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Matching Survival 1+1 | 썸바이벌 1+1 EP.8 Part. 1 [SUB : ENG/2019.09.03]

Matching Survival 1+1 | 썸바이벌 1+1 EP.8 Part. 1 [SUB : ENG/2019.09.03]

(This is where love begins) – Live by your taste! / – Matching Survival… – 1 Plus 1. / – 1 Plus 1. We’re finally back here again. Today’s episode… – Has a theme. / – That’s right. We have engineering male students with students from women’s universities. Engineering and women’s universities. Students from both of these criteria don’t have many chances to fall in love. There are so many photos of engineering students going on a retreat online, and it’s just a bunch of men dancing amongst themselves there. Today’s episode is all about finding love for male engineers. There’s even an ad on this, where all men scream out of happiness when a girl attends the retreat. (An ad back in the day) She won’t be able to make it to the retreat! (Young Lee Kwangsoo) (It portrayed the loneliness of engineering students) Fine, I’ll go. I love you. (It’s going to be fun today!) (Ladies’ waiting room) Are we all from women’s universities? Have you ever dated an engineering student? No, never. I feel like they’d be really kind. – Really kind. / – Smart as well. You’re right. They sound like they’d be diligent. I’m really curious. I hope there’s someone who looks like Park Seojun. – Park Seojun? / – Park Seojun. – I want someone like Choi Wooshik. / – That’s nice. (I’m so curious) What kind of people will we have today? The group chat is now open and we have someone named Beggar. (An Engineering Beggar?) Handsome Beggar in Engineering. Why did you take out the handsome part? I have bad eyesight. (I wonder who’s calling themselves a beggar) We have Oh Jonghyuck and Ju Jihoon. We also have Gang Dongwon. Gang Dongwon? That’s going too far. – There’s Gang Dongwon. / – Gang Dongwon? – No way. / – Hold on. – I’m getting really excited. / – Gang Dongwon? Oh Jonghyuck? Henry? Henry is cute. We also have Ju Jihoon who’s a virgin. I’m getting excited. (Meanwhile, what are the engineering students up to?) I can’t do it. I haven’t pressed the send button yet. I can’t do it. (Their hearts are beating so fast) There’s a ballerina. Ballerina? I’m interested. Say something in the chat. We also have Cho Boah. Hyeri? Is this the Hyeri I’m thinking of? Yes, from “Reply 1988.” (Will I finally find my first girlfriend here today?) – “Describe your charms.” / – “Describe your charms.” – Charms? / – Something you’re confident about. – Charms? / – Charms. – My charm? / – Describe your charms. My eyes are charming when I smile. I have a great smile. (Handsome Beggar makes the first move) – Smiling eyes? I love those. / – Me too. He also has a great smile. (Will we be able to fall in love today?) What’s charming about me? – I’m cheerful? / – I have good skin. You do. – She has good skin. / – Amazing. I love pale women with good skin. Rose Pasta has good skin. (I really want to see who this Rose Pasta is) – Are you getting nervous? / – Yes. (Getting antsy at the thought of meeting them) There’s a rumor that engineering students are terrible at dating. (What are you talking about?) Who said that? (The engineers are getting mad) Let me call all my friends in engineering. Our goal today is to break the stereotypes surrounding the engineering students. How can we pretend that we’re not in engineering? Probably don’t wear plaids. Then we failed. (They’re all wearing plaids, confirms their major!) This is bad. – I really want to meet them. / – Same. I really want to see Gang Dongwon. I’m curious about Ju Jihoon. – I want to meet Ju Jihoon. / – Gang Dongwon for me. Heechul is calling us to the studio. My mouth is getting dry. I’m so nervous. What do I do? Male engineering students and women’s university students special. Let’s say hi to each other. Nice to meet you all. (Hello!) What do students in women’s universities think of male engineering students? You just don’t care about them at all, do you? (Laughing) (Laughing sadly) What do you think of when you think of engineering students? Plaid shirts. – Plaid shirts. / – Look! (They’re all wearing plaids) – My goodness. / – They’re all wearing plaids. Why do engineering students wear plaids? (Why do engineering