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Mexican CANDY [Part 3] | Mexican Survival Guide

Mexican CANDY [Part 3] | Mexican Survival Guide

– Yo, guys, real quick
before the video starts, I just wanna let you guys know that we officially have
a new shirt design. – It’s paletas. – Almost there. – Hey, Ramon! – Hey, Chris. – What you doing? – Well, I was trying to open the marzipan without it cracking, but
you kind of messed me up. – What’s the big deal? You’re gonna eat it anyways, and besides, mazapans
taste like fart dust. – You say a lotta dumb things, but this time, you crossed the line! – What are you doing? – Don’t you ever
disrespect mazapans again! – Why’d you
hit me so hard? My head hurts. Damn, you must’ve hit me good ’cause you look two feet shorter. – What? – Brando? What are you doing here? – What do you mean? I’ve been here all morning. Why were you sleeping on the floor? – Well, Ramon, your cousin,
slapped me, and I woke up, and now you’re here. – Ramon? That fool lives in Texas, and I’m pretty sure I’ve
never introduced you two. – What are talking about? Of course I know Ramon. Oh, my gosh! Did Ramon slap me to another dimension where I never met him? Or was it my
existence that was replaced? – Chris, Chris, relax! Okay, I think your blood
sugar is low again, but I have just the thing. Mexican candy! – I don’t need candy right now. I’m trying to figure
out what happened to me! Oh my God, what if
Ramon isn’t the only one who isn’t here anymore
who doesn’t remember me? – Hey, Chris. – Yeah? What is this? – That’s Lucas Muecas. They’re basically lollipops
that you cover in chili powder, and they come in this
cool, little container so you can shake it up and add more chili. – Are you not at all
concerned that we’re living in an alternate universe? – Chris, there is no alternate universe. You don’t know Ramon, and
you never got slapped, okay? So shut up and add more chili. – Whatever you say,
alternate universe Brando. Anyway, I’m not gonna add more chili. I can’t handle spice. – Dude, this is like kids’ spice. It’s barely spice. Just add some more. – Okay. That’s pretty good, not
as spicy as I thought. – See? If you like that one,
then you’ll love this one. I present to you Limon 7. It’s basically a salt and lemon powder that’s really tangy and
delicious, and it has no spice. – Hm, lemme try it. -You didn’t
tell me how sour it was. – Well, you’re not supposed
to eat it all at once! – Now I know. What else do you have? – How ’bout we try something sweeter? This is bandera de coco, which
translates to coconut flag. It’s a candy bar made
out of shredded coconut with the colors of the Mexican flag. The sweet coconut just
melts in your mouth. Can you just eat it? – Ooh, it does melt in your mouth! This is good. – Now for the last of the bunch. You’re gonna have to prepare
yourself for this one. – Okay? – This is a Tama Roca Palebola. – What is it? – It’s a tamarind candy lollipop with salt and chili. Our ancestors wish they had these. – Not the most visually
pleasing, but okay. How do I start? – It’s not how you start. It’s how you finish. – Okay. – That’s not what I meant, but okay. – That was good and all,
but I don’t feel so well. – You okay, Chris? – Yeah, I’m fine. – Chris, Chris? – Chris, Chris, Chris! – Ramon? What happened to Brando? – Brando? What are you talking about? – You slapped me so hard, I
ended up in another dimension, and Brando was there, and I
ate a bunch of Mexican candy, and now I’m here, and oh, my God! I don’t know what’s happening! I’m so scared! Is this some type of simulation? I need to go to the hospital! – Damn, we really got him good.

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