (He’s good-looking) Hello, I’m in my third year studying physical education at “K” University, Kim Jihwan. He’ll be the PE teacher. When I pull a straight face, people say I look cold… – And like a dinosaur. / – You do. That’s why I chose this nickname. Didn’t someone say their ideal type is Gong Yoo? (Gong Yoo?) (Why?) He said he looks like a dinosaur, not Gong Yoo. Gong Yoo kind of looks like a dinosaur too. (“K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun looks like Gong Yoo too) Didn’t someone say their ideal type is Gong Yoo? I did. (Was anyone close to your ideal type of man?) “K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun. He looks like a dinosaur. He has a beautiful smile. (His beautiful smile reached Campus Kim Youjung) It made my heart skip a beat. “I want to date him.” (I think I want to date him) (Will they become a couple?) I used to play soccer, so I could say that’s my specialty. But here, I’ll show you ball-lifting. He’s wearing formal shoes though. (Lifting) (He’s good) (Her eyes open wide) This is all. He lifted it 19 times. I counted the number. Great. We have one guy left. A CG. A cooking guy. (Shy) Hello, I’m 21 years old. They are all so young. I’m 21 years old. (My gosh) He’s young. He’s young. (He’s young) I’m a university student, and I’m majoring in Hotel Food Service. What’s your major? Korean? I have certificates for all. Korean, Chinese, Western, and Japanese. And I’ve been participating in contests for three years to improve myself. He’s into cooking. Now, we have met all the male contenders. Hello, I am 23 years old. I’m Campus Kim Youjung. I like to grow plants. She likes to grow plants. (She likes to grow plants) I have tillandsia, ionantha, and succulents at home. I have a question. What’s “divorced love?” – Ionantha. / – Ionantha. Ionantha… (A type of plant that absorbs dust to purify the air) It absorbs dust. I thought it was “divorced love.” That’s what I thought too. The name kind of sounds like that. A few days ago, I had to go to my parents’ house. When I came back, the ionantha flowered. – So I… / – “The ionantha flowered.” (They fall for her cute charm) – Let’s meet Bundang Gianna Jun. / – Bundang. Hello, I am Bundang Gianna Jun at Dongduk Women’s University. (Gianna Jun?) I’ll sing a little and dance a little. (It’s time to see her singing and dancing) (Wow) (This is the sexy dance of the 90s) (Gianna Jun’s techno dance) (Here we see her powerful techno dance) Hello. This is it. (I’m Bundang Gianna Jun) That was new. Young people these days don’t dance like that anymore. But she danced well. Thank you. (She showed an amazing performance) We just saw Gianna Jun, but this person really knows how to have fun. – NORAZO. / – “S” Uni’s NORAZO. Tell us about yourself. Hello, I am majoring in clothing at Seoul National University, 22 years old, “S” Uni’s NORAZO. – Junyeol is also… / – You go to the same university. Are you close? No, I’ve never seen him before. I’ve never seen her. Why? I made friends with students from other departments. It’s because you went on too many blind dates. Is that why? Why NORAZO? My name is Jo Bin. (She has the same name as Jo Bin of NORAZO) I get that right away. Because I thought she looked similar to Min Hyorin. No. (She looks innocent just like Min Hyorin) What’s your specialty? I’m so embarrassed. I’ve been doing this for three years. I can sing “Daehongdan Potato” the North Korean children’s song. I see. I can already imagine it. (Pressing) Can you count the rhythm for me? – Start. / – 1, 2. – In 1, 2, 3, 4. / – In 1, 2, 3, 4. ♪ Round, round, big potato ♪ This is so embarrassing. (Laughing) They love it. She’s so cute. She is like Jo Bin. – She’s so cute. / – The guys find her adorable. (They find her so cute) (Embarrassed) Let’s meet Australia Nana. Hello, I studied in Australia and came back to Korea recently. Hong Nana. – Is your name Nana? / – No, it’s Hong Yuseon. Is it Lala of “Teletubbies?” Or Nana of After School? I’ll say it Nana of “Teletubbies.” (I’ll just be Nana of “Teletubbies”) I’ve prepared a song. (Australia Nana’s specialty is singing) (“Halo” by Beyonce) (Everyone is surprised to hear singing) (She’s getting a lot of Love Balloons) Thank you. – Her vibrato… / – She’s so good. She was really good. (She’s a great singer) Lastly. – It’s Cutie-bot. / – Cutie-bot. Don’t you call this cutie-bot? (He sounds like a robot) What are you doing? (1 plus 1 is a cutie) (Heechul-Bot doesn’t stop) – 5 plus 5 is a cutie. / – Please introduce yourself. Hello. I’m 22 years old, Cutie-bot, Choi Hayeong. What’s your major? Do you have a specialty? My specialty is… I can split my legs because I’m flexible. (Leg splitting?) I can split my legs. (This reminds us of someone) (Engineer Lee Minki) (For Cutie-bot) (He split his legs without hesitation) I can split my legs. (And her specialty is splitting legs too?) Will you split them front and back? (I can…) (Split upward) (She’s so flexible) (His heart flutters) She looked so cute. We have leg splitting in