100 thoughts on “MINECON Live 2019”

  1. Well they should add a new command that is
    So we can pretty much tame EVERY SINGLE THING INCLUDING FOXES
    Or add a another way to tame foxes

  2. Im so dissappointed that you didnt release it on philippines. Pls release it on philippines. Please release it i need mojang to see this. Maybe click this

  3. So I don't really know how to ask for help on my Minecraft Xbox One. So my skin is not loading I can't play because of it; and I can't change it neither

  4. Я майнкрафтер вот ссылка на мой канал https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo5XhLqmuAXTmtmOxzcJi2w пожалуйста подпишитесь на мой канал ,поставьте лайки ,оставьте коиенты, и нажмите колокольчик но не забывайте подписываться, пожалуйста подпишись и лайки!!!!!!!!

  5. Hey Agnes Larson ,
    Bees don’t actually die because they sting you. They die because when someone tries to pull out the bee it actually rips out the, well , backside
    But if you just leave it and don’t touch it it will eventually squirm out (it may get a bit hurt ) THEY WONT DIE

  6. 2019: snow is snowier
    2021: cave is cavier
    2023: minecraft is minecraftier
    2025: bees is beesier
    2027: mods is mods-ier

  7. an idea for the skin creator for bedrock/pocket you can earn items that give you advantages if you craft 100 torches you get the miner helmet but it glows kill 90 mobs with your fists to get theboxer glove it deals 10% more damage just an idea

  8. Hello mojang I love minecraft i see others gameplay but i dont have money to install at my phone also you made minecraft trial but it's not available at Bangladesh so please available it at banladesh too😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  9. In the bit about the nether, the player demonstrating the way the piglin beasts work was in survival and had a spawn egg in his hand. Mojang devs use cheats confirmed.

  10. Is bee is on 1.15 but I’m still in 1.13 cause in on iphone but on computers they on 1.15 i want the bee its fav insect in minecraft not in real life

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