students wear plaids?) Plaids are in perfect grids, which give us comfort. Legends say that plaids represent coordinates. – Coordinates? / – Coordinates. (That’s funny) Do you have any fantasies about students from women’s universities? – I love them. / – They sparkle. I hear there are only pretty women. Right, that’s what I first thought as well. Why the past tense? I mean, I still think so. (It’s time to break all stereotypes) We’re going to have you all introduce yourselves one by one. If you like the person, you can send lots of Love Balloons since they’re free. (Send Love Balloons to show your interest) (I see!) Handsome Beggar in Engineering, you’re up first. Hello, I’m from Busan and I’m 25. My name is Lee Kian. (Handsome Beggar, Lee Kian, 25 years old) (Cheering) I’m in mechatronics engineering and my nickname is Handsome Beggar in Engineering. A lot of people tell me that I look like Jang Suwon, so I was going to name myself Jang Suwon… – You really look like him. / – You’re right. (Are they twins?) – Did our staff say no to that? / – No. I performed as a beggar at the Korean Folk Village last year. A lot of the audience told me that I look like a handsome beggar. – A handsome beggar. / – Yes, which is why I’m… Handsome Beggar in Engineering. You worked part-time there. What do you have to show us? You can’t show your act as a beggar. I’m a dancer. (I’m a dancer) (I love dancers) (Handsome Beggar is stepping up to the stage) You really don’t look like a dancer. Exactly. (You don’t look like a dancer) I’m pretty amazing. I’ll get started now. (What did he prepare for today?) Is that BTS? (“Fire” by BTS) (The biggest hit that swept across the whole world) (“Fire” by BTS) (It’s a BTS song!) (Here I go) (It’s starting now) (Here I go!) (Trembling) I told you that he’s not a dancer. (Laughing) My goodness. Look at that. (And then…) (Showing off his abs) (Screaming in horror) (Oh, my gosh) (Sending a lot of Love Balloons) (What is up with her?) Silly Monkey, I thought you were shooting a gun or something. I love men with nice bodies. (Blushing) Next up is Industrial Engineer Gang Dongwon. Hello, I’m an industrial engineering student and my name is Jo Beomjin. I’m here to escape the gloomy engineering building to find love after so long. I want to find someone I can drive home today. (Are you implying that you have a car?) – He’s saying that he has a car. / – He has a car. Is that what you’re implying? ♪ Get in my car ♪ ♪ I just got a car, let’s ride ♪ ♪ I just got a car, let’s ride ♪ (I have a car) Next up is Oh Jonghyuck. Hello, I’m Industrial Engineer Oh Jonghyuck, Park Hyeonsu and I’m 24. The reason I’m on the show today is to find someone who’ll fall in love and date me. Please send me a lot of Love Balloons! (Please send me a lot of Love Balloons!) (Laughing) Next, Ju Jihoon? Hello. I’m 20 and I’m in computer engineering. My name is Park Jeongu. – 20 years old? / – He’s only 20. (They’re both 23) He’s 20 years old. So you’ve never had a girlfriend before? No. I’ve never had one. – Really? / – No way. (My goodness) (He’s a real virgin) Have you ever been on a blind date? You never had pretty female friends that you’re interested in? Has nobody asked you out before? Have you ever asked someone out? (These questions are pretty brutal) (He’s a real virgin) – He’s an introvert. / – He’s so innocent. It’s okay, I had my first girlfriend when I was 22 years old. (I see) (That’s very comforting) I’m serious. I’ve had female friends before, but… So how are you going to show off your charms? I play the guitar as a hobby. Playing the guitar is good. (Impressed) (Setting up the guitar) Is there a reason you prepared the guitar? I heard that women like men that can play the guitar. – Right. / – He’s definitely a virgin. He never had the chance to show off his skills. This is his first time playing for the ladies. – Here we go. / – I’m looking forward to it. (He’s adorable) (Surprising everyone with amazing guitar skills) (He’s no longer a shy boy) (He’s Ju Jihoon that can play the guitar insanely well) (I thought he was just cute) (But he’s also so charming) (So charming) (Fancy fingering) That’s the end. (Being shy again) (The ladies are all falling for his surprising charm) (Sending a lot of Love