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Matching Survival 1+1 | 썸바이벌 1+1 EP.6 Part. 2 [SUB : ENG/2019.08.20]

Matching Survival 1+1 | 썸바이벌 1+1 EP.6 Part. 2 [SUB : ENG/2019.08.20]

Men, please enter. (Approaching) You will have three minutes to talk to each other. (They can now talk with everyone) (They will take turns talking to every member) – Hello. / – Hello. (They have 3 minutes) – I saw you back there. / – Right. That’s where you come out from. – This is surprising. / – My goodness. (These two have feelings for each other) – Goodness. / – Goodness. Seeing you up-close, you’re even more beautiful. – Thank you. / – There are keywords. This time, they are ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends. (Startled) (It’s the number 1 topic you shouldn’t mention) What is this? (What’s going on?) I hope you will have a fun and nice conversation. I’ll start the timer. (They begin) My ex-girlfriend was… What I liked about… No, wait. Well… Hold on. Let me try to remember why we broke up. (It’s not an easy topic to talk about) This is sad. I’m craving soju. – Bring me some. / – We need to drink. My ex-girlfriend… Often lied about trivial things. But I don’t like people who lie. As for me… The reason why we broke up was… He liked me a lot. Anyone could notice it. – Really? / – Yes. I guess that feeling didn’t last long. Yes, gradually. He claimed it wasn’t the truth. – A man needs to be constant. / – You’re right. What did you like about him at first? I really liked how he tried… – His best. / – His best? I was impressed by that and decided to date him. (He picks up valuable information) (Meanwhile) (This couple refuses to make eye contact) What should we talk about? How are they talking so well? And the topic just had to be about our exes, right? How long has it been since you last broke up? – How long have I been single? / – Yes. – It’s been almost two years. / – That’s a long time. Yes. I think it’s been over that. Is there a specific reason? – A specific reason? / – Yes. I think it’s similar for many people. It’s demotivating to meet someone new, get to know them, and like them all over again. As I get older, such thoughts seem to be getting stronger. You’re totally right. When I was younger, I didn’t think much. But now, if I get to start another relationship, I hope it’ll last for a while. I feel that way. We all want to meet the one. If there is someone you like here, are you actually open to starting a new relationship? Yes, but… It’s not easy to meet a good person. What do you think about guys who enjoy working out? (He asks a straightforward question) I’ve actually met quite a few in the past. I see. “Quite a few?” Exactly how many? – “Quite a few?” / – No, I made a mistake. – It’s not easy to say that. / – Stop. It was a mistake. That was entirely a mistake. – Stop, stop. / – That’s fine. (The first round ends) Your three minutes are up. Please move one seat to your right. – Okay, okay. / – Okay, okay. (They’re disappointed) – Goodbye. / – Goodbye. Please move. – Hello. / – Hello. I’ll have to repeat my story five times. Right, you do. I’m ready to listen. Well, it’s the same old. It’s been 6 to 10 months since I’ve been single. Isn’t that too big of a gap? Right? Then how about we say it was eight months? Hold on. How is this possible? – Were you dating two people? / – Not at all. I didn’t really count. It’s been so long since I’ve thought about him. I think it’s been about that long. Are you the type that gets over breakups easily? – I think so. / – Really? I’m not the type that regrets much. What about when you’re dating? I treat my boyfriend well. – I see. / – That’s exactly why… I don’t have any regrets. Why did you break up? Our personalities clashed. To be honest, if you’re not getting married, you’ll break up sooner or later. – I’m talking about the big picture. / – Right. When are you the most disappointed when dating? – It’s regarding the basics. / – The basics? For example, not showing up on time. Some people actually didn’t show up? When you agreed to meet up? During the 3-minute Dates, I was interested in “S” University Zo Insung. How do you feel right now? I really don’t know. Why did you break up with your last boyfriend? I broke up because… – I waited for his discharge. / – I see. That’s not easy to do. But after he came out, he dumped me. What a jerk. Please move one seat down. We were spending time together, and I found out that she was using a dating app. I would’ve been so hurt to meet someone new again. That’s why I’ve always been hesitant. – To meet someone new? / – Yes. I failed to give her enough attention. And she was hurt because of that. – Right. / – I wasn’t good to her. Please move one seat down. (Who is next?) (It’s the guy Gwangju Chungha is interested in) – Hello. / – Hello. Corporate Worker Key. Yes, him. I’m so nervous suddenly. I wasn’t