Minecraft AfterLife SMP S2E12: Enderman Farm (Minecraft 1.12 Survival Multiplayer)

Welcome to another wonderful afterlife smp episode anyways today we are making the enderman farm and before we do anything we have to do one little thing and that is we have to visit the fireworks shop so if you don’t know and one point zero eleven or wall whatever version of one point eleven they decided to add it where are we could basically make you fly instead down stead of using the boat I mean fireworks are better and Mr crash that we are that’s on the server decided to make a firework shop and he has been selling them for awesome prices and wall he happened to make a specific order for me because I preordered one or zero I wanted to and he was like he was going to give me one for free in like the system azing So thank you to crash who’s currently probably working on his which farm right now and he gave us all this so that I’ll pick that up later put it in a shocker box which I should have some in here I think we have a few in here but while we’re at it we have to make a few stops by some shops as in we have to make a stop by and I’m in farm over I mean not the interment farm that Ender shop over here by do and we have to purchase a few things I think we want to purchase for stank so. That means we have to pay two diamonds right now in for per blocks one diamond per four stacks so they will take that so that means we have to pay three diamonds. We may end up making more yes three diamonds us for seven and then we’ll pay up right here. And let’s see seven diamonds. You that throw quickly make some sales for do you take that back up and then will also quickly stop by a white fire shop over here the glass shop and I think they’ll be it from mine. Which unless we’re forgetting a small little thing but from my knowledge or not let’s see so we need some purple glass that is not purple that is not purple that is not purple and this is purple so we need to pick up how much is one hundred percent so one and then one over here and then what will do is will pay up right now and now further along we will continue and go into the end so see you in a second OK So we’re in the end now and what we’re going to have to do since we’re making the entering farm which if you guys don’t know or why you haven’t shown you has already but these are materials that we have gathered for I don’t know if we’re going to need anything else but that’s what I thought we needed so the idea is to make it I guess and beans for it and then I’ve gathered some other material materials mean if I can talk I don’t think we need any red stone for any of this wall yeah no we don’t need any red stone We’re just going to need a bunch of stone from stone slabs and then our building materials and then we’re going to be using ice as the way to get over here so yeah so I believe what we have to do now is go one hundred forty blocks from the first of this for this block from the end island but I am going to do one hundred sixty just to be safe but from the Obsidian platform and yeah so anyways I’m going to play Stice And once we get over there that’s when we’re going to start doing the fun stuff anyways we’re back you guys. We’re back down and this is what we have in mind sort of for what we’re doing for the tunnel design or I guess path design that leads to the Andaman farm anyways right now and I’m going to show a bit more of what it looks like and let’s see that up by the right yeah this is the right classes about the SES system Ron Glass because for about the have a problem if not me if it is and let’s see can we get our blocks correctly yes we can and so. The tunnel is going to be three high and it’s going to be I guess a three by three area space A We as people can move around and that’s the whole idea anyways isn’t Yes So the idea is to have this same side replicate on the other side and have these pillars every so often we may exchange these out like one of the blocks with a different light or all of that we can have some light I don’t know it all really depends or we might just use the I guess what do they call it again and what are these things Enron’s we might use and Ronson just place them in the middle like every I guess beam I guess you can say and that way we can have some decent line because the ideas free to be running down here in boats but if not then we might just say just walk down here so that might be fine because while you’re on ice but. Yeah kind of sucks on them but yeah this is the idea we have in mind and I’m just going to do the rest of this and I will catch in a second so bareback you guys. This. We have finished the tunnel that goes that far right now so we placed the water. These blocks right here two slabs and placed them on the. Upper half of these blocks right here and this one just happens to have a I guess another half slap on it to prevent the water from falling and yeah so this now works perfectly fine I would use a boat right now but I am too scared that I’m going to die again just like I died on camera so I guess I sort of in the speed laps. I don’t know if I’m actually going through with it or not but we shall see you guys now anyways what we’re doing right now is we’re building I I think the foundation or were all the mobs are going to spawn anyways and let’s see so we’re using the I guess the same block still but for right here we have to go sixteen blocks out which I’ve already kind of done over there and where that Perper block is I mean that’s such a weird name for a blog but. That is where the Ender men are going to spawn are or will fall into essentially what should be pretty nice I mean. It’s still going to be a decent sized room in my opinion but it should work I think I have no clue and three six seven so they have OK So what are we doing OK so we have to do this where we I guess build the perimeter around it which should be fine though let’s see we need to get our stone brick several Yeah I guess these are called stone bricks three or five six seven we do this real quickly. And then what we’re going to do now is we’re in a place of this up and then do that that way we can have it run across with our glass that we should have