common too. Now. We have the results of Love Balloons. (Who received the most balloons?) After the self-introduction of the male contenders… It’s neck-and-neck. – It’s neck-and-neck for girls too. / – Who is it? With one vote difference, the guy who received the most balloons… (Who came first?) It’s “S” Uni’s Ryu Junyeol. (“S” Uni’s Ryu Junyeol) He’s received so many. The girl who received the most Love Balloons is… They are all expectant. (Who came first?) It’s… It’s Bundang Gianna Jun. (Bundang Gianna Jun) Do the dance again. (Gianna Jun celebrates by techno-dancing) Great. You still have a lot of time to show your charms. Guys, be more confident. Find your love. This is only the beginning. Let’s start matching your preferences. You’ll find someone who has a matching preference for ice cream. Ice cream. (The first preference matching, ice cream) (They will choose their favorite ice cream) (Who will choose the same ice cream?) I love vanilla ice cream. I think a lot of them will choose chocolate. (Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, green tea) – Here he comes. / – It’s Lee Minki. I think he’ll pick green tea. Am I wrong? What are you serving? This is vanilla. I have strawberry ice cream. It’s so good that it’s a sin. (Engineer Lee Minki) – Vanilla? / – Yes. Thank you. Guys tend to pick vanilla often. Vanilla! – Hey, you. Hold on. / – Yes? Hey, you’re too dazzling. Vanilla? Hello. – Vanilla? / – Lee Joon picks strawberry. Sit down. Ryu Junyeol is coming our way. He’s the prince of flutes from “S” University. Come here. Sit down. We have strawberry ice cream! – No one picks green tea. / – Hey, come here. – Gosh, that’s unlucky. / – He’s born to choose this. – We have strawberry ice cream. / – Chocolate? His shirt is green. I think it’ll be too sweet. Choose strawberry! Choose mine! – Strawberry? / – Yes. (“K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun picks strawberry ice cream) No one likes chocolate. Chocolate? Do you want chocolate ice cream? (She gets her first customer) – Okay. / – I like chocolate ice cream. I’ll make one… – For you. / – Thank you. (The guys have chosen their preferences) Come on in. (And now) Are the ladies coming in? (The ladies are coming in) (They’re all anticipating) You should have sweet chocolate to experience sweet love. Come here and have strawberry ice cream. (Which flavor will she pick?) (How about fragrant and sweet vanilla ice cream?) Chocolate? – Strawberry? / – Chocolate? – Strawberry? / – Chocolate? (Where is she looking?) (Is she looking toward strawberry?) Chocolate? (She makes a U-turn and goes for chocolate) – You chose chocolate? / – Yes. Goodness. (Cutie-bot chooses chocolate ice cream) – Chat comfortably. / – Alright. Which one would you like? I’d like a cup. – Alright. / – Thank you. (Chef Nam Joohyuk scoops up the ice cream) (His arm makes…) (Her heart flutter) (Oh, dear) (He unintentionally shows off his strong arms) (Is this the start of their romance?) I was so mesmerized by that moment. I wanted to screenshot it. Judging by the outer appearance, I think he is the closest to my ideal type. It’ll be unattractive to have chocolate between your teeth. (I still like it) Don’t worry about it. Come on in! Australia Nana, strawberry ice cream. Come have some green tea ice cream. Green tea ice cream. (She passes strawberry and heads toward green tea) Green tea ice cream. – No, thank you. / – Oh, my. (Australia Nana picks…) (Chocolate ice cream) (Yes) It’s not easy to pick chocolate. Here she comes! She’s “S” Uni’s NORAZO. – No, thanks. / – Not vanilla. Will the two “S” University students meet? Will they meet? Will they meet? Yes, they will! (“S” Uni’s NORAZO picks) (Green tea ice cream) – Say hi. / – Hello. – Do you like green tea ice cream? / – I do. I’ve already prepared one for you. It’s his favorite. Which topping would you like? They’re a campus couple. (Will an “S” University couple be formed?) – Is there a topping you’d like? / – Yes. (She’s happy) – Which class are you in? / – I’m in the class of 2018. – 2018? / – Yes. That means you didn’t repeat a year. – No, I didn’t. / – You must be smart. (They’re off to a great start) – Which one would you like? / – Right. I’d like this, this, and the cookie. – Do you like bananas? / – Yes. I’m not a picky eater. He looked shy as he scooped up the toppings. He was so friendly. He livened up the atmosphere. Since we’re from the same university, we had a lot to talk about and he seemed fun. I’m not a picky eater. We don’t need any more customers. – The vibe here is great. / – Thank you. Gosh, I was right. (Meanwhile…) They’re a campus couple. – It’s a meeting for elites. / – You’re right. (In the chocolate corner, there are two ladies) You’re so lucky. I truly am. (Bundang Gianna Jun is next) I think she’ll pick green tea. (The guys anticipate) Come have strawberry ice cream. Go have strawberry ice cream. (They wish she’d choose strawberry) (She walks past vanilla) – Chocolate? / – Come have strawberry ice cream. Is it