nervous before. Gwangju Chungha. I’ve been keeping my eyes on her. I’ll start the timer now. (She can’t even look at him) At first, when we were grocery shopping, I didn’t notice. But when everyone was introducing themselves… I suddenly saw Chungha. (This was the first time he saw her) (She was his ideal type) (His heart fluttered) (Startled) (His heart almost stopped) (Smiling) (Shy) I was startled. Is Chungha really your ideal type? Yes, that’s why when they asked who my ideal type was, I said it was Chungha immediately. I was so startled. You caught my eye too. When I was talking about my ideal type, I said I liked someone with good enunciation. That’s important to me. Thankfully, I don’t have poor enunciation. Then, were the Love Balloons from you? Yes, that was me. I was being honest as well. I pressed it as much as possible. (Perhaps, they should go home together) That’s why I was so startled. You have a minute left. (Has it been that long already?) We’re running out of time. I’m majoring in modeling and acting. I’ll be graduating soon. I’m planning to switch to acting soon. Alright. I’m working at a cosmetics company, and I’m also in charge of training. That’s why you had a great voice. I also want to be a model or an actor if I get the chance. – That’s 3 minutes. / – That’s 3 minutes. Everyone… I’m sorry for doing this. You must be sad. I’m really sorry. I knew we would click. I think he also felt what I felt during the three minutes. I was certain. I became sure from the atmosphere during our conversation. (They were able to confirm each other’s thoughts) We will now end the 3-minute Dates segment. (The end of romantic 3-minute Dates) (It’s time for the second preference matching) Which wallet do you want your boyfriend to have? – I’ll go first. / – Yes. It seems very old. If you look at it… (There’s a check inside) (What is it?) He wrote a letter to himself. “You must be reading this because you’re exhausted. If I’m reading this, I must be having a hard time and in need of comfort.” (He’s moved) At the end, it says, “This will make you stronger. Believe in yourself. Cheer up and good luck.” Good. What are the features of the wallet you have, P.O? First of all, it’s expensive. It’s a luxury wallet. There’s foreign currency, and it has a lot of gift cards. It has a lot of gift cards and foreign currency. Mine has a lot of coupons. (Wallet number 3) There are coffee coupon, pasta coupon and more. He must be very frugal. What about you, Sugeun? It’s a card wallet. It’s just an old card wallet. There’s a phone case wallet here. He’s a student. It’s because he’s a student. It’s important which taste the females will react to. Now, let’s bring in… – Let’s get it! / – The females. It’s a card wallet. Your preference on your boyfriend’s wallet. You laughed too hard just now. Excuse me. It’s not his father’s. I choose this one. (She chooses the luxury wallet, wallet number 4) (Next up, Gwangju Chungha) It’s a necessity of modern men. – What is this? / – Why are they all laughing here? What is that? I don’t like it. You don’t like it? This wallet has a lot of coupons. I think he’s a thrifty guy. I think I like this one. (Gwangju Chungha chooses the thrifty wallet) (Chunhyang SUNMI comes in) Now. It’s a necessity of modern men. You can put six cards in here. Oh, my gosh! (Chunhyang SUNMI takes a look on all wallets) Your boyfriend’s wallet… This is a card wallet. Isn’t this a women’s wallet? Women usually have this. This wallet has a lot of coupons. I think he’s a thrifty man. I think it has the most cash in it. Yes. There’s a lot of foreign currency and department store gift cards. – It has a lot of gift cards. / – I see. – You can buy a wallet with money. / – Yes. But you can’t buy memories with money. This wallet only has two dollars in it, but it has a precious letter he wrote for himself. – I see. / – And I have proof. – That’s awesome. / – It’s up to you. I choose this wallet. (Chunhyang SUNMI also chooses the luxury wallet) Here she comes. This will catch the eyes of 3 Seconds Iring. It’s your boyfriend’s phone case wallet. (It’s your boyfriend’s phone case wallet) – I’ll go look around. / – Go ahead. (She passes all the other wallets) – Iring. / – Yes. – You can buy a wallet with money. / – Yes. But you can’t buy memories with money. Although this wallet has only two dollars inside, there’s a letter he wrote for himself in the future. – Really? / – It’s a really old wallet. I choose this one. (She chose the wallet with a letter in it) Why did you choose this one? I liked that he wrote a letter to himself. I knew it. I knew you were sensitive. (3 Seconds Iring chooses wallet number 5) It’s the singer, Art School Gong Seungyeon. Would you choose this wallet for your boyfriend? Oh, boy! Gosh, she’s waving her hands. This is a simple card wallet. (Is that…) – You chose this? / – Yes. Just like