honest maybe yeah we do OK that’s good. We didn’t move everything into our just so that should be good making our lives a bit easier if we moved everything down here into it and yeah I don’t know if you saw but like he you complete your boxes and enter just had it really like execute on the idea and so I saw in a video which I thought man that looks really cool you can basically make your whole house like all the storage in your energy just enjoy it and that’s probably what I’m going to try to do even though I don’t fully like that idea because then it kind of makes. your storage in. Your other areas pointless but we’re still going to do it most likely what C. And or C. Like you can label them like luxury is just like my other stuff so I call my mentor olds and that’s not placed yatta yatta their stuff that we probably need food armor and tools so all this is stuff like I’ve got in from like I think from in the and from raiding and cities and things that I could use as possible back up stuff this is my ox full of a life. And I think that’s really it yeah everything else is just stuff that I could use the name as other stuff but like right here we have and I’m in farm stuff. And please see you right there where is the other one let’s see we need glasses I know that for sure we’re probably gonna run out of that and we’re outta Enstone actually so I’m going that the fly by a duke’s room quickly and we will be back in a second it has been a bit evidently because well it’s not the same day anymore and now we’ve got her stuff do you actually was out of the stuff so that was kind of disappointing to see that hearing our what I guess I didn’t realize that I bought all this stuff out and it was like oh well that’s going to make things not as fun and I tried painting trying to go around the server asking people hey hey do you have this by chance it’s like Crash was the only one on crash did it have that and yeah so that was just a fun little adventure I’ll say. Let’s see so I believe we had seven over here three to six OK so if they go seven over here hopefully I don’t kill myself three or five six seven and that way we are doing pretty well we need to grab our Perper bought. Which are also supplied by Dick’s wonderful shop. See I did end up telling you that I did buy all the stuff out so now you know three stock it which should be a yes exciting for. Do that then we need to place our glass here. So yeah essentially once we do the little perimeter we will then actually start building the main part and I have not run into any trouble yet put I believe we have like one block on the other side or two blocks I think that way we can like walk around and not run into the slabs that are going to be placed over there and I am kind of getting scared that I’m going to knock myself over the edge man. To me to build this over and then now we just do this pretty easy pretty simple so what I’m going to do is I’m going to quickly finish this that way you guys don’t have the beer and watches but once we finish this I will then cut back to you guys one were done so see you guys in a second in May and I just wasted a block that sucks we have finished the layout are all I use the foundation for this room so you guys have the general idea that this is where the end or men are going to be spawning we have a seven blocks for them the funnel into right here we do have it where they can’t spawn in here because we do have the slabs right here instead of putting it on the ground or whatever you just cited put on the roof instead that way it kind of has the same flow to it and now what we get to do is the fun part in that is building I guess this funnel pattern thing I don’t know what you call it. But we’re going to be building one and I hope it turns out good now I’m having second thoughts about what blocks I’m using but I think we’re going to go through and this pretty basically makes. The whole idea of using these and stone bricks useless right now so I really don’t need them period and yeah let’s get us moving so we really have the I guess the first layer for this little funnel system down and now what we have to do this place the next one and do that real quickly so then now we have our second one I guess. And we have to do that on the other side to. Do this. Already had the amount of times that we’re supposed to do this counted so it should make life really easy and then we have to do that whole we’re going to have to build this up a bunch actually. I don’t know if fully using Perper is the right idea I thought it would be wise to do so as it’s the contrast and block of the stone the end stone bricks that we’re using but seeing that we’re not really using it with anything else kind of makes me question maybe maybe we should add something I don’t know but I guess right here we’re going to add some and stone bricks. Also for you guys that care there will be a link in the description to the actual to Tauriel down amusing I think that’s a tour that I was using kind of replicates what all it does replicate what Doc M. Seventy seven did what has fixed version of the I guess what do you call it. With the and urban farm with the end or might being elevated by one but the one that only here in the description to you what also the Doc M. Seventy seven one will also have a world download on like the Dock M seventy seven and are meant to tour you so I mean I don’t know if it’s really all up to you guys what you guys want to click on but either way have fun and yeah so now what we have to do is do thirty eight of the slight So we already did one right here now we have to do thirty seven more and that is the fun. Part because that means we have to place I guess a ring to block right so now we’re placing it at the lower half. We’re going to go over there that way we can break that and then we’re just doing this for thirty seven times all thirty eight times counting that one. Place he there we go and yeah so that’s really already doing right now and then once we get up there we’re going to be making a platform for the end in the spawn and that should really be it from my knowledge I don’t know of anything else besides the enemy in platform that way they