Balloons) You’re definitely getting a girlfriend today. (Blushing) Next up is Engineer Henry. I’m a city engineering major and also a pop music composer. That’s why I named myself Engineer Henry. That’s cool. Any talents you want to show off? I can play keyboards. – The keyboards? / – Very musical. (Getting excited) (Sending Love Balloons) What song will you be playing today? I’m going to compose a song right on the spot. (That’s amazing) Here he goes. I’ll only use E, G, and A on my right hand to compose a song. (A song only made of E, G and A?) I’ll get started now. (Starts playing right away) (Engineer Henry is playing a very romantic song) (This guy is so charming) (A very fancy song, made right on the spot) (It’s good) (It sounds like it could be a movie soundtrack) (Sugeun thought of something) Get going, quick! Be safe. (What’s he doing?) Run away already. Brother! Leave it all to me. Brother. Don’t worry about me. Please don’t die. Leave, quick! Brother! (Heechul runs away, leaving his brother behind) (A sad story where Sugeun died for Heechul) (Engineer Henry composed a great song on spot) The engineers have all introduced themselves now. It’s now time for the ladies. It’s time for the ladies. Please introduce yourselves now. Silly Monkey, you can start. That’s me. She’s also Silly Monkey. (Which one looks more like her?) Hello, I’m an aviation major and I’m 20 years old. My name is Kim Yebin and I’m Silly Monkey. She already sounds like a flight attendant. She’s an aviation major. They’re all falling for you already. I love sports. That’s why… (The guys are sending Love Balloons at sports) Sports? In particular, I love baseball. (I love baseball too!) I’m here to find someone who’ll watch baseball with me, play sports with me. A baseball game date. Let’s see your talent. At women’s universities, since there are no men, we have to do all the things that men usually do. That’s why I have really strong arms. I’m great at opening bottles with just a spoon. I’ll show you now. Let’s see. (Everyone is backing up in fear) (She did it!) (Screaming) (The guys are sending even more Love Balloons) The guys love it. I didn’t expect myself to succeed so quickly. You were going to put the bottle to your mouth right after, weren’t you? No. A beer would be nice right now, though. (She’s adorable) Next up, we have a ballerina. Hello, I’m a dance major. My name is Choi Yeji and I’m 20. I’m an alumnus there. She’s my senior. You have a bad senior. I want to meet someone who’s smart and willing to study together at cafes with me. – A smart man? / – That’s right. (These engineers are nothing but smart) What are your talents? Can you do some ballet moves? I’ve got a long way to go, but I major in ballet. (I love ballet) Look at her feet. Are you going to dance bare feet here? (That’s amazing) (Beautiful hands and feet that speak controlled beauty) (In awe) That’s all I have. (That’s the end of the ballet performance) Next up, we have Women’s College Cho Boah. Please introduce yourself. Hello, and I’m Women’s College Cho Boah. I’m 23 years old and my name is Wu Huijin. (Nice to meet you) I’m getting nervous. I prepared a dance performance, but I’m no dancer. Please send me lots of Love Balloons to support! – She’s adorable. / – What a cute lady. (They’re falling for her cuteness) Let’s see the dance now. Okay. (I can tell from her walk that she’s different) (You bet you can look forward to this performance) (Her bullets of love going right through their hearts) Here she goes. (Is this how an angel dances?) She’s so cute. (Are you sure you’re not falling in love with me?) (They can’t help but send Love Balloons) (Her facial expressions are definitely professional) (Thanks for the great performance) – She’s very cute. / – Her moves are… She’s very youthful. Thank you. Let’s move on. Hello, I’m a cello major and I’m 23. (At the mention of cello, he sends the balloons) My name is Gong Yuseon. – She’s a cellist. / – Cello. I’ve been playing the cello since I was 5. I’m here to meet a man that I’ll love more than I love my cello. (Clapping and cheering) – That’s cool. / – Would you like to play the cello? What song will you play for us? I’ll be playing Unaccompanied Cello Suits No. 1 by Bach. The father of music. (Getting