chocolate? Come have strawberry ice cream. Strawberry? Strawberry? Green tea? Are you coming for green tea? Green tea? I… Didn’t pick green tea. I didn’t pick green tea. (Then is it strawberry?) I didn’t pick green tea. – I pick strawberry. / – She chose strawberry! She picked strawberry. Strawberry ice cream is very delicious. Is there a topping you’d like? I like fruit toppings. – Fruit? / – Yes. (They’re very polite) – Do you not like chocolate syrup? / – No. Thank you. I’ll make one for you too. “Moon Embracing the Sun!” (The next lady enters) “Moon Embracing the Sun!” Campus Kim Youjung! (Like the actress from “Moon Embracing the Sun”) When I first saw Campus Kim Youjung, I was surprised. So I was interested in her from the start. (2% Lee Joon’s woman is here) Campus Kim Youjung! She’s Campus Kim Youjung. Campus Kim Youjung! (Anticipating) Strawberry? (Would you like some strawberry ice cream?) (Which one will she pick?) (She walks past the strawberry corner) (He’s disappointed) Green tea! (He can’t stop looking at her) You look greatly disappointed. (Which one will she pick?) It’s green tea, isn’t it? Green tea! (Campus Kim Youjung picks green tea ice cream) Welcome. “S” Uni’s Ryu Junyeol will make one for you. – It’s good. / – The toppings are good. Thank you. (1 guy and 2 ladies are at the green tea corner) Relax! – What toppings do you like? / – Fruits. Where are you from? I’m from Sydney. – Right, you’re from Australia. / – Yes. (There’s only 1 guy at the vanilla corner) (It’s a barren corner) Green tea ice cream is really not tasty. Those who picked green tea are really strange. Goodness. (This relationship manager is frustrated) – Have some of this with it. / – Thank you. – You should have some too. / – Okay. They look very happy. (Giggling) – Which one is it? / – Do you pour or dip the sauce? (They’re talking about sweet and sour pork preferences) I prefer pouring the sauce. Why did you pick strawberry ice cream? I like fruits. Do you like strawberries? – Yes. / – I love it. – I like how it’s refreshing. / – Me too. When you danced to techno… (He was impressed) It was amazing. (I sent many Love Balloons) – Yes. / – Thank you. It was very unique. I was in awe. Would you like some snacks? They’re tasty. I washed my hands. Would you like some chocolate? – Yes, please. / – This is good. I don’t need to serve you any, do I? We’re having a conversation right now, so give us some privacy. (How are they feeling?) He joked around and tried to isolate me. The competitiveness inside of me awoke. Since I’m here, I should make my time worthwhile. (He wants to win) Whom do you think she had more interest in? (Pondering) I hope it’s me. (Then how does she feel?) He came off as cold in the beginning. But after we started talking, he made me feel relaxed. He was actually friendly. “K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun. (She’s interested in “K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun) Alright. “S” Uni’s Ryu Junyeol will make it himself. Are there any toppings you’d like? This is coffee. Please pick whatever you like. (She wants him to pick the ones he likes) Okay. – Please pick whatever you… / – You’re such a pro. (You know how to flirt with men) – I’m a rookie. / – Imagine having a girlfriend. (There’s unspoken tension) If she asks you to pick whatever you want, you need to sort out your preferences. – Right. / – I heard women like chocolate. Mixing a bit of chocolate syrup in the green tea is nice. (I’ll choose chocolate) – I hope you enjoy it. / – Thank you. Enjoy. Is there someone here whom you may be interested in? (He just laughs) He’s very smart. – He laughed it off. / – With a laugh. (He brushes off the question with a smile) It feels like everyone is having a great time flirting, doesn’t it? – No. / – Yes. (Not us) Since we’re having a great time, let’s continue this vibe and move to Love Tent! (This isn’t the end. Let’s move on) (A grand tent that the production crew prepared) (Preference compatibility) (Love Cards with all the information) (The relationship managers are on standby) There he is. (Who is the first man to visit Love Tent?) The popular guy. – Hello. / – So, what happened? Tell me. Is there someone or not? I’ll only ask this. There’s someone I want to get to know more. Let me guess. Is she from your school? Yes, she is. (Was it too obvious?) (He is interested in “S” Uni’s NORAZO) I see. I have intuitions. (Sugeun has intuitions) – It’d be so nice. / – I know. You can see her at school. You guys will be an elite couple. A college couple. I’ll give you some information about her. This is the ideal type of men she honestly wrote. Okay. It’s exactly you. She likes men with fair skin. My skin is rather fair. This is also important. Men with pretty lips. You have Angelina Jolie’s lips. – You see? / – They’re prettier when he smiles. (Plump) A hairstyle that shows his forehead. A slim man who suits white shirt well. You’re her style. You fit into everything. This is the most important part. The