can spawn we’ve been asked to get an end or might the spawn which should be relatively easy as we do have ten and proles on us I think that’s all we have been probably will need I mean I’m hoping that’s all we need as I don’t really have anything else so yeah. Just just hope in a way I guess but either way I am going to quickly finish this and yeah see ya in a second. You eat. Thank. You. So we have finished now and doing a bunch of things I believe last where we left off we were building this monstrosity all the way up here we have done all the layers that are required we also built this platform for all the energy in the spawn I don’t know where we last left off but that is what we have done in total and then we also have put water down there that way the enemy don’t sponsor it seems like I forgot it’s not so we’ll fix that later I do have water buckets hidden away and now one of the last few things that we have to do you in order to I guess fully call it a done project Where’s the middle of this there not a minute way OK so there’s that extra oh my bad I don’t know how we put it extra on one side over the other but OK that were let’s see so we’re going to go back up we already have the required things I think. What we have to do you know is we have to I guess protect ourselves this real quickly. That way but now the question is Where is the middle. So the middle is right there or right here. Now my hope is that it does not mess up but you never know let’s see if we do this correctly. I am not the greatest at this so it should be really fun. To you that. Right now what we’re doing is we’re preparing the rail or the enter Mike and now I’m hoping it goes in easily if not then while this is going to be really bad so we have to spam this above shoot get the enter my way if I recall. Yeah I hope you have a great day so far hope that we get in and there might be relatively soon because I only had seventeen or proles and usually Oh we had the little bugger right here. OK he can hit me so we’re going to name him Perper I don’t know we used it quite a bit for this now can you get it. Oh ya did. You actually got in. A better fall. You better fall I know you’re a bit fat but still. Not going to fall really. I mean c’mon you know you want to fall. Just just a little nudge. A I am trying to be nice about this. I mess up. Push you a tiny bit OK that did it. May have to redo you cuz right now you are not going to fit if I recall. I mean I guess that works. I mean just kind of hoping the interment don’t kill now. Yeah it looks like it works I am covering this. We need to break that because we don’t want that there. I think we’re Fishley done. Now the enjoyment should be just spawning like crazy I think we already hit the. OK I was about to say I thought I looked and I was I swear I did not look at it. OK now we have the watch is it working correctly First off I think yeah there’s one more on the side we don’t need that I think. And I think we’re going to go now what we have to do is we have to place the water right here. Billet all the way up that way we ensure that the enemy don’t have anywhere to go all the slicks fill it up and I think we kid in probably breakthrough. Re here. I think yeah right here is fine we don’t have anything placed in here to begin with and man this is a beautiful sites my Nyad having a very fast like X.P. Thing and her pearls back on the server is just something that I’ve been waiting for sure and gold X.P. Farm would be nice but like man. Oh yeah. This is wonderful OK That that that’s a wonderful sound seeing. All this expiate home my gosh this is just too much too much training Oh we have to try one other thing while we’re at it. Now I’m not too sure about this I’m a bit scared. Let’s see that we’re going to make a bow and go down the ice I think this is my first ever using like the high school it’s where the boats can like go super fast off. So we’re going to give it a try OK yeah this is my first try. Yeah I think this works OK maybe make a case slow down a tiny bit I don’t want to fall off the edge. Yeah I think this works what we’re going to do to prevent people from falling off is probably just place of bunch of. Maybe who who have an idea so what we can do you. Please shoot there you this real quickly. We don’t need that you then. Know from block you that block the name being. And then. Yeah we can do that three three and then place this across that across. Glass words or glass at. Which just. Magenta OK This one works. Grab you I think yeah. Break it and than that. And then we kind of got what we wanted. I think this works for right now as a sustainable way of getting across this ensures that you don’t fly off the edge when you’re coming on the boat but the science that we have officially done this project that was expected to take three to six months yes won’t get that joke but yeah so it’s been great you guys I do hope you guys do enjoy it I’m going to be using this for quite a bit probably ID You probably want to repair this pick axe because it has been taking a beating over here breaking bunch of Enstone because I bought do you shop like all the way out but yeah don’t forget the check out all the other members as they’re doing a lot of crazy things on the server personally I know crash right now he’s on the server he’s been working on his watch farm that is just like so well full it’s providing so much goodness to the server with the fireworks over here and just other stuff for him and he’s trying to get an item sorter for sorted out for it’s just own my gosh let’s see we probably should make another boat for the members that way if they want to use one they will have the trouble doing so like if one leaves it across over there. And let’s see move this angle it the correct way. OK if I can do this correctly OK maybe not OK that was a bit scary to now do it they really moving. OK I’m just going to leave them there but the sides that’s pretty much it for the episode yes hopefully as you enjoy Don’t forget to check out all the other videos on the channel and yeah thank us for watching hope he has your joy but always see you guys Buddha.

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