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MEXICAN SHOES (Huaraches) | Mexican Survival Guide

MEXICAN SHOES (Huaraches) | Mexican Survival Guide

She’s the one who came up to me. That’s my cousin! Wait, that’s who you’re going with? Hey, are you ready? I’m waiting in the car. I know right! These shoes work good! 21 seconds! You were gone for like.. so I kinda need them! Why? I got a date wearing them.. Actually, can I have these? I told you, you should get some! And not gonna lie, the look’s growing on me, they’re pretty stylish. They’re amazing! They’re really comfortable so I can wear them all day. Now I know why you wear these! Ramon, Ramon! Hey mister those are some really cool shoes! What do you mean? I’ll be back. Do you mind if I take them out for a spin? Actually.. And they feel pretty durable. Oh wow, these are pretty comfortable. Sure. So what do you think? Let me try them on. Yup and they’re pretty comfortable. There’s closed-toed ones and opened-toed ones also. How cool. So there’s a huarache for everyone. No, they wear normal shoes also. This is just a type of sandal, but huaraches come in many different styles and colors. So is that what everyone in Mexico wears? You have to get them from the motherland Mexico! Oh and swapmeets, or flea markets, usually sell them too. No, you won’t find these at the store. I don’t think I’ve seen them at Foot Locker though. Interesting. And the top of the sandal is made out of woven leather. These bad boys are handmade and usually consist of a rubber sole often times made out of used car tire. And for good reason. Yea, because that means huaraches have lasted the test of time. Is that a good thing? Well, they are pretty old. They date all the way back to Pre-Columbian times. That looks like an ancient Roman sandal. This is a huarache. It’s a traditional Mexican sandal. Anyway, I’ll still educate you. I changed my mind. I thought you weren’t going to slap me? Oh thank God. I’ll just be the bigger person and just educate you instead. You know what, I won’t slap you. Yea I gave you two options. Do I have a choice? Do you want to get slapped or do you want to get slapped? Whatever they are, they’re not very cute. Those are my huaraches. What are those! Wait.. Chris, are you kidding me? You lost a puppy?! Oh well. A couple months ago, but I don’t know where I put him. Ramon you can’t blame me, look at his huaraches. Hey, have you seen my puppy? When did you get a puppy? Well, I gotta go. I’ll see you later. Thanks for the huaraches!

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  1. Can you make a mexican Guinness world record one if them can be like most mazapans or however you spell it without being broken.

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