date she wants to try is going to a gym together. (Going to a gym together) She wants to exercise together. – I like working out too. / – That’s important. She said she wants to go on a date in a gym. That’s why I wanted to talk to her. This seems to be going well. I gave you useful information. – Isn’t she perfect? / – Yes. – Thank you. / – Put your fringe up more. Hi, Jo Bin. – Sorry? / – Let’s see. Who is the guy you fancy? – The one who cooks. / – Chef Nam Joohyuk. He’s so handsome. Let’s see what we got. – He’s perfect for you. / – Really? Alright. His ideal type… Is someone who’s small and has fair skin. A cat-like woman who has big eyes. Someone who has bobbed-hair that reaches up to her chin. This is hair-extension. I can just take it off. – For you… / – Yes? Is there anyone you like? Anyone who has that vibe? I like Campus Kim Youjung. – Who? / – Campus Kim Youjung. It’s because when we were shopping together earlier, she came to talk to me first when I was feeling awkward. (He liked that she came to talk to him first) The date that Campus Kim Youjung wants to go on is in a convenience store. – A convenience store? / – Or walking her dog. Her ideal type is someone who has monolid. Someone who has a dinosaur-look. He’s that type. Someone with a pompadour hairstyle. She likes men’s fringe up. You can just push your hair back. You’re almost like her ideal type appearance-wise. Who do you like? I like Campus Kim Youjung. (You like Campus Kim Youjung also?) – Someone else must’ve picked her. / – Well… She likes someone who has monolid. Someone with a pompadour hairstyle. It’s so different from me. But it’s just an ideal type. That’s just her ideal type. It might change later. I’m so curious who she’s going to pick. We’re so curious. Who do you like? – Who do you have in mind? / – Well… – Well… / – Who? (Chef Nam Joohyuk whom she met while shopping?) (Or 2% Lee Joon?) (Who is it? Tell us quickly) The one who wore a green shirt. You mean “K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun? – Yes, that’s him. / – I see. – Let me tell you… / – Oh, “K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun? (So it’s not these two) (“K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun was picked) His ideal type is a tall woman… (His ideal type is a tall woman?) (She’s the tallest among all the female contenders) Bundang Gianna Jun. – Hi. / – Is there anyone you have in mind? (Shy) Yes. – Who is it? / – Who is it? Who? “K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun. (“K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun) – “K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun? / – Why? While we were having ice cream, we had a little chat. And he seemed okay. But she also had ice cream with 2% Lee Joon. This will come in handy. The type he falls in love with. A long hair in a ponytail. – Do it in front of him. / – In front of him? Just stay like this, and when you play a game… Say you’re hot and tie your hair like this. Does your voice have to be like that? When did I say it like that? That’s just my voice. – “It’s so hot.” / – You know something like this. Men like stuff like this. They love this. Gosh! I love this! (Something like this?) (This is Heechul’s favorite) I know because I shot a soju commercial. Don’t turn like this. – You’re indeed good. / – Show it to us. Be natural like this. – And go like this. / – As if I’m not paying attention. – Something like that. / – Look at her acting. – That’s great. / – Nice. – Hello. / – You’re here. Is there anyone you like? – The one your eyes went to. / – Be honest. (Someone I like?) (Bundang Gianna Jun who likes the same ice cream?) (Or is it Campus Kim Youjung who is tall?) (Or is it someone completely different?) (Who does “K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun like?) We had ice cream together. I like Bundang Gianna Jun. – Because you have the same taste? / – Yes. She seemed bright and cheerful. Her ideal type of men is someone tall and reliable with fierce eyes. That’s good. (A tall man?) The type she falls in love with. Elegant fringe hairstyle. – That’s him. / – That’s elegant fringe? Yes, the one that looks like this. Oh, that’s right. It seems to be going well for you. – Fierce eyes. / – Yes. (Their ideal types are similar to each other) (Will they become a couple?) (Unique couple tables waiting for the contenders) We’ll have 3-minute Dates. We hope you get to know each other. (A new segment, 3-minute Dates) (It’s when every contestant can have) (A one-on-one date for 3 minutes) P.O will set an exact timer. I’ll ring this bell when the three minutes are over. Then within those minutes, they get to meet everyone, right? Right. 