Minecraft but it’s COMPLETELY OVERHAULED! (Hidwoods Mod) 🔥

Hey guys, DiamonC here and today, I am back with another minecraft video and today I will be Starting up a whole new world…. BUT its installed with a random mod That I know absolutely nothing about. So anyway guys, let’s get started.(Intro) Alright guys, so we started up in a new world and… What is.. this? It’s definitely isn’t what I was expecting Well, what’s this? landing pod? So I I haven’t done any reading up on this I have no idea what to expect but I’m surprised. Alright, let’s just see what else let’s see. What else is here? First of all, is it like all this day? Where’s where’s the Sun? Skies a bit odd. I actually really like the look of it. Alright, wait, what’s this? That’s the odd sound wait Whoa, what’s this is really cool. Alright This is a chapter or Toric Rhetoric, this is wait. Wait. What? What’s that? Okay, let me okay. So let me try to get to the main island so Yeah, so let me try to get to the main island to like start my survival thing Oh what ah it wanna Sleep Think that’s a Guana. Who’s that? Wait, is it still here? I Think not oh Wait, how how many of them are there? Wait a minute, it’s like a whole swarm either still you Okay, I’m going to get that a ah Alright need to come up with some way of getting to that ID. All right back to square one. So Alright it’s time to get that aid Okay, so I’m going to make try to make kind of a bridge up here Alright we’re close enough to the egg on kill the swarm kill the swarm All right, let’s see what this is Kyle oh what’s silo? Alright. Alright, never mind that Think you’re just having this getting darker All right, well, let me try to get to the main island ah No, I can swim to get away get away All right, see I can make it to that island what’s up everything up Oh And guys if you’re wondering what shaders these are it’s called natural mystic shaders, this is what Makes the water it unlike everything so high realistic. All right, let’s see drop back ribs. Oh And guys, I just want to say I did know reading up on this nothing I just Square 100 Is there anything in this world that doesn’t kill you All right, so I need to get started with getting wood somehow Duh, wait, so I was is it just all this day? All right, just got some wood, let’s see if crafting normal Crafting tables normal crap weird stick weight pulls that no Nothing. All right Pickaxe sword to defend myself. Alright, it’s time to go go go go. Let’s go Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, not good. Not good. Okay, it’s okay. It’s okay Just get on top of a tree You’ll be just fine. I Never want to see that thing again Okay, my house left a fool so it should heal up we’d have idea since they’re stuck down there I don’t know Back up the tree back up the tree Half a heart half a heart House, hey, okay. Well, I’m still hiding from these guys. Oh Okay back here Stings still really strange. Wait. Oh I get it up Alright so wait so I have idea maybe Okay, so this can Add that not again, ah killer dope and kill it open. All right How am I going to get out of here okay guys, so I’m going to meet you guys back when I get to the end of the island and I might just do a little compilation of me dying if That happens No Ah The Ghana ok, Guana up Two of them your escape from the waters Alright after many attempts and the guano’s I finally made it to the main island Alright, let’s see what we got here This cave might be good shelter Hmm. Alright. Alright, let me okay. Let me not get ahead of I’m not gonna get to have ahead of myself. Let me just start with getting some wood Okay guys so after a bit of time I realized there is light Yeah, I was not prepared for this However, I can do it I can do it just make some I Just really need really quickly. Make some stone tools. Oh, I need more stunning any more stone quickly. I Just need to make myself a shelter for the night Where where am I supposed to take shelter? Oh That doesn’t look good

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