anxious) (Shocked by the grand sound of the cello) I know this song! It’s like we’re listening to a recording. (It’s indeed an unaccompanied cello performance) (Leaving everyone in awe with the performance) (She went from a classic to a pop song) (Engineer Henry is sending Love Balloons to the beat) (Even the ending was perfect) She ended it off with a song by GFRIEND. (The engineers are absolutely in love with her) I honestly thought it was a recording at first. – I thought it was a recording. / – Me too. Engineer Henry was really focusing. He’s also a musician. He was really into it. (As soon as she began playing) (Everyone was astonished) (He was the only one who looked so serious) She first began off with a classic, then hit the neck twice and moved onto playing a pop song. I thought that was so charming. Poor Rose Pasta, the expectations are so much higher after the cello. You must be pressured. You could play harps. Please introduce yourself. Hello. I’m 24 years old. My name is Hong Jisu and I’m Women’s College Rose Pasta. (Nice to meet you!) Why is your nickname Rose Pasta? – People say I look like Rose. / – Rose as in flower? – No. / – Color? You look like pasta? – No. / – Rose of BLACKPINK? I see. Rose of BLACKPINK. You don’t know who she is. Come on. – Who is she? / – BLACKPINK… Came on “Knowing Bros.” – So who is Rose? / – Which one of the four is she? The reddest girl. (He sure is witty) Show us your talent, Rose Pasta. I can mimic the sound of Super Mario jumping. Yes, that’s right. The game. What? (What was that?) (It’s exactly the same) – I’ll jump. / – I recognize this sound. Jump. (She’s so excited that she wants to demonstrate) It sounds just the same. – It’s exactly the same. / – It’s just the same. – My goodness. / – That’s incredible. Is she getting a lot of balloons? Love is in the air. (It’s getting heated) To match your preferences, we’ll move on to the next segment. Before that, P.O comes in. He’ll share an inspiring quote with us about love. “To love is to receive a glimpse of paradise.” – That’s great. / – I hope you get a glimpse of it. – Good luck. / – Good luck. Good luck. This is torture. (The menu for your blind date) I’m sure ladies will choose pasta. (Most people would enjoy pasta) You could enjoy some pork belly with your partners. I’ll make the sushi myself. (The classic menu, steak) Steak. Gather here quickly. Handsome Beggar is here. Come this way. Here comes the king of abs. – Steak? / – Right. Engineers should go for pork belly. Come on. But ladies like pasta. – Are you coming here? / – But I don’t like it. (But I don’t like pasta) – I’ll choose steak. / – Sure. I can slice the steak for the ladies. It’d earn me some brownie points. That’s why I chose steak. (Steak will help him show off his sweet charm) Come this way. I can tell you’ll choose pork belly. I’ll make the sushi myself. You can share pork belly with your partner. – I’ll choose sushi. / – Yes, sushi! – Really? / – Do you like sushi? Yes. And neat food is the best for a blind date. He chose sushi because it’s neat. Next. They all look the same. They are wearing similar clothes. (It’s fascinating how everyone is wearing plaids) It must be here. I’m sure you’ll choose this. Come on, Jonghyuck. You’ll be eating alone, Sugeun. – Jonghyuck. / – Hey. – I knew it. / – What is going on? – You should eat sushi on a date. / – No one came. – Look. / – Things must have changed. Grease could get on your shirt if you eat pork belly. It can be uncomfortable to eat wraps and things. And you’d smell of garlic. Having pork belly with soju on the first date… Wouldn’t the ladies like it? Are you coming to eat pasta? Yes, he’s here. – No. Is he? / – Yes. I think he’ll have a pleasant meal with the ladies here. (Did he guess right on ladies preferences?) The last guy, Henry, is here. (What will Engineer Henry choose?) – You’re here. / – Come here. – Henry. Choose pork belly. / – Yes? Welcome. This table will be full of ladies soon. (Engineer Henry chose pork belly) – Is it okay… / – Yes? To eat pork belly on your first date? You must eat meat on the first date. I read an article. If you eat meat on your first date, you’re more likely to develop positive feelings about each other. That’s what the article said. Are you not