3 minutes are enough to make instant meals. Then love can bloom also. Let’s hope that it does. – Good luck! / – Good luck! (A whisper to their new love…) (Or someone whom they have in their minds) Alright, female contenders, please come in. Hello. (The female contenders take their seats) It’s making me nervous to talk to someone like this. I know. (They smile shyly as though they’re on a blind date) Nice to meet you. (Impressive) Nice to meet you. (Seeing them separately feels so different) – Hi. / – Hello. (They don’t know what to do) – Hello. / – Hi. You’ll get to meet everyone. (This man’s heart must be most fluttering) (Heart pounding) (Is there anyone you like? Anyone who has that vibe?) Campus Kim Youjung. (She’s sitting right in front of me) (What should I talk about first?) Hello. Hello. We have a topic you can talk about. We prepared it just in case you have nothing to talk about. The topic… Is the first kiss. (The first topic of 3-minute Date is the first kiss) (Oh, no) (They forcefully smile) For real? (Everyone is groaning) I hope you have a great time. We’ll start now. In 1, 2, 3. Begin. My first kiss… What should I talk about? This is so embarrassing. It’s our first time talking to each other. I know. First kiss? – It’s so hot. / – Well… (It’s hot from the beginning) (How are “S” Uni’s NORAZO and 2% Lee Joon doing?) – When was your first kiss? / – What? – When was your first kiss? / – You tell me first. My first kiss… Was back in middle school. You were such a delinquent. There are so many people who had their first kiss in middle school. Have you met many men? No, not really. How many have you met? Since your first kiss was in middle school, that means you started dating in middle school. – That doesn’t mean… / – Your dating history… Must be equivalent to the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty. Be honest. You’re here to tease me, aren’t you? It’s embarrassing to call each other by our nicknames, isn’t it? It is. It’s a little… (Good luck!) (He has an idea) Well… I heard you like walking dogs. (Surprised) How did you know? I picked you. Oh, really? Really? I do like walking dogs. Do you like dogs? I love them. I love all animals. Really? I love dogs, cats… Me too. – I’m an animal lover. / – Are you? Me too. You like walking dogs. And… What do you prefer among soju, beer, and soju mixed with beer? – I like soju with tonic water. / – You’re also a DJ. – Yes, I wanted to make music. / – Yes. I want to be like friends. A relationship like friends? And eat comfortably, for instance, when I’m with someone. – The convenience store. / – Yes. – Do you like it? / – I do. – Really? / – I live in convenience stores. Really? I see. (The bell tolls at the bad time) I’m afraid the first conversation has ended. – It’s too short. / – I know, right? – We have no choice. / – I think I’ll be jealous. Right? – It’s very short. / – Right. – Three minutes is very short. / – It is. It’s enough time to make instant food, but it felt too short. Please move on to the next seat. (And the next meeting begins) – Hello. / – Hello. (He stares at her) – The girl from the same school? / – Yes. (I like “S” Uni’s NORAZO) (The “S” Uni couple meets for the second time) (What will he be like in front of her?) Did you do something to your teeth? – What do you mean? / – Your teeth. – Do I have something on my teeth? / – No. I was wondering if you got any treatment. Right, you’re studying dentistry. Were you trying to appeal to me? (He started before the bell tolled) Ask your questions. – What are your hobbies? / – My hobbies? (He doesn’t hesitate in front of someone he likes) (Here’s what he was like before) (When the bell tolled a while ago) What should we talk about? (Uh…) (It’s quiet) (He was also silent with Cutie-bot) (But he’s different when it comes to her) Shouldn’t we talk about the topic they gave us? The topic? Should we talk about that first? (If you want, I will) – Should we talk about that first? / – Should we not? It’s a little embarrassing for both of us. Who’s your ideal type? Me? (My ideal type is…) I like… Someone who’s talkative and lively. (My ideal type is you) Talkative and lively. I was trying very hard because it was awkward, but it felt comfortable when I was talking to her. I don’t have anyone else in mind. (Will his love come true?) – I stay at home a lot. / – Really? So I was wondering what you do when you said you stay at home. – Really? / – I watch movies a lot. That’s like the basics. I haven’t kissed anyone yet. (What is he thinking of?) (Clapping) Why are you clapping? I’m sorry. What do you think of someone who hasn’t kissed yet? So what? It’s not that important. (Smiling) I shouldn’t be imagining it. I’m sorry. (The bell tolls again) Everyone, time is over. (It’s time for the final meeting already) (Who will be the last partner of 2% Lee Joon?) Hello, Mr. Paprika. Hello, College Lady. (Sighing) Who do you like? I like Campus Kim Youjung. (I like Campus Kim Youjung) When was your first kiss? It was in high school. Can we talk about something else? Which boyfriend do you prefer, older or younger? Tell me a type of male you hate. Tell me a type of male you like. (He’s asking a lot of questions) You didn’t pick me, did you? – You didn’t pick me. / – That’s a secret. But I… Found the one. (I found the one) You found your ideal