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MEXICAN Snacks [Part 3] | Mexican Survival Guide

MEXICAN Snacks [Part 3] | Mexican Survival Guide

Oh my God, that was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. We just kicked a ball back and fourth. Yea, but I’ve never done that before. So what did you do as a kid? Uhm, I had a cockroach collection. Billy was my favorite! Anyway, do you have something to drink? Preferably, a special Mexican drink. I got you, reach behind your ear. My ear? Yup. Yea, you’re definitely a witch. Anyway, this looks like a normal Coke bottle. It’s not just a normal Coke bottle, it’s a Mexican coke bottle. Huge difference, go ahead try it. Oh yea, huge difference. See, unlike ‘normal’ Coke Mexican Coke is sweetened with cane sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup. Normal Coke shouldn’t even be a thing, this is good. That was supposed to be for the both of us. Ohh… sorry. It’s okay, I have another Mexican snack that we can share. What is that? It looks like a mummified body part. This is called a chicharron. It’s fried pig skin. Is it good? You have no idea! They’re delicious by themselves, but when you add a little chile and some lime and you got what I like to call perfection! Wow The perfect balance between crunchy and juicy. You’re right, this is perfection! Next, we have Barritas Fresa. Or strawberry-filled fruit bars. Since when do you eat healthy. It’s just made from fruit, I’m not trying to be healthy. Yea, that’s kinda obvious. Are you really gonna insult the guy with the snacks? Oh, I’m sorry. Well, can I try it? Sure. This is pretty good. But it’s getting stuck in my teeth. That’s the best part! That just means you’ll have some for later. Okay, what else you got? Sweet, spongy, classic. You can never go wrong with these. Are those donuts? These, they’re not donuts. They’re Donas Bimbo. Oh, that’s good! Where do you get these from? From the motherland, Mexico. Or any local Hispanic supermarket. But the next couple of items are coming from my kitchen. Now this next snack is something I make sure to always have in my fridge. A lightbulb! What? Every fridge has a lightbulb! I said snack.. Yea, I know. Anyway, I was talking about.. Arroz con leche. Think of it as Mexican rice pudding. Made with rice, cinnamon, condensed, and evaporated milk and the most important ingredient, love. You can taste it with every bite. Ooo, I for sure taste the love! Yea. Now give it back before you finish it also. I’ll see you tonight. Do you like elotes? Heck yea, of course I love elotes! Then you would love esquite. It’s literally an elote, but it’s in a cup instead of a stick. Ooo can I try it? I was actually too lazy to make it for this video. But it’s good, just take my word for it. Well, thanks for showing me all these Mexican snacks. Of course! Ohh! I have a snack I want to show you! You just have to close your eyes and stand right here and count to five. Uhm, okay.. 1..2…3…4…5. Chris? ‘Forgive me’? Wait, did he- He stole my arroz con leche!

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