supposed to eat pork belly on your first date? I hope many ladies choose it. Now, ladies will come in. – Guys, ladies are coming in. / – Ladies are coming in. (The guys get nervous) Applause. (Rose Pasta walks in with the applause) Which table will be the popular one? Pasta. Here. Right. Her nickname is Rose Pasta. I was hoping Rose Pasta to come. (I was hoping Rose Pasta to come) (What will she choose?) I can tell she likes pork belly. You should have rose sushi. If you choose pasta, that’d be cheating. (She walks past the pork belly and sushi) (Expectant) Here. (Which food did she choose?) – Did you choose pasta? / – Yes. Please sit here. Hello. (Rose Pasta chooses pasta) (Awkward, nervous) Thank you. (Will they be able to fall in love?) Next lady is here. (Women’s College Cho Boah is next) – It’s obvious. / – I can tell she’ll choose steak. She should be holding a knife. (Sushi, sushi) – Pasta? No? / – Sushi? Unbelievable. (What did she choose?) Unbelievable. (Already a popular menu chosen by two?) She chose pasta. She chose pasta. (Astonished) – You’re lucky. / – Hello. You’re here with two ladies. Hello. You may talk. He says he’s never dated before. Really? (Nodding) (Will he be able to find his love today?) Everyone, the queen of sushi is here. She’s dressed to eat pork belly. It’s to eat sushi. No way. Are you going to choose pasta? – Are you coming to eat pasta? / – No way. – Really? / – Yes. – Really? / – What? You can’t sit here. He’s so lucky. (He’s delighted but decides to stay calm) Why did you take the chair from me? He’s sitting alone. Goodness. Jihoon’s heart must be beating so fast right now. He has three ladies around him. He must be excited. – Jihoon… / – We have two ladies left. One guy will be eating alone. – Cello. / – Hello. To play the cello smoothly, you need the pork grease. (What will she choose?) (At that moment) (Henry shows his desperate eyes to Hyeri) She played the cello. She played it although she was shy. And I found it kind of cute. (Let’s eat pork belly together) (She just walks past him) You need to put on some weight, so eat pork belly. (Disappointed) What? (Is she going to choose pasta too?) – Are you serious? / – Oh, gosh. – No. / – What is going on? It must be pork belly. (Where is she going away from pasta and sushi?) – Steak? / – Hello. (It’s steak which Handsome Beggar chose) Wait, so here… I can’t believe ladies didn’t choose sushi. (Women’s College Hyeri chooses steak) (All he can do is laugh) It’s Silly Monkey. Stand here. Silly Monkey must choose sushi. She must choose pork belly. Sit wherever you want. – Okay. / – I’ve set the table. – Sushi? / – I’ll choose sushi. – Sit in the middle. / – In the middle? – I’m left-handed, so… / – She’s left-handed. I’m left-handed too. I’ll sit at the end. Two people are left-handed here. – I’m ambidextrous. / – Really? – You can use both hands? / – Yes. I can use both hands. (Thank you) Your food is here. (3 ladies and 1 guy chose pasta) I have three plates of sushi, and three of you came, so I can’t eat. (1 lady and 2 guys chose sushi) (1 guy chose pork belly) I thought people would come here. – But they didn’t. / – Right. (1 lady and 1 guy chose steak) One guy’s at pork belly. (The first preference matching is done) I love the atmosphere here. Go on and drink. This really looks like a blind date for an engineer and a lady. – Right? / – It’s my first blind date. Shall I slice the meat for you? (I’ll slice the meat for you) That’s it. – This is how good-mannered he is. / – Yes. Engineering students learn romance from books. – And it said to do this. / – He’s so well mannered. It’s all done. He’s sliced the steak for her. Thank you. (Enjoy) It’s tasty. I’ll cut it sideways this time. (Handsome Beggar is focused on cutting the steak) (Staring) You’re quite good. – Is this better? / – Yes, it’s a lot better than mine. You didn’t like it? – No, that’s not… / – Okay. I’ll eat what I cut earlier. If it’s not good, I’ll give mine to you. (It’s a big lump of meat) (I’ve cut it too big) It’s too big. I’m sorry. – Gosh. / – Take all of this. (Romance from the book is hard to achieve) I’m into pasta these days. I cook it at home. I never cook at home. It’s so cumbersome. Do you do this too? (What are they going to do?) (Soyou