type? (He’s surprised) (Is her ideal type…) (Chef Nam Joohyuk?) (Or is it 2% Lee Joon?) (Who does she have in mind?) (The bell tolls sadly again) Everyone, it has ended. – Three minutes is… / – It’s too short. (The 3-minute Dates ended before he could find out) The 3-minute Dates has ended. (The chaotic 3-minute Dates has ended) We have all gathered. We consulted them in Love Tent a while back. (The hosts became the counselors of love) – Let’s say one each. / – Let’s say one each. The couple you want. I want Engineer Lee Minki and Cutie-bot to be a couple. The couple I want the most is “S” Uni’s Ryu Junyeol and “S” Uni’s NORAZO. I hope they become a couple. Rather than a couple I want, I think they will be a couple. (Who does Soyou expect to be a couple?) I think these two will be matched. “S” Uni’s NORAZO and Chef Nam Joohyuk? Please don’t say that. “S” Uni’s NORAZO has to meet “S” Uni’s Ryu Junyeol. You want “S” Uni’s NORAZO and Ryu Junyeol to be a couple. (Sugeun wants the two “S” Uni to be a couple) (Which of them will be right?) It’s a surprise to me that Australia Nana never got a vote. It’s not that big of a surprise to me. (Laughing) Because my heart was stolen to Australia Nana. Then draw the line like this. Like this. Yes. (I want to find love too) – Soyou, I have a question for you. / – Yes. They’ll have dates at the mart, do you think they’ll change their minds during that segment? – The ladies could. / – The ladies could? Most of them must have changed their minds during 3-minute Dates. I don’t think the men have. This is tough. (This is tough) (Will what they’ve expected come true?) (It’s time to select the preference for Mart Date) (Women’s pajama preference matching) I’ve never thought of pajama preference. Which one do you prefer among these? I… If I were to say for my wife, it would be this one. That’s the reality. I’d definitely choose this one. (I like this one) (Engineer Lee Minki appears) Minki! – How should I choose? / – Don’t be shy. Yes. This is tough. Hold on. I’d choose this one. I’d choose this one. – Me too. / – Right? This is… (He was going to choose that anyway) – You shouldn’t be embarrassed! / – Right? Heechul, I think they would all want to choose that one. Here he comes. I’m 100% sure about 2% Lee Joon. I can see it in his eyes. It’s too erotic. (Gasping) (He’s surprised) (He’s flustered to see a shocking pair of pajamas) – I like… / – He’s coming here. I like lovely pajamas. Aren’t these lovely? They’re too erotic. (He’s embarrassed) Good. Here comes another one. (Next one is “S” Uni’s Ryu Junyeol) (What will he choose?) I’ll choose this one. See? They’re being honest. It’s “K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun. Come on. I knew it. I told you so. (It has been chosen by 3 men) Here comes the next one. – Are you choosing this one? / – Yes. He’s choosing this one. (Chef Nam Joohyuk chooses the sexy pajamas) (They only chose number 1, 3, and 5) (Who’s pajamas didn’t get chosen?) (The owners of the pajamas enter) I think this one is owned by Cutie-bot. This one? (Seriously?) (What does her smile mean?) What? (She turns around) I knew it! (Her preference matched with 2% Lee Joon) You’re a liar. Here comes the next owner of the pajamas. Australia Nana is finally here. Australia Nana! (Come here) (She also turns around) (Why is no one here?) What kind of pants are these? They’re comfortable ones. These are the ones she actually wears at home. – Yes, these are tattered. / – Yes. Here comes the next owner of the pajamas. She’s going to P.O’s. I am. Right? (Are the cute pajamas “S” Uni’s NORAZO’s?) – It’s 100%. / – Unfortunately. (“S” Uni’s NORAZO owns the sexy pajamas) – Those are mine. / – Are these yours? Seriously? That’s amazing. (Who will these be owned by?) (Who has been chosen by 3 males?) In 1, 2, 3. (The two females go to their pajamas) (Bundang Gianna Jun didn’t get chosen) Please come here. I’m sorry. Everyone, if you have been matched on the pajamas, you can go on Mart Date from now on. Let’s go on a date! Here we go. (Mart Date begins) (What will happen during the Mart Date?) Hello. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. I’ll be the cameraman. Say cheese. – Should I say cheese too? / – Yes. (“S” Uni’s NORAZO and Chef Nam Joohyuk) Am I doing it wrong? (“S” Uni’s NORAZO and Chef Nam Joohyuk) Shall we go? – Which section should we go first? / – Which one? (They depart to find love) – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. This is ridiculous. Which one are you watching? – I’m watching… / – Chef Nam Joohyuk? Chef Nam Joohyuk. (They get to watch the males they’re interested in) (“K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun, Chef Nam Joohyuk) – We’re… / – Who are we? – You’re my sons. / – We’re Mother and Sons. – Mother and Sons. / – Mother and Sons. – Should we do our chant? / – Yes. – Let’s do our chant. / – Please don’t. Please don’t. Go on, son. – Mo… / – Ther! (He still tries hard) – Mo… / – Ther! – Cross. / – Cross. This is bad. Why? – It’s