that? I have the same one. She has the same wallet. – Really? / – This must be destiny. Congratulations. The ladies have chosen their wallets. (Who will the wallets belong to?) I think what Soyou has is “S” University Zo Insung’s. (All eyes are on “S” University Zo Insung) – All the wallets are here. / – Yes, all five of them. Which one is yours? (Please come to me) (You’re coming here, right?) (Sighing) I’m afraid we’re going on a date. The ladies are… (They’re all flustered) They’re all regretting it. Is he serious? Tell me it’s not yours. Tell me it’s not yours! I wish it wasn’t mine. – Is this really yours? / – Yes. Wow. I thought he would have the wallet with the youngest design. (Which wallet will be Park Bo-saur’s?) It’s Park Bo-saur. – I’m here to pick up my wallet. / – Yes. Is it this one? (He went straight to wallet number 3) (Chungha and Park Bo-saur is matched) Then who does this belong to? I don’t know. – Do you really not know? / – I don’t know. (Cheongju Ong Seongwu comes in) It’s the passionate guy. Wait. I think he changed his hairstyle. (He has an elegant fringe hairstyle now) I’ll choose Chunhyang SUNMI. Ladies in their 20s like the elegant fringe hairstyle. (He changed his hair while he was waiting) Wait. I think he changed his hairstyle. (It’s the elegant fringe hairstyle!) Which one would it be? (Is it the one Chunhyang SUNMI chose?) (Will their preference have matched?) – You changed your hairstyle. / – This is mine. (The wallet with the letter belonged to him) This is mine. (Feeling disappointed) Which one is the most precious among what’s inside? The letter I wrote my goals. (I knew he was sensitive) (Ong Seongwu and Iring is matched) (Which wallet will belong to Corporate Worker Key?) He’s going to P.O. (Disappointed) I chose it thinking it belonged to Corporate Worker Key. But it wasn’t. (Chungha is already matched with Park Bo-saur) (I wanted to choose Corporate Worker Key’s wallet) (The card wallet belonged to Corporate Worker Key) You two have the same wallets. This is great. (Key and Gong Seungyeon is matched) It’s the acupuncture doctor. He likes cash. His wallet shows that he travels overseas a lot. Two people chose your wallet. – Hello. / – Hello. (SUNMI, Lee Seongkyoung, Doctor are matched) You can now go grocery shopping. – Let’s go shop groceries! / – Let’s go! Let’s go. (Mart Date begins) (It’s time for Mart Date) – Okay, let’s go. / – Really? Let’s go. Here we go. I’ve never held one of these before. (Key and Gong Seungyeon) You two are very beautiful. – Thank you. / – Thank you. I don’t think he meant it. I really meant it. (Let’s go find love) I really meant it. Really? (“S” University Zo Insung’s wallet was not chosen) It feels like I’m spying. Shall we get one of these? – I like it. / – For our health. – It’s for our health. / – It was tiring today. Right. Why did you choose to watch Hot Body Acupuncture Doctor’s? He’s with the lady I saw the Love Card. – Who is it? / – Chunhyang SUNMI. (How will their date turn out?) It’s chicken breast. – I eat a lot of chicken breast. / – Me too. I like chicken breast too. I love bananas. – I do too. / – Do you like bananas? – I like bananas. / – Bananas are good. (I love bananas) Bananas? (I like bananas too) I like them too. We’re buying a lot of fruit. – Right. / – Right. You two eat a lot of fruit since you’re beautiful. You don’t sound like you mean it. No, I really meant it. “Since you’re beautiful.” “You like fruits.” (This happy man is actually…) Do you have someone on your mind? I’m interested in Chunhyang SUNMI. (Chunhyang SUNMI) – What do you like, Chunhyang SUNMI? / – Me? Chunhyang SUNMI? (Does he not want me to talk?) I like almost everything. – Everything? / – I don’t have a certain taste. I don’t like vegetables though. You don’t like vegetables. (I see) (What is he doing?) Do you like chocolate milk? I do. I ate so much chocolate milk in high school. – Really? / – Yes. That might be why you’re so tall. It’s all about the height. Aren’t you one of the tall people? I’m quite short. – What’s your height? / – About 163cm. – It’s not that short. / – It’s not that short. (Look at this guy) They’re having a good time. (Their shopping continues) Do you like cooking by yourself? Yes, I like cooking for myself. Are you good at cooking then? I’m good at cooking. I’m good at it too. I used to cook for my parents on their birthdays. Me too. I cook them seaweed soup, stirfried glass noodles, or braised short ribs. I cook them chop steak, or… You made them Western food? I make all sorts of food. – I can make Phoo Pad Phong curry. / – I see. The Peacock series aisle has a lot of tasty food. – I love hot dogs. / – I like… – You like hot dogs? / – I love them. I like hot dogs too. We’ll get the mozzarella one… – Yes. / – And the plain one. – I like mozzarella. / – Yes. Do you like cup noodles or instant noodles? – Count