Maxpedition Survival Tips: Improvised Shemagh Sling with Thomas Coyne

Disaster can strike at any time, but if
you’re well trained and you have the proper gear, you just may be prepared to
meet it. So my name’s Thomas Coyne, chief instructor
at Coyne Survival Schools and I am going to tell you how to form an
improvised sling with a keffiyeh also known as a shemagh. We want to make sure
that we splint it in what’s called the position of function, almost like a
Pledge of Allegiance. A really easy way to do this with the keffiyeh is to go
ahead and make our own triangle bandage. So I will form a triangle with this, then
fold it back in here, bring the point in here… So I’m going to leave the folded up
portion on the inside, I’ll have my patient assume the position, and simply
tie now. Now if you’ve ever heard the term “sling and swath” the next step would
be swathing this. Taking something like this elastic bandage – go ahead lift up an arm – and see I’m wrapping this fairly loose
so her chest can expand and contract easily. We just don’t want this wiggling
around with the patient. Now if they’ve dislocated their shoulder,
if they have a broken humerus or a fractured collarbone, this is the
position that we will sling and swath them in regardless of if you have any
kind of official medical gear or not. So thank you for watching and many more
tips coming soon.

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