annoying. / – It’s annoying? I thought it’d be good to watch, but it’s annoying. What’s your favorite food? I like all of them. Which alcohol do you all like? I like Kloud beer. I like stouts. I like soju and beer. Soju and beer are the best. I like soju and beer too. I drink soju and beer too. Should we get some fruit first? Fruit, yes! Fruit is necessary. I like fruit too. (She’s hilarious) (I feel sad) – Here it is. / – I’m sorry… – I can’t help. / – Wait. We didn’t get it on camera. They’re all helping to move the fruit and watermelons. I’m disappointed he didn’t get mangoes. – Whom are you disappointed in? / – Just… (She’s not telling) Do you like cooking? – I do. / – Really? I make good kimchi fried rice. Can I call you then? (Can I call you then?) (He made a move all of a sudden) (My gosh) My heart fluttered a bit just now. (She drops the phone) (I’m upset) (She’s in a bad mood) Should we get some chips? I like chips. Those are for babies. (They’re having a peaceful time) (She’s not happy with it) (How did she feel?) It was a bit cheeky. They’re having a pleasant time, and I didn’t know what to do. It was annoying. (She’s annoyed by couples) (Meanwhile, Australia Nana is?) (In the same situation) (Look at this) Are they having a sweet time? (They are) – Do you like milk? / – I love milk. – Let’s check our preference. / – Okay. You pick yours first and hide it, then I’ll come back and pick mine. Alright. I usually drink skimmed milk. (She chose plain milk) This one. I picked mine. Come pick yours. Okay. I’ll hold the camera. (He’s thinking) This is it. (Which one will he choose?) (Don’t pick the same milk) This is it. Coffee-flavored milk. (He chose coffee-flavored milk) We’re so not in sync. What’s yours? What? There’s nothing to choose from plain milk. (Yes!) Then let me… I actually brought this to tell you that I’m allergic to coffee-flavored milk. (I see) Should we do a preference matching on coffee too? Okay. I’ll choose first this time. (He picks the coffee and gives her a hint) “The world’s smallest cafe.” I’ll choose what I like. I like the “Small Cafe.” Our preference actually matched. (They’re having a good time) I’ll be in the next section, so choose your chocolate and cola. (She chooses Diet Coke) There are golden chocolates here. (She chooses golden chocolate) Come here and pick yours. – Don’t look, okay? / – No. I won’t look. (But he checks what she chose) – Can I come? / – Yes. I’m so nervous. Hold those around. (They look like an actual couple) Should I work out like this? Should we get a bottle of wine? Of course. Good. Let’s act like we know well about wine. – Starting now? / – Yes. Okay. Cue. – Honey. / – Yes? Why are you saying it like that? Let’s try that again. – Honey. / – Honey. That’s funny. (Did he call her, “Honey?”) I resent my pajamas. I like carrying around these and sipping it. Honey, you’ll kill yourself. We should live long together, right? Chef Nam Joohyuk made my heart flutter. We lived in different environments, so it’s no wonder we have different preferences. But as we were getting to know each other, she laughed a lot, and made me laugh a lot. So I liked it. (I liked that we were different) First… (This couple is having a walk in the mart) – Let’s start with the main dish. / – I thought about it. – Let’s start with the main dish. / – Yes. (Chef Nam Joohyuk and “S” Uni’s NORAZO) – Are you shopping for groceries? / – Yes. – Hello. / – Hello. – Can we be on your camera? / – Sure. – Hello! / – Hello. – Do you have a chant? We do. / – We do too. – Hey! / – Hey! (Cutie-bot reaches out her hand instead) (My gosh) (Did we have a chant like this?) (She reached her hand out on an impulse) – I mean… / – What is it? – Joon! / – Bot! You bumped your heads. – That was intended. / – That was intended. That’s hilarious. (During the delightful time) (Will they have noticed each other’s hearts?) (What choices will they make?) It’s time for your final decision. This is how you decide. You all have a cell phone each. You will dial the number you have chosen, and say, “Will you find love with me?” “Sure.” Then you become a couple… – And get to leave this mart. / – Right. But if this happens, “Will you find love with me?” “I’m sorry.” Then I’m sorry. You have failed. But you have failed to find one. I hope we see a lot of couples… – And make this a pleasant day. / – Yes. First, the one who chose the slip pajamas… Engineer Lee Minki! (Who will fix the broken heart of Engineer Lee Minki?) I’m curious of Cutie-bot. – Cutie-bot? / – First, she’s cute… And I felt like we connected when we talked. She also likes working out. It felt like we have a lot in common in general. Please dial the number. (Will his sincerity have gotten to her?) Here we go. He dialed Cutie-bot. (His heart belonged to Cutie-bot) (Will she accept him?) (This always makes me nervous) I’m sorry. (I’m sorry) (We have failed to match the first couple) (He’s flustered) (I can’t watch this) (Oh, my gosh) My Vanilla. (P.O is comforting him) There’s no need to