to 3. / – In 1, 2, 3. – Instant noodles. / – Instant noodles. It’s so interesting. How about pistachio nuts? I love them. – Me too. / – I even ate them this morning. What about cola? The red one. I knew it. The red one. (She’s excited) – Your legs must hurt. / – They do. I think you can ride this. Do you want to? I’ll push you. Your legs must hurt. I’ll walk slower. (She seems like she has something to say) Do you have someone you’re interested in? (I…) (She’s nervous) I do. Really? (Could it be me?) Is it a different person from your first impression? It is. Really? It kept changing. – It kept changing? / – I mean… – You’re a dangerous man. / – I mean… It was different seeing them introducing themselves and actually talking to them. I changed my mind when I actually talked to them. Do you have anyone on your mind? I do. I do too. Really? What do you like about him? How should I put this? It felt like we would click. – You felt like it. / – Yes. – You felt like it. / – I felt like it. We understood each other. You understood each other? (What?) It came to my mind that she could be talking about me. That’s when I was drawn to her. I indirectly hinted him that I was going to pick him. But he didn’t seem so sure about me, so it’s possible he won’t choose me. That’s what I think. (How will they turn out to be?) Let’s check our preference on food. Cold noodles or mixed noodles, which one do you like? On the count of three? One… Cold noodles. (She’s quite impatient) Let’s go again. Do a different one. Instant noodles or mixed noodles? In 1, 2, 3. – Mixed noodles. / – Instant noodles. (Mixed noodles, instant noodles) (Their preference didn’t match on the first one) It could be good not to have the same preference. Watermelon or banana? In 1, 2, 3. – Watermelon. / – Banana. – We won’t leave any food then. / – What do we do? Look at these apples. (What?) It’s the size of my face. (They get along well despite their differences) (He’s shocked) What do I usually eat? This can’t be the end. Since I don’t eat watermelons… (Are you listening to me?) There’s chocolate. (She won’t know…) (That he was always…) (Behind her) (His eyes are focused on her) – Right? / – Right. (He bumps into her on purpose to see her up close) (At her brightest smile) (He smiles back sadly) (When she gets close) (His face brightens up) Why do you have nothing? What’s wrong? (I couldn’t do anything because of you) (They kept on running into each other that way) (What did he feel then?) I thought she could not be choosing me. Because during Mart Date, you get the chance to talk to the partner more than the beginning. There’s a chance she could have liked the partner she was with. So I was more nervous. (He circled around her because he was anxious) To be frank, I was jealous. He was on Mart Date with Art School Gong Seungyeon. We kept running into each other, and I wanted to switch partners. That’s how I felt. (How will they turn out?) (During the short period of Mart Date) (They kept missing each other’s gazes) (What have they seen and felt?) (And will the hopes they have on each other…) (Be realized?) (Mart Date ends) We only have the final choice left. We’ll begin with Art School Gong Seungyeon. – Please step up the heart shape. / – Come on out. – The heart shape. / – Oh, my. Please press the number of the man that you like. Good luck. It’ll be fine. You earn your love. (The men are also nervous) (Who will be on her mind?) I got along well with Hot Body Acupuncture Doctor. We should work out together and get some chicken breasts. We had mutual interests, and he first suggested doing something together. So it felt like he was interested in me. And he caught my eyes. Which one is it? Who is it? (Really?) Yes. Will you find love with me? (He’s shaking) (You may answer comfortably) (Curious) (He clenches his fist like he’s decided) – I’m sorry. / – Yes. – I’m sorry. / – Yes. (Yes, alright) Alright. (She returns backward) That was good. (They’re stirred to see the first rejection) Hot Body Acupuncture Doctor, please step forward and dial the number of the woman that you like. (Who will be on his mind?) She’s slim and has long straight hair. I was drawn to her from the start. When will we ever get to experience this? You could when you have a family. (He’s excited) (His alcohol preference matched with Chungha) We ate pork belly alone. We had a mutual interest in exercise. We shared a lot of similarities, which drew me in. Please dial the number. (Who will he choose?) (He can’t make eye contact like he’s shy) (Corporate Worker Key is a little flustered) Gwangju Chungha. ♪ Gwangju Chungha ♪ – Let’s see. / – Yes. Chungha, will you find love with me? (Glaring) (Will his love get to her?) (It’s almost time to choose) I’m sorry. (Gwangju Chungha has someone else in mind) Alright. I’m sorry. (He’s relieved) Please go back in line. Gwangju