is going somewhere) What was it called again? (She’s bringing steak for them) I’ve stolen it from them, so enjoy. – Thank you so much. / – Thank you. Slice the meat and give it to the ladies. (What did she say?) Actually… (He starts slicing the meat) When you go to college, there are a lot of Italian restaurants nearby… (Soyou told him to cut the steak for the ladies) (This looks perfect) (It’s too big) Please have this. (He even says it funny) (He speaks like a robot) How can I eat this in one bite? (It’s too big) – It’s like pork cutlet. / – I’ll cut it for you. I’ll have to cut it because it’s too big. (I’m learning new things every day) Are you usually quiet? I’m not, but because there are cameras here, I’m a bit uncomfortable. – Because you’re nervous? / – Exactly. (Virgin Ju Jihoon looks nervous) I thought it’d be nice, but it was awkward and I was quite discouraged. I showed that side of me. (Regretful) He couldn’t speak well, so that was quite cute. I understood him. (Laughing) It’s okay to be a virgin. What would you like? – I love salmon. / – Salmon? – Thank you. / – I love salmons too. Really? I’ll give you all the salmons. I shouldn’t eat any salmon. No, please, you should have them too. (Having a bite) – You wanted to have sushi, right? / – Yes. That’s a relief. I also came here because I wanted to have sushi. I was worried that no one would come. – You study at Hanyang Uni, right? / – That’s right. I study at a university next to yours. Oh, I see. We share the same fence. You have many common grounds. That’s okay. People are usually attracted to their opposites. (They have a lot of things in common) Eat comfortably. Gang Dongwon and I have many things in common. That’s why I kept talking with him. I couldn’t talk to the guy on my right. But I… But I like Handsome Beggar the most. They seemed to be having a great time together. That’s why I kept thinking, “They shouldn’t hit it off.” Here comes the grape juice. (Silly Monkey was bothered by the next table) Here comes the grape juice. (Whenever she found them having a great time) (It kept bothering her) (They shouldn’t hit it off) Everyone, it seems like you’ve talked to each other a lot. Let’s move on to Love Tent so that we can find out the things about the person you fancy. Let’s go. (Let’s go to Love Tent) (Love Tent where it will satisfy their curiosities) (It has every information about them) (Whom do they have in their hearts?) Is there anyone that caught your eyes at first sight? – Yes. / – Who is it? – Handsome Beggar in Engineering. / – Is that so? – Really? / – Yes. I felt like he liked me. You’re narcissistic. (She’s narcissistic) Are you narcissistic? (Embarrassed) It was a shame that I couldn’t eat with him. Totally. – How tall are you? / – I’m 161cm tall. His likes girls whose height is around 160cm. – He likes someone small. / – Someone small. A cute face with chubby cheeks. A cute face with chubby cheeks. – They are chubby, right? / – Yes. That’s a relief. A ponytail without bangs. A ponytail without bangs. Really? And someone who’s playful when walking together. – What does that mean? / – When you walk together… You kick your boyfriend’s butts like this. He likes that? – Isn’t it like that? / – Sit down. We have 3-minute Dates later. Try kicking his foot and pretend like you didn’t do it on purpose. Oh, so that she can play with him? (Okay, I got it) (Does Handsome Beggar like her as well?) I like Silly Monkey. Look here. I’ll show it to you. Check it out yourself. (Murmuring) Engineering students read things out loud. So that he can memorize them. I’m trying to memorize them. – That’s amazing. / – You’re memorizing it right away. Oh, so this is how she’s like. Are there things you can build a common ground with her? I also like dating at baseball stadiums. And the last one. When a friend feels sad, she can act cute to them and lift their mood. She’s that kind of girl. That’d be nice. (They’re interested in each other) – Hello. / – It’s Gang Dongwon. (It’s Industrial Engineer Gang Dongwon’s turn) – Dongwon… / – Is there anyone you like? I like Women’s College Ballerina the most. I see. She likes someone with a small face and monolids. It’s exactly him. Someone with a pretty nose. What makes her heart flutter are these