be sorry. – It’s fine. / – You just didn’t think so. Cutie-bot, please step forward, and dial the number. (Who will she choose?) It’s 2% Lee Joon. (She chose 2% Lee Joon) (She chose me?) This is fun. (They’re mingled with feelings of sorrow and joy) Will you find love with me? (What will his choice be?) I’m sorry. (I’m sorry) (Cutie-bot didn’t get accepted either) (He’s also shocked) It’s okay. I’ll take it. Okay, bye. (She feels sorry) Let’s calm down. – Let’s calm down. / – Let’s calm down. Next up, Fluorescent Lee Joon. Fluorescent Lee Joon, step forward. When he came forward just now, he already looked at the person he’s interested in. I told you. Men tend to keep looking. – Really? / – Yes. Please dial your number. (He’s nervous) Campus Kim Youjung. – The moment I saw her… / – I like… I like women with big eyes, and she has big eyes. Who do you like? (His heart hasn’t changed from the start) Here we go. (He’s nervous) Let’s see. (Her facial expression is riddling) (She feels bitter) Will you find love with me? (Everyone is watching while holding their breaths) (What will her choice be?) I’m sorry. (Another matching failed) Why are we all feeling so sorry? This show is finished! (Their feelings aren’t met) It’s Campus Kim Youjung’s turn. What is going on here? Please dial the number. My heart is pounding so fast. I saw Hong Jonghyun during the introduction, and I felt like he was the one. I make a good kimchi fried rice. Can I call you then? (Will she choose “K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun?) I heard that you like walking your dog. How did you know? – I picked up. / – Really? He told me he picked my card because he wanted to know about me. (Who did she choose?) (Curious) Who is it? (She chose him?) Who is it? (She dialed Chef Nam Joohyuk) She chose Chef Nam Joohyuk. Will you find love with me? (Will we have the first couple this time?) (He’s thinking) The one I liked the most in the mart was Campus Kim Youjung. She came up to me first, that made an impression. (Then he met “S” Uni’s NORAZO) Honey. We did a role-play and I lost track of time since she was so funny. We really connected. (What will his choice be?) (Campus Kim Youjung?) (“S” Uni’s NORAZO?) I’m sorry. (I’m sorry) (My goodness) I’m sorry. (Poor her) Poor her. (I can’t believe they failed again) Can I go out with her? (We’ve failed to match a couple again) Next up, Chef Nam Joohyuk. (It’s Chef Nam Joohyuk’s turn) – Did you dial? / – I will. Please dial. (He dials her number) (He chose “S” Uni’s NORAZO) (I see) Will you find love with me? (It’s on “S” Uni’s NORAZO to decide their fate) (And there’s a man who’s watching carefully) Was it “S” Uni’s NORAZO? I was very nervous but she led the conversation. (There’s another person who has her in mind) (What will her choice be?) Sure. (Sure) Sure. (We have the first couple!) She said, “Sure.” Please come forward. Let’s take a picture. Congratulations! (Congratulations on being a couple) Next, Bundang Gianna Jun, please step forward. Please dial the number. (Who will she choose?) (She’s shy) “K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun. He seemed cold at first but he was friendly and made me relaxed. (But…) (Watching him go on the mart date…) – This is bad. / – Why? It’s annoying. (She was jealous) (Will she still pick “K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun?) (She did) (She still chose “K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun) Will you find love with me? (Who will he have in mind?) (Expectant) I’m sorry. (I’m sorry) Poor her. (Bundang Gianna Jun has failed to be matched) I don’t know anymore. What on earth happened? “K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun, please dial the number. Let’s focus. (It’s “K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun’s turn) (He’s nervous) (“K” Uni’s Hong Jonghyun chose Australia Nana) – It’s Australia Nana. / – Hello? Will you find love with me? (He told her how he feels) (Will they be the last couple?) Will you take my love? Sure. Sure. (I’m jealous) (He’s smiling) I think they changed their minds in the meantime. We talked for the first time then. She was so much more attractive than I thought. I wanted to get to know her since then. We talked only for 3 minutes. I could feel his energy. I also like guys that are well-mannered. He was the type I like. (Congratulations on being a couple) We now have two couples. I can’t wait to see how many couples we’ll have next week. Let’s give the two couples a big hand. – Now go on dates! / – Bye! (The couples receive small prize money for their date) Be happy! (Next week) (They’re here with pounding hearts in the summer) (Filling Matching Survival 1 Plus 1 with romance) (The attractive men and women have entered) It’s a war out here. It kept bothering me. I was jealous. (One trying to guard vs. One trying to steal) (Matching Survival 1 Plus 1 is a love war) (How will this war end?) (Matching Survival 1 Plus 1)

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