Chungha, please step forward and dial the number of the man you like. (He’s anxious as people keep rejecting) What is this? (She’s dialing the number) Let’s see. (Will her sincerity still be intact?) – It’s P.O? / – Is it Corporate Worker Key? (She chose Corporate Worker Key) I thought it was my phone. It was Corporate Worker Key. (He answers the phone with a meaningful smile) Yes. Will you find love with me? (What will his answer be?) (She can’t take her eyes off of him) Yes. Yes. (We have the first couple) (She’s relieved) Come to the center and make a heart shape. I’m only watching her. She’s all I need. (From the moment he first saw her…) I started liking her when I first saw her up close. Since we’re a couple now, we’ll talk about things that we couldn’t before. And keep this relationship. Make a heart in 1, 2, 3! (Congratulations on being a couple) Our first couple has been matched. Next up, Park Bo-saur. (It’s Park Bo-saur’s turn) (Who will he choose among the 4 ladies?) (Who would it be?) (Why is the sound coming from there?) Was it Gwangju Chungha? (Is he choosing Gwangju Chungha?) – Was it Gwangju Chungha? / – Yes. (They’re flustered) You can change there. What? Will you find love with me? I’m sorry. Park Bo-saur, everyone. It’s fine. That could happen. It’s okay. (I’m really sorry) Next up, Engineer Lee Sungkyoung. Please come forward and dial the number. (Who will she choose?) – Who is it? / – What? – She chose him. / – He’s the phone case wallet guy! (She chose “S” University Zo Insung) – Hello? / – “S” University Zo Insung. Will you find love with me? (All eyes are on “S” University Zo Insung) (What are you going to do?) (Will there be a couple?) I’m sorry. (Oh, my God) Please go back in line. (We’ve failed to match a couple) “S” University Zo Insung, please step forward. (He inputs the number of the lady he likes) I had someone who I wanted to get to know and who I was fond of. I’m Chunhyang SUNMI, 22 years old, and my name is Park Inyeong. She had fair skin, and she looked kind. She was my type. (But he could only watch her from a distance) I like chicken breast too. (He didn’t get the chance to participate in Mart Date) (She’s startled) She made me startle. (“S” University Zo Insung still chose her) Hello? Chunhyang SUNMI, will you find love with me? (Will they be on the same page?) (They’re nervous) I’m sorry. (We’ve failed to match a couple) I tried. This is so realistic. (Who will she choose then?) (They met during the first impression search) (Have you waited long?) I liked Cheongju Ong Seongwu. He was affable enough to talk to me first. He had the best first impression. (Did Cheongju Ong Seongwu change his hairstyle?) I said I like the elegant fringe hairstyle during the preliminary meeting, and he appeared after changing his hairstyle. So I thought, “I made it.” (Will she be matched?) (She chose Cheongju Ong Seongwu) Cheongju Ong Seongwu, will you find love with me? (What will his answer be?) I’ll go with Chunhyang SUNMI. She was walking towards me from a distance, and she looked very elegant. I liked her style. She likes the elegant fringe hairstyle, so I changed my hair for her. (He chose Chunhyang SUNMI with an elegant charm) How will he reply? (He never hid his feelings) (She’s staring at him) (Expectant) I’m sorry. – What? / – What? (A shocking twist) But didn’t you change your hairstyle because of her? I did. What happened then? (He changed his mind in the meantime) (Then who is it?) – It’s so interesting. / – Please dial the number. (He inputs the number, feeling nervous) (Who will he choose?) (Who would it be?) (Nervous) (He chose 3 Seconds Iring from Mart Date) (It was her) 3 Seconds Iring, will you find love with me? Yes. (Wow) (Everybody’s surprised by the second match) (3 Seconds Iring and Cheongju Ong Seongwu) Are you serious? (They are the second couple) (She chose the wallet of Cheongju Ong Seongwu) (She liked the letter that he wrote to himself) I heard that she chose my wallet as soon as she saw this letter. I think that was huge. I was thankful that she appreciated my passion and sensitivity. Our preference, such as food, matched really well when I talked to him. How about pistachio nuts? – I love them. / – Me too. (They were of one mind during Mart Date) We have two couples today. – Congratulations! / – Congratulations! Let’s go… – Have a date! / – Let’s go! Be happy! – You’ve done a good job. / – Good luck. (The couples receive small prize money for their date) (Next week) (It’s Matching Survival News at 11:10 p.m.) (The 4 female news anchors are here) (From charming trot songs…) (Gentle charms of these all-rounders will be here) (The men are here to steal their hearts) (They can make your heart race with their words) (And their manners are perfect) (The war to find love heats up) (Matching Survival 1 Plus 1)

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