behaviors. “Someone who’d buy me macarons when I’m sick to make me feel better.” Something sweet, right? – She likes macarons. / – Because she’s only 20. She wants to have a date at theme parks. I also mentioned that. Really? They have common grounds. (Will they click well?) – I like Ju Jihoon. / – Ju Jihoon? – The one you had a meal with. / – Yes. – How tall are you? / – I’m around 161cm. That’s perfect. He likes someone who’s less taller than 170cm. And he likes long hair with bangs. The points that make his heart flutter… Someone who looks into his eyes with bright eyes while talking and acts cute. – But I don’t act cute. / – Is that so? No, you do. Then we’ll teach you some. Open your eyes wide, and go like this. “What would you like to eat?” (Shocked) I can laugh at it, right? I’m being serious. Open your eyes wide. Try it. Start. W-Would you like to go eat? – Don’t be like that. / – You shouldn’t look elsewhere. Say, “It’s hard to date someone these days, right?” You have to be cute though. “It’s hard to date someone these days, right?” I think that’s not acting cute. – It’s more like a threat. / – Open your eyes like this. You’re doing well! That’d totally steal his heart. – This is so funny. / – You just won his heart. This is so funny. You’re the best. The guy I had pasta with. – Ju Jihoon? / – Yes. How was it then? You talked with him. Was it okay? I like people who aren’t that talkative. He likes someone who looks into his eyes with bright eyes while talking to each other and acts cute. (Bright eyes) See? Her eyes get big when she talks to someone. (So I should look at him like this when we talk) (Who does Virgin Ju Jihoon have in mind?) Is there anyone you have in mind? Or do you need more time? I think I need more time. But is there anyone you fancy? Someone you want to know more. Women’s College Rose Pasta. (I’m sorry, but it’s not you two) (Rose Pasta stole Ju Jihoon’s heart) – She’s older. / – Right. People with four years apart don’t even need fortunes to be told. Right. Why are you interested in Rose Pasta? – She has beautiful eyes. / – I see. Here’s some information about Rose Pasta. She likes someone who has natural bangs. – That’s great. / – Good. Someone with pretty eyebrows and kind eyes. (Kind eyes? Like mine?) That’s what they do to look like they have kind eyes. (How is it? Do I have kind eyes?) (I wish she’d pick me) Is there anyone who stole your heart at first sight? I like someone with thick eyebrows. The last guy’s eyebrows seemed thick. Engineer Henry? Perfect. He likes someone with fair skin and big eyes with double eyelids. That’s totally me. I know. – Someone with long hair. / – That’s not me. You can grow it. I can extend it. Someone who wears a blouse and skinny jeans that show her figure. That’s totally not me. You’re not wearing skinny jeans? – I’m wearing a skirt. / – I’m sorry. – Do you like puppies? / – I have cats. – They don’t match. / – Right. You two don’t match. You two don’t match. Let me guess for you. You’d like Women’s College Hyeri. – Yes, that’s right. / – He liked her playing cello. I already have a connection with Henry. Her ideal style is someone who’s tall and has fair skin. Someone with wide shoulders. Because she’s small. She likes someone with elegant fringe hairstyle. I should curl it more. Is there anyone who stole your heart at first sight? – Yes. / – Who is it? I like Henry. – Henry? / – Henry? (They like each other!) He likes someone with fair skin and big eyes with double eyelids. You have double eyelids. Long hair. You can grow it. You can extend your hair. Henry is someone who can play a song for his girlfriend to fall asleep. (Heart fluttering) You like such things? – I’ve never gotten such things. / – Singing a lullaby? ♪ Goodnight, my sweet baby ♪ No, as in piano. Piano? (I’d love that too) We’ll see you later. You can do this. (Will they find love?) – Let’s go. / – This is of no use. I’m still single. (Soyou must be very lonely) You have me. (Forget it!) I should clean this up before I go. Love Tent is closed, everyone. (Love Tent is closed, everyone) (Heechul is so funny) (Love Tent is closed. See you next time) That was so funny. (Their journey to find love is just starting)

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